Paul Hugus Gaither

PAUL HUGUS GAITHER, one of Greensburg's leading attorneys, was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania, March 26, 1852. His earliest American ancestor was John Gaither (English), settled at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1621. His grandfather, on the paternal side, was Zackariah Gaither. His father's name was Samuel, and he was born in Washington county, Maryland, October 26, 1806. He was by profession an attorney-at-law. Mr. Gaither's mother was Lydia Hugus Gaither, born August 15, 1812, in Somerset county, Pennsylvania. Her father was Michael Hugus, whose early ancestors were French Huguenots. 

Mr. Gaither was raised in Somerset, Pennsylvania, and studied law with his father. He began the practice of his profession in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, in 1847, being at that time admitted to the Westmoreland county bar. He located at Greensburg in February, 1886, in partnership with Mr. J. A. Marchand, solicitor of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. His present partner is the Hon. Cyrus E. Woods. Mr. Gaither has long been known as one of the leading members of the bar of Westmoreland county. In his office work, his long connection with the Pennsylvania railroad, and his extensive corporation practice are sufficient warranty for his reputation for ability in the direction. He was a candidate for judge in 1895, and stood so high in the estimation of his party that he had no opposition for the nomination. He was defeated at the November election, however, the county going overwhelmingly Republican ; but he came from the contest with no bitterness of feeling and with his reputation an integrity unassailed. Among some of the cases in which Mr. Gaither was prominent in the courts of Pennsylvania, by reason of the important legal questions involved. Also that of Baker vs. Westmoreland and Cambria Natural Gas Company, 157 Pa. 593 ; the case of Clarke it al. vs. Pennsylvania Railroad Company, in which the rights of riparian owners were involved, and which is reported in 145 Pa. 438. Also the case of Whitehead vs. Jones, 197 Pa. 511, deciding valuable tract of land ; and also the case of Case Manufacturing Company, Plaintiff in error, vs. peter H. Saxman it al., which was tried in the circuit court of the United States, at Pittsburg ; appealed to the supreme court of the United States, and argued in that curt on January 16, 1891 ; report page 431. This case involved the consideration of the law with respect to the novation of contracts ; evidence that notes were received as payment, and acts of a financial manager as binding on his company. Mr Gaither is a lawyer of versatile ability, and can excel in any branch of the profession which he enters. Like most county lawyers his practice has not been exclusively in any one line. We believe, however, that he is seen at his best in the trail of a corporate case, when arguing questions of law to the bench, or upon a review of his cause in the appellate courts. As a jury lawyer, moreover, he has shown ability approximating that of the ablest advocates of his time. He has long been a member of the Presbyterian church. He has traveled extensively in Europe and Palestine, and has made many addresses in non-denominational work. 

Source Pages 31 & 32 History of Westmoreland County, Volume II, Pennsylvania by John N. Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906 
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