Tax Assessment Listing for 1774
Turkeyfoot Township





Abrahams, Henry

Booker, Peter

Brown, Henry

Brown, Richard

Cooper, John

Cracraft, Samuel

Davis, John

Drake, Oliver

Enlow, Henry

Enlow, John

Flaugl, Gasper

Friend, Andrew

Frowman, Jacob

Greathouse, William

Green, Thomas

Houghland, James

Houghland, Richard

Huff, Michael

Husband, Harmon

Jennings, Benjamin

Jones, David

Jones, Robert

Keever, Frederick

Keever, Michael

Kissonger, Solomon

Loule, Jacob

Michael, John  (Doctor)

Moore, Francis James

Morgan, Felix

Nelson, William Jr.

Nelson, William Sr.

Penrod, John Jr.

Penrod, John Sr.

Purcell, Benjamin

Purcell, Dennis

Purcell, John

Reed, John

Rhoads, John

Ropell, Jacob

Rose, Cutlip

Rose, Lewis

Rush, William

Shaver, George

Skinner, Nathaniel

Spencer, James

Starcher, Martin

Uncill, Frederick

Washabaugh, Henry

White, Acquilla

Whitelock, Thomas

Wimer, John

Winsal, John


Single Freemen:

Abraham, Gabriel

Alexander, James

Black, James

Bruner, George

Bruner, Henry

Crecreft, Charles

Emart, Windal

Hamelton, James

Hamelton, Samuel

Higgins, Edward

McCullough, James

Nicholson, Robert

Purcell, Daniel

Rife, George

Shaver, Philip

Wells, James

Young, Casper



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