Unity Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania
Lloydsville School 1940-1941

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The picture has been lost, but below is the list of students.  Charles if you're still have a copy of the picture, please send it.

Two Wood frame buildings, 1-4th grades in one and 5-8th grades in the other.  This picture is 1-4th grades.

The names are: Front Row Left to Right: (1) Charles E. Harris (Me), (2) John Casko, (3) Henry Casko, (4) Floyd H. Harris Jr. (My Brother), (5) Louis Fisher, (6) Edwin B. Long,  (7) John Kromel Second Row Left to Right:(1) Janet O'Barto, (2) Theodore W. Harris (My Brother), (3) Wiley Nolan (My Cousin lives at Box 145 Rt 7 Latrobe), (4) Charles W. Messina (Billy-I graduated from LHS with him in 1950), (5) Don't remember name of this girl), (6) Robert Kaminisky, (7) Don't remember the name of this boy, (8) Don't remeber name of this girl - I think it was ? Green, (9) Rosemarie Robb, (10) Goodwin Macy (Buster), Teacher - Philomeno T. Rich (She had a big hickory stick - could never forget her.  Third Row Left to Right: (1) Lois Ashbaugh, (2) Mary Privech, (3) Alice Stouffer, (4) Geraldine Macy (Goodwin's Sister), (5) Audrey Bowman, (6) Barbara Beatty, (7) Do not remember this girl, (8) Roberta Long (Edwin's Sister), (9) ? Katonka.  

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