The Past
Old Time Tales of Warren County


The past provides mankind's chief satisfaction. The present is never satisfactory, it is forever full of cares and worries. Man is rarely happy in the present, he is always looking backward or forward. Of the future we know nothing, it is
ever a wild guess. But the past is secure, no power in heaven or earth can change a jot of it. it is written, and so it must remain, forever and forever. So we can open the pages of the past and read them with satisfaction, the pages are always there, exactly the same, we need have no fear that they will be changed. If we find sorrow there, time has softened it, if there is happiness the joy is secure, it cannot be taken away. The past is man's most priceless possession and memories are the most substantial things that men possess.

SOURCE:  Old Time Tales of Warren County; Meadville, Pa.: Press of Tribune Pub. Co., 1932


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