Romayne M. Waldron, D.V.S.

ROMAYNE M. WALDRON, D. V. S. Few members of the veterinary profession are better known in western Pennsylvania than is Dr. Waldron, who is engaged in the practice of his profession in Greensburg, Westmoreland county, where he also conducts one the largest sales and exchange stables in this portion of the state. Educated in all the principles and modern methods of his profession, he is enthusiastic in its practice and his services are valued highly, being in constant demand in Westmoreland and adjoining counties. 

Dr. Waldron claims the fair Emerald Isle as the place of his nativity, having been born in county Roscommon, Ireland, August 7, 1859, and having there been reared to maturity, while he secured excellent educational advantages in the schools of his native county. He is a son of Michael and Catharine (Romayne) Waldron, who were likewise born and reared in Ireland, and who are now deceased, the father having been a farmer and stockman by vocation. In 1879, when nineteen years of age, Dr. Waldron came to America, and here he took up the study of the veterinary science, finally entering the celebrated Toronto Veterinary Surgery. He has made a through and systematic study of veterinary science. The sacrifice and suffering entailed upon the domestic animals which minister to our well-being and pleasure, on account of the ignorance prevailing as to their treatment, awakened in Dr. Waldron an overmastering desire to learn how to cure and alleviate their sufferings, and the result has been his successful and noteworthy career as an able and enthusiastic member of his profession, in which he has attained high prestige. Soon after his graduation Dr. Waldron located in Greensburg, and here he has built up a large and important business in the direct line of his profession, while in the connection he established and exchange stable, in which department of his business he has expanded the enterprise until it is one the largest and most important in western Pennsylvania, the number of horses and mules handled averaging from one hundred to one hundred and fifty head per month, while through this source he supplies the greater amount of such stock utilized in the mines of this section of the state. Dr. Waldron is not the only representative of his family in the United States, as is evident when we note that his three brothers are well established in their respective lines of endeavor, as follows : Dr. Lewis P., is a successful physician and surgeon of Akron, Ohio ; Thomas A. is a veterinary surgeon of Uniontown, Pennsylvania ; and Michael is a prosperous farmer residing near Brownsville, Fayette county, this state. In politics Dr. Waldron gives an uncompromising allegiance to the Republican party, and he is one of the active workers in its local ranks, while he is essentially progressive and public-spirited as a citizen, though he has never sought the honors or emoluments of public office. He is a member or the Catholic church. 

As a leading member of his profession in this locality Dr. Waldron is considered an authority and is frequently called in consultation over serious or complex cases, few ever passing through his skilled treatment without relief. He is a member of various professional organizations, is held in high esteem by his professional confreres, and is a frequent contributor to veterinary publications. he is well and favorably known in his home city, and is a reliable and progressive business man and loyal citizen. Dr. Waldron married, January 31, 1889, Elizabeth Lutz, one of the representative dental surgeons of Fayette City, where he is still engaged in the practice of his profession. Dr. and Mrs.. Waldron have six children, namely : Louis David, Romayne M., Jr., Catherine A., Edith E., Josephine E., and Mary L. 

Source Pages 56 & 57 History of Westmoreland County, Volume II, Pennsylvania by John N. Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906 
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