IN PRESENTING to the public a "History of York County," I deem it not improper to state, that of the two persons named on the title page as joint authors of the "History," the first named was the originator of the work.

Mr. Carter labored assiduously, for several years, in collecting matter for a "History of York County." He spent many a day in wandering over remote parts of the county in search of such facts as had no record but in the memory of the silver haired representatives of a generation long passed away. Many a weary hour he spent in examining, page by page, the old records in our public offices. In short, no pains were spared by him in the effort to gather all the materials requisite to the accomplishment of the object he had in view. From some cause which I have been unable to learn, Mr. Carter, when he had nearly completed the work, laid aside his manuscripts in a crude and unfinished state, in which condition I found them when, several years after his death, they came into my possession.

Having hurriedly thrown together such of the notes as I found completed, I commenced printing the work. In doing so I erred. For it has led to the necessity of here apologizing for slight deviation from order in presenting the matter of the volume.

In the hurry of printing, I was often compelled, while one sheet was in the press, to prepare matter for the next; and as Mr. Carter's notes on some subjects were mere skeletons, and on others nearly ready for the hands of the compositor, I was sometimes induced to silence the call for "more copy," by handing to the workmen such matter as could most readily be prepared. This was sometimes done without a very strict enquiry as to the right of immediate succession of the article thus prepared. It is hoped, however, that, as the reader loses nothing in quantity of matter, he will pardon the slight deviation from correctness in the order in which that matter is given. The dishes announced in the bill of fare will all be found - but they are not arranged on the table exactly in the order in which a regular professor de cuisine would have desired.

I cannot close this preface without tendering my thanks to many gentlemen in the county for their kind aid during the progress of the work - to the Register and Recorder for their courtesy in allowing me freely to examine the records in their respective offices - and to Calvin Mason, Esq., for a geological sketch of the county.

Confident that all the promises in the prospectus have been more than redeemed - that they have been exceeded in the fulfillment, I hope that the work, as it is now respectfully presented to the public, will meet a kind and general reception.

The Public's very obedient servant,


Source:  Page(s) xv-xvi  , History of York County From its Erection to the Present Time; [1729-1834]; New Edition; With Additions, Edited by A. Monroe Aujrand, Jr.