David Elwood Albert

DAVID ELWOOD ALBERT. Most consistently may we enter in this work a memoir to one who stood as one of the honored citizens and successful business men of Latrobe, Westmoreland county, while he won the regard of the men by reason of his sterling attributes of character and attained to success through his own well directed efforts. He was a man of fine intellectuality, and wielded no little influence in the community with whose civic and public interests he was so intimately identified, while he was one of the prominent merchants of Latrobe at the time of his death, which occurred January 6, 1901. His life was such as to offer both lesson and incentive, and his name will be long held in reverent memory by those who came within the sphere of his gracious and beneficent influence. David Elwood Albert was born in Youngstown, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, February 19, 1850, a son of George and Sidney (Jack) Albert, representative of old and honored families of this section, where both were founded in the pioneer era. The father of David E. Albert was a well known and influential citizen of this county, where he and his wife continued to reside until death.

David E. Albert secured his early educational discipline in the public school of Youngstown and supplemented this by academic study and personal application of the most earnest and appreciative order, while he put his acquirements to practical test and utilization by engaging in pedagogic work, having been a successful and popular teacher in his native county for a number of years during his early manhood. He finally established himself in the general merchandise business in Youngstown, where lie built a good trade and where he remained until 1890, when he removed his business to Latrobe, where lie opened and equipped a general store, and here he met with gratifying success from the start. He was a man of broad mentality and was kindly and charitable in his judgment of his fellowmen. He was never known to compromise with conscience or to intrigue with any form of questionable undertaking. He stood "four square to every wind that blows." and thus gained and retained a strong hold upon the confidence and regard of those with whom he came in contact, while his loyalty was one of the dominating characteristics of his strong, true nature. In politics he gave his allegiance to the Democratic party, and his religious faith, exemplified in his daily walk, was that of the Reformed church.

Mr. Albert married, May 14, 1873, Anna Kistler Evans, born in Adamsburg, this county, March 3, 1851, a daughter of Abner and Anna Mary (Kistler) Evans, prominent residents of this section, where they passed their entire lives, the father having devoted the major portion of his active career to farming. Mrs. Albert survives her honored husband, and finds her greatest measures of consolation for his loss in the love and solicitude of their five children, all of whom remain beneath the home roof at the time of this writing, their names, with respective dates of birth, being as follows: Bertha E., September 8, 1874; George D., September 6, 1876: Anna M.. November 25, 1878; Margaret B., September 15, 1881; and Lucille E., February 6, 1886. George D. is one of the popular young business men of Latrobe, having been for several years employed as bookkeeper in the office of the Latrobe steelworks He married Anna Blair, of Westmoreland County, October 31. 1905. The family is prominent in the social life of the community, and Mrs. Albert is a zealous and devoted member of the Reformed church.

Source: History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, Volume II, by John N. Boucher. New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906, Page 277-8.
Transcribed by Carol C. Eddleman for the Westmoreland County History Project.
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