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1790 Census
Wheatfield Township
Westmoreland County 


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Format is as follows:

Full name of head of household followed by five numbers, representing tallies of age groups of people living in the household, including the head of the household, as follows:

Column 1: Free White Males age 16 & upwards, including heads of households"
Column 2: Free White Males under the age of 16
Column 3: All Free White Females including heads of families
Column 4: All other free persons
Column 5: Slaves

Names are given in the same order as on the original microfilm. I listed the surnames in all capital letters for ease of scanning. If a given name was abbreviated by the enumerator, I have listed it the same way.

Legibility was average at best in the original, and in the case of ambiguity or unclear names, an asterisk (*) follows the name in question. This applies both to given names and surnames. The original census enumerators of 1790 had very different styles of penmanship which may be cause for some confusion over two hundred years later.

Samuel BRADY Senr., 244--
Samuel BRADY Junr., 213--
James BRADY, 112--
John ENES, 111--
John DINES, 123--
Neal DOUGHERTY, 11---
David BROWN, 133--
Ebenezer BRADY, 125--
Robert WILLIAMS, ---1-
John WILLIAMS, ---1-
James CLARK, 224--
Wm. WOODS, 123--
Wm. STILL, 1----
John FINLEY, 1-2--
Andrew DOUGLES, 315--
Richard McGREAT, 235--
John McGREAT, 124--
Peter LUKENS, 1----
David JAYARD*, 5-5--
Robert MERTON, 133--
Wm. BENNET, 133--
Jacob STEWART, 125--
James COYEL, 142--
Georg HICE, 213--
Gesper HILL, 132--
Henery HICE Senr., 113--
Henery HICE Junr., 1-1--
Wm. HILL, 1-1--
Judea ERESS, 154--
Samuel JOHNSTON, 154--
Jacob POWERS, 332--
Wm. STEWART, 1-2--
Georg STILL, 133--
Robert RODGERS, 2-3--
Daniel FALOWN, 112--
Alex STEWART, 1-2--
Robert GOBLE, 222--
Georg FINLEY, 114--
Adam LINN, 317--
Robert WEARE, 113--
Georg FORMER, 212--
Wm. CERREL, 134--
Daniel RANELS, 111--
John BELLER, 2-1--
Leag CARSON, 111--
Levia GERISON, 142--
Archbold McFERRON, 115--
John READ, 121--
Nathan RILEY, 135--
John TOM, 1-2--
Abraham TARABELL, 212--
James DELL, 3-2--
Richard GARDNER, 1-4--
David ELDER, 1-3--
John KENDELE*, 1-3--
David CAMPBEL, 211--
Wm. BRECKEN Senr., 1-1--
Thos. BRACKEN, 1-2--
Wm. BRACKEN Junr., 1-1--
Mathew DILL, 133--
Adam RICKEY, 112--
James REAG, 121--
Alex WILLSON, 121--
Joseph McCERTNEY, 135--
John McPERSON, 121--
Charles STEWART, 2----
Wm. HOLMS, 114--
Wm. CLARK, 125--
Wm. DUBLAN, 111--
David WECKFELD, 222--
Robert DILL, 3-2--
Bengemon CARSON, 123--
Robert LIGET, 1----

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