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JAMISON FAMILY. Robert S. Jamison was born near Greensburg, Pennsylvania, July 13, 1835, and died March 14, 1903, at Redlands, California, where he had gone a few weeks before on account of ill health. In his youth he received a fair common school education, and having been reared on the farm became a land-holder almost as soon as he was of legal age. Although devoting much time to other pursuits, he was a farmer all his life, and was a leader in scientific methods for improving the land, using labor-saving machinery and introducing new and better strains of live stock. He took an active part in establishing the Westmoreland Agricultural Society, being its president for a number of years. In early manhood his mind was attracted to the growing importance of the coal and coke industry of western Pennsylvania. With keen foresight of the needs of the future, he began to study the coal basins of his own locality. In 1880, associating himself with others, he began buying coal lands extensively in Westmoreland county and continued to do so for more than twenty years, and time has amply proved the wisdom of these ventures. All the properties purchased by him have become incorporated into large and flourishing industries. At the time of his death he was president and large owner of the coal and coke company that bears his name. In private life has was genial, fair, uniformly courteous and charitable. He was a member of the Second Reformed Church in Greensburg, and one of its officers of many years. He married Caroline Wible, also native to Greensburg, who died May 24, 1905. Both are buried in St. Clair cemetery. The names of their ten children are: Mary Emma died 1877; William W., Joseph Henry, died 1865; John M., Thomas S., Charles M., Robert S., Hugh D. Richard H., and Jay C. Jamison. 

The family history in this country begins with Francis Jamison, SR., who with his wife, four sons and two daughters emigrated from the north of Ireland in 1764, and settled in Franklin county, Pennsylvania. His children were: John, Robert, Margaret, Roseanne. Marmaduke, and Francis. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Jamison, Sr., lived to a ripe old age, and both died while on a visit to their children in Westmoreland county and are buried at Ridge Church. 

II. John Jamison (1749-1819) came to Westmoreland county in 1769 with his brother Robert, and each took patent to about three hundred acres of land. Robert Jamison located in Unity township, and his grandson, Joseph Jamison, owns and still lives at the old homestead. John Jamison located in Hempfield township, and after remaining for more than one hundred years in his family the land is now owned by the Westmoreland Water Company, the present reservior covering the site of the original buildings. In 1774 John Jamison married Janet Martin*, daughter of John Martin, of Big Cove, Fulton county, Pennsylvania. She was a sister of Hugh Martin, who also came to Westmoreland county about that time. The children of Mr. & Mrs. John Jamison were: Francis, John, Hugh, Robert, Benjamin, James, Margaret, Janet, Mary, and Martha. Hugh and James inherited the old homestead and spent their lives upon it. 

III. Hugh Jamison (1785-1873), father of Robert S. Jamison, married Jane Stuart in 1817. A farmer by occupation, he taught for many winters in the public schools near his home. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. His children were: John *1818-1902), Daniel Stuart (1822-1891), Hugh Martin, now living in the state of Texas; Margaret J., now living in Greensburg, and Robert S. Jamison (1835-1903). 

Source Pages 37 & 38 History of Westmoreland County, Volume II Pennsylvania by John N. Boucher New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906 
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