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Was first published on February 18,1826

Archibald Tanner and Lansing Wetmore were the proprietors and Morgan Bates the publisher.  The Gazette lived about three years. The last issue dated March 4, 1829, the day Andrew Jackson took office as the President of the United States.  Later, in the same month, March 1829 the plant was purchased by Parker C. and Samuel A. Purviance who started the publication again under the same name and continued for about a year when Samuel A. Purviance withdrew and a few months later it ceased altogether.



First made its appearance on November of 1829.  It was published by Thomas Clemons and William A. Olney, who continued it for nearly two yrs.  Then Clemons withdrew and Olney conducted the journal alone until his death in October 1835. The management was then taken in hand by Charles B. Potter but a few weeks later "its voice was hushed forever".



Was established by a young man named J. B. Hyde, Jr. It lasted about 2 years ceasing with death of Mr. Hyde.



Which was the successor to the Voice of the People uas issued May 11, 1836, by Norris W. Goodrich and was run by him for about 3 years, then he retired.



Succeeded the Bulletin from the same office shortly after the retirement of Mr. Goodrich as publisher. Quincy Adams Johnson was the editor and under his management it continued for a period of about eight months. The next to take hold was Mr. J. B. Wilson

Who came from Cincinnati, and who conducted it during the campaign of 1840.  Thomas

Clemons then took charge and remained as editor and manger until 1842. when S. J. Goodrich and T. T. Wilson succeeded him. In 1843 S. J. Goodrich became sole proprietor, but a year later he sold a half interest in the paper to J. Y. James and a few months later he sold the balance to J. D. James.  The two James conducted the Advocate until March 1847 when it failed and reverted back to S.J. Goodrich.



Was first started in August, 1838, edited by M. Milligan, who sold out to P.S. Cole

It continued until 1845 when it ceased altogether



After again coming into the control of the Democratic Advocate. Mr. Goodrich changed it name to the Warren Standard and May 1847 the first one appeared. It continued until March 6, 1849, when the entire plant was destroyed in what is known as the old exchange fire.



Was started in 1848 under the editorship of J. Warren Fletcher. Six months later the paper became the property through purchase of E. Cowan, who changed the name to the Warren Mail.



Was the title of a monthly publication which was established in 1857, E. T. Hazeltine was the editor and manager up to the time of its discontinuance in 1885.



Immediately after the fire which destroyed the Warren Standard, Mr. S. J. Goodrich purchased new material and taking in T. T. Wilson as a partner commenced the publication of the Warren Ledger on May 1, 1854 Goodrich again took hold and from April 1 to August 8 of that year the firm was Goodrich and Wilson. Wilson then sold out to A. W. Stevens, then Goodrich  sold out to Thomas Clemons, then Stevens sold out to  John Daily, Then Mr. D. W. C Jones became the editor and publisher until November 1860, then it passed on to W. J. Clemons, who ran it alone until May 29, 1861,  Then Charles Dinsmore became associated with Clemons until April 22, 1863, when he retired. On November 23, 1863, Mr. Clemons sold out to B. F. Morris, who continued the business Until November of 1871 when J. Hamilton King, Jr. purchased an interest ,after Mr. King's death, however on September 20, 1875 his interest fell back to Mr. Morris.

The next change of ownership did not occur until February 5, 1886 when D. L. and F. E. Reed purchased the Ledger.  It later passed into the hands of the New Publishing Co. with

D.D. Reed as editor and was conducted by them up to April 27, 1897 when it ceased to exist, the Mirror later purchased the plant.



Was the only religious newspaper published in Warren and was edited by the late W.A.Rankin, It was published in 1880-1882



Was founded September 22, 1884. E. L. Hempstead, Frank W. Truesdell and H. H Kelly were the proprietors. On September 3, 1885 The Weekly Paragraph was started.  In October of this same year (1885) Messrs. Hempstead and Truesdell retired, J. H.Kelly and R. F. Tuohy becoming the proprietors.  In 1887 the Paragraph as sold to the Mirror Publishing Co.



This was a prohibition paper and first made its appearance March 31, 1887.  H. L. Pratt was the editor.  It existence covered a period of six years.

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