Chalmers Ramaley

CHALMERS RAMALEY, one of the successful men of Pennsylvania, and a resident of Greensburg, Westmoreland county, was born June 6, 1873, the son of Jacob and Susanna R. (Cutchell) Ramaley. Jacob Ramaley was born about 1829. He was by occupation a millwright, and in the practice of his trade contributed liberally to the development of the milling industry in Westmoreland county. He married Susanna R. Cutchell, daughter of Parmenus Cutchell, and their children were: Murray, P. A., Dr. E. R., M. J., Ida M., Molly B., Blanch M., and Chalmers. 

Chalmers Ramaley is one of the energetic and prosperous business men in the county. He is an architect of ability, and owns a sawmill, several excellent farms that are worked for him by tenants and other farms that he buys for the standing timber, after the removal of which he sells them and buys others, in the regular course of his business. Mr. Ramaley is now building a large barn, one of the best in the county in point of construction, as it will also be in appointments when finished. Its location will be convenient to the farms he owns, and will comfortably house the dozen or more working horses and the other farm products. Mr. Ramaley contemplates the building of a house for his family which though simple in architecture, will be one of the finest residences in the county. On the hill near the ground upon which this house is to be erected is a spring of excellent water. It is high above the house and barn, and Mr. Ramaley will build a reservoir to supply them with water and to furnish power for electric lighting and such light machinery as will make housework and the feed and care of stock most convenient. Mr. Ramaley married, February 8, 1900, Nora M. Young, daughter of Norman C. Young: and their children are: Susan, born September 14, 1901; Chalmers E., February I, 1902: and Simon Steck, March 27, 1904. 

Source: Page(s) 121, History of Westmoreland County, 
Volume 2, Pennsylvania by John N Boucher. 
New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906. 
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