Tax Assessment Listing for 1785
Barree Township


Barree Township, 1785


James Anderson

John Armstrong

Andrew Bagge

James Criswell

John Cotton

Robert Criswell

Henry Connrad

Moses Collem

John Crea

John Dickey

James Dickey

Thomas Erving

Samuel Erving

John Erving, Sr.

John Erving Jr. (possibly “Erving is Ewing”)


George Fockler

Moses Farie

Thomas Ferguson

Henry Ferguson

George Green

Nicholas Graffas

John Graffus

Thomas Gray

George Gray

Archibald Glenn

John Glenn

Andrew Glenn

Wm. Huston

James Hanon

Wm. Johnston

Wm. Jinkins

John Kennedy

Patrick Leonard

Thomas long

Wm. McElheny

Daniel McEleese

Alexander McCarmick

Wm. Maughan

Richard Miller

Wm Nelson

Joseph Obum

Wm. Pastor

James Porter

Samuel Porter

Robert Riddle

David Ralston

Chaney Rickets

Edward Rickets

John Rickets

Robert Smith

David Thompson

Wm Wilson

George Wilson

John Wilton (or Wilson)

James Williams

James Wilson

Robert Wason

Edward Ward

John Young

     Single Free Men

Wm. Porter

James Conard

John Erving

Benj. Maghan

Andrew Bagge

Joshua Wilson

John Ralston

Robert Leonard

Joseph Obum

George Fockler

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