Edward M. Clifford, M.D.

EDWARD M. CLIFFORD, M. D., a leading medical practitioner of Greensburg, was born on the old Clifford homestead on Hanna's Rim, Pennsylvania, October 19, 186, eldest son of Christopher Myers and Susan (McElroy) Clifford. The early genealogy of the Clifford family is given in detail in the preceding sketches.

Christopher Dyers Clifford (father) was born on the old Clifford homestead, June 24, 1834. He was a farmer and stock raiser until about fifteen years before his death, when he moved to Ligonier village and there engaged in mercantile business during the remainder of his life. He married, January 3, 1856, Susan McElroy, daughter of John D. and Sarah (Menoher) McElroy. old residents of Westmoreland county. Both were earnest members of the United Presbyterian church. Their children were: Edward 1larcellus. mentioned hereafter; Sarah Clara, wife of J. R. Smith, an attorney of Scottdale; John McElroy, a real estate broker and banker, a resident of Braddock, Pennsylvania; Charles Henry, a physician of Braddock. Pennsylvania; Joseph Brackley, a physician of McKeesport, Pennsylvania; Samuel James, a dentist in Kansas City, -Missouri; Nelson Myers. a bookkeeper for the Westinghouse Company, in Trafford city; Georgeanna, died at the age of eighteen years. Christopher M. Clifford died April 8, 1900. His wife, Susan (McElroy) Clifford, died August 25, 1898.

Edward M. Clifford received his primary education in the common schools adjacent to his home, and from there passed to the Ligonier Academy and Independence Academy, where he pursued higher branches. He then taught for two winters in Westmoreland and Indiana counties. He read medicine with Dr. H. L. Donley, of Latrobe, and in the autumn of 1879 entered the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, from which institution he was graduated in 1882 with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. During his last year he served in the Philadelphia hospitals, thereby greatly adding to the knowledge already acquired and greatly benefitting him in many- wax's during his subsequent career. In the spring of 1882 he settled at Valley Forge. Pennsylvania. where he practiced one year. moving thence to Scottdale. and remaining at that place until i89o. He then took up his abode in Greensburg, where he practiced until 1903. when he removed to Ligonier, having purchased what was known as the Frank hotel and cottages on the site of which he built a sanitarium and baths, establishing the Ligonier Springs Hotel Sanitarium. This he conducted for two years, acting as president of the company, also as medical director. During this time he still continued his practice in Greensburg, devoting two days in each week to his patients there. In the early part of the year 1905 he disposed of the sanitarium in Ligonier, and then resumed his residence and practic in Greensburg. He married. April 11, 1882, Kate B.. daughter of Hiram and Abigail Boucher, of Ligonier. Their children were: Edna, died at the age of three years, and Grace, who is at home with her parents.  

Source: Page(s) 246-247, History of Westmoreland County, Volume II, Pennsylvania by John N Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906.
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