Dr. W. W. Johnston

DR. W. W. JOHNSTON, engaged in the practice of medicine in Greensburg, was born in Loyalhanna township, Westmoreland county, October 7, 1852, a son of Elrod and Nancy (Alcorn) Johnston. At the time of his father's death, Elrod Johnston inherited the old family homestead upon which he had been born and reared and on which he spent his remaining days and three of his brothers acquired adjoining farms. His home was the place of entertainment for the traveler and all who came his way, the household being noted for its unlimited hospitality. He followed farming throughout his entire life and was highly esteemed in the community as a reliable business man and worthy citizen. In politics he was a Republican and for many years held local office. He belonged to the Loyalhanna Baptist church, and died in that faith at the age of eighty-four years. He was twice married, his first wife being Nancy Alcorn, by whom he had six children: Anna, widow of S. A. Wiley, now living with Dr. Johnston; Carilla, wife of Walter Shoup of Loyalhanna township; William; Ira, on the old homestead; Elrod, of Greensburg; and Nancy, wife of O. J. Closson, of Greensburg. His second wife was Elizabeth Wiley and they had one son, Harry K., who resides on the old homestead with his brother Ira. 

Dr. Johnston spent his boyhood and youth on his father's farm and in the acquirement of his education attended successively the common schools, upon the study of medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. J. L. Crawford, of Saltsburg, and in the fall of 1878 matriculated in Bellevue Hospital Medical Colleges, of New York, from which he was graduted in the spring of 1881. He then located for practice in Saltsburg, where for ten years he enjoyed a good patronage and then pursued a post graduate course in New York city, subsequent to which time he has practiced in Greensburg, with a patronage that is indicative of the public confidence in his skill and ability. He belongs to the Westmoreland County Medical Society and politically is a ?Republican, while his religious faith is indicated by his membership in the Presbyterian church, He was married, in 1881, to Mary Ralston, of Congruity, Pennsylvania, and they had one child, Lloyd M. Mrs.. Johnston died in 1888 and in 1891 Dr. Johnston married Mollie Lloyd, of Belmont, Westmoreland county. They have tow children, Nancy E. and Ira Ralph. 

Source Pages 47 & 48 History of Westmoreland County, Volume II, Pennsylvania by John N. Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906 
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