A Good Move


A Project on Foot to Have the Old Church Yard Improved


At the suggestion of the borough council the board of Trustees of the United Presbyterian and Presbyterian churches met jointly and passed a resolution requesting people who have deceased relations or friends buried in the U. P. and Presbyterian churchyards to remove them to some of the cemeteries or other burial grounds. The dilapidated, neglected condition of the graves is anything but creditable to the town or to the friends of those whose remains lie in these churchyards. Person who will remove the remains of friends are requested to notify some one of the members of trustees of one of the churches within the next 30 days. Should the friends of any person whose remains lie in these churchyards neglect or refuse to remove them, an application will be made to have them removed by due course of law.

Below is a list of names of person buried in these churchyards so far as they can be ascertained.



Nancy J. McElhoes




















































Wm. L. Fenton

Daniel Repine and wife

J. T. Fenton

Walter Bell

John Johnston

Wm. Sebring

Elizabeth Johnston

Ellen Ryan

Henry Shryhock

Jesse J. Thompson

Susanna Shryhock

Jesse Griffith

Amelia Shryhock

Pamelia Dougherty

------ Shryhock

John Dougherty

------ Shryhock

Letitia Dougherty

Emily George

James S. Dougherty

Nathan Highlands

Robert O. Patton

Mary McLaughlin

James W. Dunham

James McLaughlin

Woodward Clark

Wm. Henry

John Omundson

John C. George

Wm. Crawford and wife

James C. Lucas

Herbert Hill

Lafayette Young

Sarah Hill

Ann Eliza Young

Philip Rice and wife

Anna M. Johnston

James Moorhead

James McKeena

Samuel Hill

Thomas T. Snyder

Nelson L. McClaran

Fergus Moorhead

Joseph Kelly

John Johnston, Esq

James Kelly

Robert Johnston

Robert W. Allison

3 Lewis children

Jane Johnston

Willie Mahan

Elizabeth Allison

Jas. Johnston and wife

Sarah B. Allison

Stacy B. Shryock and wife

Sarah L. Loughry

Eliza Marlin

Wilson Long

Cyrus Clark

Leroy Work

Margaret Ewing

Beckie Work

------ Ewing

Anna J. Arthur

------- Stuchell

Robert Fleming


Abraham Moore

Robert Coulter

Abel Findley

Mary Coulter

Thomas Findley

Nancy J. Boreland

Nathan Lockhart

Alice S. Richardson

Wm. H. Newell

George Trimble

Nancy McClenahan


Fergus Moorhead

Hugh R. Gaston

John Ross and wife

Elias Simpson

James McMillen

Catherine Oniel

James Coulter and wife

John Oniel

G. P. Reed & daughter

Isaac Oniel

Sara E. Ewing

Christopher Allshouse

Thomas B. McMullen and wife

Martin Carnahan


Abram Stuchell

Mrs. H. J. Thomas & son

John Stuchell


Jane R. Stuchell

James Taylor

William J. Stuchell

41 unmarked graves.




Isaac Myers










































Malinda C. Wiggins

John E. Myers

Eliza Wiggins

Elizabeth Myers

James B. A. Criley

Robert Myers

Marth Mahan

Samuel Stewart

Margaret Mahan


John Mahan and wife

Hanna Morrison

Nancy Mahan

Samuel Katon

Patrick Mahan

Claudis McKee

Thomas Dickson

James McKee

Thomas L. Wiggins

William Trimble

Robert Wiggins

Margaret Trimble

Mary Smith

Samuel Hamill

Margaret Calhoun

George Trimble

David McLeesh

Anne Trimble

Margaret Hart

Mary Thompson

Nancy H. McGee

James Thompson

Infant, Fulton

Mary Kier

Frank Young

Two children of Simeon Truby

Sally Young


Willie Young

Alice LaRue Thompson

Caroline T. Young

Milton Lowry

Rebeca Thompson

Harry B. Lowry

Jacob K. McAlister

Mary Trimble

Infant, Allison

----- Trimble

Robert Stephens

Wm. McCandless

David A. Stephens

R. N. B.

Lucy Jane Trimble

Becca Adams

Mary Agnes Trimble

Catherine Findley

W. T. McGee

Mary Adams

Wm Kelly

H. Thompson

Archibald Kelly

Jane Pattison

Susanna Walker

Jane Pattison

John J. McK?

Viniza Trimble

Cassandra McK?

Jane Trimble

Joseph Wilson

Elizabeth Trimble

Matthew Wilson

Elizabeth Trimble

Hannah Fair

Frank Lichteberger

Eliza Adair

Charles Lichteberger

M. H. Adair

Nancy C. Hicks

Isabella Lytle

Mary L. Lytle

Two children of Pellor Beatty

28 unmarked graves.

The following have been appointed to wait on any members who may have friends buried in the graveyard.

G. W. Simpson

Pres. U. P. Board Trustee

 W. A. StClair,

Pres. Presbyterian Board Trustees.


Source: The Indiana Progress, Indiana, Pennsylvania; 1896 August 12th issue.

Contributed for use by PA-Roots  http://www.pa-roots.com/ by Shirley Pierce