Farewell Skidmore

FAREWELL SKIDMORE. One of the successful men of Greensburg is Farewell Skidmore. He was born October 6, 1848, in Sheffield, England, and is the son of Edward and Mary (Sayles) Skidmore. 

Until reaching the age of thirteen, Farewell Skidmore attended the common schools, and then learned the steel smelter's trade. He emigrated, in 1872, to the United States, landing in New York on the first day of May in that year. He went to Lewistown, Pennsylvania, where he remained three years, and then moved to Pittsburgh. In that city he was employed for seventeen years in Anderson and Wood's Steel works, prospering to such a degree that at the end of that time he was able to purchase property in Greensburg, whither he removed. He set out a grape vineyard from which he manufactures fourteen varieties of wine for which he finds a market in various states of the union, and he also deals largely in fruit of all kinds. He married, March 6, 1869, Catherine Melvin, and their children were: Mary Ann, born December 29, 1869, died April 9, 1871; Ada, born January 29, 1871; Mary , born June 21, 1872, died August 1, 1873; Farewell, born February 10, 1874, died August 17, 1874; Charles. born !n 1874, died same year; Farewell Earnest, born June 28, 1875; and Lillie. born in 1879, died same year. Mrs. Skidmore was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Melvin, and was born May 10, 1848, in Sheffield, England. Her husband and family suffered the affliction of losing her by death October 23, 1902. 

Source: Page(s) 109, History of Westmoreland County, Volume 2, Pennsylvania by John N Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906. 
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