Mt Pleasant Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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  • Bunker Hill
  • Byerly-Freeman
  • Catholic, Trauger
  • Church of God, Fairview
  • Dauer Family
  • Evangelical United Brethen, Lycippus
  • Fisher
  • Forty Martyrs Roman Catholic
  • Hays-Shaffer
  • Horner
  • Laurelville
  • Lobinger
  • Lycippus Community
  • Mellinger
  • Middle Presbyterian
  • Mt Joy
  • Ridge Union Cemetery - this is the combination of the following:  St Luke United Church of Christ, St Paul Lutheran and Reformed, St Paul Union, and St Paul United Church of Christ
  • Roman Catholic Polish Cemetery of Transfiguration
  • Slovak Catholic
  • St Florian Catholic
  • St John Lutheran & Reformed
  • St Joseph, Catholic
  • St Luke United Church of Christ
  • St Mary Byzantine, Catholic
  • St Mary, Catholic
  • St Paul Lutheran and Reformed
  • St Paul Union
  • St Paul United Church of Christ
  • St Pius, Catholic
  • St Stanislaus
  • Troxel (Draschael)
  • United
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Mt Pleasant United Presbyterian (old) - No longer exists, burials were moved to the Mt Pleasant Cemetery
  • Visitation, Catholic

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