Lester L. Lowe

LESTER L. LOWE. Four generations of the Lowe family have been represented in Westmoreland county, the great-grandfather having removed to Ruffsdale, this county, from east of the mountains. His son, George Lowe, was born at Ruffsdale and became a prominent farmer of that locality, spending his entire life there.

Marks Lowe, son of George Lowe, was also born and reared at Ruffsdale, becoming a leading agriculturist of that community, and continued to make his home there until his life's labors were ended in death. He married Sarah Brant.

Lester L. Lowe, son of Marks and Sarah Lowe, was born at Ruffsdale, July 13, 1855 and in his youth became familiar with the labors that fall to the lot of the agriculturist. He acquired a common school education and for four years engaged in teaching in the district schools. When about nineteen years of age he apprenticed himself to the carpenter's trade and in 1884 he accepted a position with the firm of Hecla Coke Company at Hecla and Trauger, which company owned a number of stores. He was identified with the company for thirteen years and a portion of the time acted as manager. On the expiration of that period he removed to Ruffsdale, where he was variously employed for three years, and during that time he built the Empire Coke Works. In the spring of 1901 he came to Youngwood, then a mere hamlet, containing only three or four houses. Here he turned his attention to the lumber business and also began contracting and building in partnership with Charles R. Haller, the style of the firm being Lowe and Haller. In the rapid transformation when Youngwood developed from a village into a borough the firm took an active part in its improvement, erecting the greater number of the residences in the town. They now own extensive property interests in the town and have laid out a considerable portion of the borough.

Mr. Lowe is a Democrat in politics, with strong Prohibition tendencies and in 1892 he was a candidate on the Prohibition tickets for the state legislature. An active and influential member in the Reformed church, he is now serving as one of its deacons, and he belongs to Ruffsdale Lodge, No. 8, O. of M. He is accounted one of the leading businessmen of Youngwood. In the spring of 1905 he was elected to borough council.

Mr. Lowe was married in 1894 to Sadie Fiscus, daughter of John Fiscus, of Whitney, Washington county, and their children are: Ethel G., Mary E., and Alvin F.

Source: Page(s) 194-195, History of Westmoreland County, Volume II, Pennsylvania by John N Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906.
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