Lloyd S. Findley

LLOYD S. FINDLEY, engaged in the restaurant business in Greensburg, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, was born July 9, 1864, at West Overton, the son of George an Matilda (Neff) Findley. George Findley is by trade a blacksmith, and conducted a shop with good success in Mount Pleasant for a number of years. He subsequently removed to Kansas, where he has resided for a number of years. His wife was Matilda Neff, who died in November, 1901. Their children were : Cassins Markle, died in the west ; Robert Taylor, Lloyd S., Ada M., died November 26, 1898 ; and Charles S. 

Lloyd S. Findley was formerly a conductor in the employ of the Pennsylvania railroad for several years. He has been doing a very successful restaurant business in Greensburg for the past ten years. Mr. Findley married, October 16, 1883, Susan Barbara Kuhns, Daughter of Reuben and Sarah Kuhns, of Greensburg. Their named children were : Ada Matilda, born September 30. 1884 ; Wilbur Lloyd, October 2, 1885 ; Sarah, October 19, 1887, died October 3, 1889 ; Florence May, July 5, 1889 ; Josephine Marie, May 5, 1819 ; Susan Barbara, April 20, 1893 ; Agnes Naomi, October 14, 1905 ; Roy Reuben, September 16, 1897 ; Robert Taylor, Aigist 13, 1899 ; Francis Kuhns, April 26, 1901 ; Margaret Elizabeth, March 22, 1903 ; and Gladys Althea, February 10, 1905. 

Source Page 13 History of Westmoreland County, Volume II, Pennsylvania by John N. Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906 
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