New Alexandria Cemeteries Derry Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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Derry/Salem Townships, Westmoreland County, PA
This is a listing of what may have actually been four different cemeteries. The entrance to three of them is at the corner of Washington & Church Streets in New Alexandria beside the Reformed Presbyterian Church, built in 1870. The Illustrated Atlas of Westmoreland County by A. M. Davis, 1876, shows the location of the following churches at this site: 1) Coventry Church and cemetery, to the left as you drive in and behind the current church building; 2) Presbyterian Church and cemetery to the right as you drive in; and 3) United Presbyterian Church and cemetery to the rear of the latter, nearer Loyalhanna Creek. All are in close proximity and, for easy reference, I have combined the names and sorted alphabetically. 
In the upper section of the cemetery closest to the Loyalhanna River is a four-sided waist-high stone marker with these inscriptions, one on each side: 1805; 1894; 1955; "Bob Sheffler." There are many old and missing stones. I have listed unclear information and comments in [ ]. Most inscriptions were unreadable. Please be sure to verify dates and be patient with any errors since many of the older stones are in poor condition and very difficult to read.

This information is donated in memory of my friend, John "Blue" Schellenberger, 1948-2000, of New Alexandria.

Church Street, New Alexandria

ALEXANDER, Eliza L., 11/5/1852-8/30/1873 "Daughter of W. & C."
ALLAN, Annie, 8/2/1894, 94 years "His wife" [same stone as Robert]
ALLAN, Robert, 8/10/1871, 75 years "Father" [same stone as Annie]
ANDERSON, John, 2/28/1857, 82 years
ANDERSON, John, 9/17/1836-10/2[0]/1854
ANDERSON, Matthew, 4/16/1847, 41 years
ARMSTRONG, Robert, 2/27/1847, 20 years "In Memory of"
BARR, Hannah C., 1/18/1796-2/14/1862 "Wife of James B."
BARR, Lucinda M., 4/22/1828-2/15/?? "Daughter of J. B. & H. C."
BARTON, Sarah, 1/31/1835, 19 years 11 months "Consort of Samuel" "In Memory of"
BEATTIE, Belle, 1830-1910
BEATTIE, Eliza, 7/22/1880, 78 years "Our Mother" [stone w/ other Shaw names]
BEATTIE, Josiah, 1842-1922
BEATTIE, Sarah Workman, 1834-1878 "Wife of R.R" [same stone as Wms./Eliz. Workman]

BEATTY, Elizabeth H., [7/5/1861], [39] years "Daughter of Robert A. & Martha W."
BEATTY, John, 8/1817-1/1882
BEATTY, Josiah, 10/[6]/1812, 30 years "Son of Robert & Martha W."
BEATTY, Martha J., 11/12/1821-11/16/1905
BEATTY, Martha W., [6/2/1857], 57 years "Wife of Robert"
BEATTY, Mary P., 9/17/18[68], 59 years "Wife of Josiah"
BEATTY, Robert, 9/[10]/18[72], [82] years 5 months
BELLFORD, Ruth, 12/9/1846 [unreadable, stone sunk in ground]
BLAIR, Wm. H., 11/24/1798-1/13/1894 [same stone as Annie]
BLAIR, [Annis], 11/29/1805-7/9/1882 [same stone as Wm.]
BRIDENTHAL, Charlotte, 1786-8/25/1861, 75 years 5 months 11 days "Wife of Henry"
BRIDENTHAL, Charlotte, 5/20/1825-7/18/1876
BRIDENTHAL, Henry, 8/5/1867, 86 years
BROWN, David, 1/23/1841, 82 years
BROWN, Mandy, 11/2/1839, 30 years
BROWN, Margaret, 6/26/18[43], 71 years "Wife of David"
BROWN, Thomas R., 6/18/18[61], [66] years 1 month [3] days
CALHOUN, George W., [unreadable]
CAMPBELL, Andrew, 8/21/1837, [68] years
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth, 1795-1878 "Wife of Andrew"
CAMPBELL, James, 10/17/182[1]-11/8/1855
CAMPBELL, Sarah, 3/2/1816-9/8/1851 "Faithful & affectionate w/o William S., d/o Maj. James Moorhead"
CAMPBELL, William S., [unreadable]
CANNON, Alexander, 5/26/1812, 63 years 2 months
CANNON, Alexander, 9/29/1812, 26 years, 2 months, 18 days
CANNON, Harriet Eliza, 1820-1890 "Mother"
CANNON, John, 1819-1886 "Father" [old GAR marker]
CANNON, Marion, 11/30/18[91], 73 years "Wife of Alexander"
CANNON, Mary E., 6/13/1884, 14 years [7] months 20 days "Daughter of J.N. & H.E."
CANNON, Sarah, 2/11/1883, 54 years, "Wife of Alexander"
CANNON, [unreadable]
COFFMAN, Mary E., 6/17/1880, 36 years, "Wife of William" [similar stone in bush beside]
COFFMAN, [unreadable], 6/16/18[31]
COOK, Hannah, 2/12/18[65], 75 years "Wife of David Cook"
COOK, Joseph, Esq., 3/9/1869, 69 years
COOK, Margaret, 6/10/183[0], [10] years "Daughter of J. & I."
COOK, Margaret Jane, 3/18/1843, 12 years 9 months 12 days "Daughter of J. & S."
COOK, Martha Clarke, 1/17/18[12], [unreadable age] "Daughter of J. & S."
COOK, Rebecca Ann, 12/31/1841, 5 years 9 months "Daughter of J. & S."
COOK, Samuel, 10/1/1849, 32 years [stone broken off, falling over]
COOK, Sarah M., 10/?/1865 "Wife of Joseph Esq."
COOK, William, 6/30/1839, 32 years
COOPER, Jane, [unreadable], [68] years "Consort of Robert" [face broken off] 
COOPER, Margaret, 9/13/1829, 26 years 6 months 10 days
COOPER, Nancy, 3/12/1831, 29 years 5 months

COOPER, Rachel J., 5/17/1846, 7 years 10 months 5 days "Daughter of R. & E."
COOPER, Robert, 8/23/? [bottom face broken off]
COPPERSMITH, Lilly, [4/19/1874] [this small stone leaning on the back of that of John Lewis]
COX, James, 1839-1918, "PVT Co. I 54TH REG PVI CIVIL WAR" [GAR marker]
COX, Lucetta M., 3/30/1843-7/9/1902, 59 years 3 months 10 days "Wife of James"
CRAIG, John, Pvt. "[unreadable] Revolutionary War" [1860] {Rev. War marker]
DENNISTON, William, 2/13/1850, 66 years 4 months 20 days
DERBY, Mary, 1/14/1813-5/6/18[6]0 "Wife of John"
DERMOND, Jane J[ohnston], 12/3/1850, 40 years [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
DIXON, Elizabeth, 3/26/1861, [63] years
DIXON, Samuel, 12/13/1872, 87 years [Rev. War marker]
DONLEY, Freeman, [9/1/1867] [unreadable age]
DUNN, Thomas, 6/23/1835, 16 years 8 months 2 days
DUSHANE, Elizabeth M., 1821-1907 [same stone as Mary, Joshua, Margaret, Francis, Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Francis D., 1819-1904 [same stone as Mary, Joshua, Margaret, Eliz., Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Isaac N., 1834-1912 [GAR marker] [on back of Joshua, Mary, Margaret, Francis, Eliz., Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Jane M., 1828-1903 [on back of Joshua, Mary, Margaret, Francis, Eliz., Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Joseph T., 1856-19[blank]
DUSHANE, Joshua, 1797-1877 [same stone as Mary, Margaret, Francis, Eliz., Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Joshua M., 1827-1909 [on back of Joshua, Mary, Margaret, Francis, Eliz., Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Margaret, 1818-1861, "2nd wife" [same stone as Mary, Joshua, Francis, Eliz., Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Margaret, 1826-1874 [on back of Joshua, Mary, Margaret, Francis, Eliz., Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Martha C., 1836-1904 [on back of Joshua, Mary, Margaret, Francis, Eliz., Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Mary, 1793-1853, "his wife" [same stone as Joshua, Margaret, Francis, Eliz, Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Mrs. Mary, 5/25/1853, 60 years [see other stone]
DUSHANE, Nancy, 1824-1909 [same stone as Mary, Joshua, Margaret, Francis, Elizabeth, Samuel]
DUSHANE, Robert A., 1831 [on back of Joshua, Mary, Margaret, Francis, Eliz., Samuel, Nancy]
DUSHANE, Samuel P., 1822 [same stone as Mary, Joshua, Margaret, Francis, Eliz., Nancy]
EDGAR, John, 10/4/1766-8/14/1841 "Num. 23:30" [matching unreadable stone beside]
ELDER, James N. [unreadable, broken stone]
ELDER, Margaret, 3/10/1837-5/23/1871 "Wife of J. M."
ELDER, Mary, 8/24/1792-10/3/1881 "Our mother"
ELDER, Mary Lindsay, 5/25/1826-9/12/1868 "Wife of Rev. T. M." [same stone as Rev., Tirzah]
ELDER, Rev. T. M., 3/24/1826-3/21/1911 [GAR marker] [same stone as Mary, Tirzah]
ELDER, Robert D., 10/16/1850, 33 years
ELDER, Thomas, 1/10/1782-4/25/1855 [stone broken off base]
ELDER, Tirzah Mason, 12/24/1823-6/17/1851 "Wife of Rev. T. M." [same stone as Rev., Mary]
ELDER, William, 5/1/18??, 13 years [1 month] 8 days
ELLIOTT, Sarah, 10/?/18[68] "Wife of Joseph"
FEETERS, George Jacob, 3/15/1900-10/15/1917
FELTON, Margary, 3/16/1828, 25 years 1 month 13 days
FETTERS, Bessie Monroe, 1/6/1871-6/6/1954 "Mother"
FETTERS, George Jacob, 9/6/1871-12/28/1899 "Father"
FETTERS, James Monroe, 1897-1924 "79th Co. 6th REG M.C.A.E.F." [Foreign War marker]

FETTERS, Sarah Hazel, 10/6/1898-1/30/1901 "Daughter"
FISHER, Margaet, 5/2[4]/1872
FLETCHER, Wm. C., 9/15/1851 [stone sunk in ground]
GEORGE, James, 1/18/1851, 91 years [same stone as Mary]
GEORGE, Mary, 10/19/1841 [unreadable age] [same stone as James] 
GEORGE, Mary, 10/19/1841, 71 years "Consort of James"
GIBSON, Eliza J., 10/26/1883, 29 years "Eldest daughter of J. S." "Resurgam"
GIBSON, J. Knight, 8/5/1891, 26 years "[Son of] J. & S."[same stone as Eliza, Thomas, Mary, John] 
GIBSON, John, 1/7/1871, 56 years [same stone as Eliza, J.Knight, Mary, Thomas]
GIBSON, Mary A., 15 months [no dates] [same stone as Eliza, J.Knight, Thomas, John]
GIBSON, Thomas S., 5 weeks "[Son of] J. & S." [no dates] [same stone as Eliza, J.Knight, Mary, John]
GILCHRIST, Ellenor, 5/10/1844, 75 years [matches Lucinda & Hannah Barr stones]
GOSNELL, William, 1818-1898 [Gosnell's Funeral Home metal marker in stone]
GOSNELL, [Christania], 1/27/1876, 70 years "Wife of Joshua"
GUTHRIE, Abbey, 10/10/1816-6/30/1846 "Wife of John" [stone broken]
GUTHRIE, Mary W., 9/16/1876, 51 years "Wife of John"
GUTHRIE, Robert, 2/?/1826, [unreadable] year [3 Rev. War markers]
HARMONY, C. H., 1/9/18[9]5, 73 years
HARMONY, Mary, 1/29/1897, 72 years
HART, Isabelle, 1835-1924
HART, Maria, 1840-1920
HILL, Capt. Benjamin, 8/7/1782-8/23/1860 [Rev. War marker] [stone broken off]
HILL, Joseph Sr. 12/5/1844, 50 years
Hill, Sarah [unreadable]
HISE, [unreadable]
HOSACK, John, 4/27/1865, 72 years "Dead yet speaketh"
HOSACK, Sarah, 2/20/1876, 84 years
HUNTER, Albert, ?/29/??40, [77] years [stone in a bush]
IRVIN, Frank H., [unreadable]
IRVIN, Henry, [unreadable] "Co. C [98] PA INF" [GAR marker]
IRVIN, Juliet [M.], 9/11/1789-7/23/1876 "Relict of Andrew"
JACK, Jane S., 9/28/1892, 62 years "His wife" [same stone as Samuel]
JACK, Samuel, 8/4/1867, 35 years [same stone as Jane] [GAR marker beside grave]
JARVIS, Jane St. Clair, [1831] "Daughter of Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair & his wife, Phoebe Bayard St. Clair. Erected by Phoebe Bayard Chapt. DAR 1937" [old stone says 'Mrs. Jane Jervis']
JOHNSTON, James, 6/3/1850, 38 years [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
JOHNSTON, James H., 8/26/1857, 77 years "Father & Mother" [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
JOHNSTON, John, 4 years "Died in childhood" [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
JOHNSTON, Mary A., 3/25/1847, 31 years [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
JOHNSTON, Mary Hemphill, 7/22/1867, 83 years "Wife of James H.." [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
JOHNSTON, Miranda, 1/5/1849, 16 years [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
JOHNSTON, Nancy, 2 years [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
JOHNSTON, Robert, 2/11/1867, 58 years] [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
JOHNSTON, Samuel, 4/15/1847, 25 years [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
JOHNSTON, Sarah, 3/3/1851, 25 years [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]

JOHNSTON, William G., 12/1/1856, 37 years [lg. stone w/ other Johnston names]
KEELY, Mary, [1821 carved on matching foot stone], 21 years "Consort of Daniel" [Rev. War marker] [face of stone breaking off]
KENNEY, George W., Sr., 3/7/1877, [7]5 years
KENNEY, [Generva], 8/7/1872 "Daughter of ? & N. J."
KEPPLE, Martha, 2/18/1844, 23 years 5 months 18 days "Consort of George" "In Memory of"
KING, John A., 8/13/1828-7/15/1863 [stone hidden in bush]
KING, Mary J., 1/20/1917 "Wife of John A."
KING, Sally E., 1868-1918
KINGSLEY, Catherine M. Cook, 9/6/1856, [20] years 5 months 15 days "Wife of W. G."
LATIMER, 12/15/18[25]-9/8/1856 [beside those of John and Jane]
LATIMER, Jane, 10/28/1821-3/10/1857 "Daughter of J. & B."
LATIMER, John, 1/12/186[3] [unreadable age]
LATIMER, John, 4/30/1828-1/27/18[60]
LAUGHLIN, John, 8/?/1845, [42] years
LAUGHLIN, Mary, 2/13/18[4]5, "Wife of John"
LEESTER, Catharine, 9/4/1849 "Wife of John M."
LEMOND, Alxander, 4/17/1825, 85 years [Rev. War marker]
LEWIS, John G., 4/18/1870, 36 years
LIGHTCAP, John [G.} [unreadable] 'Son of w. & ?]"
LIGHTCAP, Mary J., 9/1/1863, 6 years 7 months 17 days, "Daughter of S.[G.] & S. E."
LIGHTCAP, Matthew M., 10/25/18[51], [12] years ? months ? Days "Son of W. & S."
LIGHTCAP, Sarah E., 1/8/18[62] "Daughter of S. B. & S."
LIGHTCAP, Susannah, [1/24/1842], [44 years] "Wife of William"
LIGHTCAP, William, 9/30/18[51], 52 years [7] months 26 days
M'KELVEY, Jane, "born Ireland" 1798, "died New Alexandria" 12/13/1877
MCCALLISTER, Archibald, 10/29/1816, 76 years 18 days 
MCCALLISTER, James, 7/28/1849, [49 years 10 months 10 days]
MCCHESNEY, John S., 10/?/1835 "Son of [A. & E.]"
MCCHESNEY, William H., 9/19/1836, 5 years 10 days [stone matches that of John S.]
MCCLARAN, Nancy, 5/22/1848 "Wife of William" [stone sunk in ground]
MCCLARRAN, Jane C., 1819-1874 "His wife" [same stone as John]\
MCCLARRAN, John, 1810-1874 [same stone as Jane]
MCCLELLAND, James, 1789-1854 [same stone as Jane, Robert]
MCCLELLAND, Jane Craig, 1870 [same stone as James, Robert]
MCCLELLAND, Robert, 1829-1868 [same stone as James, Jane]
MCCLURE, Ann, 1/12/18[49], 71 years
MCCLURE, Elizabeth, [7/20/1824-8/4/1869] "Wife of John"
MCCLURE, John, 10/21/1876, 82 years
MCCLURE, Nancy, 8/22/185[3], 75 years "Wife of John" DOESN'T SEEM RIGHT!
MCCURDY, Archibald, 1832-1878 [same stone as Malinda] {old GAR marker nearby]
MCCURDY, Malinda, 1841-1885 "His wife" "Father & Mother" [same stone as Archibald]
MCFARLAND, John L., 3/19/1872, [27] years "Son of J. J. & M."
MCGINLEY, Mary E., 7/17/1837, 10 months 8 days [two matching without faces]
MCGINLEY, [Bertha], 8/21/1812, 66 years
MCGINLEY, [unreadable] [three of these stones]

MCKEAN, Eddie Wells, [unreadable] "Son of [J. F. & A. E.]
MCKEAN, Elizabeth, 1/12/1803-10/30/18[63] "Wife of James"
MCKEE,, Rachel, 10/10/1820-4/22/1868 "Daughter of James & Isabella Shields"
MCKISSICK, Henry, 6/6/1835, 19 years
MCKISSICK, Henry, 9/9/1813, 76 years
MCKISSICK, Jane, 8/1/18[54], [64] years "Wife of Jos."
MCKISSICK, Joseph, [unreadable]
MCKISSICK, Martha, 12/11/1818, 79 years "Wife of H."
MCKISSICK, Robert, [unreadable]
MCMILLEN, Jane, [1870] [unreadable]
MILLER, James, 1/5/1881, 80 years
MILLER, Mary A., 4/11/1889, 72 years "Wife of [James]"
MISS KELLY, Edward R., 18[57] "Son of [J] & H.A."
MISS KELLY, Mary, 2/3/1843, 46 years "Consort of Hugh"
MISS KELLY, [Hugh], 4/7/18[61], 70 years
MISSKELLY, Charlotte, [unreadable]
MONROE, James R., 5/23/1837-11/20/1880 [GAR marker]
MONROE, Mary E., 1840-1904
MOORE, Catharine G., 6/8/18[46], [unreadable age] "Wife of James"
MOORE, James, 12/9/1846, 72 years 5 days
MOORHEAD, Alex C., 9/24/1817-5/25/1863, "Grandson of Gen. Alex. Craig"
MOORHEAD, Anna Maria, 9/21/1843, 16 years 10 days
MOORHEAD, Eliza S., 12/31/1817-7/8/1892
MOORHEAD, Fergus, 4/1/1812, 2 [years] "Son of J. & L."
MOORHEAD, Ida B., 1858-1927
MOORHEAD, James, 10/18/1858, 66 years 4 months 6 days
MOORHEAD, Lillias, 6/5/1862, 60 years 5 months 13 days
MOORHEAD, Lillias, 6/5/1853, 20 years 10 months "In Memory of"
MOORHEAD, Rebecca C., 10/3/1857, 1 year 4 months "Daughter of J. C. & E. S."
MOURER, Adam M., 12/13/1843, [61] years [unreadable, one matching beside]
MOURER, Capt. John, 9/14/1870, 63 years [GAR marker]
MOURER, Elizabeth C., 11/11/1841, 8 years 6 months 10 days "Daughter of John & Susan"
MOURER, Margaret, 11/28/1841, 4 years 10 months 12 days "Daughter of John & Susan"
MOURER, Susan, 12/4/1844, 33 years ? months ? days "Wife of John"
MULLIGAN, Mary, 18[56] [66] years "Wife of Rev. James D.D."
MULLIGAN, Rev. James, "born Scotland" 8/7/1783-1/2/1862
MUNSON, John, 4/1/1848, 30 years [face of stone fallen off and broken on ground]
MURPHY, Elizabeth, 7/[14]/1842 "Mother" [same stone as [Susan], Isaac, James]
MURPHY, Isaac, 10/[9]/18[47] [same stone as [Susan], Eliz., James]
MURPHY, James, [unreadable date], "Father" [same stone as [Susan], Eliz., Isaac]
MURPHY, John P., 12/21/18[87], "Son of S. & [J.]"
MURPHY, [Susan], 7/?/18[20]-10/18[99] [same stone as Eliz., Isaac, James]
PATTERSON, Clara, 5/10/1871, aged 17 years, 3 months, "Daughter of [R. & M. D.]
PATTERSON, infant, 5/20/1850, aged 1 day, "Son of B. & M. D" 
PATTERSON, James, 11/[12/1870], 72 years

PATTERSON, James [unreadable, lamb on stone]
PATTERSON, Jane B., 2/28/1870, 62 years, "Wife of Jas."
PATTERSON, Katharine, 6/17/1836, 60 years "Relict of Samuel"
PATTERSON, Martha, 12/28/1873, 68 years
PATTERSON, [Margaret], [1/10/1877] [?3 years]
QUINN, James, 7/1/1868, 72 years
QUINN, Mary L., 11/26/1861, 70 years "Wife of James"
RAINEY, Agnes Jane, 5/13/1836,15 years
RAINEY, Anna M., 4/27/1856-10/11/1856
RAINEY, Eliza H., 7/18/1843-5/4/1902
RAINEY, Harriet J., 12/28/1845-9/20/1895
RAINEY, James F., Dr., 2/18/1836, 28 years
RAINEY, John S., 4/25/1842-8/25/1842
RAINEY, Mary, 3/6/1817-1/14/1894 "His wife" [same stone as William]
RAINEY, Mary, 7/28/1854-11/25/1909
RAINEY, Nancy, 4/15/18[37], 50 years "Wife of Robert" [same stone as Robert]
RAINEY, Nancy F., 6/20/1841-1/22/1922
RAINEY, Robert, 1852 "Infant"
RAINEY, Robert, 9/4/18[55], 81 years "In Memory of" [same stone as Nancy]
RAINEY, William H., 3/9/1858-2/20/1888
RAINEY, Wm., 3/25/1813-3/6/1893 [same stone as Mary]
RAINY, James, 4/1[0]/1853 [unreadable age]
RAINY, Margaret, 12/5/1814, 77 years
RAINY, Margaret, [unreadable, face broken off]
RAINY, William, 8/16/1814, 81 years 5 months [stone leaning badly]
RAYMOND, Catharine, 4/[4]/1862, 19 years "Daughter of John & Mary"
RAYMOND, Ida M., 1859-1897
RAYMOND, John 3/13/1810-12/19/1876
RAYMOND, John 9/15/1802-5/23/1860
RAYMOND, Sarah, 1/6/1840-3/4/1890 "Daughter of Jno. & Mary"
REED, Anna M., 1831-1917
REED, Elizabeth, 1/23/1852, 74 years 7 months 15 days
REED, John, 6/17/1832, [40] years
REED, Lizzie, 1848-1919
REED, Paul, 1891-1893
REED, Samuel P., 1836-1867
RICHARDS, Hannah Elder, 1779-1855
ROBINSON, Charlotte, "Consort of Ephriam" [face of stone off]
ROBINSON, Ephraim A., Esq., 6/11/1845, 66 years
RUGH, Rebecca E. Gilchrist, 4/14/1872, 37 years 2 months 17 days "Wife of Dr. J.W. Rugh" "Our Mother"
SEANOR, Aggie S., 4/5/18[50], 1 year 1 month ? days "Daughter of A. & S."
SEANOR, Mary, 1/20/1873 "Daughter of A. & S."
SEMOUR, Henrietta, 12/25/1885 "Daughter of Rev. F. Leroy & Mary E."
SHAW, Annie S., 1860-1867, 6 years 10 months 3 days [sm. stone w/ lg. one]
SHAW, Isabella, 1827-1898 [on lg. stone w/ other Shaw names]

SHAW, James, 1799-3/13/1881, 82 years 4 months 8 days [sm. stone w/ lg. one]
SHAW, Jennie, 1766-3/1/1850 "Consort of Wm." [sm. stone w/ lg. one]
SHAW, Maggie E., 1871-1877 [on lg. stone w/ other Shaw names]
SHAW, Mary A., 1839-1932 [on lg. stone w/ other Shaw names]
SHAW, Nancy E., 1834-1904 "His [W. D.] wife" [stone w/ other Shaw names]
SHAW, Nannie R., 1862-1863, [1] year ? month [15] days [sm. stone w/]
SHAW, Sarah Jane, 1842-3/5/1876, 34 years 6 months 25 days "His [W.D.] wife" [sm. stone w/ lg. one]
SHAW, Susanna, 1798-2/9/1870, 72 years "Wife of J[ames] Shaw"[sm. stone w/ lg. one]
SHAW, W. D., 1832-1909 [on lg. stone w/ other Shaw names]
SHAW, William, 1760-1837 [on lg. stone w/ other Shaw names]
SHEFFLER, Elizabeth, 12/22/1874, 74 years 8 months 9 days "Wife of John"
SHEFFLER, John, 8/21/1853, 51 years 7 months 2 days
SHIELDS, James, 6/3/1783-10/28/1861
SHIELDS, Mattie E., 12/2?/186?
SHIELDS, Rachael, 10/2?/18??, [20] years
SHURICK, Adam, Jr., 2/22/1841, 2 years 9 months 18 days
SLOAN, Fanny, [no dates] [52] years "In Memory of"
SLOAN, H. H., 8/13/1799-7/4/1883 "I shall be satisfied when I awake with my likeness"
SLOAN, Mary, 6/5/1814-5/3/1894 "Wife of H.H."
STEELE, "our little May", 10/19/1868, 5 weeks, "S.E. Steele [unreadable]"
STEELE, Andrew, 4/6/1870, 73 years
STEELE, Clarrissa A., [unreadable]
STEELE, Elizabeth, ?/?/1866 "Wife of John"
STEELE, Elizabeth, 1/1/1893, 69 years "Wife of Samuel A." "Mother" "At rest" 
STEELE, Elizabeth [name on tall post, large foot stone or corner marker?]
STEELE, John Knox, "Son of J. H. & M." [unreadable]
STEELE, Nancy Jane, 1/[17]/18[57], 36 years, "[Wife of] Samuel A."
STEELE, Rosanna, 4/12/1872, 75 years "Wife of Andrew" "Our Mother"
STEELE, Samuel A., 1/20/1860, 38 years
STEELE, Sarah, ?/11/1863, [31] years "My Sister"
STEELE, Thomas, "[son of] J. W. & M. P." [unreadable, stone sunk in ground, lamb on top]
STOUFFER, Jane McKowen, 3/9/1873, 25 years 8 months 27 days "Wife of H. F. Stouffer"
TAYLOR, Catharine R., 9/21/1823-11/13/1858
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, 179[8]-1875
TAYLOR, George W., 3/17/18[9]5, 64 years 2 months 28 days "Co. G 63 8[8] Co. G 105 REG PA VOL" [old GAR marker]
TAYLOR, George W., [10]/22/186[1]
TAYLOR, Jane, 5/28/1869, 72 years "Wife of William"
TAYLOR, John [P.], [1787-1876] [old GAR marker]
TAYLOR, William N., 18[79]-1889 [stone sunk in ground]
TEMPLE, Carrie I., 8/8/18[70], [25] years "Our sister"
TEMPLE, Margaret, ?/?/[1824], "[Wife of Alexander Latimer]"
TEMPLE, Nancy, 8/1[5]/18[7]0, [67] years "Our Mother"
TEMPLE, Samuel, 11/9/1801-6/27/1860
THOMAS, Evelyn G., 1876-1919
TITTLE, Ann, 10/5/1850, [71] years "Wife of James Esq." [matching stone covered in bush]

TITTLE, Dorcas, 3/[19]/1818 "Wife of Jeremiah"
TITTLE, Jeremiah, 8/20/1806-9/9/1891 "Dying words, 'The Lord is my Shepherd" [same stone as Sarah]
TITTLE, John R., 12/[17]/1860
TITTLE, Sarah F., 11/28/1822-7/29/1906 "Our Mother" [same stone as Jeremiah]
TITTLE, William [Fran . . .], 10/14/1845, 16 years
TORRANCE, Adam, Rev., 10/18/1881, 80 years 5 months 2 days "? Pastor June 12 A.D. 18[36] - April 4 A.D. 1867 Chaplain of the ?? Reg. PA Reserves A. D. 1861 - A.D. 1863" [unreadable inscription] [GAR marker]
TORRANCE, Eliza, 4/23/188[3]
TORRANCE, James Graham, 8/27/1842, [1 year 10 months] "Son of Rev. A. & E."
TORRANCE, Mary, Mrs., 9/4/18[38], 72 years
TORRANCE, Matilda C., [5]/13/1856, 17 years 6 months "Daughter of Rev. A. & S."
TORRANCE, [Mattie], [stone broken off]
TWEEDY, Henry, 4/19/1889, 77 years [stone broken off base]
TWEEDY, Jane, [unreadable dates] "Wife of John"
TWEEDY, John, 1/11/1865, 99 years 7 months 7 days
TWEEDY, Sarah, [unreadable, broken stone], 35 years "Consort of William"
WALLACE, Ann, 1804-1887
WALLACE, Catharine, [unreadable] "Wife of George"
WALLACE, Isabella, 9/9/1888, 80 years "Mother"
WALLACE, James, 10/10/1856, 53 years "Father"
WALLACE, John, 10/6/1850, 3 years "Son of J. & I."
WALLACE, Margaret, [unreadable]
WALLACE, R. S., 1842-1913
WALLACE, Rebecca, 1849-1915
WALLACE, Sallie A., 1841-1913
WILLIAMS, Sml., "SGT. Co. F. [11th] PA INF"
WININGS, Mary, [4]/22/1872, "Wife of William"
WININGS, W. Torrance, 9/7/1859, 18 years 11 months 19 days
WININGS, William, 5/1882, 80 years
WORKMAN, Elizabeth, 1830-1870 "Daughter" [same stone as Sarah Beattie, William, William]
WORKMAN, Elizabeth Sr., 1805-1866 [same stone as Sarah Beattie, William, Eliz., William]
WORKMAN, William, "Co. C 110 REG PA VOL INF" [foot of William Workman, Jr. stone]
WORKMAN, William Jr., 1834-1911 [GAR marker] [same stone as Sarah Beattie, Eliz, William]
WORKMAN, William Sr., 1795-1872 [same stone as Sarah Beattie, William, Eliz., Eliz]
[CANNON], Mrs. Jane K., [1881] "Daughter of Jas. & Isabella Shields"
[EWING], [unreadable], 9/23/1869 "Son of [R. & M.] [matching stone beside, both buried in ground]
[GOSNELL], Joshua, ?/[17]/1831
[HAMERLY], Joseph, [unreadable] 
[KENNEY], Jennie, Mrs. [unreadable]
[MECHLING], Charles, 2/17/1875, 1 month 10 days
[NEVINS], Hannah H., 9/21/1831 "Wife of William" [unreadable age]
[OAKES], Elizabeth, 1/12/1860, [51] years "Wife of Sml. [Oakes]
[SHIELDS, MATTHEW, 8/22/1863]
[Unreadable], Clementine, W.
[Unreadable], Jacob F., 4/26/187[3], 40 years 2 months 1[6] days "My husband"

[Unreadable], Julia A. 
[Unreadable], Sara M., 1888
[Unreadable], Willamena
[Unreadable] [GAR marker]
[Unreadable] [Rev. War marker]

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