Allegheny Township
Westmoreland County Pennsylvania
School Records

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   Weinel's Elementary

   Yellow Brick School - burned down about 1960 and was located besides Freilino's market on Rt. 356

  The Pleasant Valley School building was demolished in order to construct the Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass. I attend that school in the 1940s. It had two  rooms, there were 3 grades in each room and, more of less, there were 8  students in each grade. Grades recited in turn which meant that the two not  involved had to either learn to concentrate very well as they worked on their lessons or they listened to the other grades. If one was fairly quick by the  time he or she got to grade 3 or grade 6 you knew the material pretty well.  The teachers I knew were Mildred Cadzow and Louise Johnson. Discipline was  not infrequently administered by one of the teachers who were quite skilled
at wielding the "Little Red Paddle".   David J. Stiller

If you know the name or location of any schools in the township, please e-mail me

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