Tax Assessment Listing for 1778
Cumberland Valley Township

Anthony Asher
John Bilyeu
Thomas Boyde
John Bevins (young man)
Brice Bleare
Petter Buzzard
William Bell
William Browning
Andrew Borland (young man)
Pattrick Burns
Jonathan Bishop
Thomas Coulter (Sheriff)
Charles Cessna
Joseph Cessna
Ritchard Croy
Jacob Croy
Evan Cessna
Robert Campbell
Francis Clark
Shedrick Castell
John Cessna
Thomas Davis
William Devore
Cornelius Devore
Thomas Dickions
Dominck Donnely
John Elder
Edward Evins
Thomas Farris
Samuel Finley
Jacob Fox
John Farmer
George Hickpetter
Joseph Hains
John Hains Esq
Andrew Huston
Alexander Huston (Ben Tumblson rents)
Joseph Kelly
Matthew Kelly
James Kerr
Ritchard Lemasters
Larance Lamb
John Lashier
Thomas Lashier
Ritchard Low
Ludwick Liberger
George Liberger
Nicklos Liberger
Timothey Lamb
Joseph Morriss
Thomas Morrow
Edward Morring
Jacob Nemier
Jacob Oswalt
Thomas Rennel
Isaac Plumer
Samuel Paxton
Jacob Rhoads
Joseph Rhoads
Stephen Robnet
John Rice
Fredrick Rice
Thomas Rea
John Swisher
Nathaniel Scitchfield
Fredrick Scaff
John Sapp
John Schrimplen
John Spurgen, Sr.
James Spurgen
John Spurgen, Jr.
Mathias Sheets
Ezekel Stansbory
Andrew Sheerer
Tedrick Tuckman
Christman Tuckman
John Tumblson Sr
John Tumblson Jr
John Tumblson Sr
Jacob Volinten
George Vendoms
Philip Wigel
James Young (young man)

INMEATS (renters)

Thomas Harding
Andrew Frend


Dr. Ross
Mrs. Thompson
Dr. Ross
Mrs. Pemberton
Ritchard Delap
Ritchard Petters (Jr?)
George Funtz
Dr. Smith
Mrs. Scoot
William Young
Samuel Perrey
Cox and Company
David Sampel
Robert Culberson
Samuel Finley
William Willson
Mrs. Stephens
Edward Ward
Mrs. Steel
Samuel Perrey
Robert Lustz


Zedock Casteel
Samuel Borland
Edward Huston
John Tuckman
Robert Huston
Tobias Oswalt
John Bevins

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