1886 Pleasant Directory

Acks, M

Akey, A F.

Arnold, J

Bailey, Henry

Barber, W.P.

Barber, Heman

Barber, August

Barber, Worth

Barhight, A.S.

Berner, David

Boyd, J.C.

Brown, Lewis

Chapel, H.

Cousins, E.J.

Cousins, J.L.

Cummings, Joseph

Dailey, Newton

Dailey, George

Dailey, Theron

Dietch, Nichols

Falman, George

Fisherman, F.

Gander, H.

Gautz, Simon

Gissebrecht, F.

Godell, John

Grunder, John, SR

Grunder, John,JR

Grunder, E.H.

Head, C.W.

Hertzel, Philip

Hertzel, Frank

Highhouse, E.W.

Highhouse, H.

Highhouse, W.C.

Highhouse, E.

Highhouse, WM

Johson, C.

Kribill, J.C.

Lauffenberger, J. 1ST

Lauffenberger, J, 2ND

Lauffenberger, C.

Laonhart, M.

Leffer, A

Lesser, E

Mack, Jacob

Mack, John

Meiss, Peter

Meyers, J.P

Meyers, W.A.

Mottp, Peter

Muintz, C.

O'Dell, C.E

Offerlee, Jacob

Owens, Charles

Pierce, D. L.

Pierce, John

Pierce, Frank

Rieg, Albert

Rieg, Jacob

Riley, John

Russell, W. C. (Lumber Yard)

Schuler, Jacob, sr

Schuler, Jacob, jr

Shean, Bennett

Shean, Joe

Shean, John

Shiley, A.

Sill, Nathaniel

Simmonis, H.

Smith, John

Smith, J. W.

Snaverly, Walter

Stengle, John

Thomas, R.

Thomas, Reuben,

Thomas E.

Thompson, Lee

Ward, James

Wilcox, Henry

Witz, William

Wood, A.G.

Wood, William

Wood, Horace

Wood, Jerome

Wood, W.S

Wood, Austin

Wood, A

Wood, H. C.

Yagle, William

Yagle, George

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