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MUSGROVES, SHAUM posted by Gary Thomas on Monday, February 1, 1999

I have most of my family traced. I am lacking a period of 1800 thru 1870. My Great-Grandfather and Great-Granmother lived in United, PA in Westmoreland county.

SHANER posted by Pat Vedner on Monday, February 1, 1999

I just learned that my Daniel SHANER was born 10 July 1811 in Westmoreland Co., PA. Now all I need is for someone to come forward and tell me who his parents are. He married 24 January 1838 in East Brook Township, Mercer/Lawrence Co., PA. All of his children were born there and he died there in the area in 1880. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

DUNN, MCKEE, WOOLARD posted by Barbara Dunn Clow on Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Researching Dunn and Woolard, coalminers in Hahntown,Irwin, Westmoreland County and descendants. Also Emma Dunn MCKEE.

BEICHEL, PACHEL, PAHEL, PAHUL, PAHULE posted by Michal Pahel Wayne on Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Looking for ancestors and/or descendants of David PAHEL b. abt 1832, Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co. KIA, Spottsylvania, VA, 1864. Brothers included -- William, Solomon, Jacob, James & Alexander. Father believed to have been John, b. 1801 and mother Ann, b. 1807. May be descended from David PACHEL in 1800 Westmoreland Census. Alternate spellings found in various records: PAHUL, PAHULE, BEICHEL.

BROWN posted by Michal Pahel Wayne on Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Looking for ancestors and/or descendants of James M. BROWN, b. abt 1835, Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co. M. Sarah/Elizabeth ca 1860. Five known children - John, b. 1863, d. bef 1897; Joseph, b. abt 1865, d. 1927; Mary, b. 1865; d. 1940; Laura, b. 1870, d. 1919; James A, b. 1873; d. 1949. Family was Roman Catholic, members of St. Martin's and later St. Joseph's.

DAVIS, EARLY, GREEK, JACKSON posted by Jeff Davis on Wednesday, February 3, 1999

I am trying to find out who the parents of Andrew JACKSON From westmoreland county were. He mobved to Armstrong count circa 1850 or 1860. Any help would be greatly appreciated. His wives were Elizabeth EARLY and Lima GREEK..

HOWARD, WHITE posted by Ava Powell on Wednesday, February 3, 1999

Looking for the parents of Solomon Howard b.1813 in West Morland Co, Pa and md Catherine White 1817-1907. Thank you.

JACK, KEISTER, PORTER, RUGH, STECK posted by Dale Maureen Stoll on Thursday, February 4, 1999

I am looking for more information about my father's family, as follows. Any information would be appreciated.

My great grandfather was Solomon Steck (b. Nov 22, 1820 d. July 29, 1904), married to Isabella Jack (b. Sept. 27, 1818, d. Jan 21, 1885)

Solomon's mother was Leah Rugh (b. 1799 d. Nov. 6, 1892) and his father was John Henry Steck (b. 1795 d. March 24, 1863)

Solomon's grandfather on his father's side was Rev. John Michael Steck (b in Holland/Germany Oct. 5, 1756 and d. July 14, 1830 age 73 years 9 months 9 days)

Solomon's grandmother on his father's side was Ester Potter (b. @1866 d. May 26, 1846 age 80)

Solomon's grandfather on his mother's side was Peter Rugh (b. 1747 d. December 22, 1828 age 81 years, 4 months, 5 days)

Solomon's grandmother on his mother's side was Maria Margaret Keister (b. 1753-4 d. April 12, 1831 age 77 years, 8 months, 15 days)

Solomon's wife's father was Samuel Jack (b. August 5, 1790 in Westmoreland Co. Pa. d. March 30, 1857)

Solomon's wife's mother was Nancy Porter (b. April 12, 1800 d Feb. 1898--born near Chambersburg, Pa., and came to Westmoreland Co with her mother about 1812. She married on Dec. 17, 1817)

MORROW, SHUPE posted by LaVonne Hanlon on Friday, February 5, 1999

Would like information on Nevada Shupe Morrow who was born ca. 1884 and graduated from Mt. Aetna School in So. Huntingdon Twp, Westmoreland Co. PA in 1903. She was my grandmother's best friend as a child.

MASTERS, WILSON posted by Sharon Sheldon on Friday, February 5, 1999

Preliminary census research shows my David Masters (1852-1884) was the son of William & Isabel Masters of Franklin Twp. Apparently this Masters line (several generations of men named William) was in Franklin Twp. for most of the 19th century. Is anyone researching this line?

ADAMS, POTTS, WINELAND posted by Larry Wineland on Friday, February 5, 1999

Need to find if Mary Adams, wife of Christopher Wineland (1799- 1885) was the daughter of Archibald and Rachel Potts Adams. They( the latter two ) were both in the 1850 Census of Ligonier Twp.

TURNER, WOODS posted by Robert Woods on Friday, February 5, 1999

James TURNER of Westmoreland Co., m. Isabel WOODS of Elizabeth Twp,Allegheny Co. They removed to Armstrong County,PA, in the 1820's or so. Do you know this family?

BRUNER, ESHENBAUGH posted by Edie Perlick on Saturday, February 6, 1999

Searching for Eshenbaughs or relatives from Westmoreland County and surrounding counties for my family tree.Also believe my greatgrandparents had a farm and sold it then moved to New York, any info would be very helpful.

CASTERWILER, JOHN, JOHNS, NOWASKI posted by Bonnie Sawyer on Saturday, February 6, 1999

Looking for any information regarding the John family of Greensburg and Bovard of Westmoreland County. The surname John was changed to Johns later by one of the sons, my grandfather, William Franklin Johns.

KNOX, MCHARG, NICELY, WINELAND posted by Regina Barry on Sunday, February 7, 1999

Sarah was a daughter from Samuel Knox's first marriage to Ann McHarge. I'll be happy to send you full family group sheets; or you can view them on my website. I would appreciate any information you can give me about Sarah and her children; when her husbands died, when she died, etc.

YOHE posted by Irene Boydston on Sunday, February 7, 1999

Need information on Robert Yohe. Could have been from Westmoreland or surrounding counties. Wife possibly named Louisa. Son James Earl Yohe married to Adda Belle Cravner around 1899. James Earl Yohe was born around 1877. Any help would be appreciated.

BARBER posted by Donald Stephenson on Sunday, February 7, 1999

I am looking for info on Samuel Barber and his son Andrew Barber who came to Westmoreland Co. about 1817 from Ireland and then moved on to Mercer Co. Pa. about 1839. If you have info on this family please let me know. Thanks.

TROUTMAN posted by Agnes Donnelly on Monday, February 8, 1999

Is there anyone in Westmoreland with access to the 1860 census who would check to see if there was a TROUTMAN family living in Mt. Pleasant in that census year and send me the data from the census? They may have been living with another family, name unknown. I would be most appreciative.

ARMSTRONG, CUMMINGS, EUWER, FERGUSON, GIBSON, KENNEDY, MCLEAN, MCMATH, ROSE, SKILLEN posted by Sherry Woods Kaseberg on Monday, February 8, 1999

Descendants of John and Jane [Elliott] Euwer attended family reunions in Allegheny county for years. Those attending one about 1882 from Parnassus, Westmoreland County, PA included Amelia J. Euwer, Nannie McMath, Mrs. Jane M. Euwer, Mrs. John Ferguson, Austin Skillen, Mrs. Jane Skillen, Mr and Mrs John Cummings and Mr and Mrs J.W. Rose. Attending from Logan's Ferry were Mrs. E.J.[Eliza Euwer] McLean, the Misses McLean, John E. McLean, Miss Millie E. Kerr, the Misses Armstrong, John Euwer, Mr and Mrs George B Armstrong, Mr Sampson Armstrong, and Mrs Rosa Armstrong. Attending from Murrysville were Mrs Lillie B Kennedy and family, and Joseph M. Gibson. Preparing a family record for these lines that attach to my Woods - Yourd/Euwer/Uerr/Ewer line in Allegheny County, PA.

POTTS, WILLIAMS posted by Ellen Anderson on Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Looking for a Jacob Potts unknown birth but came to Westmoreland at about 1767. Was possibly in Revolutionary War and Died in 1837 Westmoreland. He married Mary Magdaline Williams who was born in Wales. Children were John Jacob Potts, David Potts. Can anyone help me with these?

HUFFMAN, KENNEDY posted by Tammy Lamp on Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Seeking information/parents of my 3rd great grandparents William Kennedy and Katherine Huffman. William born 1811 and Katherine born 1816 probably in Westmoreland County. They spent their entire lives in Burrell Township. Some of William's siblings: Joseph born 1813, James M. born 1817, John N. born 1826 & Martha born 1836 married Eli Shearer. Katherine's mother was Elizabeth ? She married ? Huffman. He died between 1833-1840 in Allegheny Township. Some of Katherine's siblings: George born 1812, and sisters Rebecca born 1830 and Jane born 1833. Any help is appreciated.

LIPPINCOTT, SHRADER posted by Joyce Witt on Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Looking for parent names for Hiram Shrader b. 23 Aug. 1824 PA. md. 1849 in Adams Co., IL to Matilda Lippincott. Traveled to Illinois with Matilda and other family members in 1845. Believe Hiram could be from Westmoreland Co., PA area. He died in 1902 in Adams Co., IL.

MORGAN, SCOTT posted by Kathleen Rizer on Thursday, February 11, 1999

William H. Morgan and his wife Mary E (Scott) are in the 1990 Westmoreland Co., Penn census at Jeannette. William was born in Nov 1837. Would like death dates for this couple and their children: Oliver, Ella Margaret, Ada Belle, Carrie, Frederick Wess, Maude, Lillian and John W. Morgan, all born between 1860 and 1881 in Allegheny Co

MASTERS, WILSON posted by Sharon Sheldon on Thursday, February 11, 1999

Does anyone know of a source for church records in Franklin Twp.? Specifically, Methodist or Presbyterian records? I am looking for marriage records for my Masters line in the early and mid 1880's. A few of my MASTERS family members are buried at Sardis Cemetery.

BITNER, HALL, SCOTT posted by Earl Clark on Friday, February 12, 1999

Searching for information on James Hall b. 1 Mar 1824 in KY, who died 23 Mar 1905 in Ligonier Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. He was married to Rachel Scott b. 1837 in Ligonier Valley, Westmoreland Co., Pa. She was the daughter of James Scott b. 9 Jun 1805 in Pa, and Catherine Bitner b. abt. 1807 in Pa. the daughter of Peter Bitner and Anna Maria (or Mary) Mathews. James and Rachels children were: Druscilla Hall b. 1960 Mary Theresa Hall b. 1863 Jeremiah Hall b. 1866 Frederich Hall b. 1970 John C. Hall b. 6 Apr 1873 Joseph Hall b. 1878 Mary Hall b. 1880 Frank G. Hall b 1882 Specifically seeking info on James Hall's parents,etc., and James Scott's heritage.

REIS, RICE posted by Harry Sharp on Friday, February 12, 1999

Researching Conrad RICE/REIS born Sept. 1796 in Greensburg area and son of Jacob and Elizabeth RICE. Both the parents and Conrad would have moved to Venango Co. early. Help will be appreciated. Harry.

BOICOURT, ELLIOTT, MCGREW, MERRYWEATHER, SANDVIG, YARNELL posted by Jean Boicourt on Saturday, February 13, 1999

The children of Jean-Marie (Thomas) BOICOURT, Louise SANDVIG, and Marie MERRYWEATHER were born in Westmoreland County. Edward b. 1774 Silas b. 1775 Thomas b. 1777 Felix b. 1780 Elizabeth b. 1782 Samuel L. b. 1791 Need help finding them.

FRICK, GAMBLE posted by Larry Wineland on Saturday, February 13, 1999

Need to know if Henry Clay Frick was a son of Jacob and Elizabeth FRICK / was he also the brother of Barbara FRICK who married John Gamble.

GRIMM, SECHRIST, SECREST, SECRIST, SIEGRIST posted by LaVonne Hanlon on Sunday, February 14, 1999

Searching for three sons of Valentine and Susanna Siegrist (later spelled Secrest Secrist Sechrist). They came from Rotterdam to Baltimore, MD. Later moved to Westmoreland Co, PA (Tyrone Twp, now Fayette Co.). Son, Valentine II was probably born in MD ca. 1766-1775. He moved to Fleming Co. KY with his older brothe, William. They fought in the War of 1812 together. (Wm stayed in KY) By 1857 clues indicate Valentine II was in Indiana. No further info. George was born 10 May 1776 in Maryland. Married Maria ??? and is listed in the Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA Census 1810-1850. Had a daughter baptized at Harrold's Settlement in 1802. No further info. Henry was born in Fayette Co. PA ca 1787 and may have married Rachel GRIMM ca 1810. He sold land to build a schoolhouse in 1824 in PA. May have moved to OH in 1827. Looking for proof that the Henry who married Rachel Grimm is the son of Valentine and Susanna.

MCCLELAND, THOMPSON posted by Carol Maizel on Sunday, February 14, 1999

Could you please tell me where Penn Station is? Have a marriage that was reported in that place. Is it near any part of Pittsburgh? Looking for a marriage of James William Thompson and Sarah J. McCleland in about 1869.

LEASON, SHARP posted by Ann Arnold on Thursday, February 18, 1999

I am interested in obtaining information about my ggggrandparents Robert Leason ( born in Westmoreland County) and Hannah Sharp (birth place unknown). They had a son, Reverend Thomas Sharp Leason. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

BULLMAN, DOTY posted by Leonard Diehl on Thursday, February 18, 1999

Barbara Bullman was born about 1808, Derry Twp. Westmoreland Co. Pa. Perhaps the daughter of Andrew Bullman. She married Daniel J. Doty in Butler Ohio. who had lived in Westmoreland Co. Pa. before moving to Ohio. Need to know about her parents and family..

CROW, ECKELS, ECKLES posted by Howard Eckels on Thursday, February 18, 1999

Looking for the burial location of Daniel Eckels, possibly spelled Eckles and his wife Mary (maiden name Crow). It is believed to be in Unity Township, Westmoreland County, PA.

COWELL, GEORGE, HOLMES posted by Erica Ploski on Thursday, February 18, 1999

Searching Westmoreland or surrounding counties for families of Gertrude Cowell George, daughter of E.J. Cowell and Annie Cowell, granddaughter of Annie Eliza Holmes.

BUISSET, MAYENCE, STRIMEL, STRIMELLE posted by Dick Strimel on Thursday, February 18, 1999

I am looking for information concerning my paternal grandparents and great-grandparents. My gr-grandfather was Edward Strimel (also spelled Strimelle) who came from Charleroi, Belgium in 1892 to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. His occupation was glassblower. My grandfather Fernand A. Strimel, Sr was six years old when they came to Pennsylvania. He was born on 8 October 1886 in Charleroi, Belgium. My grandmother was Bertha Buisset who was born in Aniche, France on 2 June 1887 and I believe they were married in Jeannette, Pa. either 25 July 1907 or 27 July 1907 as both dates are listed in their respective obituaries. My father Fernand A. Strimel, Jr. was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on 15 November 1910. Any help on where to find this information would be greatly appreciated.

DECKER posted by John Decker on Friday, February 19, 1999

Seeking information on this DECKER family. Several descendant families of this family moved to the Derry area of Derry Township. Isaac DECKER b. ca 1750 in Sussex Co., NJ, Dorcas . They had children Ebenezer b. 1771 Sussex Co., John b. 1774 Sussex Co, Jacob (Job)b. ?, Sussex Co., NJ, Daniel b. ?, Sussex Co., Eunice b. ?, Sussex Co., NJ and Mary(Polly) b. ?, Sussex Co., NJ. This family settled in Cumberland Co., PA from ca 1790 to 1807, then moved to Westmoreland Co., PA. If you have information on this family and/or related DECKER's, Please contact me.

SNYDER, STANLEY posted by Cynthia Jacobson on Friday, February 19, 1999

Seeking information on Herman STANLEY, sometimes spelled STANELY, born in Germany, most likely Kreis Rosenberg, West Prussia circa 1858, immigrated US 1882, 1883, or 1887. Wife is Emily (Amelia) Snyder, also born Germany. Children, all born PA: CLARA 1894; ELEANOR 1898; EMMA 1900; and ELSA, 1905. Lived in New Kensington, Westmoreland County circa 1910 to 1940. Brother-in-law Albert A. SNYDER, b. 1883 PA, was a barber in New Kensington. Can connect to family in Michigan who visited New Kensington in 1930's and 1940's. Please contact me if you can trace daughters. CLARA and ELEANOR either were married between 1910 and 1920 or died.

BARLEAN, BARLEEN, BARLIEN, BERLEAN, BERLIEN posted by Steve Barlean on Saturday, February 20, 1999

Looking for any information on Michael Barlean born in 1797 in PA or looking for his parents.

JONES posted by Larry Jones on Saturday, February 20, 1999

Seeking information about parents of Oliver JONES, b. 28 Mar 1818, Westmoreland County, PA. Any help or clues appreciated.

BOOKER, BUCHER, CARLOS, GARRITY, WALL posted by James Booker on Sunday, February 21, 1999

Peter Wall married Margaret Carlos they lived and died in Homestead Pa. Late 1800's to 1920's. They had 7 daughters and one son, John Wall. Thier 4th Daughter was Rose Wall Garrity b. 1906, my Grandmother who was married to John Garrity 1897-1972. They lived thier entire married life in Homestead. I'm looking for where the Wall side of the family came from. I'm told Peter b. aprox 1860 and his brother were from Irwin in Westmoreland Co., Pa. The brothers had a butcher shop in Homestead and I beleave that Peter had two sisters named Bridget Wall Mack and Eileen Wall Hensler both possibly burried in Irwin Pa. Can anyone tell me if this information is correct or point me in the right direction?

REBER posted by Georgia Elliott on Sunday, February 21, 1999

REBER - Searching for all REBER'S and any info on the REBER families, please email me, reberjo@tnaccess.com thanks and good luck in your search.


Hello, Family and Friends, My name is Margaret Ann Goodlin, I searching for any information about my family.

My Great Grandfather is Harry Danzel Goodlin the oldest son of John Goodlin and Jennie Stakes, not much is know about John Goodlin other then after he married Jennie, in the Blacklick Indiana Co. John Goodlin is said to come from the Goodlin family from Westmoreland Co.

I have information on Henry Alexander Goodlin m.1 Missouri Hannah Baker. m.2 Mary A. Harrold. Hannah is burned alone while Henry and Mary are burned side by side in the Old Harrolds Church Cemetery Hempfeild Twp. Westmoreland Co.

Henry's grandmother Mary Ansley Goodlin Robbins was married to a John Goodlin whose father was Henry Heinrich Gutling. I believe that John Goodlin I'm looking for is a descendant of Mary Ansley and John Goodlin, because of dates that I have. I need help linking to this family.

John Goodlin b.1779 d.1829 and Mary Ansley b.1779 d.1864 where m.10-18-1797. John and Mary had five children 1.James Goodlin b.1788 d.1859 m.1 Catherine Snyder, m.2 Jane Williams b.1803 d.1851 2. John Goodlin b.1806 m. Mary Weyandt 3. Marie "Mariah" Goodlin b.1806 m.1 Jacob McIntire m.2 John Hays 4. July Ann Goodlin m.1 ? Hays m.2 ?Crayton m.3 Richard Eavians 5. William Goodlin b.1816 m. Elizabeth "Eliza" Shaner b. 1812

I have no information on any of the above children's families and their children. I need help fill in the gaps here. Is any one has any information that I would find helpful. Please feel free to E-mail.

It has been our family secret that John Goodlin who married Jenny Stake left her and move out west (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon) somewhere in the forest area and started a lumber company. Any information about his parents and their parents, even his new family out west.

Because of this family secret, I'm beginning to believe that maybe the Goodlin family was disgraced by John Goodlin for being a womanizer therefor no one will help me connect. Or maybe the secret was been last.

BOWSER, HASLETT posted by Bob Haslett on Sunday, February 21, 1999

I'm interested in the surname of Haslett. My ggrandfather was William H Haslett and he married Mary D Bowser. They had five sons Francis,John,Ira Warner and Everett. Francis was born in New Florence Pa.

HELINSKI, HELINSKY, MAXIMOWITZ, SHILINSKI posted by Carolyn Hosage on Monday, February 22, 1999

Please see inquery for Shilinski and Maximowitz re: Slickville, Westmoreland County. I've been told Helinski/y was the name until the naturalization papers came. Found the name Helinsky on birth certificates. Any info on these families would be greatly appreciated.

LOGAN, WINELAND posted by Larry Wineland on Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Need info on WILLIAM B WINELAND (1855-1895) whose daughter ELIZABETH married a LOGAN. Supposedly they lived inthe Ligonier area.

COOKE, HINKLE posted by Jean Johnson on Wednesday, February 24, 1999

Would like to have information concerning Asa Cooke who was listed in the Early Land Survey books 1769-1905 in Westmoreland County.

CHESTNUT, FERRI posted by Rosalind Ashmun on Thursday, February 25, 1999

Looking for the parents of Daniel b/12Jan1814,PA m Sarah Ferri b/1821, PA. Daniel was killed on the PRR by a bumping beam on the Johnstown Accommodation 12Oct1865. The lived in Penn Station now Penn Boro Westmoreland Co. PA. They had the following children: Isaac, Susan m/John Smith, Paul m/Margatet Hamilton, Caroline, Thomas R., Daniel, Elizabeth, Cebilla and Mary. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BARNDT, BARNOT posted by Paul Barndt on Thursday, February 25, 1999

Any information available for John BARNOT Sr. and John BARNOT Jr. who are listed in Donegal Twp., Westmoreland Co., in the 1790 Federal Census. Children's/relative's names ? Ties to VA ? Ties to central PA ?

BEERS, DAUGHERTY, LEE, RICE, SILER, SONES, YURT posted by David Doll on Thursday, February 25, 1999

Seeking info on these families of Westmoreland County. Many had settled in or around Jeanette. Would like to trade info.

HOWARD posted by Nila Combs on Friday, February 26, 1999

Looking for Abraham HOWARD b. 8 Mar 1811 in Donegal twp,Westmoreland Co., PA, d. 10 Mar 1886 in DeSoto, Jackson Co. Illinois.His wife was Mary Ann Diehl/Darh b. 3 Dec 1823 in Donegal, d. 3 Jul 1908 in Jackson Co., IL. Children were David, Peter, Phillip, Sarah, John, Catherine, Henry. Would like to find his parents.

ELLIOTT, SIMPSON, SPELLMAN posted by John Elliott on Saturday, February 27, 1999

Looking for information on descendents of Mathew Elliott, married to Jane Simpson with at least one son, Charles Elliott. Exact dob for Mathew Elliott and Jane Simpson is unknown, but son Charles was born in Westmoreland Co. in 1874. This would put Mathew and/or Jane's dob somewhere around 1850? Will exchange information.

CACCIA, CLARK, HELMAN, HUNKER posted by Jacquelyn CaCCIA on Sunday, February 28, 1999

Andrew CACCIA came to Westmoreland County in the mid/late 1880's to work in the coal mines. (Jamison Coal & Coke- possibly Salem mines) Abt. 1900 he married Cora Clark, d/o Sam and Margaret Nichols Clark. Andrew and Cora lived in Hunker PA until his death in 1919. Also seeking info on David and Catherine Hunker Helman (possibly Hellman)also of Westmoreland County. He was listed as a coal miner in 1860 census. They had at least one son, George, who married Lydia (Lyda) Rummel also of Westmoreland County.

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