Westmoreland County, PA
Posted Queries for February 2000


HARVEY, JEFFREYS posted by Linda Fleming on Tuesday, February 1, 2000

I am looking for infomation on the family of Abraham L.HARVEY and Elizabeth JEFFREYS married on 4 Aug 1891 in Westmoreland Co. PA. Their children include Rachel and Sadie Bell HARVEY..

MONJAR, MONTJAR, MUNGER posted by John Mosley on Tuesday, February 1, 2000

In the 1879 History of Venango County, PA it mentions that Richard Monjar settled in Irwin twp. in 1797. "He came from Westmoreland county, and in the same year after, his father came and settled." Another History said Richard was a native of Maryland. I think richard's father might have been John Monjar. I am searching for any thing about this family. The 1890 history also says Richard married Elizabeth Ghost..

ACKER, HARROLD, OBERNOUR posted by Betty Harney on Tuesday, February 1, 2000

I am searching for information of DANIEL HARROLD who lived in Westmoreland co. Hempfield Twp. PA. in 1810 per Fed.census..

LEASURE posted by Gloria Kerns on Wednesday, February 2, 2000

I have a copy of Thelma Marshall's book on the Leasure/Leisure/LeSueur family in North America and will do look-ups for people interested in this research..

COONCE, COONTZ, KOUNTZ, POWER posted by Maria Coonce Joseph on Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Looking for information on Nicholas Coonce ca 1770s in Westmoreland County, Pa. Wife's name was possibly Mary Power, and among children were Jacob, Nicholas, John who migrated to KY and ILL and finally St. Charles, MO by 1795. Spelling of name Coonce could be many different ways - Kuns, Kountz, Coons, etc. None of my people could read or write in the 1700s, and they spoke Dutch. Church records in St. Charles, Mo. when Nicholas II married Rebecca McConnell 1799 indicate Nicholas' parents were Nicholas and Mary of Westmoreland Co., Pa..

MARTIN, TAYLOR posted by Jennifer Zukowski on Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Looking for Suzanne who posted query for George Wilson Taylor born 12 19 1840 and Amanda Francis Martin born 8 15 1850 both of New Alexandria. Anyone else to share information welcome. Suzanne your e-mail address is not correct.

SOBER posted by Lloyd Sober on Thursday, February 3, 2000

Looking for eary settlers of Greensburg area & Westmoreland County by the Sober Family..

SADLER posted by Beverly Sadler on Thursday, February 3, 2000

I am looking for information on a Ted (or Theodore) SADLER. He died approx. 1911-1914 when his son Gale a.k.a. Barney SADLER was two. His widow remarried and I'm not sure what her 2nd husband's name was. Barney and his wife, Grace MILLER had two children, Glen and Carol. They lived in Hunker. Any information would be helpful. I am looking for any information about where Ted came from..

HARDESTY, MCDONALD posted by Vaughn Mcdonald on Thursday, February 3, 2000

hi i'm looking for the parents of william mcdonald born around 1820 in fayette city .fayette co pa. he was married to elcie hardesty. they had two sons maybe another 1. son john hilderband mcdonald born 4/8/1846 2.son henry baldwin mcdonald there may have been a hugh. have not been able to prove this. elcie died 6 months after the birth of henry. in the 1850 census henry was living with lewis & hester baldwin right down the street. i think hester was elcies sister because after elcie died william married elcie's sister hester. that would mean her husband died also. on john h death record it listed his father as j.w.mcdonld, so his name may have been john william mcdonald. i have hit a brick wall because william & elcie died so young. if there is anyone who can help i would be most greatful. thanks vaughn mcdonald.

BREES, DOTY posted by Jacquie McCurdy on Friday, February 4, 2000

Samuel Brees was born to parents Timothy Brees and Elizabeth Doty. Elizabeth is the daughter of William Doty. Samuel was born 4/1/1801. Thanks.

CAMPBELL posted by Kevin Campbell on Saturday, February 5, 2000

The following is a list of Campbells listed in the Will Index for Westmoreland County, PA. I am interested in corresponding with anyone who has copies of any of the wills in volumes 1 or volumes 2.

Campbell Wills on File in Westmoreland County
WILLIAM vol 1 pg 025 1782
WILLIAM vol 1 pg 035 1792
CHARLES vol 1 pg 337 1813
JAMES vol 1 pg 456 1819
FLORENCE vol 2 pg 241 1830
SAMUEL vol 2 pg 214 1830
JAMES vol 2 pg 388 1838
JOHN vol 2 pg 423 1839
HANNAH vol 3 pg 095 1843
CORNELIUS vol 4 pg 138 1856
JOHN vol 3 pg 406 1853
JOHN vol 4 pg 085 1855
JOHN vol 4 pg 161 1857
THOMAS B vol 4 pg 209 1858
GEORGE vol 5 pg ? 1865
NANCY B vol 5 pg 517 1872
ALEX vol 6 pg 128 1876
ALICE vol 6 pg 599 1882
CATHERINE vol 7 pg 626 1888
GEORGE vol 8 pg 499 1892
JAMES B vol 7 pg 536 1887
JAMES R vol 7 pg 604 1888
JOHN vol 7 pg 422 1886
MARY vol 7 pg 061 1883
MARY vol 8 pg 161 1889
SAMUEL vol 9 pg 024 1893
SARAH vol 8 pg 179 1890
WILLIAM vol 8 pg 465 1891

BLACKBURN, CORRELL posted by Connie Hunter on Saturday, February 5, 2000

Looking for ancestors of Abraham CORRELL (1810-1862) who lived in Westmoreland County, Donegal Twp., buried in Stahlstown Cemetery. Wife Deborah BLACKBURN..

HEIMBAUGH, HINEBACH, STRAW posted by Martha Conrad on Sunday, February 6, 2000

I am searching for CONRAD HEIMBAUGH m MARY STRAW Listed in the WESTMORELAND 1790 Census. The name was spelled HINEBACH. Searching for the parents of Conrad HEIMBAUGH. Thanks for any help.

posted by Kelly Blair on Sunday, February 6, 2000

Searching for Daniel Harrold of Greensburg, Pa, Westmoreland County. Married to Margaret Lopes (Truxel?) children include: John, Joe, Elizabeth, Alice, Sadie, Sallie, Hannah, Jacob & 2 infants.

BOWERS, HASLETT posted by Bob Haslett on Sunday, February 6, 2000

Researching the surmane Haslett and Bowers. William Henry Haslett married Mary D Bowers. They had 4 sons John b1887 Ira b?,Francis bJune 18 1890 and Warner b1893. Believe the sons were born in Westmoreland Co. Pa. Francis was for sure. Mary,John,Francis,and Warner showed up on the 1900 census for Johnstown Pa. John married Jennie B Ambrose Ira married Maud, Francis married Minerva Heinbaugh and Warner married Ethel C Leslie. .

AUBORN, MYERS posted by charles hess on Sunday, February 6, 2000

Does anyone have any marriage books for Westmoreland County Pa,My ancestor Abraham Myers is supposed to have married Elizabeth Auborn in Westmoreland Co in 1820.I would appreciate any info on this marriage or these people. .

TALHAMER, TALLHAMMER posted by Keith Perago on Tuesday, February 8, 2000

Searching for any information on a Frederick Tallhammer in East Huntingdon Twp in 1810 and 1820; and a Samuel Tallhammer in East Huntingdon in 1830 and 1840. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated. Is Frederick Tallhammer in Westmoreland County the same individual as Frederick Dallhammer in York County prior to 1800?.

KANDERES, KANDERESH, KENDERES, KENDERESH, KENDRISH posted by Jean Schmidt on Tuesday, February 8, 2000

I am looking for my great-uncle, GYORGY KENDERES, who lived in Middletown, West Hempfield Twp in 1902. My grandfather, his brother, JANOS KENDERES, gave GYORGY's name on the ship passenger list as his sponsor. Can anyone give me a hint on how to look for the KENDERES brothers? JANOS was unaccounted for until the 1910 census, living in Fayette County at that time. I'm hoping I can place him in Middletown, possibly living with his brother.

AYRES posted by Barbara Erwin-McGuire on Friday, February 11, 2000

Hi, I'm trying to find birth records for Jeremiah Ayres, my husband's g-grandfather. Just learned today from his medical school records that he graduated in Cincinnati in 1855, age 23, and came from New Alexandria, in Westmoreland Co., PA. Anybody have advice on how I can get his birth info, siblings' names, and i.d. on his parents? Very hopeful someone might help!

COUSINS, EVERETT posted by Jack Cousins on Friday, February 11, 2000

I am seeking formation abouit Amanda Cousins Everett who lived in Blairsville (Westmorland County) probably as late as 1950--perhaps much later. Her half-brother, William S. Cousins was my grandfather..

ENGLISH, WECKERLY posted by Linda English Queenan on Friday, February 11, 2000

Am seeking any history, anecdotes, clippings, etc. about the family of my grandfather, James William English . He was born Nov. 16, 1894 in Greensburgh, Westmoreland County, PA. His father was William H. English. His mother was Eva J. Weckerly.

SADDLER, WATSON posted by A Miranda on Friday, February 11, 2000

I am looking for information on my ggggg grandfather, Major J. E. Saddler. He married an Elizabeth ? and had Isaac Sadler in 1809 in PA. Issac married Catherine ? (b 1810) and had John Wesley Saddler in 1845 in PA. JW married Hannah M. Kipp (b 1847) and had Cassius Tine Saddler in 1867 in PA. CT married Vianna Kunkle (b 1868) and had my great grandfather Harry Kunkle Saddle in 1887 in Westmoreland County, I believe. Any information to fill in the blanks would be helpful! .

SADDLER, SMART, STEVENSON, WATSON posted by A Miranda on Friday, February 11, 2000

I am interested in any information on the Watson family history. Thomas Watson was born in 1798 in Scotland, married Charlotte Stevenson (b 1798) and gave birth to Robert Watson Feb 5, 1837 in Scotland. Robert married Sarah Smart (b 1840) and gave birth to my great-grandfather, Joseph Watson in 1875). They lived in Westmoreland County for many years. Any info would be helpful..

BACHMAN, HAINES, KUNKLE posted by Kathie Young on Saturday, February 12, 2000

I'm looking for the parents of John Henry Kunkle b. abt. 1816. Married Esther Haines, d/o Jacob and Anna (Bachman)Haines, 29 Feb. 1838 in Hempfield Twp.,Westmoreland Co. Would appreciate any information on the Kunkle/Haines/Bachman families. .

BACHMAN, HAINES, KUNKLE posted by Kathie Young on Saturday, February 12, 2000

I'm looking for the parents of John Henry Kunkle b. abt. 1816. Married Esther Haines, d/o Jacob and Anna (Bachman)Haines, 9 Feb. 1838 in Hempfield Twp.,Westmoreland Co. Would appreciate any information on the Kunkle/Haines/Bachman families. .

DAVIDSON, HUTCHINSON, MCDOLE posted by Kathleen Coan on Saturday, February 12, 2000

Looking for descendants of WILLIAM DAVIDSON, The Ranger, born 20 Nov 1747 and died 16 Nov 1811, who served in the Revolutionary War from Westmorland County. Wife, ROSANNA HUTCHINSON, born 8 Jan 1768 and died 18 October, 1831. Second wife, BARBARA MC DOLE. Would enjoy an exchange of information particularly with anyone having knowledge of the families of the wives. .

GILMORE, MCCONNELL posted by John MacConnell on Saturday, February 12, 2000

Seeking the birthplace, parents, siblings of David MCCONNELL (ca. 1797-late June, 1853); spent most of adult life in Westmoreland County, but died in Allegheny County. Abt. 1825 married Elizabeth GILMORE (1805-1890); children: Elizabeth b. 1827, Martha b. 1830, Mary b. 1833, Sarah b. 1863, John Gilmore b. 1840, and Joseph Augustus b. 1843..

GARDNER, MILBY posted by Essie Milby Rauba on Saturday, February 12, 2000

I am looking for info on my Great-Grandparents; Samuel Milby son of James Milby & MacIntyre Cumming C Gardner dau of Alexander Gardner & Mary Longmuir Sam was born in Pa - James in Ireland - ? in Scotland Cumming and parents were born in Scotland In the 1870 Census for Westmoreland Co Alexander was listed Cumming was 11 then. Any info on these families would be greatly appreciated.

TRIMMER, ZUFALL posted by Don Trimmer on Saturday, February 12, 2000

Looking for names of parents and grandparents of Roy Trimmer (born 1890) and Lydia Zufall Trimmer (born 1891) of Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County, PA..


Searching for RUTHERFORD Family, settled in Scottdale in laate 1870's, part of family owneed Rutherford news stand, wwould like aany info on this or any related lines especially Humphries or Randle .

EICHER, HUMPHRIES, RANDLE, RUTHERFORD, SHUMAR, SLAUGHTER posted by Bob Slaughter on Saturday, February 12, 2000

Looking for any information on RUTHERFORD or related families from Scottdale, Rutherford's settled in Westmoreland Co. in late 1870's, part of this family ownedd the "Rutherford news stand" would appreciate any info on any of these families.

HALEY, HALL, MILLER, THOMAS posted by David Miller on Sunday, February 13, 2000

Seeking information on the family of Van W. Thomas who was in Rostraver Township on the 1860 census index. May have married in Webster on Oct 9, 1858. Especially interested in his children and possible 1860, 1870 & 1880 census records for his family. I am searching for a Van W. Thomas who was born 12/10/1861, location unknown. The Van W. Thomas in Rostraver might be his father?? THANKS!.

CLARKE posted by Mark Stauter on Sunday, February 13, 2000

Searching for information on location or fate of Edward William Clarke (born ca. 1915) of Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He was a graduate of Greensburg High School in 1934. Any assistance appreciated. .

ALTMAN, ECK, KUNKLE, SHANER posted by Kathy Walker on Sunday, February 13, 2000

I am trying to find information about Adam Calvin Altman birth: ? death: 8/1936 and Elizabeth Rachel Kunkle Birth: ? death: 4/1928 They lived in Westmoreland Cty., PA Jeanette area.
Three children: Anna, Samuel Kunkle and Arimindia "Minnie"
Adam's parents were Reuben and Sarah Altman.
Is anybody connected with this family?.

ALTMAN posted by Kathy Hurley on Sunday, February 13, 2000

There are quite a few ALTMAN ancestors listed in the phone book for Westmoreland County..

PAINTER posted by Karin Kadar on Sunday, February 13, 2000

I am interested in any information regarding the Westmoreland County Painters. Also any information regarding Harry Egan of New Orleans in relation to the Painters..

CALIENDO, GAUDIOSI, GAUDIOUS, RUSSAMANO posted by Sharon Lytle on Monday, February 14, 2000

I am beginning research on my mother's family and having very little to go on, I was hoping someone out there might be able to give me some clues as to where to look. I know my grandfather, Carmen GAUDIOUS, was born in Jeannette, Westmoreland Co, PA sometime around 1902. He was one of 12 children born to Sabbath GAUDIOUS and Marion RUSSAMANO. Sabbath's parents were Loueggi and Angela Rose GAUDIOUS. According to family history Loueggi and Angela has 24 children, many of whom I believe may have grown up near Jeannette. The GAUDIOUS surname may have been changed from GAUDIOSI upon coming to America.
With much information lacking in names and dates I was thinking maybe school rosters or church records would be a place to start. Would anyone know the names of any schools in existance in Jeannette around 1900, or perhaps even the name of any catholic churches in the area. Any ideas on where to look would be greatly appreciated.

EDIE, LEMON, MEGOWN, STILLEY posted by James Ferguson on Monday, February 14, 2000

Westmoreland County, PA - also Allegheny County PA
Hugh Lemon Megown - G-G-Grandfather, do not know why he had Lemon as a middle name. Believe he must be linked somehow to Lemon's living in this area.
Possibly via MeGown, Stilley, Merrington, Edie, ?

KUZMA, PAZICH posted by Linda Kleback on Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Looking for information on Mary KUZMA who married George PAZICH. They lived in Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland, PA in 1910. Family information states that they married in 1902 in Charleroi, but I have found no marriage record for them. They may have married in Slovakia. George was born 24 Aug 1881 in Klokocso, Ung, Hungary which is now in Slovakia near Michalovce.

BARNET, BITTNER, FEARL-FERREL, KEIM, RISHABERGER, SMITH, SNYDER, WAGNER posted by Eleanor Myers on Tuesday, February 15, 2000

I am looking for a (Johannes) John Geiger b 1798 in Dauphin Co., PA (son of Benjamin and Catherina Geiger of Unity Twp., Westmoreland Co.- settled there after 1800) who married a Margaret McAdams (b 1808 in Ireland) in 1830 and had the following children: Benjamin, Thomas, Catherine Anna, Mary, Margaret, Dorcas, John, Isabella, Jacob Daniel (enlisted in a Pennsylvania Division at Stoyestown in 1865 & killed at Hatchers Run, VA), Elizabeth A. who married Charles Augustus Wagner of Shade Twp., Somerset Co., PA and Rachael Ella. Does anyone have any information on the children of John and Margaret?.

PAINTER posted by Kathy Hurley on Tuesday, February 15, 2000

There are quite a few PAINTERS listed for North Huntingdon, but don't know if they were related as you are searching. Terry Painter is owner of PAINTER TOOL. You may research through him to see..

GALENTINE posted by Carolyn Myers on Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Looking for some one who knew Elizabeth Galentine...She worked for my Grandmother Jennie A Miller who worked at the Union Supply Company Store..Also Joe Miller worked there Would like to hear from you....

LAMOREAUX posted by Donna Naskrent on Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Looking for information about Dorothy ? married to Charles Edwin/Edward Lamoreaux in Westmoreland County (Vandergrift area) in 1910's, 1920's. Also interested in finding children from this marriage..

MCCONNELL posted by John MacConnell on Saturday, February 19, 2000

Boucher and Jordan in their Westmoreland County History of 1906 mention (vol. 1, p. 165) a John McConnell, of Franklin Township; he died 23 May, 1832, 78 years old and fought in the Rev. War in Captain Eli Myer's company, Eighth Pennsylvania Reg. Does anybody know of his wife and/or children? Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

TARR posted by James Wilson on Saturday, February 19, 2000

I am interested in communicating (and sharing information) with any descendant (or interested researcher) of the James R Tarr family of East Huntington Twp, Westmoreland Co., Penna. He was born in 1799 and died in 1861. His first wife's name was Sarah and his second wife's name was Mary Ann. He had perhaps 9 children with his first wife and 3 or 4 with his second wife. He was a "farmer" on the 1850 census and a "Justice of the Peace" on the 1860 census. I would like to learn the names of his parents, siblings and oldest 5 or 6 children..

HUSBAND, SHERBANDY, TARR posted by James Wilson on Saturday, February 19, 2000

I am searching for the parents and siblings of Rosanna Tarr of East Huntington Twp, Westmoreland Co., Penna. She is my gg Grandmother. She was born in 1827 and she married a William G HUSBAND. They had five children. She died in 1887. Her parents may have been a James R Tarr who was born in 1799 and a Sarah SHERBANDY (Tarr) born in 1806 but this is only a guess, on my part, based on looking at the 1840 census and calculating age ranges, since the first names of family members were not given then. Any information would be appreciated..

MCKINLEY posted by Richard McKinley on Sunday, February 20, 2000

I am looking for evidence of Michael Green McKinley in Westmoreland County prior to 1792..

ASHBAUGH, ESCHBACH posted by Keith Tipton on Sunday, February 20, 2000

Hello, I would be very thankful for anyone with info on John Ashbaugh Sr.son of Johann Heinrich Eschbach(a.k.a John Henry Ashbaugh, and a lady whose first name was Maria.) John Sr. married Catharina Merck. Then went on to have 11 children.Their names are HENRY, ISAAC, ANDREW, JACOB, HANNAH, JOHN JR., JOSEPH, FREDERICK, ELIZABET, CATHERINE, and MARY. John Sr. was born around 1740, not known where yet. His children range from about 1760-1788. I can trace my family back to Johann, but I have sone dates missing or people who have weird marriages.. Would love to be able to clear these things up.Thank you for your help in advance! :-))

AYERS, FOUKS, ROBERTS posted by Edward Foulks on Monday, February 21, 2000

I have a John Ayers b.1843, lived nr. Circleville, N Huntington Twsp - related to Mrs. E.Ayers, who owned property, which appears on a map of the main business district in 1867. Daniel married Amelia (?) and had 6 children. Also seeking inf on Hannah (Roberts) Fouks and Abraham Fouks, B 1819 in Wales, lived in Irwin, PA, Children were Thomas b.1836 and Dan b. 1844..

TROXEL, TRUXAL, TRUXALL, TRUXELL posted by Gretchen Truxal on Monday, February 21, 2000

Truxal's of Greensburgh, Westmoreland Co., PA. I have lots of info on the Truxal line all the way back to the first Truxal (Trachsel or Drachsel) from Switzerland. Are you related? Email me to find out; also you might have more info..

BRECHT, ERNETTE, GORE, HARTNER, HORNE, NEAL, SUMM, UBINGER posted by Sharon Lichtenberg on Monday, February 21, 2000

Have information to share regarding the surname listed. The families settled in the Alleganhy/Westmoreland county area in the mid-late 1800's. I am currently working on the Brecht line but will share info from any surname listed..

ALLEN, DOUBT, WHITEHEAD posted by Charlie Allen on Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Peter WHITEHEAD, born Irwin, Westmoreland County about 1890, married ( 1 ) Emma DOUBT about 1910, married ( 2 ) my aunt Edith ALLEN, had four children with first wife; John WHITEHEAD, born 5 February 1911, Charles WHITEHEAD, born 2 November 1912, Louise WHITEHEAD, born 1914 and Jane WHITEHEAD, born 1917. Peter was a coal miner and died 1937 in Newfield, Penna. and is buried in Brush Creek Cemetery, Westmoreland County. Seeking other researchers of this line to share data; establish link to early WHITEHEAD family in the area. Reply email at CAAGURU@aol.com Thank you, Charlie A Allen.

LONG posted by Esther Shultz on Thursday, February 24, 2000

I am looking for information on my g-g-g-grandfather, his name was Jacob Long, all I know about him is that he was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, I am guessing around 1790, little is known about him since he died in Westmoreland County, Pa, all I know is that he had three children;
(1)Jacob Jr. -- born abt 1810
(2)John S. -- born abt 1813
(3)Abigail -- born abt 1816 (?)
I would like to know what his wife's name was and who his parents were! I am willing to share what information I have on the John & Jacob Jr. Long's descendants!

CONWAY, DAUGHERTY, OBRIEN posted by Lucy Russell on Thursday, February 24, 2000

I have information to share about the family of John Conway (1755-1833), an Irish immigrant who first lived in Wilmington, DE, prior to coming to Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co. @ 1819. John had a family, including daughter Elizabeth Conway Daugherty, who as a young widow, married Thomas O'Brien in 1822 in the log cabin Catholic church known as "Sportsmans Hall". The Conways and the O'Briens were among the founders of Mt. Carmel Catholic church in Derry Twp.
John Conway had a son, William B. Conway, an attorney and politician who became Secretary of State for the Iowa Territory in the 1830s..

CONNOR posted by Harold Connor on Thursday, February 24, 2000

I'm looking for any information regarding the Connor Family, my grandfather's name was Harry D. Connor, born Dec. 22, 1886 in West Vandergrift, Pa., his fathers name (my great-grandfather) was Thomas Connor, or it might have been O'Connor, I'm not sure what his wifes maden name was but her first name was Sarah. Looking for any information as to any relatives, any other siblings of the family..

MCMILLAN, SPRINGER, WHIPEY posted by Ginny Rose on Thursday, February 24, 2000

I am looking for my grandfather in either Westmoreland County or in Indiana County. I have found a Rev. John McMillan who was the first pastor of the Reunion Presbyterian Church in Mount Pleasant from 1873 to 1879. Does anyone have any information about him or his family. There is a possibility that he could be be my gg grandfather. I sure hope so, I have been looking everywhere for him. Thanks, Ginny in Texas.

BAECKER, MCMANIGLE posted by Kristine Hurd on Friday, February 25, 2000

Looking for the parents or siblings of Susanna Baecker b. abt 1796. Married James McManigle and they had 10 possibly 12 children. Susanna was 14 years old and baptized in the Lutheran Church in Hempfield, Westmoreland County, PA in 1809, and confirmed a few months later in September. Does anyone know who her parents were? Thank you.

BAECKER, MCMANIGLE posted by Kristine Hurd on Friday, February 25, 2000

Looking for 3 McManigle children. James and Susanna (Baecker) McManigle had 10, possibly 12 children. We have found 6 children baptized at the Greensburg Lutheran Church, Westmoreland County. James is in the 1810 census single. Their first child is baptized 11 Jan 1811, Rebecca. What happened to Rebecca? The McManigle family (parents & 9 children) moved to Jefferson County, PA about 1835. Rebecca was not with them. Did she marry? Die? There was also a child John baptized Jan 31 1817, but my records show John was born in 1822. Was there 2 Johns? Last but not least there is a Susanna baptized 27 Mar 1828. She did not go with the family to Jefferson County. I do not know what may have happened to these 3 children. The nine that went to Jefferson County are pretty well documented. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you..

CROSSCOPE, DAUGHERTY posted by Sharon Miller on Saturday, February 26, 2000

Catherine Emma Daugherty born 1868 Stewarts Station, Westmoreland Co, Penna. Married 1887 to Isaac Newton Crosscope. Had children William M, Leasure N, John A, Alice M, Emma and Albert. Living in Patton Twp, Allegheny Co in 1900. Emma died pre 1915. Isaac living in Jeannette, Westmoreland Co, Penna in 1920 with 2nd wife. Looking for information on this family. Willing to share information..

HARTENBOWER, HARTMAN posted by Linda Hunt on Saturday, February 26, 2000

I am researching the Simon Hartman Family he was born in Westmoreland County Pa. there and so were some of his bothers and sisters.What Hartebower are you reseaching oin LaSalle Illinois?..

HARTMAN posted by Linda Hunt on Saturday, February 26, 2000

Looking for Simon Hartman and family born in Westmoreland County. Pa.Simon was born 1806 in Huntington township He married Hannah Turner 08 Oct 1829 in Lancaster ,Fairfield,Ohio..

DUNLAP, GREER posted by Archie Patrick on Saturday, February 26, 2000

Samuel Dunlap was born in Westmoreland about 1790. His parents were Samuel Dunlap and Margaret ? He married Hannah Greer. I am looking for family history..

CASSIDY posted by Sharon Swanson on Saturday, February 26, 2000

Looking for parents of Nancy Cassidy b ca 1803. Family may have lived in Westmoreland Co. in the earlier 1800's. May have had a brother William who settled in Venango Co in the 1820's. Nancy m. Alexander Montgomery in Mercer Co. in 1824. Any help greatly appreciated! Sharon.

BODLE posted by Marcella Messer on Sunday, February 27, 2000

Have a Margaret Bodle born Jan 6, 1787 in Westmoreland County, PA. Married Sir Edward John in 1804. Need info on Margaret and parentage, siblings etc. Any help would be appreciated. THank you. Marcella Messer.


Would like to contact any individuals researching the following names of Fairfield and Ligonier areas of Westmoreland County, to exchange information.
Mathew Brown(e) b. 1775 d. 1832 m. Jennett (Jane) McCaskey/McCoskey b. 1777 d. 1848.
Andrew Brown b. bef. 1804 d. aft. 1892 m. Mary ? moved to Ohio.
James Brown b. 1809 or 1810.
Jane W. Brown 1805-1890 m. Squire Andrew Graham 1805-1859. Lived in Fairfield area. Children were: Matthew Graham 1841-?; Margaret Graham 1833-?; Dr. John W. Graham 1843-? He lived in Denver, Colorado; David B. Graham 1846-? He was a lawyer.
Joseph McCaskey Browne 1820-1913 m. 1st,Mary Stillings 2nd, Jennie Watt. Moved to Indianola, Iowa abt. 1846.
Mary Brown 1813-1893 m. Francis Smith 1809-? Lived in Ligonier area. Children were: Matthew B. Smith b. 1837 married Margaret Boyd; Thomas J. Smith b. 1840 married Margaret Elder; Nancy D. Smith b. 1843 married J.B.Lytle; Jane M. Smith b. 1846 married Rev. A.D. McConnell; Eliza B. Smith b. 1849 married James Richards; Margaret A. Smith 1852-1872; Celia A. Smith b. 1854 married H.G. Stauffer.
Robert Brown 1811-1880 married Nancy Agness McConnaghey 1818-1889 children were: Martha Florinda Brown 1848-1852; Margaret A. Brown 1841-1853; Francis brown-died young; Jane Mary Brown 1847-1887; Isabella Brown 1846-1890 moved to Kansas; Amanda Brown 1854-1913 of Blairsville; John M. Brown 1846-?; Jennie brown; David brown. Robert and Agness moved to Ohio from Fairfield twp. then back to Blairsville.
Eliza L. Browne 1817-1894 married Jesse M. Reid children were: Jane "Jennie" Reid 1843-1872 married A.J. Graham; Jesse D.W. Reid 1850-1887; Andrew B. Reid 1847-1907; Mary Reid. This family moved to Union County Ohio and then to Truro, Madison county, Iowa by her brother Joseph McCaskey Browne. Eliza moved back to Fairfield in late 1800's.
David Brown 1808-1863 married Mary Little ( name is now Lytle ) 1814-1893. This family lived in Fort Palmer, between Ligonier and Fairfield. David was in real estate.
David and Mary's children were: Matthew White Brown 1842-1917 married Sarah Isabells Smith 1st and Margaret Crawford 2nd; Jane Brown 1837-1920 married Samuel craig McClure 1829-1913; Nancy L. Brown 1840-1923 married John William Ramsey 1846-1936; William L. Browne 1844-? married Mary P. McClure. This family also moved to Madison County, Iowa; Franklin L. Brown 1847-1912 married Mary E. Smith 1847-1929; Mary S. Brown 1847-1937; John Brown 1850-1853; James Lytle Brown 1857-? married Harriett "Hattie" Martha Lindsay. This family also moved to Iowa..

ALTMANN posted by Mary Grabulis on Monday, February 28, 2000

Looking for the gentleman who is known to be the premier "ALTMANN" familty historian. He had sent me some info over the internet about a year ago and I lost it all to a viru. Anyone knowing who this Altmann expert is please let me know.

DAVIS, MCCLURE posted by Kathy Steinman on Tuesday, February 29, 2000

I have a copy of a land patent in my great-great-great grandmother's name (Sophia McClure)before she married my g-g-g grandfather (Benjamin S. Davis). It states that she was from Westmoreland Co. PA., the patent is dated May 10, 1826. I am having a difficult time locating any information about Sophia (father's name, etc.) What should I do next?.

HENRY posted by Laura Farmer on Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Looking for information on my Henry ties. My gggfather is Thomas Henry b1891, d1960 buried in Cole's Cemetary in Derry. Wife Audrey, b1894, d 1985, buried in Cole's also. They had three children, Herman Clyde (my gfather), Kenneth d1942, and Thomas Joseph Jr.
Looking for Thomas and Audrey's parents. Believe Thomas's father to be Daniel. He had several siblings: Nell, Ben, Jonathon and Daniel, maybe more. Don't know Audreys madien name at this point.

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