Oak Hill School

Oak Hill School (before Brick school) 1915

Row 1 (front) Roxy Immel, Olive Horner, Hallie Helfrick, Annie Kristofeck, Russ Hayes, Sarah Theiler, Dawson Horner, Robert Weaver, Janet Weaver (sister to Robert & Roger)

Row 2 Esther Aukerman, Mildred Miller, Bertha Olson, Ivy Armel, Lawrence Bollinger, Donovan Helfrick, Merle Musick, Paul Horitzck, Roger Weaver.

Row 3 Olla Hayes, Esther(?) Dick, Harry Carey, John George, George Armel, Dale Helfrick, John Kristofeck, John Daughterty, Joe Kristofeck, Walter Pershing.

Row 4 Carl Stairs, Leo Stein, Julie Kristofeck, Dorothy Helfrick, Hazel Armel, Beatrice Miller, John Dick, Mabel Stairs, Elizabeth Theiler.

Teacher Algine (or Alzine) Stauffer

Marriages: Mabel Stairs to Ed Rolla Beatrice Miller to John Geesy
Dorothy Helfrick to - Gregory Leo Stein - never married
Carl Stairs to Mary Hughes* Olla Hayes to - Blystone
George Armel to Faye Marks Dale Helfrick to Florence White
Walter Pershing to Merian Phillips Esther Aukerman to Frank Adams
Mildred Miller to - Geesy Bertha Olson to - Hunter
Don Helfrick to Vera Jean Jackson Merle Musick to Margaret Somers
Russ Hayes - never married

* Mary Hughes was Sidney Hughes' daughter

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