Laurel Hill Cemetery
St Clair Township
Westmoreland County PA

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Transcribed by Michael Caldwell.

Laurel Hill Cemetery: Outside of New Florence on Boswell Road, St. Clair
Township, Westmoreland County, PA. This cemetery is remote and not well
cared for. As a result there may have been omissions. When I visited the
cemetery on several occasions it was difficult to get through the briars and
brambles. Additionally, one must ford a creek that has no bridge and climb a
hill into an area wild with overgrown scrub.

Format is as follows:

If only one date or year is listed, it is the death date, usually followed by
the age of the deceased in the format yrs-month-days.

SURNAME/First name/birth date or year/death date or year/age/remarks

***** LUTE?/Mrs. ** SAC//11 Feb 1890/38-0-13/very unclear

BAKER/Violet Adelle//20 Feb 1887/0-13-7/d/o Dorsey & Maggie

BEAL/George W./1869/1944//

BEAL/Mary Ryan/1874/1931//

BEAL/Pauline Haire/1902/1925//wife of RT

BEAL/Roy Thomas/26 Jan 1903/31 Dec 1944//

BELL/John M./1821/1886//

BELL/Samuel S./1854/1868//s/o JM & SJ

BELL/Sarah J./1817/1895//

BERRYHILL/Charlotte/1864/1943//w/o Frank


BOYER/Della M./1874/1963//

BRANDT/Nelson G.//1898//infant son of GW & S

BRANT/Annie//d. 2 Jul 1896/0-8-19/d/o GW & S

BRANT/Charlotte/1829/1907//same stone with James M.

BRANT/James M./1849/1906//

BRANT/Margaret E.//1893/29?/dau. or consort of Wesley

CABLE/John C./11 Jul 1869/3 Sep 1900//"Woodmen of the World"

CALDWELL/Annie G.//29 Jun 1881/27�9�9/wife of J.N.



CALDWELL/Mary/1863/1940//"Mother" wife of John

CALDWELL/Maude I.//11 Feb 1902/17�9�26/

CAMPBELL/Anna Eliza/1860/1923//Mother, w/o Richard


CAMPBELL/William//28 Jul 1894/70/Co. H 57 Reg Pa. Vol.

CSEHOSKI/Elizabeth R./1907/1957//Mother; w/o George

CSEHOSKI/George/1908/____//Father, married 26 Apr 1928

DAVIS/Esther Ann//12 May 1875/51�10�24/wife of Job Davis

DAVIS/George P./19 Jan 1922/23 Mar 1944//Tech Sgt. 550 AAF Bomb Sq. WW2

DAVIS/John M./1895/1960//

DAVIS/Sallie K./1896/1926//wife of John M.

DECKER/*****////Civil War

DECKER/Albert L./1897/1962//

DECKER/Aldine H./1906/1930//wife of Logan H.

DECKER/Anna///2/poss d/o Martin & Charlotte

DECKER/baby////no dates

DECKER/Barbara//15 Nov 1863/72�9�6/"Our Mother" wife of Isaac

DECKER/Charlotte/1836/1908//wife of Martin (1841)

DECKER/Clarence E./1913/1918//



DECKER/Daughter//1864//d/o Wm. & H.

DECKER/Ella///12/poss d/o Martin & Charlotte

DECKER/Etta D./1870/1934//wife of Daniel (1860)

DECKER/Franklin////poss s/o Martin & Charlotte

DECKER/Gilson J./27 Apr 1909/3 Aug 1909//

DECKER/Grace D./1902/1903//

DECKER/Hannah/1830/1918//wife of William M.

DECKER/Harvey Reed/1890/1922//

DECKER/Hazel E./1896/1950//

DECKER/Isaac//3 Mar 1856/61�8�11/"Our Father"

DECKER/Isaac///10/poss s/o Martin & Charlotte

DECKER/James W./1910/1918//

DECKER/Jane Y./7 Feb 1821/12 Dec 1880//wife of W.H. [Elder]

DECKER/Job/15 Jun 1837/20 Jul 1899/62�1�5/

DECKER/John M./1896/1969//

DECKER/Lloyd A./1905/1963//

DECKER/Logan H./1903/1955//

DECKER/Marie////poss d/o Daniel & Etta

DECKER/Marion E./1901/1957//wife of Lloyd A.

DECKER/Martin/17 Apr 1841/13 Aug 1887//Co. I 211th Pa.


DECKER/Mary/1830/1907//wife of Martin (1835)

DECKER/Melvin////near Daniel & Etta

DECKER/Paul G./1899/1925//

DECKER/Paul G./1899/1925//

DECKER/Ralph L./1899/1920//

DECKER/Russell J./1891/1927//

DECKER/Sarah Martin/1812/1885//wife of Daniel (1808)

DECKER/Tabitha V./1900/1922//wife of Harvey Reed


DECKER/William Elder//20 Sep 1891/71�11�14/

DECKER/William M./1825/1887//

DEWITT/Bertha P./1870/1909//wife of John S.

DEWITT/Ethel F./1 Sep 1917/24 Oct 1918//

DEWITT/Frank/14 Feb 1875/28 Feb 1875//

DEWITT/George/17 Nov 1878/1 Jan 1882//

DEWITT/Gregory/23 Mar 1841/4 Feb 1923//Pvt. Co. B. 1st Batt. Pa Cav.

DEWITT/Jay C./24 Aug 1907/8 Jun 1974//

DEWITT/John S./1868/1923//

DEWITT/Sallie C./1869/1963//wife of Stewart A.

DEWITT/Stewart A./1865/1949//

DEWITT/Vera M./22 Jul 1906/24 Sep 1908//

DONCOFF/Mino//30 Jan 1918/28/killed by train, b. in Bulgaria

DONNELAS?/Samuel//23 Oct 1861/41/

FELLABOM/Eva May//22 Dec 1884/2-1-5/d/o CH & Clara

FRANTZ/Jacob//22 Oct 1858/26-0-5/

FREEMAN/Deborah//13 Dec 1873/40-11-18/w/o JH

FREEMAN/JH//28 Aug 1891/66-9-29/

FULGENS/Frank N./1854/1940//

FULGENS/Lillie S./1868/1948//w/o Frank N.

FULGENZI/Mary M./1901/1917//Daughter

GARMAN/Arthur James/1891/1942//

GEARY/Edward L.//8 Aug 1873/1-2-?/s/o JH & L

GEARY/Mary J.//4 Dec 1861/14-8-16/d/o GW & E

GEARY/Sarah A.//9 Jul 1888/39-3-16/d/o GW & E

GRIFFITH/Birdie C.///0�6�12/

HAIR/Adam Lewis//2 Apr 1936//PA Pvt 107 Inf. 27 Div

HAIR/David P.//30 Sep 1863/0�0�14/s/o MS & R

HAIR/Donald W./1912/1913//s/o RT & AE

HAIR/Infant son//12 Mar 1869//s/o MS & R

HAIR/Jeremiah C.//21 Feb 1863/2�11�11/s/o MS & R

HAIR/Jno. R./9 Mar 1829/9 Dec 1913//

HAIR/John R.//12 Nov 1887/28�8�25/"My Husband"

HAIR/Margaret E./27 Aug 1835/11 Jul 1904//wife of Jno. R.

HAIR/Mary E.//18 Sep 1862/0�10�3/d/o MS & R

HAIR/Matthew//3 Dec 1853//

HAIR/Matthew S.//20 Apr 1899/0�3�27/s/o RT & AE

HAIR/Matthew S./1830/1908//

HAIR/Rachel/1837/1892//w/o Matthew S.

HAIR/Wm. H. H.//10 Oct 1858/21�9�10/

HAIRE/Alvin H./1898/1962//

HAIRE/Angie C./1873/1931//wife of Nels B.

HAIRE/Clyde C./1870/1942//

HAIRE/Elsie M. Eckman/1904/1929//wife of Alvin H.

HAIRE/Emma S./1869/1944//wife of Clyde C.

HAIRE/Garnet E.//14 Jan 1897/[infant]/d/o GL & CM

HAIRE/Lester C./1908/1920//

HAIRE/Mary A. DeWitt/14 Feb 1905/10 Mar 1946//

HAIRE/Nels B./1869/19��//

HAIRE/Owen Nelson/21 Apr 1901/3 Aug 1957//

HAIRE/Owen Nelson Jr./15 Aug 1931/15 Nov 1957//

HAIRE/Rachel A.//5 May 1899/0�4�25/d/o CC & Emma S.

HAIRE/Sara B./1847/1916//

HAIRE/William S./1858/1942//

HENDERSON/Martha J.//12 Mar 1874/0-11-16/d/o AB & Sarah

HILL/Nancy J.//very unclear/5-0-15/

HILL/Orrang//20 Mar 1866/10-11-18/s/o William & BA

HILL/Samuel F./23 Mar 1853/8 Jun 1931//

HILL/Susan M./1 Apr 1859/4 Jun 1944//w/o Samuel F.

HILTY/Mary E./1862/1911//w/o William E.

HILTY/William E./1862/1931//Husband

HULL/Benjamin C./7 Feb 1861/6 May 1943//Father

HULL/Bertha M./16 Sep 1888/24 Jun 1974//

HULL/daughter/2 Jul 1892/21 Apr 1893//d/o Taylor & Hannah J.

HULL/Donald C./1902/1903//

HULL/Dotty//15 May 1888/1-4-27/d/o Taylor & Hannah J.

HULL/Edson Reed/16 Oct 1863/29 Oct 1902//Husband

HULL/Elizabeth//17 Mar 1889/?/

HULL/Elsie M./16 Sep 1882/25 Mar 1896//d/o GW & ME

HULL/George//12 Aug 1860/0-8-?/s/o JD & SJ

HULL/Hannah J.//5 May 1898/46-6-12/w/o Taylor S.

HULL/Jane//31 Jul 1888/81/

HULL/John C./1900/1925//

HULL/John Clark/1877/1934//

HULL/John D.//3 Jan 1866/32/

HULL/La Verne B./27 Sep 1893/26 Aug 1984//

HULL/Lulu M.//22 Jul 1895/21-5-0/d/o Taylor S. & Hannah J.

HULL/Margaret//1 Jul 1887/53-1-10/w/o Tobias Sr.

HULL/Mary E.//9 Mar 1866/0-2-29/d/o T & Margaret

HULL/Mary E./1854/1942//

HULL/Oscar S.//17 Oct 1891/19-6-19/s/o Taylor & Hannah J.

HULL/Perry B.//2 Apr 1893/34-2-x/Our brother

HULL/Russell R./15 Jan 1895/9 Oct 1900//s/o ER & ME

HULL/Samuel C./1843/1902//Co. D 4th PA V. Cal.

HULL/Sarah Ann/6 Feb 1862/27 Jun 1952//Mother, w/o Benjamin C.

HULL/Sarah J.//2 Nov 1866//w/o John D.

HULL/Taylor S./21 Aug 1848/30 Oct 1916//

HULL/Tobias Jr.//12 Mar 1892/67-1-9/

HULL/Tobias Sr.//29 Dec 1887/84-1-12/

HULL/unreadable/16 Mar 1875/1875//d/o GW & ME

HULL/Violet M./18 Feb 1891/18 Mar 1976//

HYSONG/Catherine M./1864/1941//Mother; w/o John F.

HYSONG/Edward A./1904/1931//Our beloved son

HYSONG/John F./1859/1906//Father

HYSONG/Love K./1902/1903//

HYSONG/Mabel D.//1 Jul 1891/2-8-2/

HYSONG/Robert E.//21 Mar 1901/0-6-11/

KELLS/Annie M./16 Mar 1875/13 Nov 1919//wife of Wm. H.

KELLS/Wm. H./12 Mar 1865/6 Apr 1942//

KERN/Sarah R./9 Feb 1864/1 Sep 1885//d/o ?S & EJ

KILLEN/Charles C./1917/1920//

KILLEN/Francis R./1914/1920//

KISAMORE/John W./1913/1947//WWII

LEAR/Lydia Winebrenner/1854/1938//rem. by Robert E. Lear

MACK/Alice//23 Dec 1892/9-10-7/d/o William & Mary

MACK/Della//16 Dec 1893/4-9-11/d/o Wiilliam & Mary

McCLUNE/Arthur Arnold/5 Nov 1918/25 Jul 1955//

McNUTT/M. Ella/1876/1915//Mother

MILLER/Jonas/1845/1917//Pvt. Co. M 12 Regt. PA Vol.



PEER/Sarah Decker/1853/1895//


PERDEW/David W./1868/1876//

PERDEW/Dolly B. Hair/1891/1899//

PERDEW/Ellen H. Hair/1870/1898//

PERDEW/Ida B./1872/1875//

PERDEW/John T./1874/1911//


PERDEW/Mary E./1840/____//

PERDEW/Moses/1825/1900//Co. K 206th Regt. P.V.

PHIPPS/Mary//3 Mar 1861/40-7-8/w/o James


RALYEA/Charles L./28 Oct 1931/1 Sep 1967//


RIFFLE/Idie May/9 May 1879/5 Nov 1937//wife of John

RIFFLE/John/16 Jan 1875/11 Jul 1945//

RUFFNER/Cornelius//24 Jun 1895/65-6-2/

RUFFNER/Dorcas Brady/16 Mar 1833/20 Oct 1919//w/o Cornelius

RUFFNER/Thomas N.//4 Jul 1889/17-8-5/s/o Cornelius & Dorcas

SATRYAN/Florence Caldwell/1906/1972//"Mother" wife of George H.

SATRYAN/George H./1902/1952//"Father"

SCHMIDT/George A./1881/Sep 1888//same stone as John H.

SCHMIDT/John H./22 Feb 1821/7 Aug 1899//Co. D Heav. Artillery

SCHMIDT/no first name/4 Mar 1845/4 Dec 1918//Mother

SHANNON/Annie J./31 Oct 1879/23 Mar 1900//d/o MH & NJ

SHANNON/Della/2 Feb 1894/7 Feb 1894//d/o MH & NJ

SHANNON/Dorothy K./1921/1942//

SHANNON/James J./24 Jan 1878/28 Jan 1880//s/o MH & NJ

SHANNON/John R./11 Aug 1882/6 Jun 1901//s/o MH & NJ

SHANNON/Matthew H./1850/1910//

SHANNON/Nancy J.//29 Jan 1896/38�10�x/wife of Matthew H.

SHANNON/Nelson H.//20 Jan 1899/15�11�x/

SHANNON/Robert V./1926/1927//

SHANNON/William////Co. F 135th Pa. Inf.

SHANNON/William A./1 Mar 1888/18 Sep 1972//

SHANNON/William A. Jr./22 Nov 1922/22 Jan 1945//

SHARP/Anna B./13 May 1830/13 May 1864//Mother

SHRUM/Annie//14 Jan 1879/23�8�18/d/o George & Mary

SHRUM/Christopher L./1848/1929//

SHRUM/Frederick H./1888/1950//

SHRUM/George/5 Feb 1819/28 Apr 1900//

SHRUM/George D./1876/1959//

SHRUM/Mary/20 Oct 1823/23 Apr 1901//wife of George

SHRUM/Mary/23 Apr 1862/27 May 1882//d/o George & Mary

SHRUM/Mary E.//10 Sep 1878/25�9�x/wife of George

SHRUM/Sarah A./1848/1929//wife of Christopher L.

SINGER/William/29 May 1877/18 Jul 1916//

SLICK/Harry M./1875/1891//

SLICK/Jennie E./1854/1887//w/o LW

SLICK/Lawrence W./1851/1885//

SMITH/Leona M./15 Nov 1893/29 Jul 1975//

STORMER/Clara Belle/2 Feb 1895/18 Aug 1966//wife of John Millen

STORMER/John Millen/11 Sep 1894/8 Mar 1950//


SWARTZ/Levina E.//6 Apr 1892/5-0-2/

SWARTZ/Lizzie//11 Feb 1894/27-6-4/d/o HM & SE Hullenbaugh

WALKER/Harry A.//10 Feb 1870/20-11-21/s/o unclear & MA

WALKER/Hiram S.//1862/11-5-8/s/o I or J & MA

WALKER/Stephen A.//23 Apr 1866/21-?-8/s/o unclear & MA; Civil War

WINEBRENNER/Jacob////Co. K 186 Pa. Inf.

WINEBRENNER/Lucinda H./1848/1932//Mother, w/o Peter


WINKLEMAN/Benjamin//7 Dec 1877/56-6-1/Our father

WINKLEMAN/Harry T. (Perry?)/1901/1956//Husband

WINKLEMAN/James H./1852/1924//

WINKLEMAN/Margaret E./1857/1928//w/o James H.

WOOMER/Jessie B./1880/19__//Mother

WOOMER/Martin W./1876/1937//

WOOMER/Tommy/7 Apr 1924/13 Mar 1929//

WYANT/Arvilla//2 Dec 18??/5-?-?/d/o J & E


WYANT/Elizabeth/1822/1917//w/o Joseph

WYANT/Emma/17 Mar 1861/14 Jul 1917//w/o Joseph

WYANT/George C.//24 Feb 1893/26-0-20/s/o J & E


WYANT/Joseph//26 Oct 1879/57-8-2/


WYANT/Mary C.//1874/22-?-?/d/o J & E


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