1774 Tax List, Brothers Valley

Taxables of Brothersvalley Township for 1774

(now in Somerset County)

Ambrose, Frederick
Ankney, Christian
Baker, Philip
Barkley, Lodwick
Barnet, Jacob
Beckley, Michael
Biggs, Benjamin
Boocher, Peter
Buyor, Philip
Cable, Abraham
Cable, Jacob
Carragen, Henry
Cimer, John
Countryman, George
Davis, Henry
Dellebaugh, Valentine
Diets, Michael
Dillinger, John
Dire, William
Ditch, Mathias
Durst, Casper
Eadenour, John
Estape, Robert
Farry, Joseph
Fisher, Jacob
Francis, Philip
Fregg, John
Gable, Jacob
Gasner, Henry
Gatich, John
Good, Jacob
Graves, Peter
Greenwall, Joseph
Greenwall, Lodowick
Grose, John
Hay, Francis
Hear, Christian
Hendricks, Andrew
Hendricks, John
Hinebaugh, John
Hyle, Walter
Hoover, George
Huffman, Jacob
Kever, Adam
Kimble, George
Kimble, Philip
Leap, Peter
Loud, Daniel
Loud, Valentine
Markley, John
Mathews, Philip
Mullin, James
Miller, John
Miller, Michael
Mishler, Joseph
Molely, Peter
Oldfather, Frederick
Palm, Adam
Park, Jacob
Peters, Jacob
Pitmore, Henry
Plough, Christian
Rhoads, Henry, Jr.
Rhoads, Henry, Sr. (dead)
Rhoads, Jacob
Robeson, Hugh
Rowley, John
Sappington, John
Sciof, Frederick
Scripes, Charles
Shallus, Bastian
Shenefalt, George
Shofe, John
Sills, Michael
Smithley, Henry
Sneets, Tilman
Spiker, Christian
Stum, Adam
Sutters, Martin
Switzer, John
Switzer, Peter
Tice, William
Vantree, Frederick
Walker, Jacob
Walter, John
Weggely, Philip
Wimer, Frederick
Winger, Jacob
Winger, Peter
Zeek, Yost

Single Freemen:

Bowman, John
Bready, David
Good, Jacob
Greedick, Casper
Hicks, Edward
Hiter, John
Judah, Mathias
Lee, William
Meshorel, Frederick
Mong, Adam
Moura, Philip
Robeson, Hugh
Shaver, John
Sheder, Henry
Shoemaker, George
Shrok, Casper
Winger, Christian
Wright, Samuel

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