Genealogy of Duff Aden and Rena Louise (Scott) Rupert
Ancestors of Vida Rupert Yount

First Generation

Peter Rupert, Sr. was born about 1724 in Germany. He died August 11, 1810 in Armstrong Co, Pa. He married Katherine (maiden name unkown) who was also born in Germany. Katherine died after 1813.

    1. John Peter Rupert, Jr. ("German" Pete) (1750 - 1824)
    2. Catherine ("German Catherine) (about 1754 - 1845)

Peter Rupert, Sr. came to American via Rotterdam, arriving December 3, 1740 in Philadelphia. He settled in Northampton County where he became a shoemaker.

Second Generation

JOHN PETER RUPERT, JR. ("German" Pete)
John Peter Rupert, Jr. was born 7 Jan. 1750 in Heidelberg Twp., Northampton County. He was christened March 30, 1755 in Tohican Church, Northampton County. He died Nov. 1, 1824 in Plumcreek Twp., Armstrong County and was buried in Rupert Cemetery, South Bend Township. He married "Swiss" Elizabeth Barbara Rupert, daughter of George Karl and Christina Margaretha Rupert. "Swiss" Elizabeth was born in Heidelburg Twp. and died prior to 1824 in Plumcreek Township.

    1. Catherine Rupert (- 1845)
    2. Charles Rupert (1777-1849)
    3. John Johnnes ("Big" John) Rupert (1778-1844)
    4. John Peter "Weaver" Rupert (1779 - 1858)
    5. George Rupert, Sr. (1782 - 1858)
    6. Henrich Henry Rupert (1783 - 1844)
    7. Frederick Rupert (1784 - 1842)
    8. Ann Elizabeth (1786 - 1851)
    9. Susannah Rupert ( 1791 - 1824)
    10. Mary Magdalena Rupert (1794 - 1824)
    11. Jacob Rupert (1795 - 1861)
    12. Sara Rupert (1799 -)

John Peter Rupert, Jr. was commonly referred to as "German" Peter to distinguish him from his brother-in-law, "Swiss" Peter Rupert.

A letter written by Jacob Alexander Rupert in 1930 to J. Milton Rupert, contains the following:
"Two pioneer families of Ruperts emigrated from Northampton Co., PA to our section of country about 1790. Peter Rupert (German for distinction) on the present farm of Alex Scott, formerly Samuel Scott farm, and Peter Rupert (Swiss for distinction)settled where Levi G. Smeltzer now resides. The parents of these two Peter Ruperts emigrated from Europe in 1740 from Amsterdam, Holland. It appears one Peter Rupert family came from Switzerland and the other from Germany, but both families came at the same time.

It is not known whether they were related to each other. German Peter Rupert II and Swiss Peter Rupert II just exchanged sisters when they were joined in wedlock. Your's and my great-grandfather (German Peter Rupert) owned five hundred acres of land when he died, and he gave his son George (your grandfather) the farm on which your father lived and you were born. The Samuel Scott Farm, George McCormick farm, Christy farm, and your father's farm belonged to the same tract."

Third Generation

George Rupert, Sr. was born in 1782 in Heidelberg Twp., Northhampton County. He died Jan. 23, 1858 in Plumcreek Township and was buried in South Bend Cemetery, South Bend Township. He married Elizabeth Susanna Smith, daughter of Michael and Sarah Wegle, about 1803. Elizabeth was born Oct. 19, 1785 in Westmoreland County and died in Girty, South Bend Twp. on Sept. 2, 1873

    1. Sarah Rupert (1804 - 1843)
    2. Daniel Rupert (1805 - 1879)
    3. Barbara Rupert (1807 - 1894)
    4. Philip "Red" Rupert (1809 - 1886)
    5. George "of George" Rupert (1810 - 1880)
    6. Adam Rupert (1816-1892)
    7. Esther Rupert (1818 - 1856)
    8. Maria Rupert (1818 - 1891)
    9. John ("Long" John Rupert (1822 - 1898)
    10. Joseph Rupert (1822- 1890)
    11. Henry Rupert (1824 - 1887)
    12. Martha Rupert (1825 - 1893)
    13. Solomon Rupert (1827 - 1902)
    14. Caroline Rupert (1830 - 1901)
    15. Elizabeth Rupert (1850 - )

Fourth Generation

Adam Rupert was born on Nov. 16, 1816 in Girty, South Bend Township. He died June 14, 1892, and was buried at Mt. Union Lutheran Church Cemetery, Plumcreek Township. He married Louisa A. King, daughter of Thomas and Catherine (Fisher) King. Louisa was born Nov. 6, 1823, in Girty, South Bend Township and died July 4, 1878.

    1. Edward Rupert (1847 - 1920)
    2. Adam Morris Rupert (1850 - 1936)
    3. Henrietta Rupert (1852 -)
    4. Katherine Rupert (1854 -)
    5. Leon Rupert (1856 - )
    6. Elizabeth Rupert (1858 -)
    7. Hiram Robeson (1861 - 1877)
    8. Caroline Rupert (1865 -)
    9. Mary Etta (1857- 1949)

Adam and his family were living in Kiskiminetas Twp. during the 1850 census where he was farming, and owned real estate valued at $300. In 1860, they were in Plumcreek Twp. and he was farming there, and had real estate worth $1,800. In 1870, Adam, a widower, was still in South Bend Twp. and he was farming and owned $2,500 worth of property. In 1880, Adam, a widower, was still in South Bend Twp. and had four children still at home.

Also living with him was his cousin, Solomon Rupert, age 54. On March 2, 1857, Adam and his wife Lucy sold property in Kiskiminetas Twp. to Silas King. The deed notes it was in "...the Crooked Creek area." He signed his name "Adam Rupart of J." Adma attended the real estate sale held to dispose of his father's good, and purchased one axe for 15 cents.

Fifth Generation

Adam Morris Rupert was born Jan. 9, 1850 in Plumcreek Twp and died on Dec. 25, 1932, and was buried in the South Bend Cemetery. He married on Jan. 12 1870 Lena Ann Sipes, daughter of (first name unknown) and Elizabeth (Linsinbigler) Sipes. Lena was born Aug. 6, 1845 in Armstrong County and died Nov. 20, 1936 at the age of 91.

    1. Gilmer Emerson (1871 - 1942)

    2. Byron Wilkes Rupert was born on April 20, 1873 in Plumcreek Twp. He died on Aug. 15, 1930, and was buried in the South Bend Cemetery. He married on Aug. 25, 1921, in Kittanning, Emma Salvana Miller, daughter of David and Lavina (Frantz) Miller. Emma was born on March 31, 1866 and died Oct. 10 1921.

    He married a second wife on Aug. 18, 1923 at Brick Church, Mabel Dale Baker, daughter of P. Frederick and Paulina Elizabeth (Cook) Baker. Mabel was born on July 7, 1890 in Kittanning Twp and died in Armstrong Memorial Hospital, Kittanning,on Aug. 11, 1989 at the age of 99, They were devorced.

    Byron courted his first wife, Emma Miller, for 15 years before they were married, according to Harlin Smeltzer, but within six weeks of their marriage she fell dead with a heart attack while out shopping for furniture for their first house. After Emma died, Byron put up a cemetery stone and had both of their names on it, then after he died, his second wife Mabel put up a stone with both their names on it. So His name appears on two cemetery markers.

    3.Marietta Florence "Nettie" Rupert (1876 - 1927)
    4.Minnie Cathelia Rupert (1880 - 1926)
    5. Blanche Irene Rupert (1880 - 1967) 6. Hiram Thomas (1882 - 1944)
    7. Aden Duff Rupert (1884 - 1947)
    8. Asa Millen Rupert (1886 - 1894) 9. John S. Rupert (1887 - 1889)

Adam Morris Rupert was living with his parents in Kiskiminetas Twp. during the 1850 census. In 1860, the family was living in South Bend Township and Morris was working on the farm. In 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920, Morris and his wife were in South Bend Twp. where he was working as a laborer and farmer.

Morris was quite a musician, according to his grandson, Ork Rupert. Ork said all of Morris' children could play instruments. Some took lessons, and the others just seemed to have a knack to play. Morris and his children were in the Reunion Band, and would play every year.

A note in Margaret (Braun) Rupert's day book referred to a set of drums kept for the Rupert reunions: "Morris Rupert gave the bass drum to Lou Rupert to keep in his possession for the Rupert reunion. When Frank and Irene Bortz moved, they gave the drum to Ork Rupert to keep, and later it fell apart. Dampness during storage had ruined it." During a 1990 interview, Herm King of Brick Church recalled they used to call the old Morris Rupert house"...the woodpecker house. The siding was all full of knots, and many of them had come out leaving the house full of holes. Later they put new siding on the house and covered them up."

Morris lived in Plumcreek and South Bend Townships until 1900, then moved up to Sykesville, PA. When he moved, he took a saw mill and also a wooden shingle mill to Sykesville. Morris purchased land from Philip Hoover in Plumcreek Twp. on April 30, 1870. On Oct. 11, 1875, he purchased more land from George Linsinbigler in South Bend Township. Ork Rupert recalled: "When I was just a kid, granddad Morris would try to teach me to speak German. He had a hole in his chest, you could set your fist in it. I can remember him shaving right here by this window. He had those round eye glasses and used a razor strap. Always had a big moustache."

In a 1991 interview, Dale Rupert recalled: "I guess Ork's old granddad was set in his ways. They told me the story about the time he was on a jury in Kittanning. Apparently they wouldn't agree with him, and Morris used some bad language to them. They finally agree to go along with him so they could finish the case."

Morris was involved in a lease for oil and gas rights made between himself and his children and Columbia Natural Gas Company in Oct. 7, 19276. "Morris Rupert appointed agent to receive receipt for payment. Mail checks to all parties to Girty post office.

In 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920, Lena and her husband Morris were living in the same township, just outside the village of Girty. In 1870, Lena Ann was living with the widowed Magdalena Rupert in South Bend Township. Ork Rupert recalled Lena Ann (his grandmother) as a "...very small woman, very short."

Sixth Generation

Duff Aden Rupert was born April 13, 1884 in South Bend Township. He died in Girty, PA on March 27, 1946 and is buried in the South Bend Cemetery. He was married on Oct. 24, 1911 in South Bend to Rena Louise Scott, daughter of Robert H. and Sara Emma (Shutt) Scott. Rena was born on April 6, 1911 in Girty, and died there on 20 April, 1971.

Some family decendants insisted Aden's name should be Duff Aden, but the Armstrong County birth records show Aden Duff. He was living with his parents in South Bend Twp. during the 1900 and 1910 censuses. In 1920, he and his wife were living in his dad's homeplace just outside Girty where he farmed for a living. He was living in Girty when he applied for a marriage license, and lived there most of his life except for the period when he lived in Sykesville, PA. He worked for People's Natural Gas Company. Duff's wife, Rena, lived with her parents in South Bend Twp. during the 1910 census. She was a member of St. Jacob's UCC church in South Bend. Charles Houser remembers "she ...was a redhead.

Seventh Generation

Ten Children:

    1. Helen Jean Rupert was born Nov. 10, 1912 in Girty, South Bend Township. She died on July 28, 1989 and was buried in the South Bend Cemetery. She was a member of St. Jacob's United Church of Christ in South Bend, and a member of the Girty Grange for 35 years. She was employed as a housekeeper and also a cafeteria worker at Elderton High School.

    2. Esther Lucille Rupert (1914 - 1996)
    3. Floyd Vernon Rupert (1917 -)
    4. Edith Geraldine Rupert (1918 -)
    5. Goldyn Arlene Rupert (1921 - 2005)
    6. Orald Wayne "Ork" Rupert (1923 - 1991)
    7. Wendell Eugene Rupert (1925 -)

    8. Vida Evelyn Rupert was born Oct. 12, 1926 in Girty, PA. She was married in the parsonage of St. Jacob's UCC, South Bend, on Oct. 24, 1956 to Leason Eugene Yount, who was born on June 23, 1927 in Cochran Mills. She has been a long-time member of the St. Jacob's church. Vida attended the Elderton High School reunion held Sept. 13, 1997 at the Latin American Club in Ford City, PA. Vida's Husband, Gene, was a lumberman living in Ford City when they were married. He was a member of the Whitesburg Methodist Church in Whitesburg, and was retired from strip mining. Gene served as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army in World War II.

    9. Wyvonne Ruth Rupert
    10. Donna Wyvonne Rupert