1807 Warren County Tax List

1807 Warren Tax List

It seems that a division of the county into two townships
has been accomplished in June 1807, but the announcement
had not yet been made by the court, so the names for this
year show upon the lists made out for Brokenstraw Township

Names appearing for the first time

August, Benjamin,
Alden, James
Bell, Thomas,
Bonner, James,
Clark, Andrew,
Carpenter, John, Jr
Cole, Joseph,
Cole, James
Carpenter, George
Dosser, James
Fancher, Samuel
Garner, John
Horn, Daniel,
Hines, John
McCue, Cornelius
McLister, James
McNamara, Robert
Miller, Humphrey
Mead, William
Page, Joseph
Smith, Charles
Tillotson, Exra
Winton, Nathan
Watts, Joseph

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