Land Warrents
Donegal and Cook Township Area
Campbell Surname

Warrants Donegal Twp. (Cook Twp. Area)
from LDS Film #1028811,1028812

Auld, Moses: #66, 200 ac adj. Frederick Rhorer and General St. Clair.

Archibald, Patrick: 400 ac Warrant #114, 16 Jan 1797, adj his other lands on west, Wm. Ross on south, Clements Burleigh on east, and Chestnut Ridge on north.

Campbell, Alexander: #518, 11 Jan 1830, patented to Roseanna Campbell 18 Feb 1870, 50 ac adj Robert E. Campbell on the south, Wm. G. Campbell and Robert C. Campbell on the west, Adam Brant on the north, and Matthias Marker on the east.

Campbell, Alexander: #544, 30 Aug 1851, 20 ac adj heirs of William Campbell on north and Robert Campbell on east.

Campbell, George: #487, 13 Jan 1817, George Campbell of Donegal Twp.
warrants 125 ac incl an improvement, adj James Campbell on the east, James F. Campbell on the south, and William Campbell on the west. Ret 26 Mar 1838.

Campbell, George Jr.: #549, 3 June 1868, 6 ac adj W. C. Burd on south, John B. Campbell on west, and Henry Correll on north and east.

Campbell, James: #198, 300 ac adj. lands of Robert Campbell, Cornelius Campbell, and others with interest from 1 Mar 1773. 

Campbell, John: #456, 200 ac warranted 26 Feb 1800, ret 14 Jan 1813,
on south branch of Four Mile Run adj John Robinson, John Galbreath, John Eckman, and others in Donegal Twp. Interest from 1 Mar 1798.

Campbell, John B.: #550, 4 Jun 1868, 100 ac adj Andrew Stahl on north, Samuel Earnest on west, Wm. E. Campbell on east, heirs of Thomas B. Campbell on south, and Samuel Roadman on east.

Campbell, Joseph Jr.: #235, 8 Dec 1786 100ac on waters of Loyalhanna adj.
Michael Huffnagle Esq., George Glen, John Means, incl the mouth of a run coming out into the North side of the said creek above the Roaring Run adj. lands of General St. Clair. Interest from above date.

Campbell, Joseph: #236, 8 Dec 1786, 80 ac on waters of Loyalhanna Creek
adj. land of Robert Williams northeast corner being a part from thence north to the top of the ridge incl a spring running south between Robert Williams and Robert Campbell land.

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Campbell, Robert: #498, 27 May 1822, 100 ac adj Jacob Brugh on the south, Samuel Best on west, Matthew Campbell on the north, and Jacob Leighteberger on the east, incl an improvement.

Campbell, Robert: #512, 12 Dec 1827, ret 17 Dec 1838, 75 ac incl an improvement adj William Campbell on the east, John Leighteberger on the south, Jacob Brugh on the west, and Captain Robert Campbell on the north.

Campbell, Robert: #513, warrant 125 ac 12 Dec 1827, ret 140.1 ac
18 Feb 1833, adj Robert Paine on the east, Wm. Campbell on the south, Alexander McMurry on the west, and Leonard Stahl on the north.

Campbell, Robert C: #519, 4 Feb 1830, 10 ac adj Matthias Marker on the east, Robert Campbell on the south, John Campbell on the west, and lands of the applicant on the northwest.

Campbell, Thomas and William, Administrators of James F. Campbell: #496, 24 Mar 1820, 100 ac incl an improvement adj lands of James McClane, John Eakman, Jacob Brugh, William E. Campbell, and James Campbell. Returned 11 Mar 1824.

Campbell, Thomas: #503, Warranted and returned on 4 Feb 1825, in Unity Twp., 210 ac 80p by virtue of an application #2725 on 3 Apr 1769 by William McKenzy, there has been surveyed a tract of 210 ac 80p in Donegal Twp. title invested in Thomas Campbell per judgement of the Supreme Cout for the western district of Pa. Paid 5# sterling per 100 acres.

Campbell, Thomas B.: #520, 11 Jan 1830, 8 ac adj George Campbell, John Campbell, Esq., William E. Campbell, and heirs of James Henry.
Campbell, William: #477, 29 Mar 1813, ret 11 Mar 1818, 40 ac adj James McKenzie, John McGaw, and Wm. Gettemy in Donegal Twp.

Campbell, William E.: #504, 5 Feb 1825, in Unity Twp., William E. Campbell applies for a warrant for 150 acres where settlement and improvement has been made adj lands of Thomas Campbell and John McBeck on north, James Nelson on the east, heirs of Henry on south, and Robert Campbell on the west.

Coal Country Warrants

Campbell, James C.: #350, 7 Sep 1793, 400 ac on west branch of Linn's Run
3 miles above Linn's Mill. Patent H-67-563 on 7 Jul 1870 to James Parsons.

Campbell, James: #395 4 Feb 1794, 400 ac adj Christopher Blythston and others.

Campbell, John: #349, 7 Sep 1793, 400 ac on the West Fork of Linn's Run
incl a large sugar camp about 2 miles above Linn Mill. Patent H-77-336 8 Jan 1909 to Byers Allen Lumber Co.

Campbell, John: #396, 4 Feb 1794, 400 ac adj lands of Joseph McClain and William Inman.

Campbell, John Sr. : #351, 7 Sep 1793, 400 ac on waters of St. Clair's
Run adj. land of Robert Laughlin and John Galbraith.

Campbell, Joseph: #344, 7 Sep 1793, 400 ac on head waters of White Oak
Run patented 26 Feb 1873 to Joseph B. Leacock and Issac Barron H-71-605.

Campbell, Margaret: #??, 7 Sep 1793, on north run adj land of
General St. Clair and John Galbreath.

Campbell, Margaret C.: #392, 4 Feb 1794, 400 ac returned 15 Jan 1799, adj. land of Boston Lephrick and others.

Campbell, Mary Jr.: #346, 7 Sep 1793, 400 ac on a branch of Loyalhanna
Creek adj. Robert Laughlin and James Clifford. Patent 27 Aug 1873 to Charles S. Vanncar.

Campbell, Mary: #346, 7 Sep 1793, 400 ac on the road from Samuel
Shannon's to the Glade incl a large maple swamp on the said road. Patent 7 Jun 1870 to David McQuaid. H67-205, survey V-149.
Campbell, Mary: #394, 4 Feb 1794, 400 ac adj. lands of John Hinds and George McDonald. Ret 15 Jan 1799,

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Campbell, Robert: #343, 7 Sep 1793, 400ac patented 23 Apr 1873 to
Wm. E. Robbins. H-71-696. On branch of Loyalhanna Creek known by the name of Linn's Run adj. land of Andrew Linn, Esq.
Campbell, Robert: #397, 4 Feb 1794, ret. 16 Jan 1799, 400 ac adj John Murdock and Joseph McLane.

Campbell, Robert: #398, 4 Feb 1794, 400 ac adj lands of Patrick Archibald. Ret 17 Jan 1799.

Campbell, Robert Jr.: #345, 7 Feb 1793, 400 ac on W. Branch of Roaring
Run incl the north side of Rich Hill. Patent 13 Jan 1870 to Robert M. Graham. H-67-321.

Campbell, Ruth C: #393, 4 Feb 1794, 400 ac ret 16 Jan 1799, on great
road from Blythston's to Lovingier's incl a spring running into the Big Sewickley.

Campbell, Ruth: #352, 7 Sep 1793, 400 ac on waters of St. Clair's Run.

Campbell, William: #391, 4 Feb 1794, 400 ac returned 15 Jan 1799. Land
adjoins Michael Ockerman, on waters of Sewickley. 

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