Tax Assessment Listing for 1785
Ayr Township


Ayr Township, 1785

(Now in Fulton County, the township is also spelled, “Air”)


Frederick Ambrosia, 150 acres

Wm. Alexander Jr.

Hugh Alexander, 200 acres

Robert Alexander, 50 acres

Helenor Alexander, 222 acres

John Anderson,1 50 acres

John Arthur, 50 acres

Wm. Alexander Sr., 260 acres

Robert Allen, 30 acres

David Baird

John Bovey

Widow Emmy Brown, 100 acres

James Bella, 150 acres

Alexander Brown

John Billman, 60 acres

Joseph Bell (Bill) 300 acres

James Bell, 100 acres

James Bonan

Lawrencebillinger, 100 acres

Hugh Carvan, 100 acres

Carlile, 300 acres (David)

Henry Chapman, 150 acres

James Cunningham

Wm. Copnner, 30 acres

Wagoner Christopher, 50 acres

Philip Coleman, 200 acres

Mthew Caldwell, 50 acres

Bryan Coyle, 50 acres

John Coyle, 50 acres

Hugh Donalson, 100 acres

Joshua Davis

Richard Danedill (?)

Lewis Davis, 150 acres

Thomas Davis

Henry Davis, 300 acres

Edward Dorsey, 22 acres

John Flemming, 220 acres

Leonard Graham, 75 acres

ThoamsGogine (?)

William George, 100 acres

Robert Gibson, 100 acres

James Gibson, 300 acres

John Grey

John Galloway, 150 acres

Edward Graham, 150 acres

Wm. Gaff, 205 acres

William G - -(Smeared) 100 acres

Robert Hamill, 133 acres

Robert Hamilton

Thomas Herod, 100 acres

Frederick H - - -, 300 acres

John Hunter

Henry Hoover, 170 acres

John Hoover, 100 acres

Adam Hinde, 80 acres

James Huston, 100 acres

Nathaniel Hamill, 160 acres

Francis Henry

David Hunter

Wm. Hunter, 322 acres

Edward Head, 150 acres

John James, 160 acres

Thomas Jag---, 236 acres

David John, 216 acres

Daniel Jacob, 200 acres

James Justice

John Irwin, 200 acres

Philip Izer, 160 acres

Samuel Harr, 200 acres

Thomas Levie, 40 acres

Henry Lavering

Thomas Lammon

John Linn, 50 acres

Wm. Linn,

Daniel Ai- (smeared)

Daniel McConnell, 250 acres

Daniel McCurdy, 230 acres

Felix Mellan, 200 acres

John Martin, 30 acres

Tho. Montgomery, 100 acres

Peter Martin

James McConnell

James McClellan, 120 acres

John McKinlay, 200 acres

Joseph McKinley

Alexander McConnell

John McClain, 50 acres

John Maden

John McClellan

James Nelson

Widow Jean Nybet (?) 150 acres

WendleOtt, 250 acres

Timothy O’Niell

Wm. Patterson, 272 acres

Henry Pinar, 100 acres

Thomas Paxton, 150 acres

John Pitchpatrick, 30 acres

Samuel Teihal, Jr., 400 acres

Samuel Teihal, Sr., 200 acres

James Ramsey

Daniel Royer 420 acres

James Rankin, 140 acres

John Rankin, 140 acres

Pittman Richard, 195 acres

Even Shelby, 100 acres

David Shelby

John Scott,1 50 acres

Josiah Sanders

John Smith, 250 acres

Robert Scott,1 10 acres

Wm., Sloan, 170 acres

Abendigo Stephens, 150 acres

Richard Stephens

Thaomas Stephens, 130 acres

Benj Stephens, 150 acres

Christopher Thomas, 220 acres

John Treat

Charlie Taggert, 96 acres

Stillwell Trauax 130 acres

Abraham Umphstead, 300 acres

Benj. Williams

Adam Wiseman (Wieman)

Enoch Williams, 150 acres

Wm. Wilson, 300 acres

Stephen Winter

Michael Young, 50 acres

Single Freemen

Hugh Alexander

John Arthur

Frederick Coon

George John

Scott Alexander Lowry

Wm. Cunningham

John Numberd

Oliver McKinlay

Thomas Henry

Robert Kendall

James Marshall

Gabreal Kendall

Wm. Hainery

Joshua Sanders

(In single freeman list names seem often to be transposed)

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