Rostraver Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania
Olive Branch Cemetery

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This is a partial listing.
July 16, 2001
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ABBOTT, Elvah-1893-1976
ABBOTT, John N.-1856-1942
ABBOTT, Lillian M.-wife of Louis S.-1887-1959
ABBOTT, Louis S.-1884-1943
ABBOTT, Mary B.-wife of John N.-1857-1921
ABOTT, Sarah J.-wife of Elvah-1906-1965
ALBERTA, Louis-April 17, 1882-Dec. 31, 1959
ALDRIGHETTI, Catterina-Dec. 6, 1896-April 9, 1994
ALDRIGHETTI, Valentino-Nov. 20, 1885-Sept. 29, 1974
ALLEN, Mary Anna-1926-1929
ANDERSON, Sarah A.-wife of Walter B.-1884-1951
ANDERSON, Walter B.-1884-1947
ANDERSON, Walter B.-1911-1966 PVT 312 STA HOSP WW II
ANDREWS, Fredabell-1914-1994
ANDREWS, Joseph-1909-1988
ANNON, Joseph-1872-1932
ANNON, Pauline-wife of Joseph-1881-1960
ANNONI, Charles-1910-
ANNONI, Joseph M.-1908-1962
ANNONI, Violet-wife of Charles-1915-1999
ASHBAUGH, Genevieve G.-wife of Joseph S.-1916-1978
ASHBAUGH, Joseph S.-1901-1977
ASHBAUGH, Marie Stout-1937-1975
ASHBAUGH, Megan Ashlee-Nov. 7, 1992-Dec. 1, 1999
AVERY, Oscar M.-1885-1956
AXEL, Dorothy D.-wife of Harold R., Sr.-1927-2000
AXEL, Flossie R.-1898-1966
AXEL, Harold R., Sr.-1920 US ARMY WW II
AXEL, Raymond L.-1897-1965
AXTON, Florence M.-wife of James E.-1900-1983
AXTON, James E.-1896-1973
AXTON, James O.-son of James E. & Florence M.-1920-1979
AXTON, Kenneth A.-Oct. 13, 1930-Feb. 28, 1990
BAIRD, Minnie-1873-1963
BAIRD, Ranson-1871-1934
BALDWIN, George H.-1908-1967
BALDWIN, Violet L.-1914-
BALL, John C.-1873-1945
BALL, Nancy Williams-wife of John C.- 1891-1967
BALOG, SR., Alex-1876-1951
BARBERA, John Paul-1906-1979
BARBERA, Odelia C.-1910-1983
BARGIBAND, Alfreda-Aug. 11, 1919-Nov. 23, 1988
BARGIBAND, August P.-1900-1976
BARGIBAND, Helen-wife of August P.-1907-1993
BARGIBAND, Ronald-Oct. 24, 1942-Aug. 5, 1944
BARGIBAND, Sylvia-1880-1957
BARGIBAND, Victor E., Sr.- May 12, 1906-Sept. 25, 1986
BARKLEY, Nanie Eva-1889-1968
BATEMAN, Annabell N.-wife of William S.-June 17, 1909-March 3, 1997
BATEMAN, Elizabeth A.-1880-1950
BATEMAN, George P.-1881-1958
BATEMAN, William W.-Sept. 19, 1908-Oct. 27, 1973
BATES, Dora I.-wife of Samuel S.-1891-1956
BATES, Samuel S.-1886-1968
BEAKEN, Louis William, Sr.-1906-1981
BEAKEN, Myrtle Lisbon-1916-1993
BEAMER, Harry W.-1872-1963
BEAMER, Martha M.-wife of Harry W.-1881-1980
BEATA, Caterina-wife of Peitro-1878-1956
BEATA, Pietro-1881-1945
BEAUMONT, Clifford-June 16, 1902-Dec. 1, 1977
BEAUMONT, Edna-wife of Ellis C.-1921-
BEAUMONT, Ellis C.-1923-
BEAUMONT, Ethel Mae-wife of Garrett Blair-1916-1988
BEAUMONT, Garrett Blair-1917-1977 CPL. US ARMY WW II
BEAUMONT, Geraldine-wife of James L.-Feb. 7, 1951-
BEAUMONT, James L.-May 15, 1952-Dec. 7, 1992
BEAUMONT, Nell M.-wife of Thomas C.-1898-1971
BEAUMONT, Pauline-wife of Clifford-Mar. 13, 1906-Sept. 12, 1986
BEAUMONT, Thomas C.-1898-1954
BECKINGER, Alice Marie-Sept. 24, 1904-Aug. 21, 1998
BECKINGER, Clair Sutton-Jan. 28, 1904-July 12, 1991
BECKINGER, Jack-Dec. 28, 1926
BECKINGER, Robert C.-1891-1942
BECKINGER, William D.-1863-1945
BECKINGER, Wilmina F.-wife of William D-1864-1939
BEITEL, Minnie-1883-1964
BELL, Joseph M. 1899-1960
BELL, Mary-1899-1985
BELLONE, Angelina-wife of Antonio-1891-1960
BELLONE, Antonio-1881-1948
BENO, Andrew Charles-1905-1968
BENO, Annie-1914-1937
BENO, Joseph-1902-1985
BENO, Julia Szekeres-wife of Andrew Charles-1910-1961
BENO, Martha-1906-1990
BENO, Mary-1873-1951
BENO, Mary-wife of Joseph-1902-1970
BENO, Nicholas-1910-1988
BENO, SR., Steve-1856-1930
BENO, Steve-1916-1973
BENO, Wanda J.-1922-
BENSON, Margie-1886-1964
BEVANS, Lee-son of Woodrow and Rosella-1947-1948
BEVANS, Rosella-wife of Woodrow-1920
BEVANS, Woodrow Wilson-Nov. 4, 1918-Sept. 1, 1967 WT2 USNR WW II
BIBEL, Helen-March 11, 1919-Sept. 27, 1990
BIBEL, Shirley-Oct. 30, 1945-Sept. 26, 1971
BIBEL, Steve-Nov. 12, 1911-July 4, 1978
BIZ, Alexander-1891-1975 PVT US ARMY WW I
BIZ, Mary C.-wife of Tony-1895-1973
BIZ, Tony-1888-1955
BLACKIE, Bennie-May 12, 1894-Dec. 11, 1972
BLANCHETTI, Joe-1888-1909
BLANGHETTI, Angelica-1862-1923
BLANGHETTI, Vivale-1881-1922
BLUM, Adam P.-1889-1969
BLUM, Charles-1887-1957
BLUM, Garnet M.-1909-1964
BLUM, Harriett M.-wife of Adam P.-1889-1959
BLUM, Jacob F.-1882-1959
BLUM, Jacob R.-1854-1924
BLUM, John-1877-1964
BLUM, Laura-wife of Jacob F.-1888-1957
BLUM, Mary A.-wife of Jacob R.-1846-1931
BORCHIN, John-1907-1977
BOSETTI, Delcinc-Nov. 22, 1917-July 21, 1996
BOSETTI, Dominic-1906-1993
BOSETTI, Emil-1893-1971
BOSETTI, Jessie Davis-wife of Dominic-1919-
BOSETTI, Mary-wife of Emil-1898-1983
BOYER, Paul F.-Dec. 6, 1930-Jan. 11, 2001
BRANTHOOVER, Oliver J.-1901-1982
BRANTHOOVER, Alfaretta-dau. of E.A. & A.B.-1904-1911
BRANTHOOVER, Athalia B.-wife of Edgar A.-1884-1942
BRANTHOOVER, Bessie M.-1904-1958
BRANTHOOVER, Charles C.-1880-1947
BRANTHOOVER, Christabell-wife of Alvie Allen-1918-
BRANTHOOVER, Dorothy C.-wife of Ray M.-1920
BRANTHOOVER, Edgar A.-1878-1944
BRANTHOOVER, Edward P. "Jack"-1906-1974
BRANTHOOVER, Ella Norah-wife of Charles C.-1880-1974
BRANTHOOVER, Margaret Geary-wife of Edward P.-1913-1991
BRANTHOOVER, Mary E.-wife of Oliver C.-1855-1927
BRANTHOOVER, Melvin R.-Dec. 18, 1927-Dec. 4, 1946 PVT US ARMY WW II
BRANTHOOVER, Oliver C.-1850-1907
BRANTHOOVER, Ray M.-1910-1996
BRANTHOOVER, Sarah-1850-1880
BRIGHTWELL, Kathryn F.-Jan. 31, 1900-June 1, 1991
BRIGHTWELL, Wood A.-Dec. 22, 1896-Oct. 31, 1986 PVT. US ARMY WW I
BRIGHTWELL, Wood F.-April 18, 1924-June 7, 1991 PFC US ARMY WW II
BROUGHT, Calvin O.-July 13, 1893-July 27, 1945
BROUGHT, Ruth M.-wife of Calvin O.-Dec. 1, 1902-Aug. 8, 9, 1995
BROWN, Ernest W.-1901-1982
BROWN, Eugene-1893-1974
BROWN, Olive-1935-1979
BROWN, Peg-wife of Ernest-1926-
BROWN, Stella-wife of Eugene-1908-1966
BRUBAKER, Bessie-wife of Edward-1892-1955
BRUBAKER, Edward-1886-1968
BRYAN, John R.-Oct. 17, 1907-
BRYAN, JR.- Joseph W.-June 29, 1953-June 13, 2001
BRYAN, JR., John R.-March 6, 1935
BRYAN, Margaret M.-May 31, 1944
BRYAN, Margaret P.-June 30, 1911-Aug. 8, 1982
BUOD, Laura A.-1878-1968
BURDUF, Margaret-wife of Nikolas Burduf-1885-1918
BURDUF, Niklos-son of Nikolas & Margaret Burduf-1907-1918
BURDUF, Nikolas-1874-1956
BURGUN, Anna Mae-1918-1946
BURGUN, Billy-1935-1939
BURGUN, Dan-died April 11, 1942 PVT. 107 FIELD ARTY.
BURGUN, Elizabeth-wife of Geroge-April 23, 1888-Sept. 9, 1947
BURGUN, George L.-Jan. 29, 1912-Dec. 22, 1972 PA. PVT. US ARMY
BURGUN, George-March 6, 1881-July 31, 1943
BURGUN, John-1884-1966
BURKES, Barbara-1943-1965
BURKES, Odell-1914-1951
BURKEY, Edward-1907-1986
BURKEY, Garnet-wife of Edward-1911-1985
BURKEY, Georgina B.-wife of Lewis J.-1887-1964
BURKEY, John David-Oct. 15, 1908-Oct. 5, 1972
BURKEY, Lewis J.-1880-1943
BURKLEY, Harold A.-Aug.. 14, 1944-June 25, 1955
BURKLEY, Thelma-1911-1983
BYERS, Ethel-wife of Merl-1911-1954
BYERS, Merl-1905-1961
CABLE, Dora M.-wife of William B.-1919
CABLE, William B.-1915
CAMPANA, Tammy Lee-1964-1965
CARNEGIE, Clarence C.-1888-1949
CARNEGIE, Fidelia A.-1877-1959
CARNES, Paul D.-1902-1972
CARNES, Virginia A.-wife of Paul D.-1915-1960
CAROCCI, Albert-1917-1974 PVT.H.Q. CO. 415TH INF WW II
CAROCCI, Alveria-1919-1994
CARR, Emma Mae-1886-1970
CARR, Nicholas-1916-1981
CARR, Richard-1918-1984
CARSON, Gladys G.-1901-1996
CARSON, Jack-son of Raymond L. & Gladys G.-1922 T/SCT US ARMY WW II
CARSON, Raymond L.-1894-1975 PVT US ARMY WW I
CARUSO, Joseph Lawrence-May 18, 1946-July 5, 1996 PA US NAVY
CECIL, Frederick M.-1907-1959
CECIL, Pearl F.-1908-1974
CETO, Anna-1921-1939
CETO, Frank-1899-1962
CETO, Grace-1916-1946
CETO, Joseph-1920-1992 S SGT. US ARMY WW II
CETO, Julia-wife of Steve-1896-1949
CETO, Katie-1928-1999
CETO, Steve-1894-1974
CETO, Steve-1918-1988 WW II US ARMY
CHAYBIN, Anna-1901-1997
CHAYBIN, James-1895-1972
CHESLAR, George-1914-1985
CHESLAR, Verna-1918-1990
CHRISTNER, Elizabeth-Aug. 18, 1886-Nov. 22, 1968
CHRISTNER, Shirley Irene-1937-1939
CLARK, Barbara Ann-Nov. 3, 1951-Sept. 10, 1981
CLARK, Carl-1892-1945 P.F.C. CO. B. 319TH INF 80TH DIV
CLARK, Cora Eckenrod-1888-1971
CLARK, Madeline-1924-1969
CLARK, SR.-Benjamin H.-Dec. 13, 1921-March 13, 2001
CLARK, Willaim J.-1920
CLAWSON, Edith-wife of Edward-1895-1970
CLAWSON, Edward-1886-1950
CLEGG, Anna E.-wife of George A.-1900-1948
CLEGG, C. Marguerite-wife of James R. Sr.-1933-
CLEGG, Coral-1875-1928
CLEGG, Elizabeth-wife of Coral-1873-Dec. 1, 1962
CLEGG, George A.-1895-1957
CLEGG, James R. SR.-1933-1994 (Flag)
CLEGG, John R.-1914-1987
CLEGG, Maggie-wife of Smith-1891-1954
CLEGG, Meryl M.-wife of Walter F.-1928-1992
CLEGG, Mildred M.-1914-1993
CLEGG, Smith-1891-1954
CLEGG, Walter F., Sr.-July 4, 1933-Jan. 24, 1998
CLIFFORD, Merrill-1902-1949
COCHRAN, Catherine Elizabeth-1852-1929
COLETTI, Eliseo.-June 14, 1884-Jan. 9, 1963
COLETTI, Elizabeth-wife of Eliseo-April 10, 1900-Feb. 4, 1962
COLTURA, Jane H.-wife of Lawrence-1903-1932
COLTURA, Jane L.-dau. of Lawrence & Jane H.-1924-1926
COLTURA, Lawrence-1862-1924
COMER, Amanda C.-1875-1953
COMER, Beatrice-wife of James E.(1905)-1912-
COMER, Helen-dau. of James E. & Beatrice-1938
COMER, James E.-1864-1950
COMER, James E.-1905-1974
COMER, Lucie V.-1850-1932
COMER, Mary F.-1852-1932
CONDIE, Abraham-1881-1964
CONDIE, Catherine-1905-1985
CONDIE, Lydia-1884-1962
CONDIE, William A.-1905-1976
COOK, Bertha M.-1910-1976
COOK, George W.-Aug. 22, 1953
COPLAND, Mace-1918-1962 385th ENGR WW II
CORNA, Dominic-Mar. 3,24, 1882-Oct. 5, 1970 PVT US ARMY WW I
CORNA, James-June 5, 1895-July 18, 1964
CORNELL, Elaine-dau. of Harry & Jean-1948-1961
CORNELL, Harry-1912-1996
CORNELL, Ida M.-wife of Walter-1910-1974
CORNELL, Jean-wife of Harry-1922-
CORNELL, John-Nov. 22, 1890-Aug. 11, 1948
CORNELL, Opal L.-June 13, 1897-March 10, 1948
CORNELL, Walter E.-1890-1957
COUGHANOUR, Ansor C.-1890-1976
COUGHANOUR, Erma L.-wife of Hugh E.-1907-1999
COUGHANOUR, Goldie B.-wife of Ansor C.-1904-1987
COUGHANOUR, Hugh E.-1896-1945
COUGHENOUR, David-1859-1947
COUGHENOUR, E. Ruth-Feb. 28, 1925-Aug. 1, 1994
COUGHENOUR, Ester E.-wife of William A.-1901-1974
COUGHENOUR, Mary Ann-wife of David-1862-1936
COUGHENOUR, Vina W.-Feb. 14, 1894-Dec. 8, 1898
COUGHENOUR, William A.-1900-1966
COUTURA, Baby Boy-Sept. 20, 1959
CRILLEY, Charletta M.-1934-2000
CRILLEY, Edward-1889-1983 PVT CO. E. 317TH INF 80TH DIV.
CRILLEY, Ethel M.-1889-1977
CRILLEY, Harry Van-Oct. 6, 1919- CPL US ARMY WW II
CRILLEY, Helen Kennick-1919-1984
CRILLEY, Ray Albert-1916
CROSS, Donald G.-Sept. 25, 1943-Sept. 9, 1996
CROSS, Warren E.-1876-1948
CROUSE, Emma P.-wife of George F.-1888-1988
CROUSE, George F.-1884-1962
CRUSAN, Francis-son of James V.-1878-1910
CRUSAN, James V.-1847-1913
CRUSAN, Jeanette Lynn-1904-1951
CUISEPPE, Mondino-Feb. 12, 1892-Sept. 19, 1964 PA PVT CO 156 PIONEER INF WW I
CUNNINGHIM, Carolyn M.-1829-1914
CUSMANO, Philip C.-Feb. 6, 1987-2001
DALE, Frank E.-1908-2001
DALE, W. Marjorie-1910-
DALLAS, George W.-1925-1984 PFC US ARMY WW II
DAUMIT, George J.-Dec. 15, 1911
DAUMIT, Goldie L.-Dec. 11, 1919
DAVIS, Ellen B.-wife of Henry J. Sr.-1889-1951
DAVIS, Michael-1890-1991
DAVIS, Sophia-wife of Michael-1897-1953
DAVIS, William L.-1926-1985 T/5 US ARMY WW II
DAVIS,SR., Henry J.-1872-1949
DEARWHITE, Anthony-1874-1945
DEARWHITE, Bertha-wife of Anthony-1878-1955
DEER, Jason Lee-June 24, Nov. 3, 1979
DEICHLER, Edith-1916-1937
DEICHLER, Joeseph-1888-1943
DELAINI, Baby-son of John & Mabel-Sept. 26, 1946
DEMKO, Anna M.-1910-1992
DEMKO, John E.-1905-1984
DERBY, Elizabeth Linn-1902-1991
DIAL, Lois Linn-May 28, 1899-July 10, 1960
DIAL, Russell H.-Jan. 4, 1890-Sept. 25, 1957
DIANDRETH, Angelo "Chillie"-1921-1990- SGT US ARMY WW II
DIANDRETH, Ruth "Elaine"-1926
DIEBERT, August-1896-1953
DIEBERT, Rose Ann-wife of August-1898-1950
DIEHL, George L.-1910-1988
DIEHL, Lewis N.-1912-1971
DIEHL, Margaret J.-wife of George L.-1913-1975
DIEHL, Minnie C.-wife of Nicholas-1887-1934
DIEHL, Nicholas-1881-1952
DIEHL, Sylvia-wife of Lewis N.-1912-1999
DIGG, Lenord-May 1944-Oct. 1969
DIGGS, Walter S.-1927-1960 PFC 438 QM GAS SUP CO WW II
DINARDO, Fred-May 15, 1906-Sept. 26. 1983
DINARDO, Gertrude-wife of Fred-March 25, 1914-July 29, 1998
DIVIRGILLIO, Wanda F.-1931-
DOBRITZ, James C.-Aug. 15, 1935-June 28, 1960
DOBRITZ, Leon C.-May 26, 1900-Dec. 24, 1941
DONGILLI, Bertha M.-July 11, 1930-July 5, 2001
DONINI, Ernest-1901-1927
DOUGLAS, Duncan-1879-1955
DOUGLAS, Pauline-wife of Duncan-1882-1926
DRAGO, Charles-1922-1955 SGT. CO. A. 64TH ENG. BIN. WW II
DRAGO, Mary-wife of Charles-1926-1991
DURSTINE, Clarence H.-1896-198-PVT. U.S. ARMY W.W.I
DURSTINE, Hazel L.-wife of Clarence-1898-1989
EARLEY, John Corbett-March 7, 1897-March 25, 1950 USMC WW I
EBERTS, Charles M.-Sept. 5, 1933-
EBERTS, Helen N.-June 2, 1933-
EBERTS, Martha-wife of William H.-1897-1971
EBERTS, William H.-1892-1970
ECHARD, Bessie L.-1907-1931
ECHARD, Ella Maie-1912-1992
ECHARD, J. Thomas-1898-1968
EDDY, Benjamin W.-1886-1966
EDDY, Jeanie S.-1887-1959
EHRHARDT, Dolores V.-1926-
EHRHARDT, Willard W.-1914-1973 PVT. WW II
EISELE, Anton-1900-1933
ELLIOT, Agnes C.-Dec. 22, 1879
ERPIC, Anton-1857-1929
ERVIN, Minnie B.-1902-1974
ERVIN, Strawn-1903-1984 W US VET.
ESTOK, Anna-wife of Michael-1883-1963
ESTOK, Charles-1918-
ESTOK, Grace-wife of Charles-1922-
ESTOK, Michael-1888-1963
FABEAN, Albert-1886-1973
FABEAN, Greeno-1884-1940
FABEAN, Harold C.-1922-1943 A.C. 349TH NIGHT FLIGHT SQDN.
FABEAN, Lena-wife of Greeno-1899-1983
FABEAN, Mary-wife of Albert-1893-1966
FABEAN, Vincent-1925-1926
FARKAS, Dinah Elda-July 1937-Sept. 1937
FARKAS, Alexander-March 1924-April 1924
FARKAS, Edwar-May 1927-July 1940
FARKAS, Gyula-SZUL 1914-Kep 10 EN-MEGHALI 1915 OK-15 EN
FARLOW, Josephine-wife of Russell K.-1917-1995
FARLOW, Russell K.-1921-1994
FEDDOCK, Ann-wife of Metro-1893-1998
FEDDOCK, Metro-1880-1964
FILO, Steve G.-1879-1950
FINLEY, Ernest W.-1863-1948
FINLEY, Laura B.-wife of Ernest W.-1864-1916
FISHER, A. Melville-1857-1916
FISHER, Cyrus E.-1883-1903
FISHER, Geo. Edison-1882-1956
FISHER, Horatio M.-1888-1964
FISHER, Lean Maud-1889-1968
FISHER, Sarepta M.-1859-1903
FLACK, Junius B.-1868-1938
FLOWER, Charles W.-1922-1955
FLOWER, Isabell-wife of Thomas-1918-1980
FLOWER, Joyce F.-1932-
FLOWER, Sarah-1883-1970
FLOWER, Thomas-1915-1987 VETERAN-1941-1945
FLOWER, William J.-1880-1970
FORD, Charles-1921-1961-WW II
FORSYTHE, Arthur S.-Feb. 25, 1898-Oct. 31, 1998 FIREMAN3/C US NAVY WW I
FORSYTHE, Elizabeth-wife of Arthur S.-Aug. 9, 1914-March 20, 1994
FORSYTHE, Frank-1894-1977
FORSYTHE, Marion L. 1904-1964
FORSYTHE, Pearl L.-wife of Marion L.-1908-1966
FOSTER, Harry David-1921-1977 SGT. US ARMY WW II
FRANCO, Benard-1913-1978
FRANCO, Joseph-1882-1968
FRANCO, Madaline-wife of Joseph-1880-1960
FRANCO, Marjorie-
FREEMAN, Julia-1893-1977
FROHNHOFFER, Jacob W.-1914-1979
FROHNHOFFER, Mabel N.-1919-1982
FROST, Frank E.-1910-1960
FROST, Pauline K.-wife of Frank E.-1912-1996
FULLER, Lloyd N.-Aug. 7, 1941-March 6, 2001
FULLER, Martha C.-1904-1951
FUSTICH, Charles-1880-1963
FUSTICH, Charles-Aug. 2, 1917-June 22, 1958
FUSTICH, Helen-1904-1952
FUSTICH, John-Dec. 31, 1913-July 25, 1973
FUSTICH, Mary- wife of Charles(1880)-1887-1965
GADEN, Delila A.-1882-1959
GADEN, William W.-1883-1970
GALWAY, Hazel E.-wife of Roy I.-1916-1972
GALWAY, Roy I.-1913-1999
GANDAR, Anna-Nov. 1, 1868-Feb. 19, 1953
GANSTER, Frank-1865-1941
GANSTER, Mary-wife of Frank-1861-1949
GANSTER, William-Aug. 4, 1905-Feb. 5, 1969
GARBER, Mary-1905-1975
GARBER, Mike-1885-1966
GARDLAND, Glenda C.-Sept.9, 1939-Feb.22, 1993
GARENIA, Anna-wife of William J.-1909-1966
GARENIA, John-1902-1961
GARENIA, Mary-wife of John-1904-1978
GARENIA, Patrick-Aug. 29, 1948
GARENIA, William J.-1905-1954
GARINO, Lorenzo-1889-1974
GARINO, Maria-wife of Lorenzo-1891-1966
GARINO, Pete-son of Lorenzo & Maria-1913-1983
GEHRINGER, August C.-1884-1941
GEHRINGER, Elizabeth-wife of August C.-1890-1969
GELDA, Mary E.-1938-1964
GERDA, Emma-wife of Joseph G.-1925-1985
GERDA, John, Jr.-1913-1977
GERDA, Joseph G.-1915-1990
GERDA, Madeline-wife of John, Jr.-1914-1994
GHEEK, Jeanette-wife of John-1887-1960
GHEEK, John-1887-1963
GIOLES, John-1868-1931
GLUZ, Barbara-wife of Michael-1918-1987
GLUZ, Johanna-1892-1969
GLUZ, Michael-1910-1986
GLUZ, Paul W.-1934-1972
GLUZ, Peter-1915-1981
GOODLOCK, Sophia-1894-1948
GREEN, Ben-1896-1961
GREEN, Lucy-Oct. 25, 1910-July 1, 1999
GREEN, Rev. Samuel-Dec. 26, 1903-Aug. 28, 1981
GREENE, Audrey B.-1936
GREENE, William R.-1931-1985 PFC US ARMY KOREA
GRGICH, Anna-1903-1998
GRGICH, Anton J. Wasilla, Alaska-1938-1998
GRGICH, Anton-1894-1963
GRIFFITH, Earl W.-1886-1957
GRIFFITH, Lenora M.-wife of Earl W.-1887-1968
GRIMES, Lillian A.-wife of Willliam F. Grimes-1903-1996
GRIMES, William F.-1903-1965
HABER, Frank-Aug. 2, 1902-Dec. 6, 1971
HABER, Mary-Dec. 19, 1896-April 10, 1975
HAGEDORN, Laura-wife of William-1879-1941
HAGEDORN, William-1875-1963
HAGERMAN, Edna B.- wife of Judson W.-1902-1989
HAGERMAN, Ethel K.-wife of Henry P.-1917-1984
HAGERMAN, Henry P.-1918-1963
HAGERMAN, Judson W.-1899-1944
HAGS, E. Bruce-1895-1954
HAGS, Edna S.-wife of E. Bruce-1902-1988
HALEY, Marie-July 15, 1921-Oct. 17, 1996
HALEY, Martin-1918-1982 SGT. US ARMY WW II
HALEY, Marty-1951-1972
HALEY, Michael J.-1888-1952
HALEY, Thomas M.-1895-1980
HALEY, Velma-wife of Martin-1924-1997
HALEY, Viola M.-1900-1949
HALL, Margaret M.-wife of Thomas-1921-1989
HALL, Thomas-1915-1975 PVT AF WW II
HAMILTON, Abner M.-1900-1927
HAMILTON, Alden C.-1899-1967
HAMILTON, Archibald-1863-1930
HAMILTON, C. Aneta-1863-1915
HAMILTON, David-1899-1951
HAMILTON, George C.-1888-1958 SGT. CO. B 1ST BN KEPITNO. C TR WW I
HAMILTON, Josephine-wife of David Hamilton-1901-1962
HAMILTON, Pauline-1898-1971
HAMILTON, Stella M.-wife of Alden C.-1904-1989
HAMILTON, Thomas M.-1891-1957 PVT. CO. 1319TH INF. WW I
HANEY, Anna M.-1907-1979
HANEY, Anna Mary-Dau. of George & Anna-July 12, 1934
HANEY, George M., Sr.-1901-1971
HANEY, JR.-George M.-1929-1965 1941-1945-Veteran
HANSON, August-1843-1913
HARBAUGH, Mable Lynn-Jan. 23, 1920-Aug. 17, 1987
HARBAUGH, Vernon G.-March 22, 1922-July 10, 1989 US ARMY WW II EUROPE
HARGERMAN, Sherri R.-Oct. 1, 1958-Feb. 21, 1959
HARRIS, Edward-1894-1967
HARRISON, Ella-1876-1952
HARRISON, Payne-1881-1978
HARVISON, Albert E.-1891-1972
HARVISON, Myrtle M.-Sept. 27, 1924
HARVISON, Nellie R.-1896-1977
HARVISON, Paul A.-Nov. 27, 1947
HARVISON, Paul C.-Oct. 20, 1925-Jan. 23, 1999 S/2C US NAVY WW II
HASSON, Ellen E.-wife of Harry-1882-1948
HASSON, Harry-1876-1941
HASSON, Richard-1907-1953 PFC US ARMY WW II
HEFFRAN, Harold-1899-1968
HEFFRAN, Lillian V.-1907-1955
HELFRICH, Anna J.-wife of Herman-1894-1957
HELFRICH, Herman-1882-1962
HELTEBRAN, Charlie-1872-1955
HELTEBRAN, Elizabeth-1880-1967
HENDERSON, Ada-Oct. 10, 1876-July 25, 1959
HENDERSON, Russell A.-Oct. 26, 1913-Dec. 8, 1966
HEPLER, Alvie M.-1882-1959
HEPLER, Anna-wife of Alvie M.-1886-1972
HEPLER, Clifford G.-1911-1975
HEPLER, John Gilbert-1914-1999
HEPLER, Kathryn L.-wife of Melvin A.-1909-1971
HEPLER, Mary Norton-wife of John Gilbert-1919-
HEPLER, Melvin A.-1906-1976
HEPLER, Thelma A.-1915-
HEPLER, Troy A.-Dec. 2, 1967-Dec. 3, 1967
HERKIMER, Helen Jereb-1920-
HERKIMER, Wade Wesley-1920-
HEVERLY, Betty Jane-1928-1946
HEVERLY, Mary-1890-1946
HEVERLY, Ralph-1889-1946
HICKLE, Nellie-Aug. 30, 1898-Feb. 25, 1974
HISSOM, Elmer J.-April 5, 1907-Feb. 2, 1970
HISSOM, Ruth Ella-wife of Elmer-Nov. 23, 1913-
HIXENBAUGH, Louise-wife of Marvin-1921-1961
HIXENBAUGH, Marvin-1918-1963
HIXSON, Agnes-1914-
HIXSON, Bertha M.-wife of Earl C.-Feb. 14, 1897-Oct. 25, 1992
HIXSON, Bobbie Burgun-May 2, 1953-Sept. 16, 1994
HIXSON, Carl S.-1897-1965
HIXSON, Charles -1913-1987
HIXSON, Earl C.-Sept. 1, 1891-Oct. 3, 1983
HIXSON, Elwood-son of Omar & Lucy-1904-1978
HIXSON, Harold-son of Omar & Lucy-1905-1961
HIXSON, Jesse M.-1878-1964
HIXSON, June M.-wife of Charles-1919-1964
HIXSON, Katherine-wife of Carl-1907-1966
HIXSON, Lillian M.-wife of Jesse M.-1885-1952
HIXSON, Louis S.-1919-1954
HIXSON, Lucy-wife of Omar-1878-1956
HIXSON, Lulu J.-daughter of Jesse M. & Lillian M.-1910-1964
HIXSON, Omar-1878-1958
HIXSON, Richard-1904-1989
HOAK, Lola M.-1903-1994
HOAK, Walter E.-1895-1941
HOENSHEL, Alice A.-1880-1965
HOENSHEL, Allison H.-1877-1967
HOENSHEL, Gary L.-son of Grace H. & Ivan H.-1947-1995
HOENSHEL, Grace H.-1910-
HOENSHEL, Ivan H.-wife of Grace H.-1913-1955
HOENSHEL, Mary E.-Dec. 8, 1902-Jan. 15, 2001
HOLMES, Ada-April 15, 1892-June 1, 1960
HOLMES, Clarence M.-1887-1910
HOLMES, Raymond-1894-1895
HOLMES, Susanna-1859-1900
HOLMES, William A.-1856-1932
HOUGH, Albert A.-1878-1965
HOUGH, Clara-1881-1978
HOUGH, Cora A.-wife of Jesse K.-1880-1956
HOUGH, Howard S.-son of Albert A. & Zella M.-1913-1936
HOUGH, Janet-wife of William H.-July, 1, 1940
HOUGH, Jesse K.-1878-1929
HOUGH, Leora-1905
HOUGH, Paul F.-1918-1945 SGT. 6TH SQDN 29TH BOMB GP WW II
HOUGH, William H.-Jan. 17, 1937-
HOUGH, Wm. Albert-1874-1953
HOUGH, Zella M.-wife of Albert A.-1884-1977
HOUSEMAN, Alfretta J.-1928
HOUSEMAN, Joseph-April 13, 1888
HOUSEMAN, Lucinda P.-1898-1963
HOUSEMAN, Mary-wife of Joseph-June 8, 1858
HOUSEMAN, Nathaniel S.-April 12, 1840-March 22, 1902
HOUSEMAN, Orah B.-1898-1956
HOUSEMAN, Pearl-1901-1992
HOUSEMAN, Raymond-1929-1988
HOUSEMAN, Raymond-July 18, 1957-May 29, 1979
HOUSEMAN, Robert L.-Feb. 24, 1972-June 3o, 1992
HOWARD, Eliza-1837-1900
HOWARD, Harry-1876-1899
HOWARD, James C.-1886-1918 UN VET CO. B. 605 ENG
HOWARD, Mary McClain-1868-1958
HOYLE, Anna B.-1884-1960
HOYLE, Eugen William-1913-1932
HOYLE, Rev. Lloyd S.-1882-1961
HOYLE, Susan Emma-wife of Rev. Lloyd S.-1902-1989
HOYLE, William-1880-1961
HUMPHRIES, Harry E.-1884-1954
HUMPHRIES, Sue Emma-1879-1955
HUNTER, Joseph -1864-1944
HUNTER, Nettie-wife of Joseph-1854-1916
HUSTON, Russell S.-1893-1963
HUSTON, Viola M.-wife of Russell S.-1895-1982
HUSTON, William S.-son of Russell S. & Viola M.-1913-1937
ISSAC, Carrie-wife of Wesley-1899-1957
ISSAC, Wesley-1884-1967
JACK, A. McCay-1871-1927
JACK, Mary-1912-
JACK, William-1868-1924
JACKSON, Harold-1925-1966 SM2/CO US NAVY WW II
JACKSON, Joseph D.-1911-1967 T/5 42ND ENGR CO. WW II
JACKSON, Lillie-1898-1959
JACKSON, Viola-1904-1947
JANOS, Helen-Jan. 16, 1922-Feb. 18, 2001
JEFFERSON, D. R.-1883-1950
JENKINS, Albert C.-1912-1987
JENKINS, Amelia M.-1915-
JEREP, Alexander-1878-1958
JEREP, Elizabeth-1888-1936
JOBES, John C.-1861-1934
JOBES, Lela M.-1891-1968
JOBES, Martha C.-wife of John C.-1859-1903
JOBES, Walter F.-1885-1970
JOHNSON, Enoch-1858-1903
JOHNSON, Henry J.-1917-1970
JOHNSON, James-????-1904
JOHNSON, Joseph-1822-1898
JOHNSON, Lesta-dau of Enoch and Mary
JOHNSON, Martha-wife of Joseph Johnson-1829-1913
JOHNSON, Mary Linn-wife of Enoch-1858-1911
JOHNSON, Nellie-dau of Enoch and Mary
JOHNSTON, Adeline M.-March 16, 1919-July 28, 1993
JOHNSTON, Albert A.-1879-1970
JOHNSTON, Benjamin-1902-1968
JOHNSTON, Charles E.-1883-1950
JOHNSTON, Edna-1900-1967
JOHNSTON, Harry R.-Dec. 20, 1919-march 25, 2001
JOHNSTON, Harry R.-wife of Edna-1899-1980
JOHNSTON, Henry R.-1870-1947
JOHNSTON, Henry-son of Harry R. & Edna-1927-
JOHNSTON, James C.-Oct. 21, 1915-Oct. 19, 1982
JOHNSTON, Lewis-PVT 33ARMD REGT 3 ARMD DIV WWII -Dec. 22, 1912-Mar. 30, 1944
JOHNSTON, Mary E.-wife of Henry R. Johnston-1873-1939
JOHNSTON, Ruth-wife of Benjamin-1906-1970
JOHNSTON, Sarah E.-1869-1950
JOHNSTON, William B., Jr.-Feb. 9, 1948-Oct. 3, 1999
JOHNSTON, William H.-April 25, 1939-Aug. 24, 1939
JONES, Bessie May-wife of James Otto-Sept. 18, 1882-Nov. 9, 1975
JONES, Emanuel L.-1900-1973
JONES, James Otto-Nov. 7, 1883-Jan. 6, 1965
JONES, John T.-July 17, 1872
JONES, Susie C.-1907-1990
KAPINAS, Dorothy Ann-Jan. 26, 1912-July 27, 1976
KEILBACH, Raymond-1901-1947
KEITH, Anna-1916-
KEITH, Herman-1902-1980
KELLER, Agnes-1882-1968
KELLER, Anna M.-wife of Victor-1907-1983
KELLER, Cecelia-wife of Paul-May 20, 1911-Sept. 24, 1967
KELLER, Michele-1871-1951
KELLER, Paul G.-April 22, 1913-July 5, 1973
KELLER, Victor-1906-1965
KEMPA, Sam-1888-1942
KEMPA, Victoria-1902-1965
KING, Capitola E.- wife of Charles H.-1884-1967
KING, Charles H.-1882-1958
KING, Mary L.-1874-1944
KING, Mary-1884-1956
KIRBY, Sarah E.-wife of Thompson-Oct. 4, 1904-Aug. 26, 1984
KIRBY, Thompson-Aug.2, 1899-Dec. 4, 1974
KIRIK, John -1913
KIRIK, Susan D.-wife of John-1917-1960
KNEPSHIELD, Issac-1877-1952
KNEPSHIELD, Mary-1881-1973
KOLENC, Susan-1976-
KONDRT, Wm.-1899-1925
KOSINA, Goldie E.-wife of Rudolph J.-1923-
KOSINA, Rudolph J.-1912-1979
KOVACH, Andrew-1870-1948
KOVALY, Eva-1931-1990
KOZAKIEWICZ, Anna Marie-wife of William J.-June 5, 1917-June 30, 1989
KOZAKIEWICZ, Edward J.-Oct. 30, 1910-Jan. 21, 1994 T/5 US ARMY WW II
KOZAKIEWICZ, Helen M.-Jan. 19, 1914-
KOZAKIEWICZ, Joseph F.-1885-1950
KOZAKIEWICZ, Viola A.-1886-1960
KOZAKIEWICZ, William J.-June 20, 1909-March 22, 1988
KOZAY, Frank A.-1893-1969
KOZAY, Julin-1904-1995
KREUTER, Anna-1897-1970
KREUTER, John F.-1894-1963
KREUTER, Lucille-Nov. 30, 1920-March 1, 1995
KRUPER, John H.-1921-1976 S/SGT. WW II KOREA
KUMA, Joseph A.-husband of Erma L. Coughanour-1909-1987
KURCHTA, Helen-1899-1984
KURCHTA, Helen-dau. of Stephen and Helen-1926
KURCHTA, John-son of Stephen & Helen-Jan. 22,1929-April 26, 1993
KURCHTA, Stephen-1889-1957
LANCASTER, Etta-wife of George W.-1882-1978
LANCASTER, George W.-1881-1935
LANCASTER, Harold H.-1912-1964
LANCASTER, Hugh L.-1883-1943
LANCASTER, Isabel K.-wife of Harold H.-1915-1995
LANCASTER, Rebecca C.-wife of Hugh L.-1884-1958
LASH, Vivian-1926-1964
LAUFFER, Hester Diehl-1916-1978
LAUFFER, Russell Perry-1914
LAVENDER, Frances-wife of Thomas-1913-1995
LAVENDER, Thomas-1906-1973
LAYMAN, Clinton E.-1907-1907
LAYMAN, Fannie D.-1870-1946
LAYMAN, Frank J.-1906-1906
LAYMAN, Robert A.-1872-1914
LAYTON, William E.-1920-1997 US NAVY WW II
LEBE, Dora V.-1904-1992
LEBE, William A.-1904-1986
LEE, Joseph S.-1838-1914
LEEPER, Elmer F.-1859-1930
LEEPER, Harley-Nov. 5, 1819-Oct. 25, 1896
LEEPER, Harriet G.-wife of Elmer F.-1865-1944
LEEPER, James Elmer-Feb. 17, 1930-Dec. 30, 1930
LEEPER, Laura-wife of William H. Leeper-1888-1963
LEEPER, Oliver C.-1891-1958
LEEPER, William H.-1890-1977
LEEPER,Sarah Ann-wife of Harley Leeper-Oct. 23, 1825-May 9, 1899
LEGAZZA, Mary-1891-1952
LEGAZZA, Michael-1868-1946
LEGAZZA, Michael-1909-1976 PVT US ARMY WW II
LEMLEY, Albert R.-June 21, 1905-Dec. 2, 1951
LEMLEY, Donald-son of Albert R.& Ethel P.-June 15, 1947-April 22, 1982
LEMLEY, Ethel P.-wife of Albert R.-1905-Nov. 27, 1972
LENCEK, Mary Tarpero-1886-1947
LESKO, Anna-wife of George Sr.-Oct. 25, 1892-Nov. 29, 1961
LESKO, George, Sr.-June 5, 1891-Nov. 20, 1976
LESKO, James-son of George Sr. & Anna-May 16, 1933-Dec. 15, 1954
LESKO, John, Sr.-1921-1983
LESKO, Vilma I.-1917-
LESNANSKY, Michael-Oct. 15, 1862-April 16, 1918
LEY, Betty Arlene-April 7, 1939-Nov. 28, 1939
LINN, Emma C.-1860-1926
LINN, John A.-1860-1938
LIPP, Mary-1857-1946
LIPP, Michael-1859-1939
LITTERINI, Anna J.-wife of Rudolph E.-1894-1957
LITTERINI, Celia-wife of Julius-1898-1982
LITTERINI, Joseph S.-1867-1941 VETERAN
LITTERINI, Julius-1895-1954
LITTERINI, Laura H.-wife of William-1917-
LITTERINI, Mary-wife of Joseph S.-1874-1941
LITTERINI, Rachel-wife of Steve-1913-1978
LITTERINI, Rudolph E.-1897-1957
LITTERINI, Steve-1907-1983
LITTERINI, William-1918-1997
LITTLE, Beula B.-wife of Samuel L.-1908-
LITTLE, Samuel L.-1900-1958
LONG, Eva M.-wife of Rader-1908-1960
LONG, Frank-Feb. 2, 1901-June 15, 1949
LONG, James V.-Sept. 17, 1913-June 10, 1961 PFC 4 578 QM SERVICE CO. WW II
LONG, Rader-1903-
LONG, Viola G.-1894-1958
LORESKI, Elwood Franklin-1919-1974 SGT. US ARMY WW II
LORESKI, Ethel Bales-wife of Elwood Franklin-1919-
LORESKI, Gabriel-1883-1974
LORESKI, Marius R.-1891-1971
LORESKI, Mary M.-wife of Marius R.-1900-1978
LORESKI, Odella-wife of Gabriel-1885-1980
LOVING, Charles-1878-1965 VIRG COOK CO D 341 SV6 BN QOC WW I
LUBATTI, James-Mar. 8, 1881-June 6, 1927
LULU, Abraham-1858-1928
LYNN, Albert Zundel-1876-1950
LYNN, Alberta L.-wife of Harold R.-1917-
LYNN, Alfred-1895-1961
LYNN, Bennett M.-1907-1981
LYNN, Bertha-1910
LYNN, Blanch P-1904
LYNN, Debbie Kaye-June 13, 1960-Dec. 2, 1961
LYNN, Earl C.-1907-1991
LYNN, Edith P.-wife of William H.(1906)-1905-1954
LYNN, Eli-1854-1937
LYNN, Elisie O.-wife of Joseph-1907-1958
LYNN, Ford-son of E I & M L Lynn-March 20, 1897-Sept. 26, 1910
LYNN, Frank-1893-1980
LYNN, Galebz-1884-1963
LYNN, Galebz-son of Galebz & Mary E.-1923-1975
LYNN, Goldie D.-wife of Alfred-1894-1998
LYNN, Harold R.-1923-1995
LYNN, Iva-dau. of R. Reed & Martha B.-1900-1902
LYNN, James W.-April 9, 1926-Sept. 2, 1982
LYNN, John C.-1879-1953
LYNN, John E.-1871-1935
LYNN, Joseph -1903-1971
LYNN, Lenova Smith-wife of Albert Zundel Lynn-1876-1963
LYNN, Loretta-1921-1995
LYNN, Lulu-1911
LYNN, Maggie-wife of Eli Lynn-1857-1938
LYNN, Margaret M.-1896-1966
LYNN, Margaret-wife of Roy G.-1906-1978
LYNN, Martha B.-wife of Reed R.-1879-1959
LYNN, Mary A.-wife of John E.-1874-1946
LYNN, Mary E.-wife of Galebz-1890-1977
LYNN, Mary-wife of Samuel W.-1855-1927
LYNN, Meredith Reed-PENNSYLVANIA LT. COL US MARINE CORPS-Aug. 4, 1914-April 27, 1970
LYNN, Nettie-wife of Earl C.-1909-1992
LYNN, Olive May-wife of William H. Lynn-1883-1926
LYNN, Pearl H.-wife of John C. Lynn-1882-1953
LYNN, R. Reed.-1878-1969
LYNN, Ray H.-Dec. 31, 1944-Sept. 16, 1986
LYNN, Roy G.-1903-1979
LYNN, Samuel W.-1849-1917
LYNN, Theodore-1909
LYNN, Viola M.-wife of Ray H.-May 2, 1909-May 13, 1992
LYNN, Walter F.-son of Frank & Margaret M. Lynn-1930-1930
LYNN, William H.-1877-1955
LYNN, William H-1906-1987
LYONS, Edna W.-wife of Homer P.-1905-1975
LYONS, Homer P.-1900-1972
MAHARG, Amanda-1872-1940
MAHARG, F. Staurt-1870-1940
MAHONEY, Doris Hixson-Sept. 20, 1919-Dec. 14, 1946
MAINS, Oliver-Dec. 29, 1911-May 29, 1960
MALEGA, Andrew-1913-1971
MALEGA, Anna-1921-
MALONE, Christian J.-Oct. 16, 1901-May 9, 1988
MALONE, Doris B.-wife of Christian J.-April 15, 1915-
MALONE, Edward W.-1903-1994
MALONE, James-1879-1958
MALONE, Kathleen L.-wife of Edward W.-1903-1994
MALONE, Linnie J.-wife of James-1881-1965
MANSKER, Mildred M.-Nov. 1, 1922-May 13, 1987
MANSKER, Nellie M.-1905-
MANSKER, Russell D. Jr, -1945-1973 F-3 US NAVY VIETNAM WAR
MANSKER, Russell D.-June 26, 1926-March 9, 1998
MARCHESINI, Corina-wife of Riccardo-Feb. 26, 1891-Jan. 25, 1971
MARCHESINI, Patrica-1929
MARCHESINI, Riccardo-Jan. 7, 1880-Feb. 10, 1956
MARCHESINI, Walter-1924-1972
MARCINIAK, Elizabeth-wife of Charles Sr., -Dec. 15, 1892-May 7, 1965
MARCINIAK, Joseph-1886-1960
MARCINIAK, JR., Charles A.-1913-1992
MARCINIAK, Pauline-1920-1939
MARCINIAK, SR., Charles-May 1, 1893-Jan. 18, 1967
MARENGO, Felix-Nov. 6, 1912-Sept. 19, 1984
MARENGO, Irene R.-Oct. 5, 1911
MARGINIAK, Margaret-1897-1972
MARIANO, Frank J.-1913-1962
MARIANO, Garnet M.-1915-1999
MARKAZENE, Ethel L.-1923-1996
MARKAZENE, Thristanio D.-1922-1972
MARSHESINI, Cristano-1914-1919
MASSAGLIA, J. Theresa-wife of Joseph A.-1887-1953
MASSAGLIA, Joseph A.-1887-1953
MATUCCI, Mary Jane-1875-1966
MATWAY, George-1916-1984
MATWAY, Mildred V.-1926-1999
McCLAIN, Abner C.-1826-1914
McCLAIN, Ada-1860-1878
McCLAIN, Albert-1865-1886
McCLAIN, Amy.-1860-1868
McCLAIN, Anna-wife of Thomas H.-1872-1957
McCLAIN, Edgar R.-March 30, 1887-Sept. 14, 1977 PVT US ARMY WW I
McCLAIN, Edna-1873-1897
McCLAIN, Joseph-1945-age: 79
McCLAIN, Lavenia H.-1830-1879
McCLAIN, Mary C.-1953-age: 85
McCLAIN, Melton R.-1856-1924
McCLAIN, Nancy-1833-1874
McCLAIN, Nevada-1858-1908
McCLAIN, Obadian P.-1885-1868
McCLAIN, Susanah-wife of John-May 1, 1881
McCLAIN, Susan-wife of Thompson-1827-1857
McCLAIN, Thomas H.-1870-1943
McCLAIN, Thomas-1870-1943
McCLAIN, Thompson-1818-1895
McCLINTOCK, Clara Toth-1913-1986
McCLINTOCK, Curtis-1945-1989
McCLINTOCK, Doyle-1914-1970
McCLINTOCK, Robert-1940-1963
McELFRESH, Frederick L.-1920-1969
McELFRESH, Lula-wife of Okey L.-1894-1944
McELFRESH, Okey L.-1896-1970
McMILLAN, Ella McClain-1871-1961
McNUTT, David O.-1870-1963
McNUTT, Helen Durkin-wife of William Porter-1906-1987
McNUTT, Joanna H.-wife of David O.-1863-1944
McNUTT, William Porter-1902-1978
MELLENYZER, George W.-1910-1999
MELLENYZER, Helen I.-1909-1984
MELLINGER, Anna B.-wife of Joseph C.-1885-1978
MELLINGER, Baby Boy-son of Joseph A. and Gail-died Jan. 7, 1938
MELLINGER, David E.-1916-1969
MELLINGER, Gail L.-wife of Joseph A.-1917-1973
MELLINGER, Gertrude J.-wife of David E.-1921-
MELLINGER, J. Byron-1919-1938
MELLINGER, Joseph A.-Aug. 24, 1905-Nov. 27, 1969 PA PVT. CO B 86 CHEMICAL CO. WW II
MELLINGER, Joseph C.-1878-1938
MELLINGER, Joseph F.-son of Joseph A. & Gail-Aug. 23, 1947-June 14, 1998
MELLINGER, Luberta B.-wife of J. Byron-1907-1983
MIGROCK, Bessie M.-1903-1990
MIGROCK, Martin-1900-1981
MIHALCIN, Andrew-1884-1976
MIHALCIN, Mary-1906-1988
MILLER, Charles E.-1912-1995
MILLER, JR., Charles-July 5-Sept. 30, 1940
MILLER, Margaret-1913-1994
MILLS, Sarah B.-1911-200
MILLS, William H. Jr.-1902-1997
MOGNET, Gertrude-1917
MOGNET, Lester A.-1913-1993
MOGOGNE, Stuart J.-1925-
MOLOGNE, Betty-1932-
MOLOGNE, Joseph E.-1894-1960
MOLOGNE, Nellie G.-1894-1979
MONIAK, John-1895-1972
MONIAK, Susan-wife of John-1896-1990
MOODY, Thomas L.-1891-1958
MOORE, Alice-1894-1966
MOORE, David D.-Jan. 21, 1923-Dec. 13, 1957 PA TEC5 548 ENG LT PON CO WW II
MOORE, Dido-1887-1955
MOORE, Edward-1887-1961
MOORE, Emerson C.-1891-1931
MOORMAN, JR., Lawrence-1929-1968
MORENA, Andrew-1859-1948
MORENA, Margaret-wife of Andrew-1867-1946
MORENA, Peter-1897-1954
MORGAN, Sarah-d. June 30, 1880
MORRISON, Sophie-wife of Edward W.-1909-1996
MOTRENES, James-1890-1961
MOTRENES, Mary-wife of James-1900-1965
MULDOWNEY, Francis-1901-1980
MULDOWNEY, Mary R.-1910-
MUNSHOWER, Gladys F.-1934-1982
MUNSHOWER, John H.-1937-1993
MURPHY, Olive V.-1870-1961
MYERS, Ellis M.-1898-1973 CRL-US ARMY WW I
MYERS, Pauline-1902-2000
NEARGARD, William J.-1908-1975-son of Amanda Shipley
NELSON, Samuel-June 29, 1871-Apr. 22, 1915
NESTER, Karl W.-1925-1956
NESTER, Ray J.-1888-1946
NETH, Jeannetta A.-March 10, 1922-Feb. 26, 1988
NEWCOMER, Annette -1856-1929
NEWCOMER, Flora-1882-1959
NEWCOMER, Joseph-1851-1938
NEYMAN, Milton Allen, Sr.-Dec. 5, 1929-Aug. 15, 1985
NICOLAUS, Carl Edward-1905-1982
NICOLAUS, Susan Burgun-wife of Carl Edward-1904-1993
NIGHTMAN, Anna-1890-1974
NIGHTMAN, Wenzel-1882-1952
NOSS, Barry W.-June 19, 1942-July 24, 1989
NOSS, Frank A.-Dec. 11, 1907-May 8, 1953
NOSS, Jack A.-Dec. 12, 1938-June 20, 1978
NOSS, Ruth S.-Aug. 21, 1909-Jan. 31, 1962
OBERLIETNER, Catherine E.-wife of John P.-1911-1986
OBERLIETNER, John P.-1907-1990
OBERLIETNER, Karen-April 28, 1954-June 12, 1971
OLSON, Amelia D.-Feb. 13, 1910-Jan. 13, 1989
OPALENIK, George-1916-1994 SGT. US ARMY WW II
OPALENIK, Luella M.-1926
OPALENIK, Peter-May 6, 1886-May 16, 1971
ORAZEN, Agnes-1878-1956
ORAZEN, John-1885-1953
ORISIK, Anastasia-wife of Basil-Sept. 20, 1879-Oct. 30, 1976
ORISIK, Basil-Jan. 20, 1874-April 6, 1960
ORISIK, John-June 28, 1905-Sept. 19, 1974 PVT WW II
OTTINO, Adelle-wife of John-1902-1992
OTTINO, Audrey E.-wife of Frank J.-1924-1997
OTTINO, Frank J.-1923-1974 PFC WW II
OTTINO, John R.-1925
OTTINO, John-1882-1946
OTTINO, V. Joan-Oct. 31, 1926-March 9, 2001
PAINTER, Joseph C.-1905-1964
PAINTER, Laverna-1915-
PANCZUN, John-1918-1999
PANCZUN, Violet-1936-
PARENTI, Dino A.-1957-1990
PARENTI, Duane-1944-1957
PARENTI, Loraine-June 4, 1944
PARENTI, Mary-wife of Nick-1904-1994
PARENTI, Misto Arthur-1924-1973 S/5 GT US MARINES WW II
PARENTI, Nick-1885-1978
PARSONS, Amanda-1864-1945
PASTOR, George-May 29, 1885-Sept. 28, 1962
PASTOR, Steve-Aug. 18, 1916-Dec. 20, 1986 BMI US COASTGUARD WW II KOREA
PATERLINE, Lucy-1897-1942
PATERLINE, Peter-May 20, 1897-Nov. 26, 1976
PATRICK, Mary Ann-Feb. 24, 1879-Sept. 30, 1961
PATTAVINO, John-1871-1938
PEARCE, Benjamin F.-Dec.3, 1868-Aug. 20, 1953
PEARCE, Bertha A.-dau of Thomas & Ida B.-died Jan. 5, 1906
PEARCE, Christina-April 24, 1904-Aug 30, 1950
PEARCE, Elie R.-1893-1976
PEARCE, Fred A.-1895-19?? CO F 146 INF 37 DIV. AFF
PEARCE, Ida B.-wife of Thomas-1859-1933
PEARCE, Lester C.-1897-1968
PEARCE, Marie M.-wife of Oliver-1901-1983
PEARCE, Oliver-1899-1982
PEARCE, Thomas-1864-1962
PEEBLES, E. May Fisher-1894-1980
PEEBLES, John William-1898-1979
PEGORIE, Bertha-wife of Victor-1899-1978
PEGORIE, Florence-wife of Peter-1897-1962
PEGORIE, Peter-1897-1962
PEGORIE, Victor-1893-1966
PEKONEN, George W.-1913-1977
PEKONEN, Sara M.-wife of George W.-1916-
PETERS, Edward L.-Feb. 20, 1892-Oct. 4, 1950 SGT CP F 319 INF
PETERSON, Axel-1864-1940
PETERSON, Axel-son of Axel & Sadie-1887-1936
PETERSON, Sadie-1869-1911
PIANCENZA, John-son of Mike & Madeline-1926-1955
PIANCENZA, Madeline-wife of Mike-1903-1962
PIANCENZA, Mike-1888-1970
PICKARD, Dorothy J.-Jan. 21, 1923-Jan. 9, 1980
PIKE, James L.-April 6, 1896-April 1, 1982
PIKE,Winetta-wife of James L.-1901-1962
PITER, Andy-1896-1954
PITER, Dorothy-wife of Andy-1894-1961
PITER, JR., Andy Dec. 22, 1921-April 23, 1945 TEC 4 858 AAF WW II
PITTAVINO, Anita E.-wife of Gaston R.-1907-1960
PITTAVINO, Gaston R.-1900-1964
PITTAVINO, Janet-wife of Marius-1896-1971
PITTAVINO, John-July 1922-Feb. 1971
PITTAVINO, Marius-1896-1956
PITTAVINO, Rosa-1889-1990
POLLOCK, Elizabeth-wife of Peter-1915-1985
POLLOCK, Peter-1907-1983
PORE, Agnes M.-1888-1948
PORE, H. Emerson-1874-1937
PORTER, Alfaretta-1871-1956
PORTER, Debbie A.-1849-1875
PORTER, Guy Patterson-1900-1950
PORTER, Horation-1854-1931
PORTER, Infant son-1885-1885
PORTER, James D.-1926-1951 USN WW II
PORTER, James H.-1885-1950
PORTER, John C.-1848-1937
PORTER, Maggie J.-1854-1880
PORTER, Maggie P.-dau. of E & M.L. Porter- d. June 3, 1885
PORTER, Pearl- wife of James H.-1898-1973
PORTER, Sue E.-1854-1935
PRAGO, Charles-1888-1979
PRAH, Frank J.-1908-1976
PRAH, Mazie H.-1911-1980
PRATT, Thomas Scott-1966
PRESKY, Louella-1921-2000
PRESKY, William H.-1920-1994 SGT US ARMY WW II
PRESTON, Helen-April 17, 1916-Dec. 16, 2000
PRITCHETT, Baby Clyde-July 26, 1917
PRITCHETT, Clyde-1882-1955
PRITCHETT, Janie H.-wife of Clyde-1876-1943
PUGH, Charles Q.-Oct. 7, 1918-Aug. 23, 1998 SGT US ARMY WW II
PUGH, Homer C.-1888-1974
PUGH, Lydia J.-wife of Homer C.-1894-1980
PUGH, Martha J.-wife of Charles Q.-March 7, 1925-
PURDECK, Evelyn L.-wife of Rudolph P.-July 15, 1920-March 23, 1959
PURDECK, Rudolph P.-Jan. 10, 1912-July 11, 1992
QUINN, Sara-1927-1982
QUINN, Thomas C.-1924-1994
RAMSEY, Adolph Sr.-1895-1967
RAMSEY, Mary-1896-1966
RAMSEY, Minnie-wife of Adolph-1896-1974
RAPP, Charles-1853-1924
RAPP, Susanna-wife of Charles-1861-1923
RAUTH, Albert G-1894-1960
RAUTH, Grace-wife of Albert G.-1894-1978
RAY, Victoria-1898-????
REESE, Wilma-July 27, 1915-May 28, 1970
REGO, Joseph-1873-1932
REGOTTI, Andrea-Dec. 11, 1950
REGOTTI, Attilio-1896-1940
REGOTTI, Benjamin-1930-1991
REGOTTI, Camello-Aug. 3, 1897-June 17, 1954
REGOTTI, Caroline-1894-1978
REGOTTI, Donald B.-April 30, 1949
REGOTTI, Edith C.-1918
REGOTTI, Epiphany E.-1922-1982
REGOTTI, George L.-1916-1996
REGOTTI, Janice M.-wife of Benjamin-1940-
REGOTTI, Joseph M.-1925-1978 CM3 US NAVY WW II
REGOTTI, Louis-1868-1937
REGOTTI, Louise -1875-1924
REGOTTI, Louise M.-1933
REGOTTI, Margaret-wife of Rudolph-
REGOTTI, Marjorie E.-wife of George L.-1925-
REGOTTI, Narcheo-1881-1942
REGOTTI, Peter-1904-1982
REGOTTI, Rose P.1912
REGOTTI, Rose-1867-1954
REGOTTI, Rudolph-1903-1984
REGOTTI, Samuel A.-1928-1992
REGOTTI, Thelma A.-1915-
REGOTTI, Violet L.-wife of Samuel A.-1933-
RHOADES, A.Edward-1891-1989
RHOADES, Amanda-wife of Noah E.-1856-1949
RHOADES, Donald O.-1894-1978
RHOADES, Dorsia M.-wife of Russell H.-1889-1942
RHOADES, Edna P.-dau. of Orville C. & Hattie A.-1903-1917
RHOADES, Emma-wife of Henry H.-Aug. 28, 1918-May 4, 1971
RHOADES, Gertrude F.-wife of Russell H.-1894-1980
RHOADES, Hannah M.-1853-1923
RHOADES, Hattie A.-wife of Orville C.-1865-1955
RHOADES, Henry H.-Sept. 17, 1913-march 15, 1989
RHOADES, Hester-wife of A. Edward-1900-1975
RHOADES, Janet B.-wife of Samuel T.-1878-1957
RHOADES, Noah E.-1860-1946
RHOADES, Orville C.-1862-1934
RHOADES, RussellH.-1888-1957
RHOADES, Sabina-1855-1933
RHOADES, Samuel T.-1877-1946
RHODES, Lena I.-wife of William H.-1898-1981
RHODES, Henry-June 9, 1866-Nov. 22, 1963
RHODES, James-1919-1964
RHODES, JR., Norman R.-Jan. 27, 1924-Feb. 14, 1995
RHODES, Lizzie V.-wife of Thomas D.-Nov. 7, 1874-April 26, 1959
RHODES, Margret-wife of James-1931-
RHODES, Marie N.-wife of Norman R.-1908-1968
RHODES, Mollie-wife of Henry-Dec. 28, 1868-July 21, 1946
RHODES, Norman R.-1902-1969
RHODES, Richard H.-1880-1947
RHODES, Thomas D.-May 23, 1869-Feb. 21, 1951
RHODES, Viola C.-wife of Richard H.-1882-1969
RHODES, William H.-1895-1962
RICARD, Constance-wife of Ernest W.-1895-1977
RICARD, Ernest W.-1895-1977 PFC CO. B. 87TH ENG WW II
RICHARD, Grace H.-1890-1959
RICHTER, David E.-1909-1984
RICHTER, Edna-wife of David E.-1898-1977
RIGLEY, Amanda Shipley-1879-1966
RIGLEY, Glenn-1902-1975
RIGLEY, Isiah-1852-1936
RIGLEY, Mary Ann-1893-1911
RIGLEY, Samuel-1885-1908
RIGLEY, Sarah Ann-wife of Isiah-1856-1929
RIGLEY, Sylvia-1900-1995
RIGLEY, William-1889-1965
RIGLEY, Zona R.-wife of William-1895-1962
RIXEY, Ben-June 28, 1918-Dec. 22, 1969
RIXEY, Charles H.-1913-1959
RIXEY, Elizabeth-Jan. 8, 1937
RIXEY, George L.-1928-2000
RIXEY, John A.-1879-1948
RIXEY, John, Jr.-Feb. 2, 1921-May 26, 1997 SI/C US NAVY
RIXEY, Olive B.-wife of John A.-1890-1981
ROBERTSON, James R.-1909-1981
ROBERTSON, Viola T.-wife of James R.-1907-
RODGERS, John R.-July 26, 1923-Jan. 13, 1985 CAPT US ARMY AIR CORPS W W II
RODGERS, Robert Roy-1890-1963
ROHM, Beryl Abbott-1907-1984
ROHM, Paul John-1904-1970
ROPP, Dorothy A.-1911-1943
ROPP, Frank A.-1886-1968
ROPP, Mary-1911-1973
ROSE, John Lee-1925-1951 SGT US ARMY WW II
ROSE, JR., John-1908-1981
ROSE, Lucy, wife of John Rose, Jr.-1909
ROSEMAN, Blanche M.-1895-1962
ROSEMAN, Steve L.-1893-1895
RUBIS, Anna-wife of Charles-1884-1977
RUBIS, Charles-1884-1977
RUSSELL, Bishop-1897-1968
RUSSELL, Pearl L.-1901-1946
SADLER, Charlotte W.-1910-1965
SAGER, Catherine-1891-1962
SAGER, Jacob L.-1882-1951
SAGER, Jessie H.-1882-1952
SAMS, Geraldine S.-1912-1978
SAMS, Worley A.-1903-1977
SANNER, A. Jeane-1922-
SANNER, Roy-1897-1972
SANNER, Viola-1902-1994
SANNER, William R.-1909-1969 PFC G 41 ARMED INF WW II
SAPORITO, Carl-1924-1985
SAPORITO, James-June 15, 1922-Nov. 2, 1996 CPL 421 917 CO WW II
SATTALO, Eva-wife of Migio-1908-
SATTALO, Henry B.-1908-1983
SATTALO, Jerry-son of Migio & Eva-1932-1957
SATTALO, John B.-1867-1930
SATTALO, John-1907-1956
SATTALO, Mary F.-wife of John-1912-1988
SATTALO, Maxine-daugther-no dates
SATTALO, Migio-1896-1973
SATTALO, Rosina B.-wife of John B.-1867-1930
SATTALO, Severo-1893-1924
SATTOLO, Arthur N.-19051954
SATTOLO, Rose-1906-1981
SCHALLENBERGER, Anna-wife of Wendelin-1879-1967
SCHALLENBERGER, Julia M.-wife of Peter J.-1913-
SCHALLENBERGER, Peter J.-1897-1969
SCHALLENBERGER, Wendelin-1868-1950
SCHNEIDER, Eliza-wife of John F.-1870-1941
SCHNEIDER, Fred-1898-1976
SCHNEIDER, Freda E.-1915
SCHNEIDER, John F.-1878-1939
SCHNEIDER, Josephine E.-1912
SCHNEIDER, Lena-wife of Fred-1906-1993
SCHNEIDER, Robert J.-1939-1989
SCHNEIDER, Sally A.-wife of Robert J.-1944-
SCHNUR, Bernice-1922
SCHNUR, Charles-1916-1990
SEAMAN, Anna-wife of John Sr.-1895-1979
SEAMAN, George-Sept. 22, 1924-Oct. 15, 1992 P.F.C. U.S. ARMY WWII
SEAMAN, Sr., John-1895-1948
SECHRIST, Viva B.-July 28, 1906-July 2, 2001
SELLMAN, Eleanor C.-1899-1989
SELLMAN, Perry D.-1897-1977
SEMKO, Andrew K.-1871-1961
SEMKO, Anna Marie-wife of Andrew K.-1870-1944
SEMKO, Charlotte K.-wife of Francis E.-1910-1980
SEMKO, Francis E.-1904-1980
SEMKO, Helene Carter-1903-1947
SEMKO, Walter Henry-1912-1045
SENPIGLER, Christopher-1991
SERVA, Michal-1874-1954
SETHMAN, Albert L.-1910-1975
SETHMAN, C. Malcolm-1923-
SETHMAN, Catherine-1872-1933
SETHMAN, Charles -1872-1959
SETHMAN, Charlotte M.-1875-1957
SETHMAN, David-1831-1907 GAR CO. E 206TH PA UI
SETHMAN, Dorothy Fultz-1912-1973
SETHMAN, Earl J.-1896-1985
SETHMAN, Edward-1867-1936
SETHMAN, Emma G.-wife of Earl J.-1899-1951
SETHMAN, Frances A.-1908-1977
SETHMAN, George-1866-1925
SETHMAN, Gladys-Nov. 4, 1910-Jan. 22, 1976
SETHMAN, Helen-wife of Albert L.-1916-1986
SETHMAN, Jack D.-son of John H. & Frances A.-1936-1988
SETHMAN, John A.-1838-1911 GAR 516 US ARMY
SETHMAN, John H.-1907-1989
SETHMAN, Joseph B.-April 8, 1899-Dec. 28, 1976
SETHMAN, Joseph -Oct. 23, 1875-Dec. 20, 1942
SETHMAN, Lucy Smith-wife of Robert-1879-
SETHMAN, Marion E.-Sept. 29, 1907-Jan. 11, 1968 PVT 1947 SVC COMP UNIT WW II
SETHMAN, Mary K.-wife of Joseph B.-June 11, 1901-May 16, 1998
SETHMAN, Orville C.-June 26, 1905-Dec. 7, 1971
SETHMAN, Richard R.-son of G & C Sethman-Mar 2, Aug. 12, 1913-
SETHMAN, Robert-1870-1945
SETHMAN, Samuel L.-1948-1983
SETHMAN, Sarah J.-wife of John A.-1846-1881
SETHMAN, Shirley-March 5-6, 1942
SETHMAN, Victoria Maud-wife of Joseph-July 4, 1877-Feb. 6, 1963
SHACKLEY, Cecil-1900-1978
SHACKLEY, Martha-1912-1976
SHARP, III, Daniel-1971-1974
SHAWLEY, Cecil L.-1938
SHAWLEY, Iona L.-1941
SHEETS, Arthur B.-LTJR GRADE U.S. NAVY AAF WW II Sept.15-1918-June 24, 1944
SHEETS, Dana C.-Dec. 3, 1876-Dec. 15, 1952
SHEPHERD, Carrie-1895-1966
SHEPPARD, Danny-1957-1996
SHEPPARD, JR., Coleman-Jan. 1, 1916-Nov. 16, 1959
SHEPPARD, M. Jane-1928-1978
SHEPPARD, Willa Mae Coates-1920-1939
SHUE, Annie K. Leeper-Dec. 15, 1863-May 12, 1900
SHUE, Harriet E.-Oct. 26, 1861-Feb. 15, 1926
SHUE, N. B.-Oct. 30, 1846-March 1, 1920
SHUETT, Earl R.-1920-1988
SHUETT, Evelyn Axton-wife of George W.-1903-1988
SHUETT, George. W.-1898-1960
SHUPE, Ardo C.-May 3, 1894-Nov. 5, 1982
SHUPE, Edna-wife of Ardo C.-Oct. 1, 1899-July 28, 1975
SIMZISKO, Michael-Nov. 22, 1917-Sept. 8, 1992
SINGLETON, Julius-Dec. 1, 1926-Oct. 24, 1970 PVT US ARMY WW II
SINSLEY, Catherine B.-1830-1912
SINSLEY, David L.-1869-1947
SKINNER, Alberta J.-1913-1929
SKINNER, Beatrice E.-wife of J. Bruce-1918
SKINNER, Joseph A.-1880-1957-Spanish American PVT CO B 41st REGT INF
SKINNER, Martha B.-1885-1957
SKINNER, Samuel Reed-1925-1992 MMM 3/C US NAVY WW II
SKINNER, Willis L.-1919-1979 PVT. US ARMY WW II
SKOKUT, LaVerne L.-Jan. 14, 1936-March 21, 2001
SLOMIANY, John-1886-1934
SLOTTA, John G.-Dec. 27, 1876-July 31, 1948
SMITH, Daisy May-wife of Henry Jacob-1899-1994
SMITH, Danny Wilson-1936-1944
SMITH, Ethel Claire Rhodes-wife of Morrison-1905-1998
SMITH, George-(No Dates)
SMITH, H. Thomas-1924-1970
SMITH, Henry Jacob-1896-1956
SMITH, Ida-June 22, 1860-July 31, 1954
SMITH, Michael M.-1956-1956
SMITH, Morrison-1903-1981
SMITH, Ruth-wife of H. Thomas-1928-
SMITH, Samuel-April 1, 1859-Nov. 21, 1933
SMUZINICK, Anna-wife of John Sr.-1889-1965
SMUZINICK, John Sr.-1885-1962
SNOWDEN, Cecilia B.-1905-
SNOWDEN, Wooda C.-1900-1964
SNYDER, Ada G.-wife of B. Frank-1878-1945
SNYDER, Alan C.-Sept. 10, 1931-Feb. 12, 1999
SNYDER, Annetta-wife of Edward-1909-1998
SNYDER, B. Frank-1867-1959
SNYDER, Edgar F.-1902-1988
SNYDER, Edward D.-1933-
SNYDER, Edward-1905-1977
SNYDER, Elmer R.-1926-
SNYDER, Harry M.-1903-1982
SNYDER, Henrietta M.-wife of Edgar F.-1903-1993
SNYDER, R. Mae-wife of Harry M.-1907-1991
SNYDER, Robert F.-1930-
SNYDER, Ruth L.-wife of Robert F.-1932-1970
SNYDER, Ruth-1928-2000
SNYDER, Shirley A.-1936-
SNYDER, Wilfred W.-1906-1964 PVT A.A.A. BOARD DET.
SOKOL, John C.-1895-1956
SPECHT, Bregetta-1885-1948
SPECHT, Madeline-1919-
SPEECHE, Jesse M.-1883-1936
SPOTOSKY, Dorothy-wife of Josef-1875-1921
SPOTOSKY, Josef-1872-1932
SPOTOSKY, Joseph-1872-1958
SPOTOSKY, Pauline-wife of Joseph Spotosky-1881-1960
SPROWLS, Delores A.-Aug. 1, 1924
SPROWLS, Harry F.-1910-1980
SPROWLS, Mary E.-1908-1966
SPROWLS, W. Stanley-March 24, 1913-Dec. 18, 1998
STACKS, Betty Carson-1924
STACKS, William M.-1922-1998 1ST LT. USA AF WW II
STARK, Bernice-wife of James D.-Dec. 7, 1895-March 1, 1968
STARK, Ernest-1910-1999
STARK, James D.-May 7, 1899-March 16, 1972
STARK, James H.-May 11, 1932
STARK, Joseph S.-1910-1979
STARK, Mina-wife of Ernest-1909-1985
STARK, Pearl B.-wife of Joseph S.-1913-
STEADMAN, Charles R.-1905-1996
STEADMAN, Jemina M.-1907-1997
STECKMAN, Opal-wife of Oscar W.-1906-1993
STECKMAN, Oscar W.-1886-1972
STERNER, Ann-wife of Robert-1863-1988
STERNER, Robert-1885-1967
STEVENSON, Anna Mae-1924-1961
STICKLER, Ada B.-1872-1944
STICKLER, Amelia M.-wife of William H.Stickler-1849-1916
STICKLER, Nora W.-Nov. 16, 1875-Jasn.-12, 1938
STICKLER, William H.-1846-1917
STIFFEY, John E.-1910-1971
STIFFEY, John Wm.-1942-1973
STIFFEY, Matilda-1923
STOELTING, Alice P.-wife of George-1883-1958
STOELTING, Elizabeth-wife of Richard-1864-1916
STOELTING, George-1883-1958
STOELTING, Henry-1893-1918
STOELTING, Margaret E.-dau. of George & Alice P.-1904-1926
STOELTING, Ralph-1892-1928
STOELTING, Richard-1860-1921
STOLTING, Catherine R-wife of Rev. Carl E.-1905-
STOLTING, Garnet Cornell-1914-1974
STOLTING, Mary A.-wife of Richard J.-1883-1953
STOLTING, Ralph-1917-1977
STOLTING, Rev. Carl E.-1899-1966
STOLTING, Richard J.-1888-1942
STOUT, Lindley-1905-1978
STOUT, Robert L.-1942-1980
STOUT, Sarah, wife of Lindley-1907-1958
STOVER, Henry-1866-19??
STOVER, Phyllis L. Davis-1936-1963
STOYEK, Casmier-1916-1992
STOYEK, Richard-son of Casmier & Margaret-1939-1964
STRADER, Eulah M.-1903-2000 Issac
STRADER, Robert T.-1902-1955
STRAIN, Willie-Sept. 10, 1893-June 21, 1944 WEST VIRGINIA PVT 506 ENGRS
STRUBLE, George Stanley-Nov. 28, 1889-March 13, 1967
STRUBLE, Gertrude Rhodes-wife of George Stanley-July 5, 901-Oct. 23, 1996
STULL, Ada L.-1883-1945
STULL, Martha C.-wife of Raymond R.-1913-1975
STULL, Maxine M.-Jan. 8, 1930-
STULL, Raymond R.-1915-1989 CPL CO. G 47TH INF REG. 9TH INF DIV. WW II
STULL, William A.-June 12, 1918-March 29, 2000 PFC US AAFW WW II
SWAB, Charles, Jr.-1915-1988
SWAB, Charles-1888-1976
SWAB, Edith L.-Dec. 13, 1913-Dec. 30, 2000
SWAB, Esther-wife of Michael-Nov. 14, 1921-Jan. 27, 1988
SWAB, Marie J.-wife of Charles Jr.-
SWAB, Mary-wife of Charles-1893-1963
SWAB, Michael-Feb. 27, 1920-April 18, 1988
SWANEY, Daisy M.-wife of Marion M.-1899-1980
SWANEY, Edwin S.-1933-1936
SWANEY, Marion M.-1900-1944
SWANN, Elzena L.-1909-1949
SWICKEY, Barbara E. -wife of J. Henry -1848-1925
SWICKEY, C. A.-1884-1949
SWICKEY, J. Henry-1846-1916
SWICKEY, J. J.-1870-1928
SYOYEK, Margaret-wife of Casmier-1914
SZABO, Joseph-1882-1936
SZABO, Margaret-1920-
SZABO, Stephen-1913-1944
TAPPER, Katherine G.- wife of Lewis-1914-
TAPPER, Lewis- 1922-1985
TARBERO, Giosepe,- May 6, 1925-April 6, 1926
TAYLOR, George L.-1907-1971 US NAVY
TAYLOR, Harry D.-1905-1983
TAYLOR, Katherine M.-wife of Ralph E.-Aug. 30, 1928-
TAYLOR, Luella M.-wife of Harry D.-1911-1985
TAYLOR, Ralph E.-June 20, 1927 CPL US AAF WW II
TAYLOR, Thelma R.-wife of George L.-1907-1995
THISTLETHWAIT, Elizabeth-wife of W.M.-May 28, 1899
THOMPSON, Bertha E.-wife of Curtis-1910-1996
THOMPSON, Curtis-1904-1976
THOMPSON, Loretta D.-1918-1968
TIMMS, Ella-Jan 19, 1863-March 4, 1950
TIMMS, Margery-wife of William-d. Nov. 25, 1904
TIMMS, Samuel-1858-1937
TIMMS, Stella M.-wife of Samuel-1871-1966
TIMMS, William July 25, 1830-Sept. 9, 1912
TOMAJKO, Albert A.-1917-1986 VETERAN
TOMAJKO, Eva Jean-wife of Albert A.-1920-1997
TORRENCE, Adie M.-1870-1934
TORRENCE, Chalmer-1891-1966
TORRENCE, Lena-1902-1926
TORRENCE, Raymond-1893-1897
TORRENCE, Strawn-1898-1898
TOTH, Andrew-Dec. 5, 1925-Sept. 30, 1969 S1 US NVAY WW II
TOTH, Elizabeth-wife of John Sr.-1890-1986
TOTH, Ernest-1916-1976 PFC AAF WW II
TOTH, Ethel M.-1921-1969
TOTH, George-son of John Sr. & Elizabeth-1911-1959
TOTH, Gizetta-1890-1948
TOTH, John Sr.-1889-1966
TOTH, John, Jr.-son of John Sr. & Elizabeth-1916-1963
TOTH, John-1886-1955
TOTH, John-1914-1999
TOTH, John-husband of Julia-1876-1954
TOTH, John-wife of Louise-Nov. 20, 1902-May 25, 1956
TOTH, Julia-1882-1955
TOTH, Louise-July 11, 1905-Feb. 4, 1984
TOTH, Mike-1920-1975
TOTH, Paul R.-1910-1974
TOTH, Steve-1922-1977 CPL USMC WW II
TOTH, Zella R.-wife of Paul R.-1909-2000
TRIMMIE, Allen-1892-1957
TUCKER, Andy-1873-1959
TUCKER, Mary-wife of Andy-1879-1945
TULBUR, Mary-May 13, 1897-Oct. 23, 1953
TURIS, Helen-wife of Michael-May 10, 1885-April 23, 1942
TURIS, John-1918
TURIS, Michael-July 12, 1875-May 29, 1943
TURIS, Teresa-wife of John-1922-1979
TUTENA, Edward R.-1915-1997
TUTENA, Kathryn M.-1927-1958
UCMAR, Frank J.-1911-1983
UCMAR, Margrat A.-wife of Frank J.-1916-1967
UKNOWN, Girl-1903-1921
URBAN, John-1911-1965
URBAN, Matilda-wife of John-1911-1970
URITZA, Albert Joseph-son-1920-1944
URITZA, Anna Rosella-1938-1967
URITZA, Charles M.-1893-1960
URITZA, Hida-1903-1945
VARGO, Alfred D.-1926-1978 SGT. CO. E. US ARMY WW II
VARGO, Edith E.-wife of Alfred D.-1928-
VARGO, Irene-Dec. 27, 1930-Sept. 8, 1949
VARGO, Rose-1896-1976
VARGO, Steve-1894-1970
VERCOE, Anna M.-1877-1951
VERCOE, Charlie-1874-1954
VERCOE, Frances B.-1919-1984
VERCOE, Norman L.-1914-1991
VIALE, Catherine-wife of Steve-1907-2000
VIALE, Steve-1912-1986
VIGLE, Pauline-1879-1939
VINCENT, Blance Roberts-1900-1974
VINCENT, Tyrone-1951-1994
VINCENT, Walter-1888-1961
WABBO, Joseph-March 23 1904-March 26, 1904
WABBO, Lewis-May 19, 1882-April 15, 1903
WAGNER, Owen Dwight-May 16, 1932-Oct. 10, 1994
WAGNER, Rebecca Mary-April 3, 1929-
WALKER, Charles F.-1874-1936
WALKER, Coleen-May 2, 1948-July 20, 1948
WALKER, Eliza J.-wife of Charles F.-1877-1959
WALKER, Pomp-1863-1928
WALTERS, George A-1911-1978
WALTERS, John-March 24, 1848-Sept. 21, 1934
WALTERS, Margaret C.-1858-1915
WALTERS, Mary M.-wife of George A.-1918-
WARREN, Edward-1899-1966
WARRINGTON, William J.-Aug. 16, 1940-Oct. 14, 1963 PFC CO B 4 BN S INFANTRY
WASELESKY, Catherine-1918-1972
WASELESKY, Stanley-1908-1972
WATKINS, James S.-1885-1961
WATKINS, Prudence L.-1901-1977
WATT, Elsie-wife of Louis C.-1896-1975
WATT, Louis C.-1890-1945 PVT CO C 604 ENG WW II
WEAVER, Charles S.-1909-1988
WEAVER, Charles-1885-1967
WEAVER, Clarenton L.-"Bud"-1918-2000
WEAVER, Elizabeth H.-wife of Charles S.-1912-
WEAVER, Elizabeth-wife of Charles-1886-1948
WEAVER, Lavane R.-1874-1914
WEAVER, Leroy F.-1920-1982
WEAVER, Nora B.-wife of Lavane R.-1876-1956
WEAVER, Virginia P.-wife of Clarenton L.-"Giddy"-1920-
WEBER, John-1857-1933
WEBER, Mary-wife of John-1857-1953
WELLINGTON, Irene C.-Nov. 9, 1921-Feb. 15, 2001
WENZEL, Dorothy B.-wife of Thomas B.-1903-1980
WENZEL, Thomas B.-1896-1955
WESTON, Alive-1900-1944
WHITE, Andrew Joseph-1904-1996
WHITE, Bertha M.-1935-1971
WHITE, Mary F. Jobes-wife of Andrew Joseph-1912-1977
WHITEHOUSE, Antonia S.-wife of William N.-1907-1989
WHITEHOUSE, Charles E.-brother of William N.-1897-1972
WHITEHOUSE, William N.-1898-1967
WHITTAKER, Herbert L.-May 27, 1907-April 1, 1963
WHITTAKER, Lola M.-wife of Herbert L.-May 22, 1914-Jan. 29, 1996
WHITTEMORE, Elizabeth R.-1885-1951
WHITTEMORE, Roy E.-1883-1947
WHOOHERY, Clyde R.-Feb. 27, 1923-Aug. 26, 1984
WHOOHERY, Ruth T.-wife of Clyde R.-Sept. 21, 1917-May 20, 1979
WICHERHAM, Josephine Sheets-1913-1997
WILHELM, Albert F.-June 18, 1958-June 30, 2001
WILLIAMS, Emma L.-wife of Walter S.-March 7, 1891-Dec. 25, 1969
WILLIAMS, Harry G.-1895-1971
WILLIAMS, Hattie S.-wife of Thomas A.-1879-1963
WILLIAMS, Lola E.-wife of Harry G.-1898-1982
WILLIAMS, Thomas A.-1874-1947
WILLIAMS, Walter S.-Nov. 8, 1894-Aug. 18, 1967
WILSON, James Edward-May 20, 1921-Jan. 24, 1968 PV TEC 4 99 COAST PRTY (AA) WW II
WINTON, W. Henry-1888-1971
WISENER, Constance Leonia-1943-1944
WISENER, David C.-1917-
WISENER, John B.-1913-1981
WISENER, Mary-wife of David C.-1906-1989
WOLFE, Irene-wife of Zephinia-1909-
WOLFE, Zephinia-1888-1974
WOOLRIDGE, Augusta E.-1887-1973
WOOLRIDGE, David-1884-1972
WORSELL, Frances-1884-1986
WOZNIAK, Ernest D.-Sept. 7, 1957-July 30, 1993
WYGGLE, Christopher-1839-1907
WYGGLE, Frances Irene-1883-1950
WYGGLE, Irene-1883-1977
WYGGLE, Louisa-1844-wife of Christopher-1844-1924
WYGGLE, Seward E.-1875-1954
YACHUP, Annabel-wife of Theordore M.-Jan. 8, 1930-
YACHUP, Theordore M.-Aug. 25, 1909-Oct. 16, 1988
YANKO, Anna-wife of Jacob-1878-1946
YANKO, Helen-wife of John-1916-1977
YANKO, Jacob-1872-1950
YANKO, Jacob-1920-1977 TEC 5 US ARMY WW II
YANKO, John A.-1899-1975
YANKO, John-1912-1990
YANKO, Joseph-1906-1997
YANKO, Marie Nellie-1912-2000
YANKO, Robert-1910-1984
YESKULSKY, Joseph J.- Feb.18, 1894-May 23, 1965
YESKYLSKY, Joseph J.-son of Joseph J. & Nona O.-Oct. 11, 1938-Sept. 29, 1947
YESKYLSKY, Nona O.-wife of Joseph J.-June 20, 1910-May 13, 1977
YOKIEL, George H.-Feb. 15, 1972-Sept. 19, 1998
YOKIEL, John Mark-Aug. 1, 1870-Feb. 20, 1944
YOKIEL, Mary Rose-Aug. 20, 1973-Aug. 26, 1973
YOUCHMAN, Charles-1879-1965
YUSCHAK, John-1909-1981
YUSCHAK, Mary-1891-1952
YUSCHAK, Michael-1907-1946
ZANARDELLI, Anna-wife of Merico A.-1900-1977
ZANARDELLI, Bernard-1920-1972
ZANARDELLI, Merico A.-1893-1940 CORP. CO. B. 305TH M. SUPPLY TRAIN
ZUNDEL, David L.-1875-1936
ZUNDEL, Tillie E.-wife of David L.-1881-1968

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