Tax Assessment Listing for 1775
Brothers Valley Township




Ambrose, Frederick

Baker, Philip

Barkley, Jacob

Barkley, Ludwick

Bekley, Michael

Booker, Peter

Cable, Abraham

Cable, Jacob

Coleman, George

Cormer, John

Countryman, George

Davis, Henry

Devire, Williams

Dits, Michael

Dulabaugh, Valentine

Ediner, John

Estep, Robert

Farry, Joseph

Fisher, Jacob

Friggs, John

Furry, John

Gibler, Jacob

Glassner, Henry

Glassner, Jacob

Haimback, John

Hail, Walter

Hair, Christian

Hendrickson, Andrew

Hoffman, Jacob

Kemble, George

Kemble, Philip

Late, Peter

Layman, Benedict

Lout, Daniel

Lout, Valentine

Markley, John

Mathias, Philip

Miller, John

Miller, Joseph

Miller, Michael

Oldfather, Frederick

Palm, Adam

Penrod, John

Peters, John

Philip, Francis

Plough, Christian

Rhoads, Henry

Rhoads, John

Rhoads, Joseph

Roberson, Hugh

Shalas, Bastian

Shee’s, Dilman

Smith, Henry

Spiker, Christian

Stam, Adam

Stie, Daniel

Swiser, John

Swiser, Peter

Tice, William

Trive, Michael

Wagerly, Philip

Walker, Jacob

Walter, John

Wimer, Frederick

Wingard, Jacob

Wingard, Peter

Winsall, John




Bowman, John

Hicks, Edward

Lee, William

Mason, Philip

Mathias, Judah

Robertson, Hugh Jr.

Wingard, Christian



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