St Martin's Catholic Church Cemetery
Derry Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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As Read Version (from top of hill behind Church working down back and forth) 

Hunsbarger, Eliza no dates
Hunsbarger,Daniel d. 15Jan1866 age 15 years
Hunsbarger, Elias d. 13Mar1887 age 79 years 2 months 6 days
Hunsbarger, Mary d. 18OCT1874 42Years
Hunsbarger, Lydia A. d. 28Nov1880 age 38 years 7 months 9 days
Doyle, Lawrence P. (son of P.C. & M.S. Doyle) 15Mar1870-24Jul1872
Malone,________ (Son of Martin D. & Sarah J. Malone) 28May1852-2Jul1892
Malone ,_____ died 2May1894
Smith, David A.(son of JA Smith) died 2Feb1867 age 2 years
Smith, John P. died 18May186_ age 18 years 6 days GAR Marker Company G 19th Infantry L.S.
Conner, Lucinda E. (wife of James Conner) d. 5Jul1876 age 40
Connor, Hannah A. (wife of James Connor) d. 1Mar185_ age 45 years
Connor, James died 11Dec1891 age 80 years
Barnett, Margaret (wife of J.W. Barnett) 1830-1903
Barnett, James W. Jr. 1868-1871
Johnston,Eliza (wife of Edward Johnston) 13Mar1826-8Apr1878
Johnston, Edward 18Jul1822-22Jan1908
Johnston, John A. 26Nov1851-10Sept1893
Johnston, Edward 27May1848-1Jun1871
Johnston, Mary Emma (daughter of E & E Johnston) 18Apr1861-6Jan1864
Macollin(?), Mary unreadable
McGuire, Ellen (wife of Francis McGuire) died 1Oct1881 age 58
(Native of Cork, Ireland)
McGuire, Francis 1807-1883
Martin�.large stone no visable inscription
Martin, Alice (wife of P. Martin) d. 19Feb1897 age 72 years
Martin, Peter d. 28Feb1885 age 63
Shean�.no visable inscription or other stones
Fisher, Mrs. __tor's age 81 years
Toner, Dr.Joseph M.. 30Apr1825-30Jul1896
Toner, James L. 25Dec1831-6Jan1899
Toner, Laura A. (wife of JL Toner) 4Dec1842-19Mar1898
Kelly, Ann K. d. 20Nov1878 age 78 years / on large Toner Stone
Toner (?), Elizabeth S. 2Aug1823-27Feb1838 / on large Toner Stone
Kelly, Dr. J.W. 1830-1858 / in Toner Plot
Fisher, Isabella 1837-1910 / in Toner Plot
Layton, John R. 1840-1896
Layton, A.J. 15Feb1860-11Jun1901
Layton, Frances (son of Margaret Layton) 28Dec1838-17Jun1865
Layton, D.H. no dates
Layton, Jas. 30Mar1876 age45 years 9 months
Layton, Mrs Margaret (wife of Jas. Layton) d. 27Mar1876
age 79 years 9 months 11 days
Layton, Margaret (daughter of Jas& Mar Layton) 28Oct1842-21Jun1876
Layton, Joseph d. 10Aug1861 (infant of J & M Layton)
Layton, Martha W. d 1867
Conner, James d. July 1860
Conner, Ellen d. 18Jan1861
Conner, Ann Riffle d. 21Jan1855
Conner, John Sr. d. 3Sept1861
Connor, Sarah d. 3Sept1861
Connor, Mary d. 11Oct1894
Connor, Nancy d. 16Dec1899
Connor, John Sr. d.15Jan1900
Connor, Jane d. 12Sept1907
Connor, Timothy d. 11sept1908
Haney, Jno Co.K 53 PA Inf
Haney, Wm Co.K PA Inf
Haney, Corp'l James Co.K 53rd PA Inf
Fisher, Susan M. (unreadable, in Haney Plot)
Haney, Margaret (wife of James Haney) died 20Sept1861 age 61
Haney, James died 25Jun1816 age 56years 8months 17days
Brown, Mary (nee Haney, wife of Thomas Brown) d. 18Feb1816 age 20 in Haney Plot
Haney, Margaret (daughter of J&M Haney) d. 3Aug18__ age 1 year 1month 12 days
Layton, Sarah (wife of James) 31Jan1852-3Dec1878
Miller, Daniel C. d. 19 Nov1879 age 32 years
Kuhnz, Solomon d. 7 Sept 18__(30 or 80) Age 31 years
Kuhn, Elizabeth (Wife of Solomon Kuhnz) d. 25Jan1879 Age 80 years
Kuhn, George S. d. 13Aug1870
McFadden, John born Co. Donegal Ire 1795 d. 5Aug1880
McFadden, Ann (wife of John) Born in Co. Donegal, Ire d 30Nov1885 age 78 years
Lynch, Bridget (wife of Bernard Lynch) Born Co. Donegal Ire died 9Oct1889 Age 23?
McIntyre, Bridget (wife of Charles) born Co. Donegal, Ire d. 22Aug1882 Age 93
Bras_m__m, Boas__ bon Co. Donegal, Ire died 3Jan1862 age 75 years
Cost, Margaret 1852-1919
Sweeney,Manasses d. 27Sept1886 age 56 years
Sweeney, Mary (wife of Daniel Monahan) d. 7Mar1896 age 59years 6 months 21days
Connor, John d. 4Sept1837
Connor, Annie d 26Dec1896 age 81years 4months 5days
Miller, Elizabeth (wife of George) d. 23Jun18__ (possibly1817)
McDermott, Mary (wife of Michael M. McDermott) born Co. Kildare Ire d. 16Jan1859 age 27
Henry, Elizabeth 1783-1867
ONiel, Mary A. 1820-1866 (on Henry stone)
Henry, Mary (wife of John) 1830-1895
Henry, Mary 1863-1890
Smyth, John P. (son of JB & CS Smyth) d. 11Aug1896 age 6 months (on Henry stone)
Fisher, Joseph 1838-1897
Fisher, Margaret (wife of Joseph) 1838-1909
Fisher, George 10May1878-22Dec1971
Fisher, Lawrence W. (infant of FJ & E Fisher) d 1899
Toman, Dorothy Fisher d 9Nov1910 (Fisher Plot)
Fisher, Edith Louise 19Jul1917-4Apr1993
Byrne, Patrick 1855-1878 stone erected by mother
Byrne, Andrew 1859-1870 stone erected by mother
Gleary, Francis L. 1864-1959
Gleary, Elizabeth 1835-1917
Gleary, William 1824-1885
Gleary, James E. 1866-1883
Case, Peter d. 29Feb1877 age 73 years
Case, Mary (wife of Peter) d. 11Apr1857 age 67 years
Bridge, Joseph S. 1859-1929 (next to large unreadable stone)
Ferrari, Andrew 1900-1966
Ferrari, Gemma 1908-1999
Ferrari, Anna J. 3Nov1908-24Jul1999
Ferrari, Fredrick L. 9Nov1910-11Oct1994
Ferrari, Marie R. Brantner (mother) 1876-1955
Ferrari, Freddie Jr. (son of FL ) d. 1947
Gianferrai, August (husband of June A. Marhefka) 1912-1972 Ferrari Plot
Gianferrai, Irma S. (mother) 1879-1953 Ferrai Plot
Gianferrai, Piog (father) 1876-1941 Ferrai Plot
Gianferrai, Mary (daughter) 1908-1929 Ferrai Plot
Short, William H. d. 8Nov1878 age 24years
_____,_____ b. Sept1818 d. 19AUG1875
Connor, Mary 26Jun1885-Sept1908
McHugh, Bernard d. 6Apr1876 age 69 born in Ire
McHugh, Bernard d. 1Aug1880 age 9years 4months 6days
McHugh, Alice 1812-1894
McHugh, Patrick 1837-1908
Conwell, Margaret McHugh 1839-1915 In McHugh Plot
McHugh, Bridget Agatha 1847-1915
McHugh, Mary 1883-1912
McHugh, Catherine & Bridget twin stone no dates visable
Durnin, Mary 1801-1883
Durnin, Joseph 1835-1895
Durnin, Mary 1839-1932
Magill, Col John C. 13Jan1811-11Oct1870 GAR
McGill, Charles 25Jan1887-6Dec1888
Donnelly, Sarah A. d. 9Nov1874 age 55 years
Donnelly, James d. 10Apr1876 age 67 years
McGuire, Chas B. 1832-1909
_______, Michael age 1year 10month 22days
_______, Margaret infant
_______, _______ infant
Miller, John d. 25Mar1867 age 44
Piper, Barbara E. Miller 1830-1907 in Miller Plot
Coyle, Anna (wife of William) d 5Aug1870 age 22 in Miller Plot
Pearson, John M. 1874
Pearson, Francis M. 1879
Pearson, William J. 1897
Pearson, Joseph L. 1875-1898
Pearson, Daniel 1849-1913
Pearson, Felicitas 1851-1919
Piper, John R. Corp __49 Reg P.V. d. 17May1904 age 73
Easly, _____
Easly,Casper d. 18Apr1875 age 80
Short, Peter (father) 1822-1910
Short, Barbara (mother) 1840-1917
Short, Ida (daughter) 1868-1877
Short, John 1866-1956
Short, Peter 1873-1963
Kintz, Mary T. 1875-1954 In Short Plot
O'Hara, Rose 11Feb1860-26May1943
O'Hara, John M. 1879-1898
Fisher, James T. 1866-1930
Fisher, Leo P. 1878-1962 (father)
Fisher, T. J.
Fisher, Elizabeth A. 1835-1907
Fisher, John Sr. 1836-1930
Fisher, Charles V. 1868-1951
Kuhn, Alice d. 2Feb1872 Age 4
Kuhn, Frank A. 18882-1962
Kutzer, Kim L. 1959-1956 In Kuhn Plot
Layton, Margurite 1900-1952
Williams, Agnes Layton 1903-1942 In Layton Plot
Mikolay, Marie Layton 1891-1959 In Layton Plot
Hughes, John J. 1845-1895
Hughes, Catherine 1852-1927
Hughes, Christian J. 1877-1907 (with Catherine & John Hughes stone)
Hughes, James F. 1887-1902 (with Catherine and John J. Hughes stone)
Torree, J.M. d. 27jan1869 (rest of stone unreadable)
McFadden, Hugh 1833-1885
McFadden, Mary J. 1836-1913
McFadden , Infants 6 unreadable small stones with Hugh and Mary McFadden stone
Kuhn, George 1834-1904
Kuhn, S. Jennie 1846-1924
Kuhn, C. Irene 1857-1919
Kuhn, Sarah (wife of Peter) 6May1816-7Mar1898
Kuhn, Peter d. 9 Aug1866 age 67 (husband of Sarah Kuhn)
Flowers, Valentine 1781-1872 May he rest in peace
Fitzpatrick, Thomas J. (son of Michael & Bridget Fitzpatrick) d. 29Jul18__(may read 72)
_____,_______ unreadable stone
______, _____ stone cross no names or dates
Kolb, Engelbert 1842-1929
Kolb, Mary A. 1842-1909
Kolb, Mary A. 1872-1965
Kolb, Sabaston d 19Jun__ age 60 years
Kolb, Mary (daughter of Sabaston Kolb) d. 1875 Age 55
Kolb, Cusa 13Jul18__( may read 1866)
Wey, James d. 186_ GAR
Connolly, Ellen b 22Feb1865 d 21Jan1890 (wife of John Connolly)
Connelly, Susan 23May1888-3Feb1890 age 2years 6months
Winefred d. 25 Aug1890
Dwyer, Margaret (wife of John) d. 13Jul1851 age 60
Myers, Joseph 1812-18_5
Myers, Catherine (wife of Joseph) d. 15Apr1891 age 64
Myers, unreadable
Myers, Michael A. 8Nov1864-10May1886
Brown, Sarah (mother) 1836-1885
Minick, John d. 1873 age 41 years GAR
Tyler, John d. 5Feb1882 Age 65 years
Miedinger, Emil no dates
Miedinger, Emily 1872-1953
Shew, Lewis S. (father) 1847-1918
Barr, John Comp D 152 Reg. D. 8Mar1891 42 years
Handlon, W.H. d. 31Dec1895 age 25years 10months 12days
Casaher, Maggie E. d. 1872
Henry, James 10Aug1851-26Feb1893
Connelly, Mary (wife of James Henry) 31May1856-14Jan1888
Cousins, William F. age 16 years
Cousins, Maryann age 23 years
Cousins, Susana J. age 23 years
Cousins, Elizabeth age 39 years
Cousins, Patrick F. d. 18 Mar1907 age 70
Cousins, Alice d. 18Dec1909 age 81years 5months 15days
Broderick, Jennie R. (wife of William) 28Apr1853-29Sept1913
Miller, George d. 1894 age75
Miller, _____ (wife of George Miller) d. Feb1881 age 57
Murray, Annie M. (wife of William A) d. 25Dec1875 age 32years 1month 3days
Fisher, George 1817-1899
Fisher, Rosana Ransel 1834-1875 (Geo & Ros were the first couple married 2Feb1858 at
St. Martins church erected by their children: Emma, Jerome K., Thomas, William,
Agnes, Francis H., Susa, Lawrence dated 1946
Monahan, Susan Fisher 1871-1961
Fisher, Lawrence A. 1873-1948 (husband of Mary E. Reffner) Firefighter Flag
Monahan, Joseph Leo 1906-1931
______, _____ unreadable flat stone
Shrum, David R. 1837-1923
Shrum, Julian E. 1842-1932
Shrum, Clara A. 1865-1889
Shrum, James H. 1878-1879
Shrum, William F. 1874-1944
Cullen, John 1839-1910 (husband of Elizabeth) GAR
Cullen, Elizabeth 1846-1929 (wife of John)
Cullen, Minnie 1874-1881 "sister"
Cullen, Joseph D. 1879-1880 "brother"
Donnelly, John H. no dates "brother"
Donnelly, Hugh 1872-1953
______,______ unreadable four sided monument
Werner, Rita Marie 1Oct1910-1Nov1910 (daughter of FE &CO Werner)
______, ______ unreadable b. 25Sept1845 d. 4May1905 GAR
Libengood, Raymond A. 22May1885-28Jun1885
McGarvey, Elizabeth (wife of B.A. McGarvey) d. 5Dec1885 Age 42
McGarvey, Bernard 1833-1917
McGarvey, James L. 1867-1882
Brown, Augusta S. d.1887
Brown, unmarked
Brown, Harry O. 1855-1908
Brown, Ellen d, 30Jun1897 Age 76years 6months 5days
Brown, Amanda d. 1926
Brown, Bertha d. 1935
Henry, George B. ( Husband of Mary A.) 23Apr1816-16Jun1882
Henry, Mary A. (wife of George B. Brown) 1820-1882
Henry, Jacob G. d. 18Sept1890 Age 34years 9months 21days
Henry, small unreadable stone
Monaghan, Margaret d. 12Sept1888 Age 23years 6months 5days
Monaghan Plot- 2 small unmarked stones
Byrnes. Patrick,d. 2Feb1894 GAR born County Wexford Ireland Age 52
Byrnes, Catherine d. 8Aug1913 Age 65
Hauenstein, John A. 1879-1965
Hauenstein, Susan 1878-1946
Skelly, Michael AS. 30Jul1843-4Apr1907 GAR
Skelly, Delbert 3Sept1880-11Feb1905 "husband"
Skelly, Hughie A. 1890-1956
Skelly, Mary Tulley d.31Aug1889 Age 69
Skelly, Hugheyh d. 21Mar1882 Age 4years 8months 21days
Skelly, Cletus d. 21Jan1888 Age 17years 8months 15days
Skelly, _____ (wife of David Skelly) d. 28Jun1892 age 53
Skelly, Leroy d. 2Jan1892 Age 17years
Carroll, Edward d. 8Apr1899 Age82
Carroll, Ann d. 28Oct1895 Age 78
Carroll,___ small unmarked stone
_____, __halen Co C d. July 1909
Gutchell, Elizabeth C. 22Jul1889-9Oct1963 "mother"
Markl, Charles d. 2Dec1882 Age 75
Markl, ____ (wife of Charles Markl) Age 76
Mann, Mary J. 1857-1936
Fryer, Margaret 1883-1969
McVey, Nettie 1875-1898
Fyrer, Amelia 1880-1905
Fyrer, Salome 1849-1933
___eurer, Conrad d 7Aug1899 age 36years 3months 9days
Kuhn, John J, 1851-1930 (husband of Mary J. Kuhn)
Kuhn, Mary J. (wife of John J. Kuhn) d. 6Feb1890
Kuhn, Ellen (wife of John Kuhn) 1843-1929
Fisher, Alice Kuhn 1883-1914
Toner, Mary Kuhn 1881-1911
Price, Annie Kuhn 1887-1926
Pahel, Joseph M. 1908-1963
Kuhn, Edward P. 1876-1930
Cyphert, John 1893-1914
Marron, Hugh J. 1889-1972
Marron, Mary E. 1890-1970
Cyphert, Peter R. 1854-1934
Cyphert, catherine 1862-1929
Cyphert, Basil Andrew 24May1887-16May1950 WW1 PA Wagoner
McGuire, James A. 1849-1928 (husband of Susie M. McGuire)
McGuire, Susie M. (wife of James A. McGuire) 1859-Blank
Kennedy, Rebecca d. 1889
Kennedy, Patrick dates unreadable
_____, ______ unreadable
Kinnan, Wiliam E. 1868-1937 "father"
Kinnan, Margaret D. 1866-1936 "mother"
Kinnan, Sqt. William L. 1905-1949 WWII
_____, _____ large unreadable stone in Bridge Plot
Bridge, Mary 1822-1912
Bidge, Henry C. 3Dec1854-3Oct1937
Bridge, Elizabeth (wife of Henry C. Bridge) 27May1866-8Sept1929
Bridge, Mary C. (wife of Charles A. Murphy) 1889-1914
Bridge, Leo E. 8May1894-13May1929
Bridge, Geneva F. 10Oct1891-26Jul1895
Bridge, Alice E. 1896-1951 "our dear"
Bridge, Vincent 1904-1942
Bridge, Elizabeth (wife of Andrew Bridge) 9May1832-19May1898
Bridge, Andrew 7Mar1832-1Jun1913
Bridge, Alfred 1896-1913
Bridge, Charles 1870-1919
Bridge, Rose C. 1874-1953
Bridge, Catherine C. 1913-1929
Johns, Joseph Martin (son of J. Johns) d. 11Mar1887 Age 18years 8 months 6days
Johns, Joseph 1848-1923
Johns, Catherine A. 1843-1930
Kinnan, Annie M. (wife of JF Kinnan) d. 27Nov1908 Age 26years Tree Monument inJohns Plot
Johns, Veronica V 1881-1950
Gerberding, Alice Johns 1880-1969 in Johns Plot
Gelston, Pauline (daughter of GB & P Gelston) d. 18Jun1891 Age 15years 10months
Sanford, Leonard 1904-1915
Shrum, Joseph 1863-1922
Shrum, Julia 1888-1889
Shrum, Bernard 1889-1890
Shrum, Bernadette 1892-1893
Shrum, Lawrence 1887-1903
Shrum, Emma 1909-1809
Werner, Irene C. 1898-1911
Werner, George S. d. 15Mar1891 Age 77years 10months 26days
Douns, Mary J. 22Apr1882-7Jul1905
Reffner, Mary E. (wife of Lawrence A. Fisher) 1883-1958 "mother"
Reffner, Arthur 1854-1914
Reffner, Eva L. Bennett 1863-1908
Smith, Michael E. 1863-1918 (husband of Nancy Smith)
Smith, Nancy (wife of Michael E. Smith) 1872-1937
Smith, Wilbur 1903-1932
Smith, Mary 1897-1997
Johnson, Patrick 1876-1962
Smyth, John 1800-1865 (husband of Margaret M. Smyth)
Smyth, Margaret M. (wife of John Smyth) 1831-1906
Smyth, William B. 1861-1909 (husband of Elizabeth a. Smyth)
Smyth, Elizabeth A. 1860-1896 (wife of William B. Smyth)
Smyth, Bernard J. (son of Wm & E Smyth) 1882-1908
Smith, Lucretia 1866-1896
Smith, Thomas 1865-1931
Akins, Frank J. 1863-1906
Akins, Margaret Agnes 1864-1926
Akins, Rev. Charles J. 1896-1924
Akins, Sister Mary Eva 1885-1965
Ransil, Henry J. 1828-1895 (husband of Mary A. Ransil)
Ransil, Mary A. (wife of Henry J. Ransil) 1831-1896
Harr, G.1869-1895
Harr, Stella M. 1871-1898
Harr, Philomena, A 1860-1936
Short, Peter J. 1911-1936 "son" (son of Emma Mae Short)
Short, Emma Mae (mother of Peter J. Short) 1868-1942
Gallagher, Edward J. 1875-1933 "father"
Kennedy, Mary (wife of John Kennedy) d. 11Jan1892 Age 50
Kozar, Stephen W. 1911-1937 "husband"
Franchock, Michael M. 1910-1959
Lynch-Potthoff, Damien Micheal 12Nvo1991-22Nov1991
Kelly, Peter J. 16Mar1897-6Apr1950 WWII
Connor, Rita 1920-1927
Connor, Sarah 1922-1938
Connor, Patrick 1896-1937
Connor, Michael 1862-1922
Connor, Elizabeth 1859-1934
Connor, John T. 1896-1918
Connor, Pearl 1886-1918 (wife of William Connor)
Omelite, Pvt. George 1898-1953 WW1
Omelite, Elizabeth 1902-1987 (wife of George Omelite)
Omelite, Edith Elizabeth 10Sept1967-11Sept1967
Omelite, Martha Ann d 29Jul1968 (on twin stone with Edith Elizabeth Omelite)
Omelite, Joseph G. 1924-1971 WWII Navy
Malarick, Stephen A. 1903-1972
Malarick, Mary C. (wife of Stephen) 1908-Blank
Connor, Edward J. 1905-1974 (husband of Rose Connor)
Connor, Rose (wife of Edward J. Connor) 1904-1986
Nolan, Wayne 1928-1987 US Army Vet - Korea (husband of Elizabeth Nolan)
Nolan, Elizabeth J. (wife of Wayne Nolan) 1929-Blank
Patrick, Austin James (son of L.J & K) infant
Fleming, Frank 1863-1947 "father" WWII(husband of Anna b. Fleming)
Fleming, Anna B. (wife of Frank Fleming) 1863-1941
Fleming, Robert J. 1858-1928 (husband of Margaret S. Fleming)
Fleming, Margaret S. (wife of Robert J. Fleming) 1866-1912
Johnston, Charles A. 1855-1932 (husband of Lena S. Johnstown)
Johnston, Lena S. (wife of Charles A. Johnston) 1858-1944
Johnston, Harry C. 1883-1916
Johnston, John L. 1896-1953
Dietz,____no dates
Dietz, Frank F. 1886-1968
Riffle, Barnabus d.6Apr1903 Age 73 GAR
Riffle, Children of R. & G.W Riffle
Riffle, George J. d. 3Dec1888 Age 18years 9months 26days (PRR Brakeman)
Riffle, L.J. no dates
Riffle, C.J. no dates
Pahel, Nicholas 1858-1939 (husband of Mary A. Pahel)
Pahel, Mary A. (wife of Nicholas Pahel) 1865-1940
Fisher, ___large unreadable stone
Fisher, James R. "son" 1881-1910
Carney, Catherine A. (wife of H. Carney) 1877-1911
Fisher, Joseph C. "son" 1883-1898(son of Julia Fisher)
Fisher, Julia "mother" 1853-1925 (mother of Joseph C. Fisher)
Fisher,_____ "father" unreadable (husband of Julia Fisher)
Kolb, Edward L 1884-1948 (husband of Elizabeth Kolb)
Kolb, Elizabeth 1886-1973 (wife of Edward L. Kolb)
Kolb, Marion 1922-1979
Dwyer, Mary 1951-1951
Daily, Mary C. 1861-1901 "mother" (wife of Thomas J. Daily)
Daily, Thomas J. "father" 1866-1960 (husband of Mary C. Daily)
Fannie, Orlando 1914-1991
Fannie, Elizabeth E. 1917-1963
Meidinger, John R. 25Mar1894-6Mar1964 (husband of Jennie R. Meidinger)
Meidinger, Jennie R. (wife of John R. Meidinger) 16Jul1895-24Nov1963
Meidinger, Emily jane 25aug1919-3jan1972
Kuhn, James P. d. 23aug1903 Age 28 (husband of Jennie C. Kuhn)
Kuhn, Jennie C. (wife of James P. Kuhn) d. 11Jul1901 Age 17
Kuhn, James E. (infant son of James & Jennie Kuhn) d. 11Jul1901
Jellison, Wlliam D.. 1874-1948 "father" (husband of Elizabeth C. Jellison)
Jellison, Elizabeth C. (wife of William D. Jellison) 1875-1947
Jellison, Gerald A. 1917-1956 "husband & father"
Reven, Elizabeth (wife of John Reven) 1832-1906 "our mother"
Skelly, Gertrude 1874-1960 (wife of John J. Skelly)
Skelly, John J. 1866-1962 (husband of Gertrude Skelly)
Nicol, John 1867-1935 "father"
Morandi, Louis 1890-1962 "father" (husband of Sarah Nolan)
Morandi, Sarah Nolan 1897-1935 (wife ofLouis Morandi)
Tierney, Amanda 1876-1938
Murphy, Andrew J. 1860-1918 (husband of Annie)
Murphy, Annie 1861-1923 (husband of Andrew J. Murphy)
Murphy, James 1831-1908 (Husband of of Agnes Murphy)
Murphy, Agnes 1837-1932 (wife of James Murphy)
Murphy, James E. 1893-1973 "father" WWI
Murphy, Raymond A. 1934-1996 (husband of Margaret F. Murphy)
Murphy, Margaret F. 1906-1992 (wife of Raymond A. Murphy)
Murphy, Robert E. 1936-1992
Murphy, Raymond Reed 30Aug1895-13Jun1927 WWI US Navy
Murphy, HelenE. 18Aug1899-25Sept1961 (wife of Raymond Reed Murphy)
O'Rourke, John 1858-1914
O'Rourke, Sarah J. 1872-1947
O'Rourke, Eugene 1907-1907
O'Rourke, Walter 1882-1917
O'Rourke, William Craig 1904-1947
O'Rourke, Ester a. 1881-1924
Murphy, William S 1863-1952 (husband of Gertrude R. Murphy)
Murphy, Gertrude R. 1873-1959 (wife of William S. Murphy)
Murphy, Gloria W.1896-1978
Murphy, Charles E. 1906-1963
Murphy, Catherine C. 1904-1987
Murphy, Theodore J. 1902-1985 WWI
McBroom, Mary B. 19Aug1920-Blank
McBroom, Francis B. 30Apr1939-17Nov1995 (son of Mary B. McBroom)
Spillar, Frank J. 1915-1948
Spillar, Catherine V. 1913-1989
Spillar, Richard 1945-1946
Johns, Bernard D. 1878-1964
Johns, Blanche 1887-1953
Johns. Edward M. 8Apr1922-3Feb1948 WWII
Johns, Larry B. 1924-1986 WWII
Johns, Joseph L. 1911-1976 WWII
Henderson, Mary Peterson 1909-1938 "mother"
Liebel, Raymond 1921-1999 WWII
Liebel, Emil 8Apr1887-27Oct1935 WWI
Liebel, John 1889-1957 (husband of Eva Liebel)
Liebel, Eva E. 1891-1983 (wife of John Liebel)
Geary, Jerome M. d. 13Apr1959 (husband of Daisy F. Geary)
Geary, Daisy F. d. 12Nov1952 (wife of Jerome Geary)
Short, George A. 1862-1957 Woodmen of the World Monument
Short, Ella M. 1865-1931
Short, J. Ward 1892-1916
Short, Marguerite B. 1896-1935
Short, Mary D. 1890-1973
Backes,____ Large stone/no other inscription
McGraw, Ray d. 28Jul1962 "son"
Rice,___ no other names or dates
Stromer, George J. 24Jul1884-7Dec1963 WWI
Stahle, William J. 1869-1936
Stahle, Alice m. 1876-1944 (wife of William J. Stahle)
Myers, Joseph G. 1860-1925 (husband of Mary C. Myers)
Myers, Mary C. 1870-1908 9wife of Joseph G. Myers)
Myers, ____ unreadable
Myers, Virginia 1894-1967
Gaus, Sylvester 1863-1910
O'Connor, Lydia 1864-1893
Griffin, Elizabeth d. 17Apr1894 Age 74years
Stvertnovich, Steve Sr. 1857-1927
Stvertnovich, Steve Jr. 1892-1918
Stvertnovich, Catherine 1847-1945
Bridge, James 1846-1909 (husband of Ellen Bridge)
Bridge, Ellen, 1850-1912 (wife of James Bridge)
Bridge, E. Gertrude 1879-1933
Bridge, Ella R. 1888-1902
Bridge, Cora A. 2Jun1886-28Jan1968 WW1 Army Nurse Corp
Bridge, ____ J. no dates
Repp, John F. 1867-1912
Repp, Alice E. 1863-1947
Repp, Frances A. 1898-1971
Brown, Joseph H. 1863-1927
Brown, Agnes M. 1872-1941
Brown, James A. 1873-1949 (husband of Ida C. Brown)
Brown, Ida C, 1876-1905 (wife of James a. Brown)
Smith, Andrew S. 1880-1947 (husband of Helen Smith)
Smith, Helen 1880-1959 (wife of Andrew S. Smith)
Smith, Edward J. 1915-1966 WWII
Smith, Paul J. 1909-1952
Smith, Catherine M. 1909-1966
Karasack, Max 1896-1931 (husband of Harriet F.)
Karasack, Harriet F. 1895-1975 (wife of Max)
Karasack, Joseph 1894-1967 WWI
Karasack, Joseph 1857-1930
Karasack, Mary 1857-1949
Karasack, Edward 1903-1945
Karasack, Joseph d.29Nov1952
Murphy, James 1836-5Jan1918 (husband of Caroiline E. Murphy)
Murphy, Caroline E. 1855-1911 (wife of James Murphy)
Murphy, Stella 8Sept1879-9Jan1936
Murphy, Annie A. 19May1886-6May1901
Murphy, Frank 1882-1904
Zacherl, George 1880-1907
Lynch, Anna Zacherl 1882-1954
Lynch, Michael 1884-1955
Cassley, Joseph J. d. 1910 (husband of Irene Cassley)
Cassley, Irene d. 1905 (wife of Joseph J. Cassley)
Cassley, Terry W. 1949-1973 (son of Joseph and Irene Cassley)
Ruffner, Simon P. 1845-1909
Ruffner, Mary E. 1851-1936
Barnett, Henry L 1871-1983
Barnett, Francis E. 1868-1931
Cosgrove, Michael 1823-1909 (husband of Mary Brown Cosgrove)
Brown, Mary 1828-1904 (wife of Michael Cosgrove)
Cosgrove, James 1863-1885
Cosgrove, Bridget 1846-____
Cosgrove, Mary 1852-____
Cosgrove, Joseph 1881-_____
Cosgrove, Sarah 1861-_____
Cosgrove, Elizabeth 1867- _____
Cosgrove, Margaret M. 1867-1959
Cosgrove, Dr. William B. 1856-1911
Cosgrove, William Paul 13Oct1904-24Apr1984 WWII
Thurkins, Anna 1867-1911
Thurkins, infant stone
Thurkins, Frank 1899-1984
Connell, Mary C. 1874-1911
Feasel, Leo J. 1878-1953 (husband of Emma C. Feasel)
Feasel,Emma C 1880-1957 (wife of Leo J. Feasel)
Feasel, Joseph L. 1912-1967 WWII
Feasel, Mary Rose 1904-1939
Switzer, Anna Feasel 1907-1937
McCallum, Grace Feasel 1913-1975
Dingo, Regina 1888-1937 (wife of Sylvestro Dingo)
Dingo, Slyvestro 1885-1949
Dingo, Mary 1923-1944
Dingo Mary Mazero 1905-1944
John, Louis Ianni D. 1874-1941
John, Domenica 1875-1959 "mother"
John, Fred S. Jr. 3Dec1924-5Dec1983 WWII
John, Julius 1914-1963 (husband of Helen John)
John, Helen 1914-1996 (wife of Julius John)
Johns, Louis 1923-Blank (husband of Margaret Johns) WWII
Johns, Margaret L Miller 1924-1999 ( wife of Louis Johns)
Johns, Clarence "Babe" 14Dec1907-2Mar1988 (husband of Josephine Johns)
Johns, Josephine M. 1915-1996 (wife of Clarence "Babe"Johns)
John D. Family - Large monument
John, Victoria July1943-July1943
John, "Baby" March 1955-March 1955
John, John D. 19Feb1929-13Dec1966 Korea
Hauser, Joann John 1934-1997 "mother" In John Plot
John, Fred 1900-1986 (husband of Anna C. John)
John, Anna C. 1904-1959 (wife of Fred John)
Brezo, Frank 1904-1942
Brezo, Jennie 1904-2000
Brezo, John 1883-1949
Brezo, Mary 1886-1974
Bordell, Lawrence T. 1887-5Sept1942 "father" WWII
Bordell, Hilda M. 1901-1986 "mother" (wife of Lawrence t. Bordell)
Bordell, Lawrence J. 1936-1988 US Veteran
Levrio, Peter 1876-1944 (husband of Theresa Levrio)
Levrio, Theresa 1886-1978 (wife of Peter Levrio)
Levrio, James P. 1923-1995 "brother"
Levrio, John 1911-1997 "brother" WWII
Johnston, Charles Martin 1932-1942
Johnston, Paul J. 1890-1953 (husband of Bertha M. Johnston) WWI
Johnston, Bertha M. 1895-Blank (wife of Paul J. Johnston)
Gasdek, Peter 1877-1948 "father" (husband of Anna Gasdek)
Gasdek, Anna 1873-1953 "mother" (wife of Peter Gasdek)
Gasdek, Edward 1917-1974
Brodar, Steve 1885-1944 (husband of Helen Brodar)
Brodar, Helen 1894-1957 (wife of Steve Brodar)
Brodar, Elizabeth 1929-1975
Kinnan, James R. 1872-1947 (husband of Mary Kinnan)
Kinnan, Mary M. 1882-1974
Ritenour, Pamela A. 1984 "infant"
____, ____ unmarked WWII
Mulheren, Leonard 1934-1994 (husband of MaryJane Mulheren)
Mulheren, Mary Jane 1937-1970 (wife of Leonard Mulheren)
Kuchta, Michael J. 1871-1944 (husband of Mary E. Kuchta)
Kuchta, Mary E. 1870-1953 (wife of Michael J. Kuchta)
Kuchta, Anna C. 1905-1983 "sister"
Kuchta, Michael J. Jr. 1903-1962 "brother WWII
Johnston, Aloysius E. 1888-1977 (husband of Agnes M. Johnston)
Johnston, Agnes M. 1891-1967 (wife of aloysius E. Johnston)
Sampo, Peter 1885-1947 (husband of Aurelia Sampo)
Sampo, Aurelia 1894-1959 (wife of Peter Sampo)
Larkin, John R. 1858-1922 (husband of Mary B. Larkin)
Larkin, Mary B. 1865-1957 (wife of John R. Larkin)
Larkin, Roseanna L. 1902-1965
Larkin, Leo 1904-1967
Bradley, JohnH. 1876-1948
Henry, Mary E. 1843-1916
Henry, Israel J. 1845-1918
Henry, Alice M. 1879-1959
Ruffner, R.R. 1921
Ruffner, James W. 1893-1967 (husband of Gertrude Ruffner)
Ruffner, Gertrude A. 1881-1965 (wife of James W. Ruffner)
Fatora, John 1865-1923 (husband of Mary Fatora)
Fatora, Mary 1871-1947 (wife of John Fatora)
Fatora, Mary E. 1898-1951
Fatora, Andrew J. 1897-1968
Bridge, Wm P. 1866-1936 (Husband of Mary C. Bridge)
Bridge, Mary C. 1876-1953 (wife of Wm P. Bridge)
Bridge, Paul John d. 22Sept1917 Age 18years 2months 13days (son of Wm P. & Mary C. Bridge)
Smetana, Andrew 1854-1937 (husband of Barbara Smetana)
Smetana, Barbara 1863-1934 (wife of Andrew Smetana)
Smith, Marsella 1906-1910 (daughter of S.W. & G.C. Smith)
Campbell, _____ F. 9Dec1901-6Apr1902
Mosi, Angilo 1866-1902 Age 49(?)
Settino, Michael 8Sept1867-31Mar1905
Settino, Frank 20Oct1872-16Jan1905
Neil, Elmer F. 28Apr1872-16Jan1906
Lattanzio, Vicenzo no dates
Cerroni, Francesco D. 10Feb1909 Age 38
Sylvestri, Lodovico 1860-1907
_______, ________ unreadable
Rinaldi, Celestino no dates
Hornian, Maria Foldy 1882-1908
Britvec, Paul 13Apr1909
Cox, James 1872-1963 (husband of Margaret Cox)
Cox, Margaret 1878-1940 (wife of James Cox)
Kessler, Andrew 1888-1949 (husband of Veronica Kessler)
Kessler, Veronica 1893-1939 (wife of Andrew Kessler)
Bougher, Clement A. 1862-1913
Bougher, Matila A. 1861-1953
Bougher, William J. 22Aug1908-16Mar1958 WWII
Mazero, John 1874-1924 (husband of Theresa)
Mazero, Theresa 1879-1952 (wife of John Mazero)
Mazero, Doyle 30Mar1919-5Apr1923
Dingo, John D. 1933-1934 "son" In Mazero Plot
Nessler, Betty Lee 20Aug1922-22Apr1925
Nessler, Leo B. 1889-1930 (husband of Sarah B. Nessler)
Nessler, Sarah B. 1899-1972 (wife of Leo B. Nessler)
Fiorino, Maurizio 1852-1927
Fiorino, Luigia 1861-1944
Ottino, Cherena 1898-1993
Paradise, Sabatino 1870-1939 (husband of Julia Paradise)
Paradise, Julia 1884-1967 (wife of Sabatino Paradise)
Depasquale, Anthony F. 1906-1983
Wilforth, Florian L. 1882-1942 (husband of Rose T. Willforth)
Wilforth, Rose Teressa 1889-1960 (wife of Florian Willforth)
Wilforth, John 3JUN1917-29DEC1995
Kerin, George 1897-1967 (husband of Nellie M. Kerin)
Kerin, Nellie M. 1910-1966 (wife of George Kerin)
Lesnock, Joseph 1882-1959 (husband of Mary Lesnock)
Lesnock, Mary 1887-1944 (wife of Joseph Lesnock)
Lesnock, Mary 1914-1977 "Dear Sister"
Sulkosky, Frank Stanley 1949-1950
James, Herman 1904-1937
Scaramuzzi, Baby no dates
Esri, Luigi d. 6MAR1920 Age 87
Rich, Sylvanio 1882-1918
Simondi, Toni "Nato Foglisso Canavese 1889-Morto 19FEB____
Lucito, Pietro d. 7APR1916 Age 40 Native of Italy
Pavic, Joseph 187_-1922
Deters, Andrew J. 1890-1911
Allden, Thomas d. 2NOV1908 (age buried)
Bornprei, Bizenn 1895-1908
______,______(unreadable asphalt stone)
Penich, Josephine 24SEPT1913-21FEB1932
Nolan, William 1860-1932 (husband of Catherine Nolan)
Nolan, Catherine 1870-1945 (wife of Wiliam Nolan)
______,_____ (old stone sunk under ground)
Joe, Alfonse D. 1913-1931
Zedik, Frank 1917-1930 "son"
Negra, Mario Della 1919-1930 "son"
Riffle, Harry A. 1881-1930
Matiloe, Eiraudo 1859-1930
Grebenz, Frank 1879-1928
Caraccioli, Luigi 17JUL1886-9JAN1928
Kubik, Catherine 1868-1927 "mother"
Filotei, Margarite 1922-1926
Ianni, Bartolomeo 1858-1926
Debacco, Mafalda Rose 17FEB1908-22OCT1925
Dellavoro, C. Poggia 1889-1924
Filotei,Constanino 4MAR1882-29APR1924
Sampo, Peter 13JUL1875-2FEB1924
Voitek, John 1872-1924 (husband of Elizabeth Voitek)
Voitek, Elizabeth 1882-1970 (wife of John Voitek)
Paradisi, Lena 25MAR1914-1923
Gigliozzi, Nazzarenno 1887-1920
Trovers, Domonick 1864-1926
Razza, Mary 1889-1932
Razza, Dominick 1884-1959
Shumaker, Michael 1854-1936 (husband of Rosalia Shumaker)
Shumaker, Rosalia 1860-1942 (wife of Michael Shumaker)
Baroni, Luigi 1889-1936 "Erected by UMWA"
Frayvolt, Mary H. 1872-1933
Murray, James N. d. 2NOV1912
Acostino, Maria 28SEPT1883-29OCT1912
Acostino, E. Imioccnza Parri 22MAY1883-29OCT1912
________,______(base visible , no stone)
________, ______ 1881-1912 (unreadable
Pagetti, Maddalena 1903-1912
Yanczyszin, Petro 1888-1911
Yakopovich, George 1877-1937 (husband of Helen Yakopovich)
Yakopovich, Helen 1879-1940 (wife of George Yakopovich)
Bercel, Joseph Francis 1869-1949 (husband of Mary Helen Bercel)
Bercel, Mary Helen 1878-1958 (wife of Joseph F. Bercel)
Bercel, Ann Rose 1917-1937 (daughter of JF & MH Bercel)
Scaramuzzi, A. 1912-1915
Matteuce, Arcillo 1910-1911
Paradisi, Teresa 1APR1912-1916
Santilli, Elena 16MAR1908-12JAN1912 (daugher of Flavian & Annie Santilli)
Paradise, Vincenzo 18JUN1915-15JAN1916
Jacobelly, Adela 11NOV1911-14MAR1912
Pagetti, Rugiero 1913-1916
Shumaker, Anna 19MAR1896-21MAR1915
Salvi, Italo 1911-1912
Paradise, Frank 7DEC1916-2JAN1917
Lamatrice, Maria 9MAR1912-2APR1913
Kosicki, Joseph d. 23JUL1913
Shumaker, Joseph 1911-1914 (on twin stone w/John Shumaker)
Shumaker, John 1909-1914 (on twin stone w/ Joseph Shumaker)
Razza, Della 1936
Filotei, Margaret 1848-1936
Levrio, Edward J. 1942 "Infant"
Razza, Louis 1910-1947 "Father"
Peracchino, Jimmy JAN1923-JUL1923
Omelite, Elizabeth 6NOV1924-7NOV1924
Brezo, Francis 26JUN1927-26JUN1927
Shabella, Cecelia (infant stone w/ angel -no dates)
Giuseppi, Frank 1880-1961 "father" (husband of Elizaberh Giuseppi)
Giuseppi, Elizabeth 1886-1936 "mother" (wife of Frank Giuseppi)
Joe, James W. 1911-1943 "father" (husband of Valia M. Joe)
Joe, Valia M. 1917-Blank (wife of James W. Joe)
Makovich, Nick 1884-1943
Landa, Joseph 1868-1947
Ciccone, Rosemary 30SEPT1957-1OCT1960
Balaga, Virginia K. 1947 "Our Darling"
Percha, Infant nodates
Fannie, Infant Girl 1945
Shine, Donald d. 5MAY1935
Prah, James 1934-1934 Infant
Calabrese, Baby Boy d.1948
Cox, Baby Girl d. June 1951
Beatrice, Baby Boy D. 1938
Ray, Baby Boy (son of Merle & Mary) no dates
Lyons, David J. d. 1939 Infant Son
Lyons, Ronald M. d. 1942 Infant Son
Jellison, Gerald Albert Jr. 1943-1943
______, ______ base of stone only
Ray, Baby Girl (daughter of Merle & Mary Ray-no dates)
______, Baby 1937
Johns, William H. 1908-1971 (husband of Marie E. Johns)
Johns, Marie E. 1908-1999 (wife of Wiliam H. Johns)
Kozar, George 1914-1971 (husband of Catherine Kozar)
Kozar, Catherine 1916-Blank (wife of George Kozar)
Malnofski, Valentine 1862-1944
Kuchta, Joseph 1902-1958 "Daddy"
Kuchta, Paul L. 1945-1980 Vietnam Veteran
Ray, Merle C. 22OCT1912-11OCT1985 (husband of Mary L. Ray)
Ray, Mary L. 4APR1920-2JAN1996 (wife of Merle C. Ray)
Ray, Kimberly 25AUG1961-14DEC1962 (daugher of Merle and Mary Ray)
Novello, Daniel 1912-1961 "father" (husband of Anna Novello)
Novello, Anna 1913-1998 "mother" (wife of Danile Novello)
Debacco, Rose M 1916-1983
Debacco, Victor 1915-Blank
Debacco,_____ 1947-1953
Lazorick, Mike d. 17MAR1952
Cesare, Victoria 1888-1950 "mother"
Novello, Emilio 1888-1949
Novello, Drusolina 1889-1969
Vargo, Michael 1891-1960 "father" (husband of Mary Vargo)
Vargo, Mary 1889-1949 "mother" (wife of Michael Vargo)
Ray, Edward 1907-1972 "father" (husband of Mary J. Ray)
Ray, Mary J. 1907-1948 "mother" (wife of Edward Ray)
Sopetto, Lawrence 1890-1961
Sopetto, Mary 1894-1944
Fannie, Olindo 1882-1944
Fannie, Ernestine 1883-1952
Rick, Michael 1889-1944 WW(Sgt Con'st Div)
Rick, Anna C. 1898-1989 (wife of Michael Rick)
Sweeney, Sarah D. 1892-1977 "mother"
Gelsdorf, Edward J. 1888-1943 "father"
Laposky, John G. 1900-1942 "son"
Laposky, John S. 1870-1954
Laposky, Catherine R. 1883-1962
Percha, Andy 1885-1955
Percha, Francis 1882-1942
Prah, Louise 24JAN1884-9MAR1964
Prah, John 9JUL1884-15JUL1942
Toracchio, Tony 1889-1966
Toracchio, Giacinda 1889-1942
Volbert, Katherine R. 1910-1947 "sister"
Tommasini, John 1894-1935 "gone but not forgotten"
Pazicni, Joseph "baby" 1916-1918
Scaramuzzi, Liborio 1883-1921
_____-broken unmarked stone
---------- cement cross no name or dates
Omelite, Agnes 1915-1918 "sister"
Penich, Matija 1884-1920
Armandi, Adalgisa d. 1919
Shields, Alice d.1918 Age 19years (daughter of J & C Shields)
Mariotti, Ottavio 1871-1918
Pacetti, Giovanni (dates buried)
Shumaker, Mathew 2NOV1898-18OCT1918
Heimbring, Andrew 1880-1917
Frayvolt, Andrew d. 26JUL1915 Age 49years
______small granite cross-unreadable
Zomrela, Mary Pichniancyk d. FEB 1923
Orsini, Victoria 1890-1923
Riffle,_____ (small white wood cross, no other name or date)
Shabella, Pearl E. 1925-1945
Stepanic, Thomas F. 1872-1944
Short, Charles E. 1904-1942
Phillips, Amelia F. 1923-1940
Giannini, Giocondo 1882-1982 "father" (husband of Giulia Giannini)
Giannini, Giulia 1882-1940 "mother" (wife of Giocondo Ginnini)
Fisher, Josephine Rich 1912-1940
Turk, Andy (no dates)
Cesare, Angelo 1882-1939 "father"
Reoii, Nicholas J. 1860-1914 "father" (husband of Magdaline Reoii)
Reoii, Magdaline 1862-1939 "mother" (wife of Nicholas J. Reoii)
Orazio, Domenick 1937-1938
Sliva, Steve J. 1903-1981
Sliva, Lucy A. 1907-1988
Blatnik, John 1885-1943
Johnston, Frank H. 1886-1954 (husband of Pauline I. Johnston)
Johnston, Pauline I. 1889-1946 (wife of Frank H. Johnston)
Broskey, Peter 1880-Blank
Broskey, Anna C. 1886-1946 "mother of 12 children"
Kozar, Steve 1886-1968
Kozar, Elizabeth 1887-1946
Yumin, Olga 1916-1946
DeBacco, Antonio 1869-1953 (husband of Angela DeBacco)
DeBacco, Angela 1877-1946 (wife of Antonio DeBacco)
Yumin, Thomas 1884-1948 (husband of Helen Yumin)
Yumin, Helen 1885-1971 (wife of Thomas Yumin)
Matteo, John 1885-1951
Matteo,Helen 1885-1969
Nolan, Neal 1901-1951
Nolan, Edward 1895-1953 WWI
Nicol, Catherine M. 1878-1946
Eiraudo, Dominick 1882-1947
Nicol, Mario B. 1914-1970 WWII
Probst, Henry 1911-1961
Probst, Catherine 1914-1978
Gigliozzi, Antonio 1883-1956 WWII "brother"
Bertolo, Charles D. 1890-1965
Pennesi, John 1897-1963 (husband of Mary Pennesi)
Pennesi, Mary 1907-1981 (wife of John Pennesi)
Spehar, John Edward 1918-1963 WWII
Spehar, Catherine M (wife of John Edward Spehar (no dates)
Yirsa, Josephine 1882-1961 "mother"
Dinco, Cando 1908-1981
Dinco, Ann M. 1908-1987
Orazio, Peter 1894-1966
Orazio, Domenica 1913-1996
Conner, William J. 1883-1967
Conner, Ella 1883-1972
Merlin, Julius L. 1918-1967 WWII
Merlin, Cora J. 1925-Blank
Volpe, Franis F. 1928-1989 Korea
Volpe, Janet M. 1932-1967
Levrio, Edward J. 1915-Blank
Levrio, Mary L. 1918-1966
Heilman, Joseph L. 28APR1890-5NOV1968 WWI
Heilman, Margaret G. 1891-1983
Sopetto, Paul 1918-1971 "brother" WWII
Sopetto, Matilda 1916-1996 "sister"
Garella, John 1896-1976
Garella, Theresa 1901-1966
Kozemchak, Mary Matteo 1913-1965
Larkin, Charles 21AUG1890-3AUG1973 WWI
Yumin, George A. 1927-1983 (married 26NOV1969 to Helen L. Yumin)
Yumin, Helen L, 1934-Blank (wife of George A. Yumin)
Larkin, James Bradley 10SEPT1893-25APR1970 WWI
Laposky, Susan A. 1909-1979
Laposky, Margaret S. 1905-1977
Glass, Joseph 1879-1952
Glass, Mary 1888-1952
Smetana, Mary E. 1930-1949 "daughter"
Smetana, John A. 1897-1976
Smetana, Mary 1903-1983
Panizzi, 29MAY1964-1JUN1964
Speal, Colleen 1971-1971
Razza, Anthony 1968-198-
Scaramouche, Susan P. 1910-1997
Scaramouche, Amedeo F. 1904-Blank
Connor, James 1891-1948 (husband of Annie J. Connor)
Connor, Annie J. 1895-1968 (wife of James Connor)
Kuncher, Herbert 6NOV1928-23JAN1979
Rich, Peter C. 1916-1980 WWII (husband of Blanche H. Rich)
Rich, Blanche H. 1927-1995 (wife of Peter C. Rich)
Rich, Sandra Lee 1945-1948 (daughter of Peter & BlancheRich)
Rich, Nazzareno 1877-1960 "father" (husband of Rose Rich)
Rich, Rose 1878-1960 "mother" (wife of Nazzareno Rich)
Calabrese, Anthony 1909-1969 WWII (husband of Charlotte Calabrese)
Calabrese, Charlotte 1914-1998 Vol Fire Co. (wife of Anthony Calabrese)
Kuncher, Herbert 1928-1979 US Veteran
Panizzi, Andrew 1911-1973 (husband of Mary Panizzi)
Panizzi, Mary 1913-1979 (wife of Andrew Panizzi)
Shine, Wiliam 1905-1973
Shine, Nellie A. 1911-1998
Stahovec, John P. "father" 1897-1972
Stahovec, Mary R. 29JUN1908-6FEB1992 "mother"
Stahovec, Anna M. 24JUN1926-6FEB1979 "daughter"
Larkin, Sarah J. 1895-1973 "sister"
Vallana, Daniel A. 1913-1971
Vallana,, Mary 1917-Blank (maried in 1941 to Daniel Vallana)
Nolan, Daryl d. 1969
Nolan, Michael d. 1965
Nolan , Keith d. 1963
Orsini, Biagio 1881-1966
Garonsi, Andrew 25FEB1898-29JAN1965
Penich, Joseph F. 1910-1980
Penich, Stephen 1895-1985
Penich, Anna 1889-1957
Penich, Robert A. 1922-1999 WWII
Penich, Ellen M. 1922-1957
Polinsky, Michael 1904-1954
Polinsky, Eva M. 1909-1955
Nolan, James W. 1899-1954
Kantor, Lucy 1886-1954
Kantor, Frank 1885-1970
Smen, Blanche E. 1918-1954
Short, C. Edward 1871-1968 "father" (husband of Catherine E. Short)
Short, Catherine E. 1877-1955 (husband of C. Edward Short)
McCurdy, Jay R. 1937-1998 US Marine Corp
McCurdy, Shirley 1938-Blank
Mewherter, June M. 1943-1974 "wife & mother"
Hudson, Gertrude M. 1875-1956
Ruffner, Albert J. 1875-1956 (husband of Susanna Ruffner)
Ruffner, Susanna 1878-1967 (wife of Albert J. Ruffner)
Ruffner, Albert J. Jr. 1921-1997
Digianvito, Guiseppe 1891-1957
Volpe, Charles A. 1920-1957
Volpe, Helen E. 1920-Blank
Kelly, Joseph 1903-1979 (husband of Elizabeth Kelly)
Kelly, Elizabeth 1907-1973
Bell, Allie 1902-1992
Bell, Ellen 1907-1969
Jolley, Frank C. Jr. 18DEC1904-5DEC1966
Jolley, Gordenna T. 31JAN1904-24NOV1982 DAR
Frayvolt, Andy J. 1904-1965 (husband of Mary B. Frayvolt)
Frayvolt, Mary B. 1899-1963 (wife of Andy J. Frayvolt)
Angus, Edward J. 1913-1964
Angus, Alma R. 1914-Blank
Beatrice, John 1880-1965 (husband of Eugenia)
Beatrice, Eugenia 1885-1972 (wife of John Beatrice)
Lyons, Cecil L. 5DEC1905-5MAY1989 (husband of Mary L. Cox)
Lyons, Mary L. Cox 11OCT1914- Blank
Prendosky, Stephen 1891-1976 (husband of Catherine Prendosky)
Prendosky, Catherine 1894-1969 (wife of Stephen Prendosky)
Moff, John 1930- Blank
Moff, Patsy 1904-1968 Vietnam
Moff, Ester Blank
Moff, Delores Angus 1943-1991
Frayvolt, Martin 1911-1995 (husband of Alice V. Frayvolt)
Frayvolt, Alice V. 1915-1993 (wife of Martin Frayvolt)
Holman, Gerald F. 14FEB1913-15AUG1969 WWII
Shumaker, Michael M. 1904-1968 (husband of Julia Shumaker)
Shumaker, Julia A. 1912-Blank
Maloy, John A. 1894-1968 (husband of Mary M. Meloy)
Maloy, Mary M. 1901-1995
Joe, Larry e. 1923-1985 WWII
Joe, Gregory L. 1960-1972
Joe, E. Marie 1924-Blank
Giuseppe, "Joe", Luigi 1884-1958 "father"(husband of Pasqua Giuseppe)
Giuseppe "Joe", Pasqua 1891-1966 "mother" (wife of Luigi Giuseppe)
Joe, Wilbur A. "woody" 1918-1986 WWII (wife of Jean C. Joe)
Joe, Jean c. 1923-Blank -Married Wilbur Joe Sept 1939
Joe, Domincik A. 1925-1997 WWII (husband of Mary Joe)
Joe, Mary 1924-Blank
Philippi, George A. 1905-1969 (husband of Susan Phillippi)
Phillippi, Susan T. 1909-1981 "mother" (wife of George Philippi)
Aquilanti, Louis 1894-1969 (husband of Jane Ann Aquilanti)
Aquilanti, Jane Ann 1908-1990
Smith, Elizabeth M. 1907-1973 WWII
Smith, Alpheus N. 23APR1917-27AUG1996 WWII
Ecker, Theresa 1879-1960 "mother"
McCurdy, Joseph A. 1897-1982 WWII (husband of Stella A. McCurdy)
McCurdy, Stella A. 1909-1993 (wife of Joseph A. McCurdy)
Bellish, John E. 1920-1959 WWII (husband of Ruby J. Bellish)
Bellish, Ruby J. 1926-Blank
Levrio, Theresa 1913-Blank
Nicol, Charles 1906-1958
Volpe, Joseph 1877-1968 (husband of Catherine B. Volpe)
Volpe, Catherine B. 1885-1960
Frayvolt, John R. 1894-1958 (husband of Margaret J. Frayvolt)
Frayvolt, Margaret J. 1902-1970 WWII
Penich, Joseph B. 1881-1958 "father" (husband of Theresa G. Penich)
Penich, Theresa G. 1889-1966 "mother" (wife of Joseph B. Penich)
Gelsdorf, W. Edward 1911-1957 (husband of Margaret T. Gelsdorf)
Gelsdorf, Margaret T.1914-1982 (wife of W. Edward Gelsdorf)
Spehar, Steven J. 22DEC1911-1APR1994 (husband of Ethel Spehar)
Spehar, Ethel 14FEB1919-30MAY1997
Spehar, John S. "our son" 5MAR1941-30OCT1960
Dinco, Joseph 1905-1970 "father"
McKinley, James A. 16JAN1912-17NOV1982 "The Direct Descendent"
Ponsetto, John 1883-1972
Henderson, Kenneth L. 1911-1968 WWII (husband of Helen P. Henderson)
Henderson, Helen P. no dates
Vesco, James 1889-1960 (husband of Lucy Vesco)
Vesco. Lucy 1881-1967 (wife of James Vesco)
Levrio, Joseph 1903-1974
Ray, Irvin S. 1910-1988 (husband of Elizabeth C. Ray)
Ray, Elizabeth C. 1912-1960 (wife of Irvin S. Ray)
McCurdy, Philip 1938-1960
McCurdy, Dale Joseph 1939-1965
Kelly, Thomas P. 1830-1896 US Marines- Korea(husband of Virginia K. Kelly)
Kelly, Virgina K. no dates (married 9JUN1956 to Thomas P. Kelly)
Fannie, Larry 1941-1990 (husband of alice Fannie)
Fannie, Alice no dates
Boggio, Samuel R. 1917-1986 WWII(husband of Jennie M. Boggio)
Boggio, Jennie M. 1923-Blank
Vargo, Walter J. 1925-1985
Hull, William V. "Vic" 1917-1990 (husband of Anna L. Kinnan)
Hull, Anna L. Kinnan 1922-Blank
Sessi, Richard M. Sr. 1939-1987 WWII (husband of Deborah f. Sessi)
Sessi, Richard M. Jr. 1960-1985 US Veteran (son of Richard and Deborah Sessi)
Sessi, Deborah F. 1941-Bland (wife of Richard Sessi Sr.)
Reott, Joseph G. 1959-1974 "son"
Reott, George J. 1908-1983 (husband of Martha J. Reott)
Reott, Martha J. 1919-Blank (wife of Joseph G. Reott)
Blatnik, Frank 26JAN1919-Blank
Blatnik, Elizabeth 8FEB1926-17NOV1974
Bogle, William H. 1909-1975
Bogle, Mary L. 1932-Blank
Torockio, John 1923-Blank WWII
Torocko, Christina Mase 1925-Blank
Hamill, John Y. 1916-1975 "father"
Hamill, Marion F. 1926-Blank
Free, Timothy J. 22NOV1965-22JUL1975
Glass, Timothy S. 1957-1976 "'son"
Shine, Frank W. 1927-1976 WWII (husban dof Edith E. Shine)
Shine, Edith E. 1928-1995 (married 30DEC1950 to Frank Shine)
Gruska, John 1910-1977
Gruska, Christina 1909-Blank
McCreery, Ernest G. 1917-1977
McCreery, Mary R. 1921-Blank
Paulik, Andrew G. 1924-1977 WWII
Paulik, Geradine R. 1927-Blank
Opatka, Joseph 1910-1977 (husband of Francis Opatka)
Opatka, Francis 1917-1997 (wife of Joseph Opatka)
Laick, Richard J. 1923-1977
Laick, Thelma J. 1929-Blank
Taubler, Maryanne T. 24MAY1936-10OCT1977
Ray, Mike C. 1905-1977 "father" (husband of Elizabeth J. Ray)
Ray, Elizabeth J. 1905-1985 (wife of Mike c. Ray)
Tillman, Susan E. 12FEB1964-13JAN1978 "daughter"
DeBacco, Edmund J. 1918-1978
Kozar, Joseph M. 28NOV1918-Blank WWII
Kozar, Pauline L. Penich 5NOV1924-28JUN1951
Kozar, Joseph Paul 7MAY1952-1APR2000 "son"
Wallace, William 1884-1978
Vesco, Louis 1911-1979 (husband of Anna M. Vesco)
Vesco, Anna M. 1918-1977 (wife of Louis Vesco)
Phillips, Angelo 1896-1983 WWI "father" (husband of Mary C. Phillips)
Phillips, Mary C. 1904-1979 "mother" (wife of Angelo Phillips)
Copelli, Comillo H. Pat 1900-1989 (husband of Katie E. copelli)
Copelli, Katie E. 1909-1986 (wife of Comillo H. Copelli)
Yumin, Thomas F. 1913-1984
Yumin, Stefanna M. 1915-Blank
Moyer, Stephen V. Jr. 25NOV1958-14AUG1980 US Army Veteran
Fannie, John 1920-1985
Reed, Paul Edward 1922-1990 WWII
Reed, Anna Marie 1931-Blank
McDowell, Kenneth P. 1908-1989 (husband of Julia c. McDowell)
McDowell, Julia C. 1900-1985(married 15MAY1928 to Kenneth P. McDowell)
Nicol, Guido Blackie 1921-1985 "father" (husband of Helen Marts)
Nicol, Helen Marts 1922-2000 "mother" (wife of Guido Blackie Nicol)
Connor, Joseph C. 1928-1984 US Army-Korea
Connor, Helen B. 1932-Blank
Cox, Robert J. 1919-1992 (husband of Veronica Cox)
Cox, Veronica I. 1926-1984 (wife of Robert J. Cox)
Prah, Louis, A. 1919-1984 WWII (husband of Ann M. Prah)
Prah, Ann M. 1922-1994 (married 5JUL1948 to Louis A. Prah)
Pavik, Mike A. 1919-1983 WWII
Pavik, Anna R. 1919-Blank
Penich, Edward J. 1940-1983 US Vereran
Penich, Jane E. 1941-Blank
Aniballi, Anthony M. 1924-1994 WWII
Aniballi, Helen M. Hritz 1927-Blank
Hritz, Martin J. 1902-1990 (husband of Mary M. Hritz)
Hritz, Mary M. 1907-1983 (wife of Martin J. Hritz
Connor, James J. 1924-Blank
Connor, Jean M. 1931-1983
Rich, Anthony 1909-1984 WWII
Rich, Helen 1916-Blank
Penich, Edward F. 1911-1992 (husband of Mary Albina Penich)
Penich, Mary Albina 1916-1982 (wife of Edward F. Penich)
Gelsdorf, Edward P. 1935-1987
Demangone, Charles P. 1916-1982 WWII
Demangone, Catherine 1918-Blank
Joe, Woody Allen 1NOV1950-9JUL1982
Rich, Michael 1924-1982 WWII "father flick" (husband of Elizabeth A. Rich)
Rich, Elizabeth A. 1928-1983 "mother BettyAnn" Married 28AUG1935 to M. Rich)
Kuchta, Andrew 1912-Blank "father" Korean Conflict Veteran
Kuchta, Mary 1909-1981 "mother"
Vallana, Darvy J. 1912-1997
Vallana, Anna S. 1917-Blank
Novello, Mario L. 1913-1990
Rich, John S. May1907-July1990 (husband of Theresa A. Rich)
Rich, Theresa A. June1917-Feb1990 (married 2May1935 to John S. Rich)
O'Hara, Emma H. 1919-1990 (wife of Harry M. O'Hara)
O'Hara, Harry M. 1912-1994 WWII (husband of Emma H. O'Hara)
Kinnan, John c. 1910-1981 (husband of Gertrude A. Kinnan)
Kinnan, Gertrude A. 1917-1997 (wife of John C. Kinnan)
Nicol, Jack 1901-1980
Lena, Edna M. 1918-1992 "mother" (wife of Joseph M. Lena)
Lena, Joseph M. 1908-1986 "father" (husband of Edna M Lena)
Sliva, John J. 1924-1996 WWII (husband of Margaret R. Garella)
Sliva, Margaret R. Garella 1926-1986 (wife of John J. Sliva)
Civitarese, Americo V. 1903-1987
Civitarese, Patricia A. Thurkins 1923-Blank
Garella, Dominick J. 1922-Blank
Garella, Lenora L. 1927-1988
Orazio, Peter L. 8JUN1968-6JUN1988 US Marine Corp Veteran
Garrison,Linda M. 16JUL1954-26JAN1989 "mother"
Torockio, Carmen 15OCT1914-Blank
Torockio, Concetta 16JUN1916-23AUG1992
Beatrice, Jody F. 1970-1989
Dofollo, Jennie L. 1919-1989
McDowell, Kathy M. 25FEB1964-9FEB1990 "daughter"
Werner, Merrill A. 1946-1990 US Veteran
Beatrice, Premo F. 1909-1990
Beatrice, Rose M. 1912-Blank
Razza, Nicholas J. Sr. 1912-Blank
Razza, Lena C. 1916-1991
Kozar, Edward M. 1924-1991
Hines, Bradly R. 12JUL1976-2JAN1993
Polinsky, Stephen D. 1937-1993 US Air Force
Polinsky, Mary Francis Lukon 1940-Blank
Kelly, Joseph G. Jr. 28NOV1935-15APR1993 Korean Conflict "father"
Ray, James E. 1936-1993 (brother of Margaret Luker)
Luker, Margaret R. 1948-1992 (sister of James E. Ray)
Cadwell, George, W. 1929-1993 WWII
Frayvolt, Louis A. 1928-1993 WWII
Frayvolt, Anna I. 1936-Blank
Bellish, Julia R. 25JUN1916-25DEC1993
Moff, Nichloas J. 1930-Blank
Moff, Gloria F. 1932-1994
Yasurek, Paul R. 29JUN1925-25JUL1994 WWII
Dunlap, Robert C. 1929-1994 Korean Conflict
Dunlap Delores P. 1932-Blank
Reffo, Eugene P. 1923-1994 WWII
Reffo, Mary L. 1931-Blank
Meidinger, J. Regis 10SEPT1931-Blank
Meidinger, Catherine D. 16JUN1929-27MAR1995
Kuchta, Helen R. 1910-1996 "mother"
Laughlin, Donald A. 22NOV1969-24JUN1996 "son"
Bridge, Merle F. 29JAN1918-24MAY1998 WWII (husband of Josephine Bleehash)
Bridge, Josephine J. Bleehash 17FEB1920-8DEC1996 (wife of Merle F. Bridge)
Fannie, Furry 1915-2000 WWII (husband of Thelma Fannie)
Fannie, Thelma 1919-1997 (wife of Furry Fannie)
Havash, Mathew S. 1981-1997
Marts, Homer B. Jr. "Butch" 14MAY1946-29DEC1997 Vietnam
Marts, Pamela J. 15DEC1950-Blank
Benedict, John J Sr. 1922-Blank
Benedict, Anna Marie 1926-1998
Connor, Alice L. 1923-Blank
Connor, Doyle R. 1922-Blank
Prah, Fred M. 19FEB1921-26NOV1999 WWII
Prah, Mary A. Rick 3Aug1920-Blank
Bunsky (?), George and Mary metal crosses

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