Campbell Wills

Wills & Letters of Administration
from Will Bk 1 1773-1811
Westmoreland County, Pa.

Source: Mrs. Frank Fischer, Wills and Letters of Administration of Westmoreland County, Pa., (McKeesport, Pa.) Fort Wayne Public Library 974.801 W52fw.

Archbold, Patrick: Will Bk. 1, p.176, Donegal Twp. Dated 24 Feb 1800 proven 26 Feb 1803. Patrick Archbold a cooper by trade. Survived by wife, Mary. Children: Thomas the eldest, Joh , guardian for 2 youngest children, Sarah and Wm.
Campbell, James: Will Bk. 1 p. 456, 1819, Donegal Twp. made 1-13-1810 and
proven 5-24-1819, wife, Mary; children: Robert, Thomas, Matthew, Wm., 
Alexander, George, James, John, Agnes McKinsey. Exec: sons Wm. & 
Robert. Witnesses: Joseph Blackburn & Robert Campbell.
Will stated that Robert, Thomas, and Matthew to possess all his lands if 
an agreement can be reached with the other children. (from back of Will Bk. 1 James Campbell administrators were Thomas and Wm. $400 bon by Geo. & Wm. on 4-28-1818)

Campbell, Cornelius: Will Bk. 4 p.138, made 7 Oct 1856 Cook Twp., proved 
7 Nov 1856 same day recorded and Letters Testamentary issued to Seymour 
M. Campbell, the executor named in the will. 

Item: The $300 that I paid for the estate of George Campbell shall be 
equally divided amongst John Campbell & Wm. Campbell, my nephews, and is to remain as it is until the death of their mother.

Item: My sister, Mary G. Campbell, is to get the fifty dollars out of the payment coming to my estate from S.M. Campbell and Samuel Roadman, on first day of April 1860.

Item: My will is that Harriet and Matthew, children of my brother, Matthew, shall have $25 out of the payment due from Campbell and Roadman on first day of April 1862.

Item: My will is that David Campbell, son of Matthew, shall have $50 out of the payment coming from Campbell & Roadman due April 1863 and it is to be put at interest for him til he becomes of age.(and Harriet and Matthew Bales, children of Matthew Campbell, their money is to be put on interest when due til they become of age.)

Item: My will is that Cornelius Campbell, son of Wm. Campbell, shall have $50 out of the payment coming due from Campbell and Roadman on the first day of April 1863, and is to put at interest until he becomes of age, and if he dies before that age, his mother, Sarah Campbell, is to get it.
Item: The balance of the money is to be divided amongst Martha, Sarah, and Mary Campbell(my nieces), daughters of George E. Campbell, dec'd.

Item: My will is that if my brother, William Campbell, returns or comes back, that he is to have one dollar.

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Blackburn, Joseph: Donegal Twp., 1831, wife, Martha. sons: Robert H., Anthony, Joseph, John, Leonard, James. Daughters: Eliz. Tolbert, and Deborah.
Campbell, John: Will Bk 2 p. 243, proven 15 Feb 1839, Donegal Twp., no wife named; oldest son, George; youngest son, Seymour; daughter Isabel Lloyd and grandson John C.; exec: Seymour and Alex'r Campbell; witnesses: Hugh Larimore and Robert Campbell. (this John Campbell is the son of George Campbell and Rebecca Ross Ewing, 2nd son of James and Mary Campbell) 

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