1886 Corydon Directory

The Directory  lists the occupation and the village as well as the stated names, if you would like to have this information, please EMAIL me.


Aiken, F.M.-Grocer, Cornplanter*

Akers, John-Minister, Corydon*

Arnold, Jerome

Airron, Joseph

Arthur, Henry

Arthur, Alexander

Arthur, Bryson

Baker, A.A.

Beardsly, J.L.

Bemus, Ostrander & Co

Bennett, G. A.

Bentley, Eugene

Black, William

Black, Frank

Bowman, Jefferson

Brant, Fred

Brown, Joseph

Bryant, D.K.

Burkett, John

Burkett, Wm

Caldwell, W.F.

Canfield And Son

Canfield P.B.

Case, F.R. (Jp)

Case, S.B.

Clawson, Jacob, (General Store) Ch Clawson Mgr

Colborne, John A.

Corydon House, Joseph Hale Propr

Corydon Spoke Co


Crooks. B.

Crooks, Benjamin

Crooks, H.H.

Crooks, John

Crooks, Eugene

Crooks, William


Day, N. A

Depew M.L.

Donovan, James

Egbert, Alonzo

English, H.

English, Kenneth

Everts, E.D.

Farell, John

Flatt, Louis D.

Flatt, J.W.

Flatt, Morrison

Forbes, J.L.

Forbes, Belvin

Forbes, A.W.

Geer, H.H.

Grannis, Louis H.

Grannis, Charls N.

Green, Joseph

Green J.M.

Green, Jesse M.

Guy, Frank

Guy, Finney

Hale, Joseph

Hammond, Orange (Jp)

Hannon, T.J.

Harris J.D.

Hawkins, H.L.

Hitchcock, Frank

Hoop, William

Hoop, Walter,

Howard, George R.

Howard, Charles

Hunter, W.H.

Imel, Powers & Shenk (General Store)

Jaquay, K.T.

Kinander, C.A.

Kennedy, Wm

Kennedy, J.W.

Kennedy, Frank

King, T.E

Knapp, C

Larock, Edwin E.

Lloyd, H.E.

Lucas, George B.

Marsh, O.H.

Marsh, Bros, (Meat Market)

Marsh, H.A.

Marsh, D.C.

Marsh, Enoch

Marsh, Marcus

Marsh, J.P

Marsh, Boyd

Marsh, Charles B.

Marsh, John C

Marsh, George H.

Mead, N & Son (General Store)

Mead, Nelson

Mead, Charles C.

Means, John

Means, Alonzo

Means, Nathaniel

Merrihew L.S.

Morrison, Flavins J.

Morrison, B.G.

Morrison, Chas

Morrison, Warren L.

Morrison W.H.

Morrison E. J

Morrison, Jesse B.

Morrison, A.J.

Morrison, James

Morse, J.E.

Muntz, Anthony

Muntz, Henry

Mcclintock, S.C. (Furniture)

Mcclintock, S.C. Mrs.

Mccollister, William (Groceries)

Mcconnell, Perry H.

Mcollister, Mark J

Nobles, Henry

Nobles, Fred

Odell, George A.

Odell, John

Ostander, H.A.

Parson, P.J.

Parson, A J.

Payne, E.S.

Phillips L.

Portman, William

Powell, James,

Price & Jaquay, (Groceries)

Price, E.E.

Reeves. C.W

Reynolds, J. E.

Root, Perry

Root, Daniel

Sandberg, P

Sandbert, Frank

Sequine, James D

Sherman, Silas P

Slater, William H.

Smith, Edgar J.

Smith, James L.

Sparks, O.C.

Sparks, Charles

Spencer, Willard

Spencer, William

Sunderlin Bros & Payne (Mfrs)

Sunderlin E.S.

Sunderlin E.

Tomes, G.W.

Tomes, G.L.

Tomes, Hiram

Tomes, John

Tomes, George

Treadaway, C.C.

Turney, J.M.

Weedin, George

Wells, F.A.

Wells, F.E.

Whitcomb, George

Whitcomb, Newel J.

Whitcomb, Charles

Whitcomb, Clarence

Whitcomb & Knapp (Shingle Mill)

White, Jay

Wilcox, M. H.

Wilcox, Benjamin

William, J.M. Williams, F.M.

Williams, Issac N.

Williams, Ira N.

Williams, John

Williams, E.D.

Williams, E.T.

Woodbeck, Austin

Wooster, John

Whyte, J.J.

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