Wetmore Cemetery
Warren, Warren County, Pennsylvania

Cars whiz by on a three lane, day after day, the drivers, not realizing that across from Quality Market, just over the bank from the railroad tracks, lies an old burial ground. The people who come there now to care for the graves of their loved ones, are all but gone

In an overgrown plot lies hidden the stone of James Follett. "Born in 1730 and passed from the scene of earthly activity on august 25, 1841, at the advanced age of 81 years" Follet Run At Venturetown bears his name.

Under the wildly tumbling honeysuckle, braced against a tree is the stone of "Cynthia M. 1855". Investigation shows this to be the grave of Cynthia m. Stanton, wife of D. T. Staton.

Emily Doty, daughter o Elisha and Polly, was buried here May 1, 1832, aged 16 years, eight months and one day. The lettering on this large sandstone reads "Blessed are dad who die in the Lord" Evidently the engraver made a mistake in spelling.

Beneath the Valley lilies lies the grave of Amanda, wife of Anton Ross, born in 1885, died in 1907.

The Berry Plot tells a tale of tragedy, There's Charles, son of John ahd Hannah, who died in 1835 at the age of four months. John M., fourth son, who died August 16, 1840 at the age of nine weeks, Harriett K. Berry, second wife of John J., died April 28, 1841 at the age of 34. and then there's Sidney N. Berry "whose death Oct 29, AD 1843 was caused by the fall of this stone---aged 32 years. It is said that he was quarrying in this area when the stone that became his tombstone fell upon him, no doubt killing him instantly. The sandstone is about 26 inches wide. eight inches thick and five feet long. it would weigh a half ton or more. Other Berry plot graves are unmarked

There are no stones in one neatly kept lot with 10 graves. Potted geraniums bloom before wooden crosses, one white stake nailed across another, hand lettered simply father, Mother, Doris, Francis, Helmer, Etnelda, Florence, Baby. Two other infants grave are unmarked.

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