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1900 Bedford County Post Office Directory

1904 Bedford and Fulton County Phone Directory

1875 Bedford County Atlas

Hopewell/Broad Topographical Atlas

1879 Bedford County Directories

Tim Morse,, has transcribed the entire 1879 Directory for Bedford county. Total number of persons listed in the directory is close to 8000 surnames. The directory has been sorted alphabetically and by township.

Notes: Certain surnames were capitalized in the original document - and are shown in the same manner


Townships Pages

  1. Bedford Borough
  2. Bedford Township
  3. Bloom Township
  4. Broad Top Township
  5. Coal Top Township
  6. Colerain Township
  7. Cumberland Valley Township
  8. East Providence Township
  9. East St. Clair Township
  10. Everett Borough
  11. Harrison Township
  12. Hopewell Township
  13. Juniata Township
  14. King Township
  15. Liberty Township
  16. Londonderry Township
  17. Mann Township
  18. Monroe Township
  19. Napier Township
  20. Pleasantville Borough
  21. Rainsburg Borough
  22. Saxton Borough
  23. Schellsburg Borough
  24. Snake Spring Township
  25. Southampton Township
  26. Union Township
  27. Woodberry Borough
  28. Woodberry Borough - South
  29. Woodberry Township
  30. West Providence Township
  31. West St. Clair Township

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