South Bend History
Written by Robert Walker Smith

Published in 1883

Organized in 1867 from Territory in Kiskiminetas and Plum Creek
Part II

    The warrants for some of the thirty-five original tracts, as they are indicated on the ancient county map, are dated as early as 1773. Those tracts are: James Gray, 364 1/2 acres, partly in Indiana County; Abraham Hunt, mostly in Kiskiminetas township, 301.9 acres, seated by Samuel Hancock; James Elder, 158 1/2 acres, partly in Indiana County, seated by James Smith; Robert Lettis Hooper (of Northampton county, an assistant deputy commissary of purchases in 1779), 321 acres, partly in Kiskiminetas; William Forbes, 335.3 acres, partly in Kiskiminetas.

    Stephen Duncan, 322.3 acres; Joseph Speer, 352 acres, partly in Indiana County; Ann Kirk, 346.6 acres, seated by Samuel Fleming; Daniel Drinker, 322 1/2 acres, seated by Charles Hancock; Alexander Todd, 319.8, partly in Kiskiminetas, seated by Andrew Cunningham; John Bringhurst, 285.3 acres, partly in Kiskiminetas, seated by Jacob Snow; Walter Finney, 390 1/2 acres, seated by Peter Henry; Samuel Sloan, 314 1/2 acres; Samuel Massey, 321.6 acres, seated by Wm. Heffelfinger and Christopher Miller, the latter 160 acres; Joseph Saunders, 326.4 acres, partly in Indiana County; John Finney, 337.7 acres, seated by Henry Allshouse; Matthew Irwin, 360 acres, seated by Jacob George, now owned chiefly by John and James Wherry; John Walker, 374.2 acres, seated by John Householder; James Davis, Sr., 421.4 acres; James Davis, Jr., 422 acres.

    Erasmus Beatty, 428 1/4 acres, partly in Kiskiminetas and Burrell, seated by Nicholas Fulmer; John Righter, 163.2 acres, seated by William Eakman; George Woods, 297.3 acres, seated by H. and Geo. Rupert; John Levering, 316 acres, seated by Peter and Christopher Rupert; Samuel Dixon, 315 1/4 acres; James Skullknot, 334 acres, seated by George Smith; Robert Dick, 159 acres; Elizabeth Pile, 346.3 acres, seated by Widow Smith; Hannah Gregory, 246 acres, seated by ------ Rankin; John Sloan, 201 acres, 69 perches; David Todd and William Wason, 570 acres, seated by Philip Rearigh, 170, Joseph Lowrey, 107, and Alexander George; Rowland Chambers, 225 3/4 acres, seated by Joseph Lowrey; Hugh Neely, 267 acres, 146 perches, mostly in Indiana County, seated by Anthony Montgomery.

    Another tract, making the thirty-fifth, covers territory within the great bend of Crooked Creek above mentioned, which originally contained 299 acres, for which a warrant was issued to John Ladd Howell, dated February 8, 1776. As a part of this tract has for many years been a prominent point in this region, its various transfers may not be without interest to the reader. By deed dated May 22, 1776, Howell conveyed his interest in the entire tract to John Vanderen, of Philadelphia (miller), for five shillings, Vanderen's executors, being so authorized by the will of their testator, conveyed it to Charles Campbell by deed dated July 18, 1795, for 59 4s.

    Source: Page(s) 394-399, History of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania by Robert Walker Smith, Esq., Chicago: Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1883. Transcribed June 2000 by James R. Hindman for the Armstrong County Smith Project. Published 2000 by the Armstrong County Pennsylvania Genealogy Project.