Stone Hill Cemetery
Hempfield Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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The Stone Hill Cemetery is located between Armbrust and New Stanton Pa, about 1 mile out of Fox Town. It is a very old cemetery that is not kept up except for family members. There are Yucca plants
And briars over a good part of the cemetery. It is located in the woods with a tree line seperating the new part from the older part. Stones are list in rows as best as can be, a / means that a new line was started on the stone.


Infant Son/Gallen R. Trout/1940

Trout/Father/Nelson D./1903/1973/Mother/Margaret C./1907-1986

Trout/Father/Jacob H./1902-1983/Mother/Mildred L./1909-1970

Our Baby/Verna C. Trout/1942-1942

Albright/Father/Cyrus M./1887-1965/Mother/Molly E./1886-1957/"Gone Over The Waves"


Louis J. Hunker/1934-1993

Shieley A./Hutchison/1938-1989

Hunker/Arthur T./1908-1975/Freda B./1910-1965 (has two crosses on the stone)

Hunker/Emma M./1876-1958/Mother/Smith L./1876-1940/Father (has upside done T on the stone)

Breegle/Rev. Daniel A./1904 Father 1966/Daisy/1905 Mother 1983/Love One Another

Breegle/Father/Samuel J./Mar. 22, 1883/Apr. 30, 1975/Mother/Anna M./Dept. 6, 1887/May 7, 1969

John D. Hunker/Pvt. US Army/World War I/Oct 7, 1890 - June 17, 1962


Laura Edith/Schoaf/1950-1951

Henry Schoaf/Born/Mar 25/1932/Died/July 11/1938

John Wm./Nelson/Sept 11/Oct 21/1940


Laura M./Baer/1884-1916

Mother/Mary Ann/Hamilton/1843-1932


Frank I. Hamilton/1910-1935-Jesus Saves

Jack Goswick/apr 20, 1875/Feb 22, 1918

Warren Overly/Nov 4, 1920/Jan 21, 1921


Mullen/Willia/1899-1985/Effie B./1899-1983

Daughter/Hazel Irene/Blaird/ 1902-1980

Father/Daniel A. Baird/1862-1936/Thy Will Be Done

Mother/Martha C. Baird/1869-1948/Thy Will Be Done

Elsie/Lurene/1905-1917/Safe In The Arms Of Jesus/Baird

Son/Edward J. Baird/1892-1977/PFC US Army W. W1


Sarah A. Shaff/1850-1929


Frederick/Shaff/Sept. 25, 1806/Apr. 22, 1882/Nancy W./His Wife/Sept. 27, 1811/Jan 3, 1901/Shaff

Robert Erwin/Died/July 9, 1898/Aged/73 Ys. 11 Ms. 3 Ds/Sarah A./ His Wife/Died/Jan. 30, 1904/Aged /75 Ys. 6 Ms. 2 Ds/Erwin

Matthew L:ynn/Died/Feb 25, 1823/Aged 22 Ys, 5 Mos./31 Days./The Lords Will Be Done

Mary/Wife of/Matthew Lynn/Died/Jan 15, 1873/Aged 22 Ys, 2 Mos.,/8 Days./The Lords Will Be Done

Martha Wagner/1859-1938

Mother/Anna Maria Kamerer/1869-1956

Grace E./Goswick/1921-1939

Robert M. Erwin/1859-1930


Calvin Peters/1905-1940

Small and unreadable

Danield Wright/Died/Aug 6, 1881,/Aged/68 Ys, 4 Ms, 23 Ds/Nancy Y./His Wife/Died/July 18, 1896/Aged/60 Ys, 8 Ms, 9 Ds/Wright

Jacob Nez, Jr./1813-1889/Erected By Jacob Nez Jr, 1910

Jane/Wife of/Jacob Nez/Died Sept 12, 1872/Aged 57 Ys/Rest is unreadable

Next 2 stones are fallen over and are unreadable

Hunker/Father/Mother/Benjamin/1843-1916/Eliza His Wife/1847-1917/Pv Co D 61 Reg Inf PA

Jacob Nez/1849-1917/Priv. Co C, 88 Reg PA Inf


John Eicher/Born/Feb 24, 1816/Died/May 14, 1891/Susanna Leasure/Born/Jan 16, 1821/Died /May 20, 1910/Eicher



Next four small stones no writing on them

Ira C./Son of/G_____? Wagner/Oct 23, 1889/Nov 4/ 1984

Josiah H/1848/Mary Ann/1844-1904/Wife of J.H./(last name unreadable, possible Hunker)

Next stone unreadable

David A./Hudgekin/1832-1907

J.A. Griffin/1837-1907/Father


Elizabeth/Beeson/1808-1880/Aged 72 Ys.

Mary/Wife of/John S. Eichler/Died Jul 11, 1861/Aged 27 Years, 8 Mos., 25 Days

Next stone small and unreadable

Father/George M. Wagner/1853-1953

Mother/Emma Miller Wagner/1864-1939

Daughter/Mary E. Wagner/1883-1959

T/David C./1841-1918/Rebecca C./His Wife/1846/1910/Trout

Arron 1830-1905/Co. H, 168 Reg/Catherine His Wife/1832-1906/Miller

Miller/Joseph M/1856/1927/Rachel M./1866-19__?


Florence Hillis/Wife of/A.S. Lynn/Dec 25, 1875-Mar 18, 1900/Infant Dau/Lynn

Louis F./1848-1928/Albert E./1849-1914/Hillis/Elmer W. 1888-1906

William Hillis/Apr 8, 1819-Mar 19, 1910/Catharine His Wife/Mar 27, 1824-Jan 23, 1902/Hillis/Ane Jesus when he was baptaized went up straight way out of the water./Mat. 8, Ch. 18 V.

Jessie B./ Wife of/F.M. Vandyke/Sept. 12, 1857/Nov 16, 1905/Vandyke/We are buried/with him by/baptism/into death/Rom.. 6 Ch, 4V/Jessie B. Hillis

Hillis/Amanda J./1958-1919

ROW 10

Mary Jane/Wife of David B. Wagner (rest is unreadable)

Mary Jane/(rest is unreadable)

Next three stones are unreadable, no words left

Trout/Philip Trout/Born Dec 25, 1827/Died Mar 12, 1900/In His 73rd Year

Joseph M. Trout/1878-1949

Michael Trout/Aug. 25, 1832/Nov 18, 1904

Norman E./Goodwin/1916-1917

Goodwin/Joseph B./1882-1964/Bertha T./1889-1978

Isaac F./Trout/Born/Feb 6, 1861/Died/Nov 3, 1923

Father/Lincoln E. Trout/1865-1930

Mother/Mary C. Trout/1865-1943

ROW 11

First two stones are unreadable

Father/Michael Miller/Born/Dec 25, 1821/Died/Oct 30, 1888/Aged 58 Yrs, 11 Mos, 8 Days

Mother/Salome Miller/ His Wife/Born Mar 31, 1819/Died/Oct 15, 1914/Aged 85 Yrs, 9 Mos, 15 Days

Amanda L./Wife of/J.M. Johnston/1841-1911/Thy will be done today/Jesus Lord remember me/William C. Carr/1939-1862/A solider to his country and his God

William C./Carr/1840-1862/Pvt. Co E./10th Ill.Vol Inf.


Father/Jacob C. Geisel/1852-1933

Father/James M. Johnston/1842-1931/Serg. Co. K. 211th Reg PA. Vol.


James A./Cuttman/1889-1911

Next stone is unreadable

Isabel E./Cuttman/1852-1934

Lina B. Errett/1883-1957

ROW 12

Elizabeth Lyn/Wife of/Samuel Erwin/1820-1860

Sara A./Wife of/Jacob Geisel/Died Dec 13, 1902/Aged/52 Ys, 6 Mos, 4 DS

George H./Son of J & S.A. Geisel/Died Dec 13, 1889/Aged 25 Ys. 6 Mos, 23 Ds

Suraa/Daughter of/L & S.R. Moore/\Died Aug 5, 1889/Aged 2 Ms, 14 Ds

Infant/Son of/Jcob & Sadie/Geisel/Dec 24, Dec 30/1872

Zack Terry (rest is unreadable)

ROW 13

Clifford E./Trout/1905-1015

Lelia M./Trout/1891-1896

Lyman S./Trout/1900-1902

Next stone is unreadable

William W./Switzer/Feb 16. 1874/Sept 23, 1951/(Stone has fallen over)


King/Daughter/Violet P./1897-1902/Father/Jacob M./ 1867-1941/Mother/Maggie E./ 1875-1946

ROW 14

Infant/Son of/D.A. & M.C./Baird/1897

Infant/Son of/D.A. & M.C./Baird/1898

Emma C. Eisman/Jan 14, 1950

Daniel Beard/Died/Dec 21, 1901/Co. E, 11 Reg. PA Vol

William C. Trout/1916-1917

Trout/Miles W./1887-1954/Edith M./1888-1987

Next is a plain white wooden cross, no words

Corhelius C. Trout/Born/Feb 3, 1835/Died/Mar 24, 1909

Harriet Hough/Wife of/C.C. Trout/Born July 23, 1841/Died/Auig 8, 1902

Sam S. Trout/1878-1908

Clyde M. Trout/Born 1894/Pvt. M.G. Co, 320th Inf/Died July 8, 1918/In His Country's/Service

Trout/Cornelius H./1868-1946/Sarah Jane/1871-1952 (Note: My grandparents)

ROW 15

First four stones are unreadable, no words left on the stones

Stone is fallen over and is too heavy to lift.

Father/Lawrence E. Trout/1878-1930/Husband of Bessie

Mother/|Bessie L. Trout/Kiefer/1892-1951

Next four stones have no words left on them

Charles/McMerth/Mar 6, 1883/June 1900 (stone has fallen over)

Trout/1844-Issac F. - 1911/1953-Emma J.-1939/1883-Dollie M.-1968

ROW 16

Ruth Elizabeth/Millward/May 3, 1907/June 1907

1850-1937/Elizabeth Trout Barnhart/Aunt/(stone has a cross in the middle)

Joseph G./Son of/J.C. & J.C. Lesner/Oct 6, 1901/Dec 10, 1904

T.L. McBeth/1873-1908

No writing left on the next stone


Minerd/John V.S./Battery 5/Ohio Vol. Art.

Elizabeth A./Minard/1836-1923

ROW 17

Ira L.

Benner/Ira L. 1911-1912

Trout/Samuel H./1840-1914/Co. H. 16 Reg. U.S.I./Maria C. His Wife/1845-1918

1879-1934/Henry H. Trout/Father/John Henry McBeth/1904-1937

Ann C./Dau of/H.H. & M.F. Trout/Apr 18, 1902/Apr 15, 1911

Next two stones are unreadable

Wilmer/&/Bradges/(rest of the stone is broken off)

ROW 18

Trout/John W./1848-1915/Mary D./1848-1916

James Millard/1849-1919/Martha Ann His Wife/1851-1926

Hawk/Infant son/Delmas Clayton/1928/Our Darling

Son/Russell O. Trout/1905-1960

Trout/Father/Oliver I./1874-1940/Mother/Susanah E./1905-1960

Infant/Edward K. Trout/1919-1919

Hoak/Father/John C./ 1884-1970/Mother/Oliver Bell/1885-1925

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