Leonard J. Duff

LEONARD J. DUFF. Greensburg recognizes in Leonard J. Duff one of the most active and public-spirited of her citizens. He is a son of John Duff born March 12, 1810, in Unity township, and married Elizabeth Temple, born October 4, 1821, in Westmoreland county. They had children: Vincent P., born 1840; John A., born 1842; Agnes, born 1844; Susan, born 1846; Selie, born 1849; Mary, born 1852; Rosa, born 1854; Maggie, born 1856; and Leonard J., mentioned hereafter. This large family has furnished to the community many good citizens. 

Leonard J. Duff, son of John and Elizabeth (Temple) Duff, was born February 12, 1859, in Unity township, and obtained his education in the common schools. He takes an active part in public affairs, and the confidence with which he is regarded by his neighbors is sufficiently indicated by the number of offices to which they have elected him. He has served four years as supervisor, the same length of time as township clerk, and is now serving a term of three years as auditor. His political affiliations are with the Democrats. He is a member of the Roman Catholic church. Mr. Duff married in 1880, Sarah Foust, and they have children: Isabel J., born August 16, 1881, wife of Hafry Lopes; Joseph M., born July 6, 1883, married Dora M. Shirey; John A., born March 6, 1886; Mary A., born January 15, 1890 ; and Clarence E., born May 30, 1893. The parents of Mrs. Duff were Joseph and Susan (Shaffer) Foust, and they had children: Elizabeth, born December 2, 1846; Mary, born April 6, 1848; Julia, born June 20, 1850; Susan, born January 26, 1852; Sarah, born April 2, 1854, and became the wife of Leonard J. Duff, as mentioned above; Shaffer, born January 11,1857; John, born April 13, 1859; and Christian, born October 5, 1861. Mrs. Duff is a member of the Lutheran church. 

Source: Page(s) 109, History of Westmoreland County, Volume 2, Pennsylvania by John N Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906. 
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