Bryce Brothers Company

BRYCE BROTHERS COMPANY. In the fall of 1893 A. H, Bryce and J. McD. Bryce formed a copartnership under the name of Bryce Brothers and operated a factory of one furnace at Hammondville, Fayette county, about three miles south of Mount Pleasant. The product consisted of light blown tumblers, stem and stable ware, decorated by the process known as needle etching. This class of work had previously been imported and this was the first concerted effort made to supplant foreign glass for fine table ware. In two years the demand had outgrown the product of the plant, and it was removed to Mount Pleasant in July, 1896, where a substantial brick building was erected as nearly fireproof as possible to make it when the company, known as Bryce Brothers Company, was incorporated with A. H. Bryce as president, J. McD. Bryce as secretary and treasurer. These with William McNaughton constitute the board of directors. The business has kept on growing until at present the plant consists of three furnaces, and the buildings cover four acres of ground and employ over six hundred people. The company produces all styles of light tumblers and stemware, suitable for the table and buffet, in plain as well as cut, engraved sand blast, needle etched and color decorations. They find a market allover the United States and have a reputation for quality of goods equal to the best French factories, and while succeeding in creating a trade in this country for the class of goods they manufacture have been able to curtail to some extent the importations. 

Source: Page(s) 125, History of Westmoreland County, 
Volume 2, Pennsylvania by John N Boucher. 
New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906. 
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