St Xavier Cemetery
Unity Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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St. Xavier Cemetery, Unity Township, Westmoreland County, PA

Transcribed by Russ and Mary Henry

February 19, 2001 through February 27, 2001


Abel, Sister M. Thais, Professed 1889-Died 1927

Albright, Sister M. Anthony, Professed 1949-2000

Anderson, Sister M. Pius, Professed 1877-Died 1924

Aul, Sister M. Gilbert, Professed 1920-Died 1983

Aul, Sister M. Guaberta, Professed 1920-Died 1989

Aul, Sister M. Salome, Professed 1920-Died 1984

Bach, Sister M. Delphina, Professed 1895-Died 1904

Bahl, Sister M. Kevin, Professed 1930-Died 1993

Baily, Sister Johanna, Died 1855

Bain, Sister M. Xavieria, Professed 1890-Died 1934

Barchie, Sister Teresa, Professed 1948-Died 2000

Barret, Sister M. Edward, Professed 1898-Died 1947

Bauer, Sister M. Beatrice, Professed 1935-Died 1986

Baur, Sister M. Rufina, Professed 1875-Died 1918

Beagham, Sister M. Henrietta, Professed 1901-Died 1944

Beardmore, Sister M. Kostka, Professed 1926-Died 1980

Becher, Sister M. Clementine, Professed 1895-Died 1946

Becker, Sister M. Fredrick, Professed 1915-Died 1918

Bernauer, Sister Cyrilla, Professed 1901-Died 1971

Besterman, Sister M. Clare, Professed 1901-Died 1946

Bigelow, Sister M. Guido, Professed 1906-Died 1942

Billy, Sister M. Bernardo, Professed 1951-Died 1992

Black, Sister M. Norbertina, Professed 1924-Died 1994

Blake, Sister M. Gertrude, Professed 1840-Died 1876

Boggs, Sister M. Mary, Professed 1931-Died 1944

Boland, Sister M. Annette, Professed 1897-Died 1948

Bonner, Sister M. Oswald, Professed 1882-Died 1882

Boore, Sister M. Philomena, Professed 1871-Died 1927

Borromeo, Sister M., Professed 1879-Died 1912

Bour, Sister M. Pauline, Professed 1911-Died 1979

Bour, Sister M. Gervase, Professed 1888-Died 1926

Bour, Sister M. Mida, Professed 1888-Died 1934

Bowen, Sister M. Neri, Professed 1854-Died 1910

Boyle, Sister M. Irene, Professed 1928-Died 1994

Brady, Sister M. Martina, Professed 1855-Died 1873

Brady, Sister M. Jane, Professed 1903-Died 1949

Braunger, Sister M. Eustace, Professed 1927-Died 2000

Breen, Sister M. Mercedes, Professed 1887-Died 1891

Brennan, Sister M. Fabian, Professed 1909-Died 1983

Brennan, Sister M. Juliana, Professed 1897-Died 1907

Brophy, Sister M. Magdalen, Professed 1923-Died 1987

Brown, Sister M. Margaret E., Professed 1933-Died 1975

Buck, Sister M. Leonard, Professed 1913-Died 1969

Buckley, Sister M. Eusebia, Professed 1877-Died 1917

Buckley, Sister M. Rosanne, Professed 1919-Died 1925

Burgoon, Sister M. Teresa, Professed 1848-Died 1890

Burke, Sister M. Evangelista, Professed 1920-Died 1966

Burke, Sister M. Geraldine, Professed 1907-Died 1973

Burke, Sister M. Sylvanus, Professed 1899-Died 1920

Burkett, Sister M. Frederick, Professed 1923-Died 1997

Burnes, Sister M. Ludwena, Professed 1888-Died 1892

Burns, Sister M. Cephas, Professed 1916-Died 1983

Burns, Sister M. Susanna, Professed 1934-Died 1950

Butler, Sister M. Gertrude, Professed 1922-Died 1997

Butler, Sister M. Teresite, Professed 1917-Died 1968

Byrne, Sister M. Martina, Professed 1881-Died 1921

Byrne, Sister M. Flavia, Professed 1857-Died 1885---Civil War  1861-1865

Cabrini, Sister M. Frances, Professed 1948-Died 1981- Veteran 1941-1943

Caldwell, Sister M. Ephrem, Professed 1918-Died 1976

Calligan, Sister M. Bernardo, Professed 1897-Died 1948

Cambridge, Sister M. Loretta, Professed 1884-Died 1915

Campbell, Sister M. Mercedes, Professed 1881-Died 1884

Cannon, Sister M. Dorothy, Professed 1888-Died 1934

Cantwell, Sister M. Annina, Professed 1873-Died 1933

Canty, Sister M. Clemenza, Professed 1894-Died 1929

Carey, Sister M. Anthony, Professed 1881-Died 1882

Carothers, Sister M. Charlotte, Professed 1939-Died 1993

Carraher, Sister M. Corona, Professed 1919-Died 1983

Carroll, Sister M. Climacus, Professed 1912-Died 1967

Casey, Sister M. Aldegondes, Professed 1875-Died 1920

Casey, Sister M. Gabriella, Professed 1916-Died 1959

Casey, Sister M. Inez, Professed 1870-Died 1919

Casey, Sister M. Bertrand, Professed 1884-Died 1930

Casey, Sister M. Francesca, Professed 1881-Died 1938

Cassidy, Sister M. Dominica, Professed 1857-Died 1905

Caulfield, Sister Mary, Professed 1853-Died 1912

Cauliffe, Sister M. Oswald, Professed 1888-1918

Caumont, Sister M. Genevieve, Professed 1849-Died 1859

Christy, Sister M. Paula, Professed 1855-Died 1894

Clark, Sister M. Cyril, Professed 1858-Died 1914

Clark, Sister M. Ferdinand, Professed 1927-Died 1981

Clark, Sister M. Winifred, Professed 1855-Died 1903

Clark, Sister Mary John, Professed 1931-Died 1993

Clark, Sister M. Lawrence, Professed 1858-Died 1928

Clark, Sister M. Clement, Professed 1887-Died 1934

Clarke, Sister M. Etienne, Professed 1858-Died 1917

Coakley, Sister M. Teresa, Professed 1915-Died 1985

Collins, Sister Corinne, Professed 1956-Died 1996, Veteran 1941-1943

Conley, Sister M. Antonia, Professed 1923-Died 1991

Connelly, Sister M. Rita, Professed 1918-Died 1936

Considine, Sister M. Adelbert, Professed 1897-Died 1919

Considine, Sister M. Casimir, Professed 1897-Died 1970

Cooke, Sister M. Aquin, Professed 1911-Died 1964

Corbett, Sister M. Clare, Professed 1848-Died 1851

Corbett, Sister M. David, Professed 1928-Died 1968

Corbett, Sister M. Eileen, Professed 1915-Died 1985

Corbett, Sister M. Jamesina, Professed 1935-Died 1972

Corbett, Sister M. Laurentine, Professed 1928-Died 1981

Corbett, Sister Margaret Mary, Professed 1914-Died 1996

Corcoran, Sister M. Gonzaga, Professed 1909-Died 1928

Cosgrave, Mother M. Bernadette, Professed 1873-Died 1934

Cosgrave, Sister M. Stanislaus, Professed 1904-Died 1927

Cosgrave, Mother M. Regina, Professed 1861-Died 1910---Civil War 1861-1865

Cosgrove, Sister M. Aluigi, Professed 1905-Died 1918

Costello, Sister M. Alicia, Professed 1936-Died 1976

Costello, Sister M. Claver, Professed 1890-Died 1924

Costello, Sister M. Charlotte, Professed 1900-Died 1937

Costigan, Sister M. Alacoque, Professed 1878-Died 1878

Cox, Sister M. Leona, Professed 1900-Died 1961

Coyle, Sister M. Baptista, Professed 1870-Died 1918

Coyle, Sister M. Gonzales, Professed 1866-Died 1928

Coyne, Sister M. DeChantal, Professed 1934-Died 1987

Cray, Sister M. Tarcisius, Professed 1914-Died 1977

Cray, Sister Mary Jane, Professed 1922-Died 1975

Creed, Sister M. Adele, Professed 1878-Died 1936

Creighton, Sister M. Justina, Professed 1886-Died 1895

Creighton, Sister M. Teresita, Professed  1873-Died 1914

Cronin, Sister M. Myra, Professed 1928-Died 1991

Crowley, Sister M. Fabian, Professed 1875-Died 1909

Cullen, Sister M. Josephine, Professed 1842-Died 1852---Co-founder of the Pittsburgh Community, one of the original seven.

Cullen, Sister Mary, Professed 1914-Died 1978

Cullinan, Sister M. Borgia, Professed 1907-Died 1961

Culnane, Sister M. Colette, Professed 1866-Died 1923

Curran, Sister M. Ambrose, Professed 1858-Died 1906

Curran, Sister M. Patricius, Professed 1911-Died 1969

Curran, Sister M. Patrick, Professed 1895-Died 1927

Curran, Sister M. Crescentia, Professed 1890-Died 1943

Curran, Mother M. Rose, Professed 1903-Died 1949

Curran, Sister M. Stella, Professed 1867-Died 1888

Daley, Sister M. Imelda, Professed 1872-Died 1906

Daley, Sister M. Protase, Professed 1910-Died 1970

Darby, Sister M. Wilfred, Professed 1925-Died 2000

Daugherty, Sister M. Loyola, Professed 1929-Died 1989

Davin, Sister M. James, Professed 1924-Died 1969

Davin, Sister M. Liguori, Professed 1928-Died 1960

Dean, Sister M. Virginia, Professed 1928-Died 1940

DeFelice, Sister M. Virginia, Professed 1949-Died 1990

DeHam, Sister M. Eulalia, Professed 1858-Died 1902

Delaney, Sister M. Vincent, Professed 1854-Died 1887---Civil War  1861-1865

Delli, Sister M. Paschal, Professed 1934-Died 1989

DePaul, Sister M. Vincent, Professed 1937-Died 1977

Devlin, Sister M. Ethelbert, Professed 1897-Died 1917

Devlin, Sister M. Helen, Professed 1858-Died 1899---Civil War  1861-1865

Dilling, Sister Mary Hugh, Professed 1927-Died 1987

Dillon, Sister M. Stella, Professed 1891-Died 1958

Dixon, Sister M. Aiden, Professed 1901-Died 1903

Doherty, Sister M. Borgia, Professed 1852-Died 1899    Civil War 1861-1865

Doherty, Sister M. Sylvester, Professed 1881-Died 1897

Doherty, Sister M. Anselm, Professed 1887-Died 1927

Doherty, Sister M. Paulinus, Professed 1877-Died 1926

Dolan, Sister M. Winifred, Professed 1953-Died 1984

Donahue, Sister M. Anastasia, Professed 1855-Died 1910

Donahue, Sister M. Melania, Professed 1859-Died 1908

Donahue, Sister M. Pauline, Professed 1861-Died 1908

Donahue, Sister Marie Joseph, Professed 1919-Died 1954

Donahue, Sister M. Irene, Professed 1878-Died 1923

Donnelly, Sister Margaret, Professed 1929-Died 1997

Donnelly, Sister M. Ildefonce, Professed 1907-Died 1940

Donohue, Sister M. Bridget, Professed 1883-Died 1942

Donohue, Sister M. Ildefonce, Professed 1872-Died 1903

Donovan, Sister M. Annunciata, Professed 1906-Died 1945

Donovan, Sister M. Emilian, Professed 1904-Died 1951

Doody, Sister M. Eunice, Professed 1925-Died 1991

Doody, Sister M. Hilary, Professed 1915-Died 1980

Dooley, Sister Mary, Professed 1924-Died 1924

Doran, Sister M. Kostka, Professed 1859-Died 1923

Dougherty, Sister M. Elizabeth, Professed 1935-Died 1960

Dougherty, Sister M. Irenaeus, Professed 1890-Died 1966

Dougherty, Sister M. Miriam Teresa, Professed 1932-Died 1976

Dowling, Sister M. Regis, Professed 1850-Died 1862

Dowling, Sister M. Austin, Professed 1913-Died 1938

Dowling, Sister Alice, Professed 1914-Died 1954

Downey, Sister M. Patricia, Professed 1927-Died 1977

Doyle, Mother M. Gertrude, Professed 1882-Died 1913

Doyle, Sister M. Antonius, Professed 1916-Died 1974

Driscoll, Sister M. Leo, Professed 1859-Died 1889---Civil War  1861-1865

Drumm, Sister M. Cleta, Professed 1895-Died 1946

Drummond, Sister M. Celine, Professed 1929-Died 1948

Duche, Sister M. Otilia, Professed 1851-Died 1915---Civil War  1861-1865

Duffy, Sister M. Benedict, Professed 1856-Died 1870

Duffy, Sister M. Gonzales, Professed 1930-Died1985

Duffy, Sister M. Rosaria, Professed 1921-Died 1982

Dunn, Sister M. Beatrice, Professed 1873-Died 1877

Dunn, Sister M. Climacus, Professed 1863-Died 1908

Dunn, Sister M. Gerald, Professed 1905-Died 1967

Dunn, Sister M. Isabel, Professed 1882-Died 1929

Dunn, Sister M. Aloysius, Professed 1880-Died 1942

Easley, Sister Raymond, Professed 1877-Died 1894

Ebel, Sister M. Carmella, Professed 1911-Died 1977

Eisley, Sister M. Evanglist, Professed 1926-Died 1982

Elder, Sister M. Leonard, Professed 1870-Died 1873

Ennis, Sister M. Ludmilla, Professed 1875-Died 1930

Ermine, Sister M. Etheldreda, Professed 1890-Died 1933

Ewing, Sister M. Veronica, Professed 1884-Died 1893

Fagan, Sister M. Claudia, Professed 1902-Died 1961

Farrell, Sister M. Aimee, Professed 1886-Died 1960

Farrell, Sister M. Gabriel, Professed 1908-Died 1947

Farrell, Sister M. Isidore, Professed 1888-Died 1946

Farrell, Sister M. Beata, Professed 1904-Died 1949

Farren, Sister M. Matilda, Professed 1863-Died 1904

Felix, Sister Celeste, Professed 1957-Died 1995

Fennessy, Mother M. Stanislaus, Professed 1848-Died 1900

Ferran, Sister M. Ann, Professed 1897-Died 1944

Ferron, Sister M. Silverius, Professed 1893-Died 1949

Ferron, Sister M. Simeon, Professed 1890-Died 1892

Fey, Sister M. Maxentia, Professed 1905-Died 1980

Fey, Sister M. Ruth, Professed 1941-Died 2000

Fink, Sister M. Fredrica, Professed 1897-Died 1946

Finnegan, Sister M. Mark, Professed 1897-Died 1937

Fisher, Sister M. Isadore, Professed 1847-Died 1885---Civil War   1861-1865

Fitzgerald, Sister Rita Alice, Professed 1944-Died 1996

Fitzgerald, Sister M. Seraphina, Professed 1856-Died 1891

Fitzsimmons, Sister M. Celestine, Professed 1882-Died 1937

Flanigan, Sister M. Euphemia, Professed 1859-Died 1912

Flanigan, Sister M. Marcella, Professed 1908-Died 1952

Flaus, Sister M. Edmund, Professed 1895-Died 1941

Fleckenstein, Sister Thecla, Professed 1927-Died 1996

Fleming, Sister M. Rose Marie, Professed 1918-Died 1918

Flynn, Sister Mary Sarah, Professed 1932-Died 1995

Flynn, Sister M. Blanche, Professed 1896-Died 1934

Flynn, Sister M. Eligius, Professed 1894-Died 1946

Flynn, Sister M. Aidan, Professed 1918-Died 1951

Forde, Sister M. Julia, Professed 1854-Died 1865---Civil War 1861-1865

Forde, Sister M. Ursula, Professed 1859-Died 1901---Civil War 1861-1965

Forman, Sister Wendelin, Professed 1935-Died 1968

Frighthoof, Sister M. Stephana, Professed 1865-Died 1867

Fritz, Sister M. Ladislaus, Professed 1910-Died 1980

Funk, Sister M. Estelle, Professed 1926-Died 1984

Futterer, Sister M. Wilhemina, Professed 1911-Died 1971

Gallagher, Sister M. Anastasia, Professed 1851-Died 1851

Gallagher, Sister M. Antonia, Professed 1866-Died 1916

Gallagher, Sister M. Hilda, Professed 1868-Died 1914

Gallagher, Sister M. Muriel, Professed 1917-Died 1963

Gannon, Sister M. Regina, Professed 1894-Died 1940

Gase, Sister M. Mechtilde, Professed 1904-Died 1958

Gaughan, Sister M. Sylvia, Professed 1915-Died 1934

Gauglr, Sister M. Adrienne, Professed 1935-Died 1974

Gawley, Sister M. Anastasia, Professed 1836-Died 1847

Geary, Sister M. Jane, Professed 1891-Died 1914

Geoghegan, Sister M. Scholastica, Professed 1850-Died 1875

George, Sister Adele, Professed 1953-Died 1996

Geraghty, Sister Giles, Professed 1909-Died 1935

Gibson, Sister Anna Mary, Professed 1940-Died 1999

Gibson, Sister M. Alice, Professed 1870-Died 1910

Giegerich, Sister M. Hilda, Professed 1919-Died 1981

Giegerich, Sister M. Stephen, Professed 1927-Died 1987

Gillespie, Mother M. Sebastian, Professed  1858-Died 1910

Gillespie, Sister M. Mercedes, Professed 1893-Died 1955

Ging, Sister Columba, Professed 1933-Died 1970

Goheen, Sister Mary Agnes, Professed 1921-Died 1981

Goldbach, Sister M. Marguerite, Professed 1887-Died 1936

Golden, Sister M. Consolata, Professed 1918-Died 1967

Goold, Sister M. Augusta, Professed 1846-Died 1849

Gordan, Sister M. Anita, Professed 1893-Died 1937

Gorman, Sister M. Joseph, Professed 1866-Died 1874

Gorman, Sister M. Clotilda, Professed 1872-Died 1924

Grace, Sister M. Regis, Professed 1912-Died 1979

Grace, Sister M. Eulalia, Professed 1908-Died 1931

Graley, Sister Miriam, Professed 1896-Died 1929

Griffin, Sister M. Louise, Professed 1873-Died 1916

Griffin, Sister M. John, Professed 1874-Died 1928

Guerin, Sister M. Richard, Professed 1932-Died 1987

Gunyak, Sister M. Zita, Professed 1925-Died 1991

Guth, Sister M. Cecilia, Professed 1892-Died 1927

Haggerty, Sister M. Clement,  Died 1882

Haley, Sister M. Thais, Professed 1851-Died 1880

Halpin, Sister M. Margaret, Professed 1849-Died 1900

Hammel, Sister M. Cleophas, Professed 1857-Died 1905

Hammill, Sister M. Martina, Professed 1924-Died 1976

Hampsey, Sister M. Emmanuel, Professed 1945-Died 1993

Hanley, Sister M. Raphael, Professed 1852-Died 1876

Hanlon, Sister M. Remigius, Professed 1904-Died 1972

Harris, Sister Mary Denis, Professed 1942-Died 1994

Harris, Sister M. Nolasko, Professed 1875-Died 1910

Hart, Sister M. Gonzaga, Professed 1930-Died 1993

Hart, Sister M. Marie, Professed 1892-Died 1947

Hart, Sister M. Cecilia, Professed 1851-Died 1888

Hartsock, Sister M. Amadeus, Professed 1879-Died 1953

Hauber, Sister M. Genevieve, Professed 1927-Died 1954

Hauber, Sister Rose Marie, Professed 1922-Died 1994

Hauser, Sister M. Gaudentia, Professed 1874-Died 1914

Hays, Sister M. Thomasina, Professed 1880-Died 1880

Hays, Sister M. Andrea, Professed 1889-Died 1942

Hazel, Sister M. Agatha, Professed 1868-Died 1925

Head, Sister M. Liguori, Professed 1893-Died 1923

Healy, Sister Kathleen, Professed 1940-Died 1999

Healy, Sister M. Johanna, Professed 1894-Died 1947

Heavill, Sister M. Kathleen, Professed 1940-Died 1979

Heisel, Sister M. Xavier, Professed 1875-Died 1894

Henry, Sister Gertrude, Professed 1920-Died 1990

Henry, Sister M. Lucille, Professed 1890-Died 1954

Herron, Sister M. Baptist, Professed 1851-Died 1904

Hester, Sister M. Ignatius, Professed 1903-Died 1918

Hester, Sister M. Imelda, Professed 1907-Died 1966

Hester, Sister M. Renilda, Professed 1904-Died 1969

Heyl, Sister M. Dorothea, Professed 1920-Died 1969

Heyl, Sister Rosemary, Professed 1927-Died 1994

Hickey, Sister M. Ignatius, Professed 1921-Died 1979

Hoar, Sister M. DeChantal, Professed 1930-Died 1964

Hoar, Sister M. Roseanne, Professed 1928-Died 1996

Hodnett, Sister M. Camillus, Professed 1854-Died 1874

Hoelzer, Sister Mary Margaret, Professed 1950-Died 1988

Hoey, Sister M. Hilary, Professed 1888-Died 1908

Hogan, Sister M. Albinus, Professed 1884-Died 1917

Horrell, Sister M. Bernadette, Professed 1936-Died1984

Hostetter, Sister M. Berchmans, Professed 1857-Died 1905---Civil War 1861-1865

Hostetter, Sister M. Rose, Professed 1849-Died 1899---Civil War  1861-1865

Hughes, Sister M. Anne, Professed 1849-Died 1896

Hughes, Sister M. Frances, Professed 1887-Died 1953

Hughes, Sister M. Innocent, Professed 1878-Died 1923

Hughes, Sister M. Innocent, Professed 1925-Died 1981

Hugo, Sister M. Helen, Professed 1902-Died 1966

Hyden, Sister M. Flora, Professed 1924-Died 1941

Hynes, Sister M. Dympna, Professed 1892-Died 1949

Ihmsen, Sister M. Aloysius, Professed 1857-Died 1872

Ingold, Sister Mary Philip, Professed 1934-Died 1984

Isadore, Sister M. Andre  (new)

Joczik, Sister M. Assisium, Professed 1923-Died 1983

Jones, Sister M. Pierre, Professed 1869-Died 1920

Joyce, Sister M. Sophia, Professed 1901-Died 1913

Joyce, Sister M. Adrian, Professed 1894-Died 1933

Joyent, Sister M. Severina, Professed 1868-Died 1914

Kane, Sister M. Dositheus, Professed 1877-Died 1925

Kane, Sister M. Cornelia, Professed 1912-Died 1947

Kattan, Sister M. Gerard, Professed 1899-Died 1971

Kattan, Sister M. Juliana, Professed 1910-Died 1939

Kaylor, Sister M. James, Professed 1890-Died 1921

Keane, Sister M. Clarence, Professed 1926-Died 1968

Keane, Sister M. Columba, Professed 1858-Died 1863

Keane, Sister M. Stephen, Professed 1911-Died 1924

Kearney, Sister M. Cornelia, Professed 1884-Died 1906

Keefer, Sister Marita, Professed 1933-Died 2000

Keenan, Sister M. Perpetua, Professed 1871-Died 1917

Kelly, Sister M. Alonza, Professed 1904-Died 1960

Kelly, Sister M. Owen, Professed 1941-Died 1991

Kenna, Sister M. Edwin, Professed 1924-Died 1968

Kenna, Sister M. Alicia, Professed 1896-Died 1929

Kenna, Sister M. Eleanor, Professed 1898-Died 1956

Kennedy, Sister M. Martina, Professed 1853-Died 1853

Kennedy, Sister M. Caroline, Professed 1925-Died 1939

Kennedy, Sister Mary Paul, Professed 1897-Died 1942

Kennedy, Sister M. Carmelita, Professed 1885-Died 1945

Kenny, Sister M. Margaret Mary, Professed 1883-Died 1912

Kerr, Sister M. Urban, Professed 1892-Died 1938

Kerrigan, Sister M. Immaculata, Professed 1911-Died 1963

Kerrigan, Sister Marie Teresa, Professed 1923-Died 1977

Keyes, Sister M. Grace, Professed 1893-Died 1965

Kiefer, Sister M. Germanus, Professed 1918-Died 1978

King, Sister M. Waltrude, Professed 1903-Died 1936

Kinsella, Mother M. Evangelist, Professed 1852-Died 1904

Kintz, Sister M. Agnes Marie, Professed 1917-Died 1967

Kintz, Sister M. Annina, Professed 1930-Died 1973

Kirby, Sister M. Anthony, Professed 1887-Died 1923

Kirk, Sister M. Clare, Professed 1865-Died 1898

Kirwin, Sister M. Mildred, Professed 1878-Died 1906

Kittell, Sister M. Beradine, Professed 1866-Died 1926

Klenke, Sister M. Felicia, Professed 1918-Died 1980

Klockgether, Sister M. Madeleine, Professed 1930-Died 1997

Knox, Sister M. Loyola, Professed 1873-Died 1927

Koester, Sister Mary Carol, Professed 1953-Died 1996

Kriegelsteiner, Sister M. Hedwig, Professed 1912-Died 1987

Kuttles, Sister M. Cordelia, Professed 1920-Died 1993

Lacey, Sister M. Clemenza, Professed 1934-Died 1986

Lambert, Sister M. Dolores, Professed 1864-Died 1876

Lanahan, Sister M. Ernestine, Professed 1898-Died 1944

Lanigan, Sister M. Bernard, Professed 1910-Died 1962

Lanigan, Sister M. Florence, Professed 1892-Died 1953

Lanigan, Sister M. Berchmans, Professed 1908-Died 1916

Lanigan, Sister M. Alphonsus, Professed 1878-Died 1888

Larkin, Sister M. Anna Rose, Professed 1937-Died 1990

Larouere, Sister M. Dolores, Professed 1936-Died 1986

Lauer, Sister M. Natalie, Professed 1928-Died 1974

Laughlin, Sister M. Francis Borgia, Professed 1922-Died 1959

Laurent, Sister M. Richard, Professed 1905-Died 1924

Lavin, Sister M. Philippa, Professed 1927-Died 1991

Lawler, Sister Catherine, Died 1848

Lawless, Sister Roberta, Professed 1953-Died 1998

Leahy, Sister M. Appolonia, Professed 1858-Died 1903   Civil War 1861-1865

Leahy, Sister M. Marcella, Professed 1904-Died 1904

Leahy, Sister M. Bernice, Professed 1912-Died 1973

Leahy, Sister M. Sylvester, Professed 1903-Died 1965

Leahy, Sister M. Elizabeth, Professed 1921-Died 1932

Lee, Sister M. Alfred, Professed 1916-Died 1968

Leech, Sister M. Alexius, Professed 1863-Died 1903

Leech, Sister M. Constantine, Professed 1932-Died 1952

Lenahan, Sister M. Luigi, Professed 1881-Died 1916

Lenaugh, Sister M. Cyril, Professed 1917-Died 1983

Lennon, Sister M. Cephas, Professed 1858-Died 1863

Lennon, Sister M. John, Professed 1858-Died 1864

Lisz, Sister Colette, Professed 1927-Died 1993

Litzinger, Sister M. Placide, Professed 1880-Died 1905

Loeffler, Sister M. Constance, Professed 1943-Died 1991

Lonegan, Sister M. Ita, Professed 1901-Died 1930

Long, Sister M. Edith, Professed 1900-Died 1959

Long, Sister M. Casimir, Professed 1890-Died 1893

Loughran, Sister M. Germaine, Professed 1920-Died 1974

Loughran, Sister M. Joseph, Professed 1863-Died 1896

Loughran, Sister M. Susan, Professed 1849-Died 1891

Lutz, Sister M. Bruno, Professed 1857-Died 1913

Lynch, Sister M. Evaristus, Professed 1914-Died 1973

MacIsaac, Sister M. Bonaventure, Professed 1907-Died 1972

Mackey, Sister M. Richard, Professed 1893-Died 1901

Madden, Sister M. Assumpta, Professed 1907-Died 1955

Madden, Sister M. Elizabeth Ann, Professed 1953-Died 1978

Madden, Sister M. Vivian, Professed 1897-Died 1951

Madden, Sister M. Winifred, Professed 1905-Died 1943

Madden, Sister M. Placidus, Professed 1906-Died 1949

Maher, Sister M. Bernard, Professed 1853-Died 1907

Maher, Sister M. Xavier, Professed 1853-Died 1873

Makary, Sister Paulene, Professed 1941-Died 1999

Malady, Sister M. Basil, Professed 1877-Died 1926

Malloy, Sister M. Celestina, Professed 1923-Died 1985

Malloy, Sister M. Eugenia, Professed 1925-Died 1997

Mangan, Sister M. Sylvanus, Professed 1924-Died 1993

Martin, Sister Mary Thomas, Professed 1933-Died 1981

Mathers, Sister M. Brendan, Professed 1925-Died 1979

Maur, Sister M. Genevieve, Professed 1862-Died 1910

McAuliffe, Sister M. Theodosia, Professed 1904-Died 1963

McBennet, Sister M. Norbert, Professed 1888-Died 1945

McBride, Sister M. Benedict, Professed 1892-Died 1960

McCafferty, Sister M. Francis Regis, Professed 1912-Died 1965

McCaffrey, Anna, Died 1870

McCaffrey, Sister M. Agnes, Professed 1847-Died 1914

McCaffrey, Sister M. Hieronyme, Professed 1904-Died 1974

McCaffrey, Sister M. Josephine, Professed 1853-Died 1899

McCaffrey, Sister M. Ligouri, Professed 1848-Died 1888

McCague, Sister M. Margaret, Professed 1935-Died 1992

McCague, Sister M. Stanislaus, Professed 1932-Died 1990

McCann, Sister M. Cosmas, Professed 1874-Died 1875

McCarthy, Sister M. Augusta, Professed 1898-Died 1953

McCarthy, Sister M. Callistus, Professed 1859-Died 1863

McClain, Sister M. Patrick, Professed 1932-Died 1989

McClosky, Sister M. Adelaide, Professed 1872-Died 1924

McConeghy, Sister M. Emerentia, Professed 1890-Died 1952

McConegly, Sister M. Gerald, Professed 1872-Died 1901

McConnell, Sister M. Francella, Professed 1918-Died 1981

McConnell, Sister M. Patricia, Professed 1879-Died 1900

McCormac, Sister M. Frances, Professed 1858-Died 1885---Civil War  1861-1865

McCormick, Sister M. DePaul, Professed 1897-Died 1933

McCormick, Sister M. Eustochia, Professed 1893-Died 1942

McCoy, Sister M. Theophane, Professed 1910-Died 1988

McCoy, Sister Placide, Professed 1910-Died 1958

McCreal, Sister M. Angela, Professed 1850-Died 1914

McCrealey, Sister M. Blandina, Professed 1868-Died 1920

McCue, Sister M. Catherine, Professed 1861-Died 1914

McCullough, Sister M. Camille, Professed 1907-Died 1969

McCullough, Sister M. Laurentia, Professed 1868-Died 1925

McDarby, Sister M. Veronica, Professed 1841-Died 1881

McDermott, Sister M. John Francis, Professed 1933-Died 1994

McDermott, Sister Bernita, Professed 1910-Died 1951

McDevitt, Sister M. Julia, Professed 1874-Died 1936

McDonald, Sister M. Caroline, Professed 1873-Died 1922

McDonald, Sister M. Clotilde, Professed 1927-Died 1950

McDonnell, Sister M. Anna Marie, Professed 1913-Died 1975

McGarr, Sister M. Barbara, Professed 1885-Died 1928

McGinn, Sister M. Basil, Professed 1858-Died 1873

McGinty, Sister M. Dolorosa, Professed 1928-Died 1976

McGirr, Sister M. Dolores, Professed 1879-Died 1933

McGirr, Sister M. Camillus, Professed 1879-Died 1939

McGivern, Sister M. Gabriella, Professed 1897-Died 1914

McGlumphy, Sister M. Joachim, Professed 1935-Died 2000

McGorlick, Sister M. Bonaventure, Professed 1870-Died 1904

McGovern, Sister M. Lucy, Professed 1845-Died 1867

McGovern, Sister M. Theodore, Professed 1893-Died 1950

McGovern, Sister M. Barbara, Professed 1934-Died 1964

McGrath, Sister Marian, Professed 1928-Died 1999

McGraw, Sister M. Amelia, Professed 1873-Died 1923

McGraw, Sister M. Hilarion, Professed 1879-Died 1930

McGreevy, Sister M. Eucharia, Professed 1890-Died 1955

McGuiness, Sister M. Linus, Professed 1875-Died 1929

McGuire, Sister M. Juliana, Professed 1850-Died 1893

McGuire, Sister M. Naomi, Professed 1927-Died 1958

McHale, Sister M. Esther, Professed 1927-Died 1999

McHale, Sister M. Jerome, Professed 1929-Died 1989

McIntyre, Sister M. Fidelis, Professed 1867-Died 1904

McKay, Sister M. Anne, Professed 1947-Died 1984

McKenna, Sister M. Audrey, Professed 1937-Died 1987

McKeon, Sister M. Bertha, Professed 1872-Died 1923

McKeown, Sister M. Marcella, Professed 1851-Died 1902---Civil War  1861-1865

McKleever, Sister M. Benedicta, Professed 1902-Died 1955

McLaughlin, Sister M. Lucian, Professed 1884-Died 1928

McLaughlin, Sister M. DeChantal, Professed 1886-Died 1931

McMahon, Sister M. Dominic, Professed 1898-Died 1963

McMahon, Sister M. Margaret, Professed 1932-Died 1987

McMahon, Sister M. Veronica, Professed 1898-Died 1960

McManus, Sister M. Felicita, Professed 1905-Died 1939

McNally, Sister M. Eugenia, Professed 1866-Died 1922

McNally, Sister M. Susan, Professed 1895-Died 1935

McNamara, Sister M. Lellis, Professed 1886-Died 1935

McNeil, Sister Jean, Professed 1954-Died 2000

McNerny, Sister M. Paula, Professed 1897-Died 1919

McNickel, Sister M. Bernice, Professed 1887-Died 1907

McQuaid, Sister M. Remigius, Professed 1861-Died 1902---Civil War 1861-1865

McQueeney, Sister M. Emmuelita, Professed 1902-Died 1960

McSloy, Sister M. Zita, Professed 1885-Died 1917

Mechtildes, Sister M., Professed 1852-Died 1910

Meehan, Sister M. Dionysia, Professed 1896-Died 1938

Meerwald, Sister M. Cornelius, Professed 1914-Died 1975

MeKeon, Sister M. DeSales, Professed 1884-Died 1914

Meldrum, Sister M. Teresa, Professed 1892-Died 1913

Mellody, Sister M. Josepha, Professed 1890-Died 1931

Milligan, Sister M. Ferdinand, Professed 1899-Died 1924

Mitchel, Sister M. Cosmas, Professed 1890-Died 1940

Mollenauer, Sister M. Ricarda, Professed 1929-Died 1992

Mooney, Sister M. DeSales, Professed 1875-Died 1878

Moore, Sister M. Marguerite, Professed 1938-Died 1992

Moran, Sister M. Euphema, Professed 1914-Died 1974

Moran, Sister M. Margaret, Professed 1894-Died 1932

Morgan, Sister M. Ambrose, Professed 1909-Died 1950

Morrissey, Sister M. Blandina, Professed 1923-Died 1970

Morrissey, Sister M. Catherine, Professed 1916-Died 1961

Moser, Sister M. Mathilda, Professed 1921-Died 1978

Mountain, Sister M. William, Professed 1918-Died 1969

Mudres, Sister M. Lutegarde, Professed 1898-Died 1958

Mullen, Sister M. Kathleen, Professed 1918-Died 1936

Mullen, Sister M. Ignatius, Professed 1887-Died 1902

Mulvihill, Sister M. Leontine, Professed 1905-Died 1947

Mulvihill, Sister M. Leontine, Professed 1901-Died 1902

Murphy, Sister M. Colman, Professed 1935-Died 1998

Murphy, Sister M. Matilda, Professed 1907-Died 1958

Murphy, Sister M. Antoinette, Professed 1896-Died 1945

Murphy, Sister M. Beniti, Professed 1894-Died 1949

Murto, Sister M. Scholastica, Professed 1879-Died 1931

Myers, Sister M. Gonzaga, Professed 1863-Died 1906

Naugton, Sister M. Cleophas, Professed 1908-Died 1964

Neary, Sister M. Bega, Professed 1892-Died 1945

Nee, Sister M. Adelaide, Professed 1926-Died 1994

Nee, Sister Mary Luke, Professed 1897-Died 1959

Neibert, Sister M. Gaudentia, Professed 1919-Died 1937

Neumont, Sister M. Augustine, Professed 1915-Died 1945

Newman, Sister M. Christina, Professed 1850-Died 1898

Nolan, Sister M. Clarissa, Professed 1905-Died 1935

Nuttall, Sister M. Rachel, Professed 1935-Died 1999

O�Brien, Sister M. Alphonsus, Professed 1912-Died 1967

O�Brien, Sister M. Angelica, Professed 1897-Died 1920

O�Brien, Sister M. Columba, Professed 1866-Died 1920

O�Brien, Sister M. Neri, Professed 1919-Died 1963

O�Brien, Sister M. Placidus, Professed 1857-Died 1903

O�Brien, Sister M. Nolasco, Professed 1913-Died 1937

O�Brien, Sister M. Alacoque, Professed 1897-Died 1951

O�Connor, Sister M. Aniceta, Professed 1893-Died 1954

O�Connor, Sister M. Louis, Professed 1867-Died 1909

O�Connor, Sister M. Elizabeth, Professed 1902-Died 1933

O�Donnell, Sister Grace, Professed 1931-Died 1993

O�Donnell, Sister M. Angeline, Professed 1903-Died 1970

O�Donnell, Sister M. Georgiana, Professed 1933-Died 1975

O�Donnell, Sister M. Mildred, Professed 1910-Died 1967

O�Donnell, Sister M. Madeline, Professed 1863-Died 1928---Civil War 1861-1865

O�Flynn, Sister M. Aurelia, Professed 1896-Died 1945

O�Gorman, Sister M. Gonzaga, Professed 1848-Died 1859

O�Grady, Sister M. Cephas, Professed 1868-Died 1911

O�Hagan, Sister M. Flavia, Professed 1890-Died 1918

O�Hanlon, Sister M. DeRicci, Professed 1890-Died 1932

O�Hara, Sister M. Germaine, Professed 1875-Died 1917

O�Hara, Sister M. Leonard, Professed 1877-Died 1909

O�Hara, Sister M. Maura, Professed 1925-Died 1983

O�Hare, Sister M. McBride, Professed 1891-Died 1953

O�Mahoney, Sister M. Maurice, Professed 1899-Died 1922

O�Neil, Sister M. Ida, Professed 1875-Died 1877

O�Neil, Sister M. Regis, Professed 1865-Died 1909

O�Reilly, Sister M. Francis Xavier, Professed 1903-Died 1953

O�Riely, Sister M. Helena, Professed 1895-Died 1943

O�Rourke, Sister M. Boniface, Professed 1896-Died 1919

O�Shea, Sister M. Matthew, Professed 1928-Died 1962

O�Shea, Sister M. Paula, Professed 1921-Died 1981

Olliffe, Sister M. Saint Simon, Professed 1935-Died 2000

Olmer, Sister M. Wencelaus, Professed 1905-Died 1950

Ondrizek, Sister M. Isabel, Professed 1930-Died 1960

Palmer, Sister M. Rita, Professed 1871-Died 1915

Parker, Sister M. Inez, Professed 1923-Died 1981

Parrish, Sister M. Ida, Professed 1880-Died 1916

Parsons, Sister M. Xaveria, Professed 1937-Died 1994

Patrice, Sister M. Professed 1857-Died 1909

Patterson, Sister Christine, Professed 1922-Died 1960

Patterson, Sister M. Jean, Professed 1918-Died 1969

Phelan, Sister M. Evangelist, Professed 1864-Died 1864

Phelan, Sister M. Josephine, Professed 1901-Died 1947

Phelan, Sister M. Leonora, Professed 1894-Died 1953

Phelan, Sister M. Rosalia, Professed 1859-Died 1914

Phelan, Sister M. Sebastian, Professed 1911-Died 1976

Phelan, Sister M. Xavier, Professed 1897-Died 1960

Phelan, Sister Magdalen, Professed 1853-Died 1913

Philbin, Sister M. Serenus, Professed 1873-Died 1916

Poujoules, Sister M. Jeanette, Professed 1935-Died 1993

Power, Sister M. Fidelis, Professed 1907-Died 1945

Price, Sister M. Henrietta, Professed 1896-Died 1897

Purcell, Sister M. Flora, Professed 1891-Died 1913

Quigley, Sister M. Athanasius, Professed 1860-Died 1901

Quilter, Sister M. Alcuin, Professed 1918-Died 1967

Quinlan, Sister M. Roberta, Professed 1896-Died 1947

Quinn, Sister M. Alphonsa, Professed 1850-Died 1873   Buried in Rome

Quinn, Sister M. Patricia, Professed 1848-Died 1852

Quinn, Sister M. Silverius, Professed 1865-Died 1879

Quinn, Sister Ruth, Professed 1916-Died 1939

Quinn, Sister M. Cecilia, Professed 1939-Died 1986

Quinn, Sister M. Guido, Professed 1891-Died 1903

Rabic, Sister M. Borromeo, Professed 1915-Died 1961

Rafferty, Sister M. Jeanette, Professed 1929-Died 1973

Ragan, Sister M. Aquinas, Professed 1882-Died 1933

Raible, Sister Mariam, Professed 1932-Died 1993

Rankin, Sister M. Agatha, Professed 1852-Died 1884

Rattigan, Sister M. DiRicci, Professed 1882-Died 1883

Rauwolf, Sister M. Walburga, Professed 1866-Died 1919

Reaghard, Sister M. Florian, Professed 1915-Died 1979

Redding, Sister M. Benigna, Professed 1899-Died 1956

Redding, Sister M. Alfreda, Professed 1901-Died 1926

Regan, Sister Mary DePaul, Professed 1940-Died 2000

Reid, Sister M. Alphonsa, Professed 1891-Died 1909

Reid, Sister M. Philippa, Professed 1878-Died 1924

Reid, Sister M. Philomena, Professed 1845-Died 1845

Reinbolt, Sister M. Magdalen, Professed 1847-Died 1848

Rigney, Sister Anne, Died 1848

Rihn, Sister M. Laurencia, Professed 1943-Died 1997

Riley, Sister M. Baptist, Professed 1923-Died 1927

Rincel, Sister M. Matilda, Died 1867

Rinehart, Sister M. Macrina, Professed 1901-Died 1940

Roach, Sister M. Boniface, Professed 1923-Died 1972

Robel, Sister M. Cuthbart, Professed 1909-Died 1954

Rodrigue, Sister M. DeLellis, Professed 1865-Died 1881

Roose, Sister M. Benedicta, Professed 1875-Died 1900

Rourke, Sister M. Constance, Professed 1887-Died 1940

Rowland, Sister M. Michael, Professed 1925-Died 1996

Rudiselle, Sister M. Anne, Professed 1953-Died 1990

Rudkin, Sister M. Alciun, Professed 1898-Died 1903

Russel, Sister M. DePazzi, Professed 1850-Died 1915

Ryan, Sister M. Althasius, Professed 1904-Died 1959

Ryan, Sister M. Emerentia, Professed 1876-Died 1877

Ryan, Sister M. Ephrem, Professed 1869-Died 1915

Sample, Sister M. Genevra, Professed 1918-Died 1952

Savage, Sister M. Madeleva, Professed 1946-Died 1986

Scanlon, Sister M. Norbeta, Professed 1922-Died 1959

Scherrer, Sister M. Anne Regina, Professed 1919-Died 1980

Scherzinger, Sister M. Charles, Professed 1917-Died 1975

Schisler, Sister M. Louise, Professed 1919-Died 1947

Schmgtzer, Sister M. Hildegarde, Professed 1932-Died 2000

Schmotzer, Sister M. Adelbert, Professed 1932-Died 1998

Schneider, Sister M. Loretto, Professed 1917-Died 1981

Schott, Sister M. Christina, Professed 1906-Died 1909

Scott, Sister M. Agatha, Professed 1931-Died-1991

Scully, Sister Jean Marie, Professed 1931-Died 1979

Shanahan, Sister M. DeLourdes, Professed 1915-Died 1989

Shaughnessy, Sister M. Pius, Professed 1928-Died 1982

Sheehan, Sister M. Damien, Professed 1902-Died 1943

Sheehan, Sister M. Hyacinth, Professed 1902-Died 1955

Sheehan, Sister M. Mark, Professed 1890-Died 1893

Sheehy, Sister M. Clara, Professed 1893-Died 1959

Sheehy, Sister M. Ebba, Professed 1891-Died 1948

Sheflin, Sister M. Seraphina, Professed 1903-Died 1958

Sheridan, Sister M. Joseph, Professed 1897-Died 1931

Shick, Sister M. Claver, Professed 1929-Died 1973

Shields, Sister M. Berchmans, Professed 1919-Died 1937

Shields, Sister M. Avellino, Professed 1886-Died 1892

Shoemaker, Sister M. Aloysius, Professed 1944-Died 1990

Showalter, Sister Anastasia, Professed 1913-Died 1969

Shuck, Sister M. Augustine, Professed 1853-Died 1907

Shuck, Sister M. Pancratius, Professed 1893-Died 1955

Shugar, Sister Margretta, Professed 1943-Died 1996

Smith, Sister M. Alphonsa, Professed 1931-Died 1976

Smith, Sister M. Delphina, Professed 1907-Died 1960

Smith, Sister M. DeSales, Professed 1918-Died 1977

Smith, Sister M. Thomasina, Professed 1924-Died 1983

Smith, Sister M. Arsenius, Professed 1873-Died 1924

Snee, Sister M. Jerome, Professed 1869-Died 1919

Soisson, Sister M. Alma, Professed 1918-Died 1983

Sollis, Sister M. Eulalia, Professed 1935-Died 1978

Spain, Sister M. Domitilla, Professed 1914-Died 1980

Spinneweber, Sister M. Alberta, Professed 1894-Died 1929

Spinneweber, Sister M. Norbertine, Professed 1901-Died 1918

Stack, Sister M. Agnes, Professed 1918-Died 1918

Stadtmiller, Sister M. Clarence, Professed 1912-Died 1922

Stampfli, Sister M. Angelica, Professed 1922-Died 1984

Stampfli, Sister M. Joan, Professed 1922-Died 1989

Staub, Sister M. Monica, Professed 1848-Died 1900

Stecker, Sister M. Wilhelmina, Professed 1861-Died 1906

Stegmeyer, Sister M. Leander, Professed 1896-Died 1945

Stegmeyer, Sister M. Florentine, Professed 1903-Died 1946

Stewart, Sister Jane, Died 1855

Strange, Mother M. Elizabeth, Professed 1842-Died 1900---Co-founder of the Pittsburgh Community, one of the original seven.

Strange, Sister M. Aloysia---Co-founder of the Pittsburgh Community, one of the original seven.

Stupy, Sister M. Hildegarde, Professed 1870-Died 1923

Stutes, Sister M. Francis, Professed 1919-Died 1939

Sullivan, Sister M. Alban, Professed 1899-Died 1920

Sullivan, Sister M. Aldegondes, Professed 1923-Died 1967

Sullivan, Sister M. Francis DeSales, Professed 1917-Died 1973

Sullivan, Sister M. Valeria, Professed 1895-Died 1970

Sullivan, Sister M. Ricardo, Professed 1890-Died 1925

Sweeney, Sister M. Raphael, Professed 1878-Died 1933

Tanner, Sister Despina, Professed 1926-Died 1998

Tedesco, Sister M. Ida, Professed 1923-Died 1992

Tewes, Sister M. Emily, Professed 1914-Died 1966

Thompson, Sister M. Francis Jerome, Professed 1932-Died 1969

Tiernan, Mother M. Xavier, Professed 1845-Died 1848

Tierney, Sister M. DeRicci, Professed 1863-Died 1871

Tierney, Sister M. Emmanuel, Professed 1883-Died 1941

Tipping, Sister M. Bernedine, Professed 1929-Died 1989

Tomlinson, Sister M. Silveria, Professed 1859-Died 1860

Toomey, Sister M. Lucy, Professed 1870-Died 1928

Torry, Sister Marian, Professed 1898-Died 1921

Trainor, Sister M. Ferdinand, Professed 1876-Died 1895

Trainor, Sister M. Mello, Professed 1896-Died 1938

Vanvoy, Sister M. Carlotta, Professed 1915-Died 1990    RSM

Vasinko, Sister M. Syra, Professed 1906-Died 1958

Vaughn, Sister M. Thecla, Professed 1867-Died 1925

Vietmeier, Sister M. Andrew, Professed 1921-Died 1987

Villella, Sister Dora  (new)

Walker, Sister M. Callistus, Professed 1869-Died 1885

Walker, Sister M. Wilfred, Professed 1871-Died 1871

Wall, Sister M. Evangelist, Professed 1876-Died 1925

Wall, Sister M. Michael, Professed 1876-Died 1925

Walsh, Sister M. Consilli, Professed 1912-Died 1923

Walsh, Sister M. Gabriel, Professed 1853-Died 1905

Walsh, Sister M. Leo, Professed 1891-Died 1954

Walsh, Sister M. Lucina, Professed 1899-Died 1960

Walsh, Sister M. Teresina, Professed 1916-Died 1976

Walsh, Sister M. Casista, Professed 1920-Died 1941

Walsh, Sister M. Mauritia, Professed 1901-Died 1940

Ward, Sister M. Etheldreda, Professed 1936-Died 1989

Ward, Sister M. Pierre Francis, Professed 1883-Died 1920

Ward, Sister M. Stephana, Professed 1851-Died 1903

Ward, Sister M. Evarista, Professed 1893-Died 1929

Ward, Sister M. DeNeige, Professed 1901-Died 1932

Ward, Sister M. Marcellina, Professed 1902-Died 1951

Washner, Sister DePazzi, Professed 1919-Died 1979

Weber, Sister M. Constantia, Professed 1897-Died 1963

Weber, Sister M. Vincent, Professed 1892-Died 1951

Weixel, Sister M. Victor, Professed 1914-Died 1986

Welsh, Sister M. Chrysostom, Professed 1855-Died 1917

Welty, Sister M. Thomasina, Professed 1882-Died 1923

Wendelon, Sister M. Barbara, Professed 1850-Died 1864

Wertnir, Sister M. Callistus, Professed 1888-Died 1947

Wescott, Sister M. Beatrice, Professed 1883-Died 1939

Whalen, Sister M. Maurice, Professed 1926-Died 1985

Wilbert, Sister M. Alexia, Professed 1906-Died 1963

Williams, Sister M. Cecily, Professed 1909-Died 1965

Wilt, Sister M. Huberta, Professed 1899-Died 1945

Wilt, Sister M. Eustace, Professed 1890-Died 1914

Wohleber, Sister Mary Louis, Professed 1912-Died 1991

Woods, Sister M. Aelred, Professed 1899-Died 1958

Woods, Sister M. Melania, Professed 1911-Died 1965

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