Martz Family

THE MARTZ FAMILY is of German origin. Charles Martz and wife Katharine were the parents of Daniel Martz, who was born in Armstrong county, Pennsylvania, January 26, 1820. He was a shoemaker. He married Sara Richard, born August 2, i8i8. By this union were born: Lucinda (Mrs. Hill), born January 25, 1848; Maria (Mrs. Willard Stewart), born September 4, 1849; James Dougherty, born 1851; John, born February 25, 1854; Katharine born April 3, 1856, died June 8, 1885; Mary, (Mrs. Updegraff), born March i8, 1860.


James D. Martz, san of Daniel and Sara (Richard) Martz born 1851, married (first) Margaret Jane Amalong, born June 2, 1857. Their children were: Martha Jane, born December 13, 1876; George W., born February 22, 1878; Lebens Bigelow, born March 12, 1880; Boyd Ellsworth, born October 6, 1881; Anna Maud born March 14, 1884; Clara Edith, born February 2. 1886. The mother died September 8, 1886, and Mr. Martz married (second) April 3, 1888, Lucy Melinda (Fry) Alexander, the daughter of George and Lovinia Fry. She was born November 10, 1851. By the last marriage one child was born, Leroy, August 14, 1889.

George W. Martz, son of James D. and Margaret Jane (Amalong) Martz, was born February 22, 1878. He received a good common school education, and with his brother engaged in the billiard parlor and restaurant business at Greensburg, and is still of the firm of Martz Brothers in the same line of business. In politics he is a Republican, and is numbered among the members of the First Lutheran Church of Greensburg. Mr. Martz married, December 24, 1902, Mary Agnes Ashbough, daughter of William Jefferson and Julia Etta (Cunningham) Ashbough. The father was born August 5, 1858, and the mother August 5, 1862. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Ashbough were: Mary Agnes born September 26, 1885; Rose May, born April 30, 1887; Bessie Irene, born February 16, 1892; William Alvin, born September 8, 1894; John Milton born August 21, 1897; Ruth Jenette born February 6, 1902. The children of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Martz are: Mary Zelma, born October 19, 1903; George Everett, born April 26, 1905.


Source: Page(s) 97-98, History of Westmoreland County, Volume II, Pennsylvania by John N Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906.

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