Emmanuel Cemetery
Red Bank Township
Armstrong County Pennsylvania


On the Redbank Twp., Armstrong Co. Pa side of the Redbank Creek directly across From Hawthorn Borough, Clarion Co., PA

There are stones that one is unable to read. Many are broken, undoubtedly out of place.
It has been cleared of trees and weeds, but one has to watch their step, or trip on tree stumps and stubble. I have tried to decipher, accurately, but there are many (?), which leaves room for error. Linda M. Stitt 7/1/2000.

(?) Catharine, d/o (?) d. Dec. 26, 1855 (The letters appear to be Anth - u y. Hazarding a guess it could be Anthony. But this seems out of place).

(?) Emma Jane, d/o (C.W. & S.J. (?)), June 23, 1824 4y. 9m. 4d.

Bynard, George, s/o J. & E. Bynard, Feb. 15, 1863, aged 8y 10m. 6d.

Dovenspike, William, April 21, 1894 - 74y. 10m. 6d.

Dovenspike, Peter, Nov. 1865 - Nov. 9, 1885

Flick, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. R. M. Flick (no date)

Houpt, Elizabeth d/o Philip Houpt , d. Apr. 3, 1831 or 1951(?) 

Houpt, Philip, July 31, 1881, age 65y 1 m. (?)d.

Houpt, Elizabeth, wife of Philip (?)

Houpt, Stephen, s/o (?), Aug. 9 (?), 1853 (?)y 10m 27d.(?)

Lankard, Merry C., son ofW.H. & S.A. Lankard, July 28, 1886 - Dec. 2, 1887

Lankerd, Charles Edwin, son of W.H. & S.A. Lankerd, July 23, 1883 - Dec. 11, 1887

Lankerd, Charles Ray, son of (D & C.J. (?))Lankerd, d. Aug. 4, 18 (?) 3m. 2 d.

Lankerd, Jessie R., Dec. 8, 1892 - Feb. 22, 1893

Miller, Catharine,wife of Gabriel, Oct. 25, 1881 64y. 8m 12d.

Mohney, Catharine, wife of A.J., d. Oct. 8, 1851 (?)y (?)m 26d.

Nolf, J. M.
Nolf, Beulah, 1888 - 1915
Nolf, Lena, wife of J.M., 1880 - 1902

Shelly, Jacob, July 16, 1810 - Feb. 21, 1888 77y 6m. 5d.
Shelly, Mary, second wife, Mar. 22, 1884 79y. 9m. 21d.

(?)Shelly, Edward F., s/o dApr.3, 1852

Shick, Mary Ellen, d/o S.S. & E.A. Shick, Feb. 17, 1844 - Jan. 28, 1852

Shick, Samuel S., Feb. 23, 1877 1y. 3m. 17d.
Shick, Harvey O., Feb. 9, 1877 3y. 7m. 20 d.

Shick, Lyia (?) J., d/o J.M. & B.S. Shick Oct. 6, 1889(?) 1y. 9m. 6(?)d.

Shick, Sophia, wife of John M. May 3, 1874 32y. 8m. 10d.

Shick, Theodore, son of J.M. & S. Shick, d. Aug. 25, 1874 4m. 22d

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