Hope Evangelical Methodist Cemetery
Unity Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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Cemetery Information

Melba M. Myers 1926-1942

S.W. Myers 1895-1929

Charlotte E. Brown 1855-1922

Belle Harr 1859-1917

John Harr Sept. 20,1817-May 26,1899

Wife of John Harr- Anna Nov.22,1819-May 30,1832

Robert Agey April 13,1892-Aug.12,1896

R.W. Penn SGT. CO K 11th PA INF

Jacob Stout Nov.2,1819-March 10,1903

Catherine Stout HIS WIFE Oct. 16,1832-Oct. 23, 1904

Margaret Byerly June 18,1790- M? 7,1874

Margaret Noel WIFE OF LAZURUS Nov.3,1891 IN THE 59th YEAR OF AGE

Daniel Igo 1872-1935

Susan Igo April 5,1824-Nov.5,1904

Daniel Johns DIED 1888 89 years 1 month 2 days

Margaret Johns DIED Sept 11, 1889

Nancy Carein Feb.17,1889 94 years

H.J. Chasseur CO K 11TH PA INF

Ruth A. Carns 1804-1901

Jacob F. Campbell 1853-1868

Alex Johnston Feb.4,1870-Feb.16,1872

Sarah Cooperstone DIED Sept.17,1901 78 YEARS 5 months 6 days

Thomas Cooperstone DIED June 7,1855 45 years 5 months

Martha A. WIFE OF E.S.

Jane wife of J.B. Yates DIED May 10,1909 79 years 1 month 4 days

J.B. Yates DIED March 11,1872 11 years 3 months 7 days

Mary Yates DIED Dec.16,1871 13 years 1 month 15 days

Margaret Yates DIED Nov.23,1871 9 years 2 months 19 days

James Yates ILLEGIBLE 3 years 2 months 19 days

Sterrett Yates DIED 1869

Walter Yates DIED 1855

Rebecca Yates DIED 1851

Mary DAUGHTER OF M.M. & M. Smith DIED Nov.27, 1877 22 years 11

months 8 days

Michael M. Smith DIED Dec.5,1879 47 years 6 months 8 days

Minnie V. Smith DAUGHTER OF M.M. & M. Smith illegible

Catherine Kuhns 1838-1916

Isaac S. Kuhns CO E 211TH REGT. PA VOL DIED Sept.9,1903

Franklin S. Kuhns SON OF I.S. & C. Kuhns 1872-1893

Dorothy C. Darr 1898-1945

Lottie B. Darr 1886-1953

Noah Darr 1867-1939

Dora Darr 1868-1924

Susan Hughes WIFE OF E. Hughes June 16,1847-July 18,1910

Eli Hughes Oct.18,1849-June 21.1923

Birdie C. Kuhns WIFE OF E.S. Ferguson 1881-1914

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