Tax Assessment Listing for 1776
Brothers Valley Township




Ambrosia, Frederick

Aldfather, Frederick

Bagly, Michael

Baker, Philip

Berkly, Jacob

Berkly, Ludwick

Bough, Christian

Bougher, Peter

Bowman, Stophel

Boyers, Philip

Cable, Abraham

Cable, Jacob

Cafer, Jacob

Ciblee, Jacob

Cook, Adam

Cooper, Michael

Countryman, George

Delabaugh, Valentine

Dites, Michael

Dites, Yost

Divies, Henry

Divies, William

Durst, Casper

Easter, Anthony

Ednies, John

Estop, Robert

Fancy, Joseph

Fisher, Jacob

Flick, Adam

Frig, John

Frig, John

Furrow, Christian

Gilliage, John

Gimor, John

Glasner, Henry

Glasner, Jacob

Greenwalt, Joseph

Grove, Peter

Hail, Walter

Hair, Christian

Hendricks, Andrew

Hendricks, John

Hershberger, John

Hindbaugh, George

Hinebaugh, John

Hoover, George

Hover, Casper

Huber, John

King, Christian

Knagy, Christian

Koleman, George

Koleman, Nicholas

Kook, George

Leaman, Pence

Leavely, Peter

Levergood, Peter

Lout, Valentine

Markley, John

Mathews, Philips

Miller, John

Miller, Michael

Miller, Nicholas

Misheber, Joseph

Palone, Adam

Parker, James

Philips, Francis

Pitigar, Henry

Rhoads, Henry

Ringar, John

Robinson, Hugh

Rusk, James

Sape, Frederick

Shaver, George

Sheats, Dillman

Shelous, Bastian

Shidler, Henry

Siler, John

Sinkler, John

Smith, Henry

Smith, Philip

Spiker, Christian

Sryhack, Casper

Stum, Adam

Stump, John

Swisser, John

Tice, William

Tyvar, Michael

Walker, Jacob

Walter, John

Weagalay, Philip

Winger, Jacob

Winger, Peter

Wymor, Frederick

Vartick, Fred

Zuck, Christian

Zuck, Yost





Angle, Clements

Devier, Elias

Foust, Nicholas

Good, Jacob

Johns, Joseph

Mason, Philip

Peter, John

Ranger, Mathias

Robinson, Hugh

Snyder, Jacob

Tryar, John

Winger, Christian



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