Sewickley Presbyterian Church Cemetery
South Huntingdon Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania


This is a very old cemetery located by the Sewickley Presbyterian Church located about 1 mile off of Rt 136 by the Old Bell's Mill Covered Bridge. There are quite a few of Revolutionary Veterans buried there.
Rows are not straight so you have follow the lines best way you can. The dashes indicates next line. This is only the old part of the cemetery, there is a newer part that I'll be submitting later after I get the old cemeteries done.

ROW 1:

Frances A.-Wife of-William Bell-Died-Nov 19, 1981-Aged 54 Years-8 Mons & 8 Days
William Bell-Died-Dec 24, 1888-Aged 71 Years-11 Mos & 12 Ds. Bell

Mary Bell-Rest is Unreadable

Mary A.-1953-1916-Etta A.-1868/1952

W.J.R.-Rest is Unreadable


Our Daughter-Rest is Unreadable

Mary Finley Bell-1793/1888-Wife of-Walter Bell

Next two stone are unreadable.

Loyal To The-Memory of-Elizabeth Green-Rest is unreadable, stone is laying on the ground

Next three stone are unreadable.

Nancy-W.J. Robertson-Died-Aug 12, 1863-Aged. 41 yrs. 8 mos.-& 11 days-Nancy has left us, her spirit has left-her body now slumbers along with- the Lord. The savoir hath called her-She ? also ready to follow-her soon.

William-J.E. Robertson-Died-Unreadable-11 yrs. 4 mos. 2 days

William J. Robertson-Aug 11, 1812-Jan 29, 1892-Father

Sarah Martha-Wife of-Wm. J. Robertson-Died in her 63rd yr.


Samuel Bell-Born-Oct. 27, 1821-Died-May 31. 1894-Susanna Boyd-His Wife-Nov 15, 1831-June 7, 1911-Bell

Corbett-Milton F.-1832/1909-Mary D.-1852/1933

Nancy Jane-Dau of-S.&B Bollock-Died ? 1831-Aged 1 years-11 mos. & 3 days

Joseph-Son of-D.&? Hough-next three lines are unreadable.

Next three stones are fallen over and unreadable.

James Caldwell-Died July 11, 1817-In His 89 Years-Of Living (he was a Revolutionary War Veteran)

In Memory of-Sarah Caldwell-Consort of James Caldwell-who departed this life-April 28th 1831. Aged-68 years.-Afflications sore I long time bore-Physcians were in vain-till God did please to give me ease-and free me of my pain.

James B. Caldwell-Died Dec 12, 1836-In the 3rd year of his-age-William C. Caldwell-Died Dec 3, 1836-in the 2nd year of his-age-Sons of William & Nancy Caldwell-Farewell sweet boys! Tis hard to give-tow babes so lovely to the tombs..-Yet why should we wish you to live-since God is ? to call you home.

Mary Robertson-Wife of-D.S. Bovard-Died-Oct 19, 1851-Aged 89 yrs, 5 mos.


Next twp stones are unreadable and fallen over.

In Memory of-Elizabeth Markle-Bell-Who Died April 4th-1836, Aged 5 years & 6-Mos.-Methinks I see a housed charms-spread over thy lovely face-while in faith in thy leader-receives thy smiling grace.

In Memory Of-William Bell-who died Aug 17,-1830-aged 57 years-Father I give my spirit up-and trust it is thine hand-my dying flesh shall rest in hope-and rise at thy command.

Nancy Hough-Died-Dec 3, 1811-Aged 17 Years-11 Mos & 5 Days

Mawart ?-Day of ?-SHH & ? Robertson (Very hard to read, can't make out the rest of the words)

My Husband-Andrew P Robertson-Died-May 30, 1882-Aged (Can't Read)

In Memory-of-John J. Robertson-Son of-John Robertson-Who Died Feb 24, 1850-
Aged 74 Yrs, 4 Mos-24 Days

In Memory of-Joanna Robertson-Consort of John Robertson-Who departed this life-Jany 9th, 1831 Aged 54 Years-4 Months & 4 Days-It shant be said-Praying breath was ever spent in vein. This shall be known when we are dead and left in long record that ages yet.

In Memory of-Thomas Robertson-Who departed this life-March 20th 1831, Aged 21-Years, 9 Months & 4 Days


B. ________(unreadable)-Died Apr 3, 1830-Aged 6 M (rest is unreadable)

Rosemary-Rest is unreadable-He Taketh his Lambs Home

Nest stone is unreadable

Joseph P. Fulton-Died Sep 13th, 1820-Aged 2 Years & 3-Months

Susanahp Fulton-Died Sept 19th, 1826-Aged 1 Year & 14 Days

Elizabeth P. Fulton-Died Aug 2nd, 1828-Aged 1 Year & 5 Mos-Rest is unreadable

______ Hough (rest is unreadable)

Nancy-Wife of Balock-Died-(Unreadable)-Aged (unreadable)

In Memory Of-Robert Fulton-Who departed this life-on the 10th of March A.D.-1820-Aged 67 Years & 6 -
Months_NOTE: He is a Rev War Vet)

Maggie-Dau of-O.B. & M.A. Robertson-Died-Aug 6, 1874-Aged 1 Yr, 2 Ms -& 9 Days

Mary A-Wife of-O.B. Robertson-Died(rest is unreadable)

Isabella R.-Siefers-1851-(rest is unreadable)

Next stone is unreadable

T. Roos. Mitchell-Died-?12, 18?-Aged 32 Yrs, 3 Mos-27 Days

Nest stone is broken and unreadable

Wm Hunter-Died-Jan, 1822-NOTE: He was a Rev War Vet)

Thomas McKee-(rest is unreadable)


Eliza S.-Reynolds-1831-1896-Ethel R. Mage-1889-1910

Joseph Hartley-Died-Apr 25, 1865

In Memory Of-Robert Hartley-Who departed this life July-the 18th A.D. 1824. Aged 69-Years (NOTE: He is a Rev War Vet)

Mother-(rest is unreadable)

Johnsa ?-Departed this life-Sept 12th 1830, Aged-22 Years, 6 Months-and 10 Days

In Memory Of-Elisabeth Mellisia-Daughter of-James D. and Mary-Reed-Who departed this life May 2nd-1846-Aged 1 Year, 6 Months, 12 Days

In Memory of-Mahala Consort of-Samuel M. Big_?__-Who departed this life -March 27, 1857-Aged 26 Yrs, 8 Months & 23 Days

Philip P. Roy-Died-? 21, 1812-Aged 72 Years, 2 Mos & 18 Days


Elizabeth Robertson-Born-May 18, 1808-Died- Feb 28, 1895-Thomas Robertson-Born-Feb 25, 1818-Died-May 5. 1900 - ROBERTSON

In Memory Of-Margaret Hunter-Who departed this life-Feb'y 4th-1828-In the 73rd year of her age

Margaret L. Plumer-Daughter of J.C.P. & E. P.-Died 2nd Sept-1821 Aged 3 Years-7 Mos & 17 Days-God my redeamer lives -and ofter from the skies-looks down & watches all my days-till he shall let it rise.

Elizha J. Elliot-Plumer-Died April 22, 1830-4 days

Geo C. Plumer-Son of J.C. & R.D.-Died 17 Jan 1821-Aged 4 Months 5 Days

George Plumer Jones-Died Sept 24 A.D. 1828-With a Scald, Aged 7- Years & 25 Days-The voices of the almighty-may every heart alay - marks the heavenly warning-which calls to watch & pray

In Memory of the-Hon Geo. Plumer-Who was born 5th Dec 1762-near Pittsburgh-and died at his residence-Westmoreland Co. NOTE: He was a Rev War Vet

Plumer-In Memory Of-Susanna R. Plumer-Consort of- Alexander Plumer-Departed this life-Aug 8, 1814-In the 23rd year of her age

Jonath Plumer-Died-Dec 7th 1802-In his 80th year of -his age NOTE: He was a Rev War Vet)

Jo_______?-who departed this life-Aug 9, 1839-In his (rest is unreadable)

John Carcthers-Died-Dec 2, 1858-In the 79 year of his age

In Memory of-Gershom Bennett-Who departed this life-Jan 27, 1828, aged 65- Years 4 Months & 20 Days-Not all the pains that evenlbore, shall spoil my future peace-for death and hell can do no more-than what my father please.

Here Lies-The Body of-Ann Bennett consort of-Gershom Bennett, who departed-this life January 2, 1811, aged-80 years, 10 Months, 28 Days


In-Memory of-Isaac Robb-who died Aug-17, 1834 in-the 42 year of his aged(NOTE: He was a Rev War Vet)

In Memory Of-Margaret Dickey-Consort of James Dickey-Who departed this life-March 15th 1825, In the 66th-year of her age

In Memory of-Elizabeth Plumer-Late consort of-John C. Plumer-Who departed this life-October 16, 1827, in the-38th year of her age-Mortal show fear amoug your race-have given this thought weight-that on the slender moment hangs you everlasting soul

In Memory Of-Joseph P. Plumer-Who died Aug 22d 1832-Aged 17 years, 4 Mos & 27-days-Death like an overflowing stream-sweeps us away from life's dream-an empty tale a memory flows out dead & withered in an hour.

James Thompson-Son of J.S. Jone-died May 27, 1832-aged 2 years, 1 month-& 12 days


In Memory of-Sarah Martin-Consort of John Martin-Who departed this life Sept 7- 1831, aged 48 years, 4 mos & 19 days-Afflictions sore long time bore-physicians were in vain-till God did please to grant me ease-and free me of my pain

In-Memory Of-John Buttermore who-departed this life-May the 12th, 1834-aged 6 years, 5 months & 7 days

In-Memory Of-Mary Buttermore-who departed this -life June the 13th, 1836-aged 38 years, 10 months-and 8 days-Ship dies not even in death her friends-with greatful pity and surprise-I ask how can it be?-Loosen from all she leaves behind-yet still-she cleaves to me-John Buttermore

In Memory Of-John Jones- who died July 5th-1842-aged 24 years, 7 mos &-13 days-God my redeamer lives-and 0fter from the skies-looks down & watches all my dust-till he shall bid me rise.

In Memory of-Margaret Robertson-wife of John Robertson Jr-who died June 2nd, 1837-aged 33 years

Mrs Susan R_________rest is unreadable

In Memory of-Gershan Bennett-who departed this life-Jan'y 27, 1828 aged 65-years, 4 months & 20-days-Not all the apins that e''rtborne,-shall spoil my future peace.-For death and hell can do no more-than whay my father pleases

Here lies the body of Fanny Bennett consort of-Gersham Bennett who departed-this life January 27, 1811-aged 30 years 10 months and-28 days

In-Memory Of-rest is unreadable-NOTE: A Rev War Vet

Mmie Consort-of-Thomas Gary-Died May 11-1839-22 years-rest is covered with dirt-stone is laying on the ground

Anna Jane-Baker-1833-1912

In memory of Horatio Lloyd-who departed this life-Sept 12, 1827.-In the 29th year of his aged

John J. Lloyd-Died Jan'y 20th 1816-aged 2 months

Margaret Jane-Lloyd-Died Jan'y 5, 1829-aged 4 mos

In memory-of-Jane Kelley-who died May 31, 1838

ROW 10

In Memory of-Emilly J. Daughter of-JC & H. Kelley who died-August the 5th 1839-aged 1 year, 9 months-24 days

In Memory of-Mary Fulton-Who departed this life-Jan'y 25 1830, in the-29th year of her age

In Memory Of-Rebecca Fulton-who departed this life-July 7th 1819. In the 35th -year of her age

In Memory of - Elizabeth Fulton-who departed this life-June 22nd, 1823, In the-28th year of her age

In Memory Of-Robert Bell-Who departed this life-July 25, 1832 in the 31st year-of his age

Polly - Rest is unreadable

Row 11

In Memory Of-Mary Stants Consort-of George Painter who-departed this life August-the 5th, 1840 aged 30 Years-7 Months, 27 Days

James Myers-Died-August 11, 1817-aged 18 years (rest is unreadable)

Mary M.-Everett-Nov 8, 1831-Jan 8, 1904-EVERETT

Wife Of-Samuel Mitchell-who departed this life-in her 22year of-age

Nathan Mitchell-Died-Nov 12, 1812-1 year, 10 Mos

Johnane Mitchell-Died-Age 22 (rest is unreadable)

In Memory of-Maria Kerr (consort of Thomas Kerr) who died Feb 15th 1856-in the 50th year of her-age

In-Memory of-Nancy Kerr-Consort of Thomas Kerr-who departed this life-July the 7th A.D. 1822-aged 28 years

Martha J. Kerr-Died Jan'y 25th 1821-aged 4 months

Next three stones are unreadable

In memory of-John Taylor-who departed this life-April 10th, 1830 aged 46-years, 8 Months & 19 Days

In Memory Of-Samuel C. Bell-Son of James & Mragaret-Bell who departed this life July 17th 1828 aged 6 years

In Memory Of-John H. Bell-Son Of-James & Margaret Bell-who departed this life Nov 22, 1823 aged 2- years & 2 Months

ROW 12

Anna Bell (rest is unreadable)

Margaret E.-Hesson-1846-1918-Our Mother

Zeno J. Hesson-Died-Mar 26, 1897-aged-48 Y. 8 Mo. 17 Ds-HESSON

Tobias P. Patton-Died-May 21, 1820-aged 50 years, 1 Months-11 Days

Harbuugh-Father-Roy E.-1876-1939-Mother-Susan B.-1883-1938

In-Memory of Hetty-Consort of Abraham-Morrow-who departed this-life March 8th, 1840, aged-27 years-Come Lord Jesus come quickly-Save my soul delay not

Next stone is unreadable

William C. Linn-Died June 3rd 1832-aged 1 month & 22 days-Death has been here and-removed 4 brother from our-side. Just in the morning of his day-as young as we ? he died

ROW 13

William C. Bell-1894-1943-Son

Clara Mae-Hixson-1892-1952-Daughter

HESSON-Blanche-1892-1950-David W.-1879-1942

Next two stone are unreadable

HELTEBRAN-Samuel F.-1844-1926-Fannie J.-1843-1906

John Thompson-Co. H-168 PA Mil. Inf. (Must be a Civil War Vet)

Next stone is unreadable

James Thompson-Died-June 30, 1875

In-Memory Of-John McAfee who-departed this life March-the 28th 1834 in the 58th-year of his age

In Memory Of-Mary McAfee who died-March the 20th 1840-aged 25 years 8 Months-& 20 Days

In Memory Of-Joseph McAfee-who departed this life-September 6th 1843-aged 36 years 6 Months-& 26 Days

William McAfee-Died-July 31, 1819-in the 11th year of his age

John McAfee-Died-May 13, (rest is unreadable)

ISADELLAE-John McAfee-Died-Jun 11 (rest is unreadable)

Robert O.-Son of-Johnaham McAfee-Died-May 2 (rest is unreadable)

Mary M. McAfee-Died-Oct 25, 1896-age (rest is unreadable)

Thomas Robertson-Died-Jan 22, 1870-aged 86 years, 4 Mos, 5 Days

Jane-Wife of-Thos. Robertson-Died-July 18, 1861-In the 81 year of her life

James Robertson-Died-Nov 22, 1810-aged 10 years & 2 months

Martha C. Robertson-Died-March 3, 1818-aged 25 years & 18 days

Next 2 stones is unreadable

Jaoob-Robertson-died-May 10, 1826-aged 29 (rest is unreadable)

Jacob Hepler-Died-Jan 3, 1875 in his 72nd year

In-Memory of-Ruth Hepler-Consort of Jacob Hepler-who died Aug 23rd-1939-In the 33rd year of age

In Memory-Rosemary Hepler-who died (rest is unreadable)

Memory Of-William Gipson-who departed this life-Dec 2nd 1818-aged 61 years 8 Mos and 14 Days (He was a Rev War Vet)

In Memory of-Margaret Gibson-Consort of-William Gibson-who departed this life June 14th -1847 in the 75 year of her life

Margaret-Consort of-Joseph Hepler-Born 1809 Died-October 11, 1834

ROW 14

William Hunter-Died-April 20, 1885-aged 86 years-2 Mos, & 2 Days-At Rest Hunter

Emilie-Wife of-J.B. Bell-Died-June 14, 1881-Aged-23 years, 2 mos-BELL

Charles H. Bell-1881-1947

John B.-1856-1922-Mary C.-His Wife-1868-1949-BELL

Susan (rest is unreadable)

Mary R___ton-Died-Aug 1835-In the ___ of her age (Some words cannot read)


George Boyd Hunter-1899-1967

HUNTER-Father-David L.-1875-1931-Mother-Edith B.-1876-1953

Next stone is unreadable

Isbell Painter (rest is unreadable

Next stone is unreadable

Mary Jane-Robertson-1837-1909-ROBERTSON

Hattie E.-Dau. Of-Wm. & Martha T.-Robertson-Died-Sept 1, 1884-Aged 26 years-5 mos & 17 Days-At home with Jesus

Wm. Robertson-Died-March 19, 1876-aged 62 years, 1 Mos & 11 Days

Martha T..-Wife of-Wm Robertson-Died-March 17, 1883-67 years, 4 mons & 24 ds-I sleep in Jesus, blessed sleep-from which none ever weeps

John-Son Of-Thomas & Jennie-Robertson-Died-Dec 15, 1893-aged 71 Yrs, 11 Ms & 4 Ds-ROBERTSON

ROW 15

HUNTER-David-Bennett-1916-1977-Blanche - Lancaster-1915-1986

Son-J. Oliver Hunter-Nov 8, 1881=Dec 15, 1959-Sgt M.C. Co 326-Reg 82 Div W.W1

H-Hunter-rest is unreadable

Hunter-William Hunter-Born Jun 5, 1879-Died Jan 16, 1903-aged 23 yr, 7 mo -11 days

David Hunter-died-May 30 1892-In his 86 year-Margaret A.-Wife of-David Hunter-Died-Sept 17, 1874-In her 54 year-HUNTER

William-Hunter-rest is unreadable

Next stone is unreadable

In Memory Of-Joseph Newlon-who died June 22d-1840 aged 29-years & 5 months

Om Memory Of-Nathan Newlon-who died Aug 13th-1834. In the 33rd -year of his age. My saviour shall my life restore.-My dark abode my flash & soul shall depart no more but dewll forever near my God.

In Memory Of-William Newson-who died Aug 1, 1854, in the 63rd year of his age. How beautious are their feet who stand-on Zions hill who drinks salvation on their tongues. And words of peace revealed.

Real Daughter-rest is unreadable

In Memory Of-Hannah Roatharmel-Consort of Daniel Roatharmel-who died May 2nd 1834, aged-29 years & 6 mos-Afflictions sore, I long time bore-Physicians were in vain till god did please, to give me pease-and free me of my pain.

Next two stones can't read

Mother& Sister-Martha Loop- Mary Ann Loop-Died Feb 4, 1860-aged 68 years, 8 mos & 28 days-Died Dec 8, 1887-aged 18 years & 2 mons-Children of H&E Loop-Barbara Ellen-Died Aug 15, 1851-aged 4 mos, 20 days-Henry Albert-Died Oct 19, 1855-aged 3 years, 8 mos & 4 days-Brintel R. Newlon-died Dec 7, 1862-aged 2 years, 8 mos 20 days-Sarah Ann-died Jan 2, 1866-aged 20 years, 3 mos, 8 days

Next 4 stones can't read

Henry Loop-born Feb 10, 1820-Died-Oct 24, 1899-LOOP-Elizabeth-Wife of-Henry Loop-Born Sept 25, 1824-died Feb 10, 1890-aged 65 yrs 4 mons & 16 days-Emma G. Loop-Born Feb 11, 1867-died Mar 12, 1895-aged 28 yrs, 1 mos, 1 d.

Thomas Robertson-Died-Jan 22, 1870-Aged 86 years-4 mos & 5 days

Jane-Wife of-Thos. Robertson-Died-July 18, 1861-In the year of (rest is unreadable)

James Robertson-Died-May 21, 1818-Aged 15 years-8 months-15 days

Martha C. Robertson-Died-March 3, 1818-Aged 28 Years & 11 Mos

Next 2 stones can't read

Jacob-Robertspm-Died Jan 10, 1826-Aged 20 days

In Memory Of-Samuel C. Bell-Sone of James & Margaret Bell-who departed this life July 17th 1828-aged 6 years, 8 mos &25 days

In Memory Of-John H Bell-who departed this life-Nov 29, 1823-aged 12 years, 20 mos -? Rest is unreadable

ROW 16

MCPHATTER-D. Bennett-1907-1975-M. Ruth-1910-1967

In Memory Of-Nancy Neafff-who departed this life Dec 4, 1838-aged 1 year and 7 months-Suffer little children to come unto-me and forbid them not for of-such is the kindom of heaven.

Next 2 stones are unreadable.

Mary Ann Newlo_?-died Oct 19, 1839-aged 1 month & 8 days

Andrew J. Reed-Died-Dec 2, 1876-In his 57th year -rest is unreadable

Jane __?-Reed - rest is unreadable

Rebecca McGrew-Died-March 21, 1845 - ?

Out Father-Thos. C. Martin-Born-July 14, 1824- Died-Dec 20, 1884-Our Mother-Elenor Martin-Born-Mar 20, 1820-Died-Sept 30 (bottom os stone has written on it "J.C. Cemmell. Mt. Pleasant)

Robert T.-Son of-Thos. C. & E. Martin-Died-Oct 30, 1875-Aged 22 years, 2 mos & 21 days____?

Martin-John O. Martin-1852-1939-Fannie A. Wift of-J.O. Martin-1864-1910

Byron D.-Martin-1917

In Memory Of-David Morton-who departed this life March the 5th A.D. 1823 aged 53-years-Lord commit my soul & thee-accept the sacred trust-receive this nobler part of me-and watch my sleeping dust.

Next stone is broken and unreadable

Jacob Hepler-Died-Jan 31, 1875-In his 72nd year-? Rest is unreadable

In-Memory of- Ruth Hepler-Consort of Jacob Hepler-who died Aug 23d-1839-in the 33 year of her aged.

In Memory Of-Margaret Gibson-Sonsort of Joseph Hepler-who died Oct 11th 1834__?. Rest of stone is broken and fallen over

In-Memory Of-Margaret Gibson-Consort of-William Gibson-who departed this life-June 14th 1847-in the 75 year-of her age.

Next stone can't read

ROW 17

Hileman-1915-Lynley S.-1994-US Navy WW II-1922-Fannie I.-Nee Martin

Lynley S. Hileman-SPI US Navy-World War II-Jan 15, 1915-Aug 14 1994

Next stone cannot read

Willimson-May 1806-Jan 1884-Margaret-Wife of H. Mason-Oct 29-1812-Nov 13, 1896

Wm I. Hunter-?-David & Sarah J. Bell-died Jan 14 1820-aged 2 years, 2 mos, 27 days

Father-and-Mother-Bennett-Sarah H.-wife of D. Bennett-died Jan 27, 1885-aged 79y, 11m, 18d-David Bishop-Son of-D&S.H. Bennett-Died-Aug 15, 1839-aged 2y, 6m-David Bennett-Died-Feb 4, 1861-aged-59y, 3m, 8d

In Memory Of-Margery Jones-who died Oct 12th, 1834-In the 75th year of her age

__?-wife of J.C. Hepler-died Oct 23, 1837-aged 34 y, 5m, 19d

In memory of-Mary Maffet who-departed this life July-this 18th 1836 aged-85 years & 14 days.

__?Dee Matfett-died Aug 1, 1812 __? 9 mos 28d (stone is fallen against another stone.

Daniel H Parke-Son of-Benj & Mary Parke-Died-June 17, 1851 aged 23 years 1 mos ___?

Son ______?rest is unreadable

Oliover Bovard-Born- Sept 23, 1766-Died Jan 14 1850-Isabella-Wife of Oliver Bovard-Born Aug 31, 1774-Died-Dec 23, 1855-BOVARD

Next stone is broken and unreadable

Margaret-Wife of-James Mitchell-Died-Dec 13 1850 ____?(stone as fallen over)

James Mitchell-Died Dec 5 ___? Rest is unreadable

Our Father-Oliver Bovard-Born-Feb 10, 1810-Died Apr 25, 1889-Our Mother-Matiloa-Wife of-Oliver Bovard-Born-Mar 7, 1835-Died-June 29, 1886-Martha-Wife of-Oliver Bovard-Died-Apr 19, 1849-in her 27 year-BOVARD

ROW 18

Manning-Irvin R.-1902-1968-Mabel E. 1904-1969

Next stone has fallen over

In Memory of-Robert M'Cormick-who departed this life-January 20th A.D.-1844- In the 62d year of his age

Next two stone are unreadable

James Henderson Sr,-Died July 17, 1867 aged 74 years

Sarah-Consort of William J. Black-departed this life March 27, 1844-___? 18 year-__?


Next stone unreadable

Joseph H. 1846-1907-Mary F. 1849-1930-Josepj E. 1880-1880-John B. 1886-1887-James M. 1874-1893-Albert B. 1878-1893-Mary E. 1882-1893-Harry A. 1884-1893-MCNELLY

Samuel Caruthers-Died-January 5, 1849-in the 20 year of his age

Next stone is broken and unreadable

In Memory of-Charles Hunter-who died Dec 10th 1851-aged 88 years (he was a Rev War Vet)

James Carothers-Died Feb 3, 1844-aged 64 years

Elizabeth-Wife of-James Carothers-Died-Feb 11, 1861-In the 73 year-of her age

Elizabeth Hunter-Wife of-Charles Hunter-Died-Jan 31, 1842-In the 82 year of her age

ROW 19

Rupp-Raymand A-Oct 26, 1936-P. Darylene-Nov 22, 1937-(NEE Hunter)

Our Son-Scott A. Rupp-Dec 15, 1965-Aug 3, 1973


Next three stones are unreadable


McGuffey-Robert-1755-1815-Sarah-1757-1825-Major 5th Company First Battalian-Westmoreland County Militia-Children-John-1799-1819-Martha-1801-1819-Nancy-1792-1820-James-1785-1821-Nancy-1818-1819-Daughter of James and Hanna H.-Jane 1793-1836-Wife of William Mitchell-Child ADA M. Zumbro

Samuel P. Swartz-1864-1906

Next is unreadable

Boyd-Son of-W.&M Jjimley(?)-Died May 3-__? Aged 2 yrs-w mons 8 days

Next is unreadable

Alexander Epley-died Oct 21 1862-aged 27 yrs, 6 mos & 16 days

In Memory-Of-Anna Roe-Consort of-John C. Carothers-who departed -this life June 12th-1838-aged 66 years-6 months & 3 days.

In Memory-Of-John Carothers-who departed this life July 2d-1847-aged 67 years

In memory of-Wm. Herron-who departed this life November 15th-1845-aged 9 years, 8 mons & 15 days

Mary-Wife of Samuel McCloy-died May 2, 1864-aged 76 years 11 mos 10 days

Samuel McCloy-died Jan 10, 1863-In the 80 year of his aged

Samuel Fullerton-Died-July 21, 1873-in the 88 year-of his age

David Pollock-May 15 1852-aged 85 years (he was a Rev War Vet)

Raghel-__?__-David Pollock ___?

Rebecca-Daughter of _____?

Jacob Lawvet-Died-____?


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