Hempfield Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania
School Records

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dot.gif (935 bytes)   Alwine School, also on the east side of (old) Rt. 66 just south of the intersection with Rt. 993. Also closed in 1947, is currently the Alwine Civic Center. A 1 room building housing grades 1-3.

dot.gif (935 bytes)   Blank School - The Blank School was a two room brick schoolhouse located adjacent to the Union Cemetery in Hempfield Twp. at what is now the intersection of Bank School Road, Union Cemetery Road and Bothwell Farm Road. [thanks to Mary Meisner]

dot.gif (935 bytes)   Fairview School - was located on Edna Road near Adamsburg.  It was built in 1868 and eventually was used as a church.

dot.gif (935 bytes)   Fox's School was located near the intersection of the Hunker/Watlz Mill Rd and Penn Valley Rd., opposite where the auto auction is/was (haven't been there in several years).

dot.gif (935 bytes)   Grapeville school is in Grapeville adjacent to Jeannette. Located on top of the hill on 4th Street. I think the building is still standing; I don't know how many rooms it contained. Served grades 1-8, I believe. Probably closed around 1955.

dot.gif (935 bytes)   "old" Harrold School - located on Baltzer Meyer Pike near St. John's Church is currently being restored by the Baltzer Meyer Historical Society.

dot.gif (935 bytes)   Oak Grove School - on east side of Rt. 66, about 1/8 mi. north of the entrance to Allegheny Power. This school closed in 1947 and is now a private residence (I believe.) It was a 1 room building housing grades 4-6. 

 dot.gif (935 bytes)   Painterville School was south of New Stanton along the road going past the Sony plant. It was close to the present Methodist Church.

dot.gif (935 bytes)   Pleasant Valley School was located on what at the time was Pleasant Valley Road, now named North Greengate Road, just north of the intersection with Rt. 130. The school closed about the early 1950s, was converted to a residence, then torn down to make room for the toll Rt. 66 highway about 1992. It was a 2 room structure, probably had grades 1-6 or 1-8.  Additional Information from Carol Thomas - The Pleasant Valley School located on North Greengate Road stood on the south east corner of the Joseph Thomas property. Mr Joseph Thomas donated that property to Hempfield Township so that a school could be erected. As told to me by his daughter Henrietta Marie Thomas b. 1905.

dot.gif (935 bytes)   Don't have the name, but there is an old one-room schoolhouse on Whigham Road near Route 136.

dot.gif (935 bytes)   Kennedy School, located at the north end of Youngwood.

  St. Clair school located in Midway

  Weaves old stand in Armbrust

  Fightners on rt.819 beside central cemetery

  Painterville School the school was at the south end of New Stantonalong the road that currently goes through the town. It was a 2-room school, with grades 1-4 in one room and 5-8 in the other. At the time it had a stove in each room for heat and outhouses for the necessities. It was used as a school probably until the early 50s after which it was used by the adjacently located Methodist Church for an educational building. The school was still standing when my mother and I visited New Stanton in October 1998. At that time it was owned and used by the New Stanton United Methodist Church. The original Methodist church, which my mother attended, was adjacent to the school building. It was recently (1997, I think) razed and a new church building was built (just visible to the right rear of the school). The school was also razed sometime later.  - Thanks to Paul Claspy

  Another school in New Stanton was the big school that was located along the former Rt119 just east of town. It may have been called New Stanton School and it included several 2-room schools like the one in New Stanton as part of its census. It was recently demolished and I don't know when it was built. It was a fairly large 2-story building that went through, I think, 8th grade. My uncle, Paul W. Fox, was principal there for many years. - Thanks to Paul Claspy

  Lincoln Heights School, which was for first to sixth grades from the 1940's until perhaps the 70's. A beautiful brick building with four classrooms. It remains standing, although boarded up, on the north side of U.S. 30, on the road behind Eat N Park, in Linclon Heights. It has a great view of the new Jeannette school and what is left of McKee Stadium.   Harold V.C. Davis


If you know the name or location of any schools in the township , please e-mail me.  Thanks to Cynthia Bombach, Paul Calhoun, James Butterworth, George Neilson and Don Crago for providing this information.

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